1000 km season has really started now!

december 3 2007

Alphen aan den Rijn

The metereological winter has started here , which means summer on the other sides of the world. And YES summer has started in Africa and Australia with great weather and atleast 16  “1000 km” flights on December 1 and 47 flights between 693 km in a “small” ventus cm 15 m and 1043 in a Nimbus 3 DM.

I know the feeling of happines going with the achieving of that still magic distance of 1000 km. Also the tension, “ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE IT ” ???????????And when I see that Hans and Uwe have flown another one[ they must have lost count on how many they have over the years!] , I KNOW they still feel that special touch in their gliding heart and that they still feel happy with it. They move temperarely from home ,  family and friends to achieve long flights  ” chasing their dreams”, in other parts of the world and luckily thye weather is great at the moment, so they can make them.

 Which means that pilots who are not yet that far to fly a 1000 km distance, enjoy great weather too, with special first long flights for them. Is n’t gliding great!!! ???I specially love the long declared tasks and FAI distances as this proofs even better the quality of weather [over a bigger area], glider and pilot.

Winter here has started with storm, heavy rain and dangerous gusts of wind! We had the exposition -highlight of the year 2007 in the gallery, with a lot of guests, neglecting the bad weather but complaining about it, after arrival. ARMANDO , our best Dutch after-war painter, arrived through the bad weather, to see lots of guests and enough buyers to make him and us happy.

Tocumwal has a new website and you can find all their news  on www.sportaviation.com.au

The club , with Ingo as instructor, at Toc. airfield had a discussion about buying a double seater for instruction before they had their annual BBQ with a visit from Santa Claus yesterday on sunday.

Still tired, so next week more news and I keep an eye on all flights and love to see  AND feel happy, that most of “our” guests found great places to fly after the demise of Sportavia.

Cheers Ritz

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