Latest news at the KEEPIT WWGC ..19 ! UPDATED !!!

9 AM:
No internet this morning!!!!So I am late!!!!
BUT,…I had time to download the pictures from yesterday evening.
With 3 day’s to go ..HOPEFULLY.. but as said there MIGHT be rain. Still have to see that, as there was no good rain here for years.
Yesterday the Aussie girls did well again with Jo and Ailsa winning their class .
The BABAJAGA was a great success . No way they could run around a fire ,but the DID run around a sprinkler.

Witches can be good looking too. This is Kathy Fosha from the USA.

More pictures later.
In club it was as said Jo Davis ..again..for only 900 points. She was too fast for the distance. Speed was glorious…129, 56 in an ASW 20 at a WWGC.
Here is the better explanation shared by
10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships:
Ever wonder why certain days are devalued?
Max Kirschner explains: “There are several devaluing factors, in this case the Winners time is 2:45, to get 1000 points the winners time needs to be over 3:00. It can also be devalued by the number of competitors that do less than Y where Y is 100 km. And the number of speed points compared to distance points can change depending on the number who finish the task. All designed to stop a ‘lucky’ day having a disproportionate effect on the overall results.

Amelie and Elena followed with Chrissie , Claudia ,Celine , Sabrina and Klara all in the 800 points-range.
In standard the girls starting half an hour later , were the daily winners with Sarah at the top, [speed 137 km./h!!] followed by Ayala, Aude G and Aude U.
In 18 m. there were 6 girls with 156/155/154 as speed !!!! Ailsa for 1000 points and the 2 French girls Anne and Melanie with Liz and Jana for 996,994,993 ,985,968 points. Starting with 100 points for the rest of the girls.

Today is day 10 and 18 m. is upfront followed by club and standard.
Briefing at 9.30!!!
Tasks for today:
18 m;4 hour AAT.
standard ;3.30 AAT.
club; 3.45 AAT.

10 AM:
Briefing is over!!!!
Good morning welcome to day 10!!!
2 Sponsors today…GWCA [Global weather climate analytics they offer meteorological expertise to weather sensitive industries through innovation and application of value add products and risk matrices.
GWCA developed and maintains its own forecast systems,ranging from now-casting to seasonal scales.
T Soaring XX.

Winners from yesterday:

The podium with a duck waiting for the rain to come. RAIN is the word here at the moment RAIN!!! Even the topic of the day.
With Amelie on 2 ,Jo on 1 and Elena on 3. With MAYBE 3 day’s to go the overall scores at this stage are :
1.Jo with 7.160 p.
2. Celine 7.098 p.
3. Chrissie 7.030 p.
With Ayala on 2 Sarah in the middle on 1 and Aude [G] at 3.
Overall scores at this stage;
1. Sarah with 7.128 p.
2. Aude G. with 6.932 p.
3. Ayala with 6.829 p.
With Ailsa happily in the middle, surrounded by the French girls, Anne on 2 and Melanie on 3.Total scores for the moment with 2/3 day’s to go
1. Melanie with 7.171
2. Anne with 7.155
3. Liz with 6.984.

Brief messages;
—Do not bring a BBQ…ha ha,…only meat and salad for tomorrow night. Drinks will be available.
—An extra THANK YOU to Jacques involved these weeks with the trackers. A HUGE, AMAZING job from the morning till the evening!!!
His picture is in another blog “down under”.
Yesterday he managed also to fly here 715 km. [671 k FAI triangle] in his JS 1C. Good on him.

Safety by Anita;
–They are grateful that the TC’s and pilots use now the “flight tool” to report in and effective way issues from importance for safe flying.
–Give room to a “leader-pilot” when you follow her!!!!
Steward Frouwke added that maybe today or tomorrow MIGHT be the last day.
Of course we wish lot’s of rain for this dry-as-a-bone- country but,..when it could start on Friday evening it would be even better. If not, worries!
We had great weather, can’t be selfish!!!
BUT,….she added that during the last day’s the pilots, who still have chances MIGHT fly in a more aggressive way. SO KEEP IT SAFE!!!!!

Weather by Dave;
More or less the same day, but a bit weaker, as it will have a slower start.
For that reason first launches at 12.30.
Thermals up to 7000/8000 ft.
Light SSE wind.
smoke haze..similar as yesterday ,but they fly in another direction today.

Tasks by Bruce;
Airspace no real issue today.
Flights to the SW.
“Chance of seeing each other”
Tasks pretty similar, as that’s the best area to fly in.

