2 km.

Alphen aan den Rijn

December 9-2007

Only 2 km. short on a 1000km!!! Yes this happened to Daan in Pokweni last week, but…..no worries, yesterday he “DID ” it again with a 1110 km . in his ventus 2. A few great soaring days over there in Africa, with many just under 1000km flights during last week and yesterday another 6 real “THOUSANDS” shared by Pokweni and Bitterwasser.

In between some of my friends travel to New Zealand to prepare for the GRAND PRIX over there. Giorgio Galetto, Pete Harvey and Michael Sommer have qualified for this exiting and very interesting race in Omarama. They fly together with some more top pilots, between december 19 -24. Good luck to ALL of them and safe flying. If you are interested look at ;www.gpgliding.com

By the way, the NZ Nationals will be held in Matamata in February [4-15].

The multiclass Nationals in Australia will be held in Temora in Januari from 14-25 . They have 65 entries the absolute MAX and a waiting list for late pilots. I saw 4 overseas pilots as well on the list.

Enough flying overseas, not yet here in Europe or you have to go to the mountains for height -flights. Here in Holland , it ONLY rains; I nearly get crazy from it!But some dry days with minor frost and FINALLY NO WIND, are predicted. With a bad cold , I better go back to bed now. See you next week Ritz

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