A bit more news!

Still Sunday november 25

I always enjoy 1000 km flights . Not that I not recognize a first 300 or 500 but a 1000km+ is and remains special.

I noticed on OLC that Hans Wiesenthal flew another beauty in Gariep Dam,to be honest I lost track of all his 1000 km flights! Lots of 1000 km flights over the last weeks in Africa and now also the FIRST one in Corowa Australia. Congratulations to Rien Bastiaanse from The Netherlands , flying their brand new ASG 29/18 . A good beginning of a hopefully long and splendid carreer for this glider.

Hope you enjoyed reading the story about the first big overseas competition from Simon Holding from the Alice Springs gliding club.

A huge week with a huge art exposition on December 2, so busy busy and not back on sunday the 2d due to this vernissage, but….I will keep you informed! Cheers Ritz

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