Juror Gisela has been very busy planning this event and Lindy was busy renting hats up and down to Gunnedah and Tamworth.
It was not for nothing, as all had a great evening after dinner in Sport and Rec.
10 new Witches were supposed to be new members from this exclusive Society of the Flying Broomstick.
Only 8 were there as Poland called off.
Here is a picture story;

All witches and witches- to -be followed Gisela and Liz to the place of the ceremony.
All were well prepared as was Lisa in full “glory”.
Ulrike from Germany very much in control.
Liz and Claudia ready to go for it.
Sarah, after a great day of flying.
The Aussie witches who are already a “member”. Jenny, Lisa T, Lisa Turner and Jo…..Jenny Ganderton became a new member, so was Kathy.
Team USA Sarah is a member , Sylvia and Kathy became members now.
Cornelia from Germany.
The place to be.
The new witches get lipstick on after they have sworn to be good . Every new witch has a god mother and in her language you have to do the oath.Hilarious as a Czech girl like Barbora had to speak Aussie “slang” words said by Ailsa.
Flying around on the broom stick; novice Diana with god mother Margot.Kathy [Conway] is “flying” too. Her godmother was Katrin.
Dual flights on the broom stick.
Ready with the lipstick; Ingrid from Germany
Thank you Gisela for organizing a memorable night.

11.15 AM;
still waiting for more than an hour now.
This is how TC John from the USA looked at the event:
” Tonight’s big event was the “Babajaga” ceremony, where all WWGC pilots are made members of an international society of witches.  Tradition dictates that an existing member (i.e. one who has been inducted at a previous WWGC event) act as “godmother” to a pilot flying in her first WWGC.  An oath is administered (in the godmother’s native language), a drink is consumed, lipstick is applied to the novice who then kisses a registry book, and the godmother and inductee together ride a broom around a fire.  In view of the total fire ban that now applies in much of Australia, a sprinkler was made to do duty instead, which seemed oddly apt.  Ten new witches were made tonight, to the approval of all. (Men are allowed at this ceremony, provided they stay quiet and out of the way.)  Afterwards, a some of the witches – and a few others – ended up in the nearby pool.
For more news about the day and the USA girls you can read the rest of his blog at

Everybody looked at the skies this morning. All kind of weather info passed by. Norwegian model’s, alert model’s , local weather by Christian and many more.
For now I think we might have a good day again.
Tuggies are going to 32 for launching in 15 minutes.
Skies are a bit “weird” with high clouds covering the blue skies but also cu’s!!!

12.30 PM;
Don’t want to be too dramatic about it, but as more people think, this might be the last flying day of this WWGC. Rain and over development are forecasted for Thursday and Friday the last day.
We will wait and see. For some of the girls the “pressure” is on.
For now the tuggies are going to launch 18 m. first ,for their 4 hour AAT and with Greg’s “full power, full power “, it is 1 B [Katrin] who is behind the tug now.
Followed by PT [Stefanie] and the rest.

12.47 PM;
All 18 m. launched now. OG as the last one with Ailsa.
Club class in progress now. AJ the first to be launched.

1.15 PM:
Club class all up in the air now……
Standard in progress now. ET just passes by with Aude Grangeray followed by team mate Aude Untersee in JPA. Such a pity ,she “got” zero points on day 1, otherwise she might have been in the top 3/5.
1.35 PM:
P1 , LOT , EU and FX , W 8, as the last ones behind the tug’s.
Will they be the last ones at this WWGC ??????

Line 18 m opens at 13.10.
Line club opens at 13.40.
Line standard opens at 14.05.

2.30 PM;
Most pilots are on track.
When 18 m. goes over the line straight away they can be back after 4 hours at 5.10 PM.
Same with club…who leaves straight away can be back at 5.25.
For standard it will be 2.05 plus 3.30 so 5.30.
But,…I know ….NOT all left straight away.

4 PM:No internet for a short while.
Still clouds under the more grey than blue skies here at the field. Gliders in 18 m are between 7 and 8000 ft and most are at the 2d TP.
To my surprise Diana [MM] just walked in!!!
She had a headache already , which got worse with the smoke on track and decided to fly back home.
Courageous decision. We had already one pilot fainting during this competition, but she recovered very quickly.
57 is on her way to the 3d TP having flown nearly 300 km. already.
Standard is on their way to the 3d TP as well. Some fly E. some fly W. from track.Their 3d TP has a 35 km cylinder.Going pretty slow!
There seem to be showers as well in the mountains
Club is doing well. They are racing to the 5th TP having had already the most km’s behind them. When at the 5t TP they have 100 km. to go.
Some are at 10.000 ft!!!
They clearly seem to have the better weather .
“First spotter” Jo, seems to have started late and is in the back of the race at the moment, finding less good weather conditions. She is just in the sector from TP 3 now, as the last of the pilots. Does n’t mean anything yet!!!
Kathy Fosha leads the pact at the moment and is nearly in the 5th TP [cylinder 30 km.]

5 PM;
The first 18 m pilot, Margot, has reached the 4th TP Tura [cylinder40 km] Speed 116 km./h.
Speed of the French girls is the best at the moment;137 km. /h. Also Katrin and Ailsa have good speed at this time; 136 km./h and 131 km./h.
Have my radio on!!!!
Standard still has a few k’s to go. They are half way to the 4th TP ,where the weather should be better as, club is flying there as well going to the most N. borders of the cylinder. After using the cylinder” to the fullest” they only have 60 k to go ‘home’.Jo [Davis] is in the circle as well, she had good run to it so to see.

Better late than never …the tasks,..just realized I did not put them on. Sorry!!!
” end-of-competition-fatigue”??????

18 m….standard and club class!!!
18 M. a few are in the top circle, The rest SW of it.
standard;still between the 2 big circles
Club; some are leaving the last big circle.

The tracking shows “weird” situations for some of the top pilots. I just wait and see.
Does n’t take long anymore.

5.30 PM;
For sure not the same weather as yesterday at 5 …not as ” SHINING or BOOMING” !!!!
First radio call from 10 km by AJ.
Wind is calm …runway 14…long landing.
Go outside for you to see who is also coming in.

5.37 PM;
The first club class gliders are back;AJ…40…
And P…[18 m]
Only the scores will say what they exactly did.

6 PM;

6.20 PM;
From all classes gliders came in, in between the kangaroos were chased, it all went without problems. Nice landings as well.
Wind is 070 dgr. 6 kts.
WH still had time to say that she copied, that the “kangaroos were in their corner again.”

6.45 PM;
Sarah landed at 6.30. A few more landed but the blog was so much read that I could not get in it anymore.”Had to write in word .”
ZF is still out ,but she is still fighting and still at 6000 ft. in the last circle!!!! She just announced her arrival.Good on her.
There seems to be outlandings as well. 4 or 5.
In the end at 6.30 the wind changed to the NE, so they had to land with wind in the back and cross wind as well, but the girls did a great job. WELL DONE!!!

One tuggy /pawnee leaves to the N……on a retrieve…yes .

They are at

I looked already;There are some upsets today!!!
In 18 m. Liz dropped a spot and Katrin went to 3. Katrin won the day ,preliminary and has 1000 points.
The French girls did well with a 2d and 3d place.Still on top with Melanie at 1 overall at this stage,[ 8.135 p] Anne as runner up with 8.122 p.
Katrin now 7.829 points, moving from 5 to 3!!!!

In Standard class; not enough scores in now to say something about it.
More scores now: It looks preliminary that the 2 Aude’s won the day with Sarah at 6. But she still has enough points to be honest …less than 30 points …on the runner up Aude.
The number 3 and 4 are not yet scored or missed a TP , so Anna drops from 4 to 15 . All according to the preliminary scores.
Claire moved from 9 to 4!!!! Great job!!!

Club class; Jo [Davis] indeed had a later start but “fought ” herself to a 6th daily place at this stage so is still number 1 overall. Elena won the day….1000 points!!!! Good on her.
Jenny Ganderton is runner up today and the 2 Polish girls are 3 and 4.
Jo is number 1 with 7.913 p. Elena is runner up with 7.859 points.At 3 Chrissie with 77.16 points. Celine dropped from 2 to 4.
Looking more serious at this all with unofficial scores tomorrow!!


Latest news at the Keepit WWGC …18! UPDATED!!!

8 AM:
What an EXTRAORDINARY flying day the “girls ” had yesterday.
No Ritz,this is the normal Keepit weather“.
Glad we have ALL seen and felt it now too.
A great “drink” after at the bar ,with lot’s of pilots and the total German team had dinner here in front of the club house.
We had dinner here as well.
The men cooked us a great curry!!! Dave is not only a good weatherman but also a great cook with help from Jay and Nick.

Part of the German table with us in the back.
Part 2 of the German Table. They had delicious food as well.
Part of our table with Gisela, Jay and Captain Bluebeard.
Lindy, Nick and Dave. All in good mood!

They had a great flying day. The most unlucky person was MM, Diana. She had to fly the whole task with the wheel out. NO way she could get it in. Lost a lot of points [got only 422] and dropped from 10 to 14. She loves her brand new JS 3, but flying with the wheel out is no fun!!!
It’s to be seen if she can fly today.
Best in her class, 18 m, was again Ailsa. She is really in some kind of winning mood/flow now!!!
The first 8 flew over 140 km./h!!!!! Ailsa and Lisa [Turner] did 147 km./h for 1000 and 995 points.
With 4 day’s to go the overall scores are :1.Melanie and 2. Anne with 6.177 and 6.159 points with at 3 Liz with 5.991.
But others are getting closer: Katrin with 5.966 and Ailsa with 5.909.

In Standard class it was AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI.!!!! With Lisa and Claire on the top spot’s!!They started together and finished nearly at the dot!!! Time 3.46 at the 3.45 AAT !!!1000 and 994 points!
Sarah, unfortunately, miscalculated her time and was home too early with a time of 3.26. She said she had a great flight, fast and smooth till then.
With 4 day’s to go ;1. Sarah with 6.128 points, 2, Lisa and Aude both 5.966 and Anna is now at 4 with 5.904 p.[She was 8th yesterday!]

In club class 2 German racers in yesterday’s top!!! Chrissie in the LS 4 and Sabrina in the same glider but with winglet’s, flying together and finishing together for 1000 and 990 points. Speed 114 km./h.
Barbora and Elena did very well too. [ 112 and 114 km./h….. handicap Discus is 1.045]
Till spot 8 the points were between 916 and 1000.
With 4 day’s to go; 1.Jo with 6.260 p. 2. Celine 6.232 and 3 Chrissie with 6.158. VERY close scores here as Sabrina is only 50 points behind her.

Club class;
Chrissie and Sabrina from Germany on spot 1 and 2 and Barbora from Czech Rep on 3.
Standard class:
With Lisa and Claire on spot 1 and 2 and on 3 from France Aude [Untersee] Such a pity she lost so many points on day 1.
18 m. Class:
Another 2 Aussies on 1 and 2 Ailsa and Lisa with Katrin from Germany as number 3.

Welcome to day 9 was the message this early morning.
Grid order standard, 18 m and club class.
Briefing at 9.30.
So breakfast now and off to the briefing.NO need for airco today , as there is a nice cool wind going straight through one door to the other.
Having a few goose bumps ??????? now.

Today’s task’s;
18 m…..501 km.
standard…..511 km.
club…4 hour AAT

Even had time for a little walk.

10 AM;
Briefing over.
Today’s sponsor is Glasfaser Flugzeug service from Hansjoerg Streifeneder. Thanks!!!
Domestic news:
—Problems with internet , this morning, but seem over now.
—Competition shirts for sale 45 dollar.
—Babajaga this evening at 8 after dinner in the Sport and Rec. Tell Chris if you attend for dinner.

News from the FAI flag. It’s “owned” by somebody now who writes in name of the flag “For me there was too much sun ,so I had to find a shadow place” And that happened to be over Elena’s glider in their hangar.

They might have to change runway before starting the launches.
If they do:
—first the back row moves
—Then the next row
—in order
They will allow enough time and go then to the B task, so ONLY IF….

Safety report by Anita:
Another good one also for the readers who fly.
it seems that club class has consistently more encounters than other classes. 18 m have rarely any encounters.WHY?
Do they have a different gaggle culture?
It seems so.
A gaggle is a delicate balance, it relies on everyone behaving predictably.
Looking at video’s they observed ….
— lot’s of adjusting in thermals [ in a gaggle you can’t have the best climb]
—Atypical thermal entry [enter the way you are meant to]
—Atypical thermal leaving [leave the way you are meant to]
—Enter thermals from outside not from middle.
—Fly the same circles as the others or find your own thermal[not circling inside but also not at the outside]
—When leaving the gaggle,…leave it.
—scan complete field of vision in straight flight and in the thermals.
—put your FLARM antenna in the best position and do not switch it off

I wanted to publish this great cartoon already earlier but could not download it.. I took a picture from the window of the office where it is hanging. Quality could of course be better but the cartoon from Alannah is TOP, even with some words missing and “wrapped” in plastic.

The weather by Dave from Sky Sight.
High in Tasman sea has moved S. and a mini-low off to the E.coast directing winds from SSE.
cooler drier air and lessening dew point, fewer cu’s.

Forecast for Thursday and Friday….RAIN!!!!
Today’s weather;
5000 ft. soarable height by 12
day finishes at 6.30/7 PM, so a rather long day.
Thermals..5 kts.
up to 7 8000 ft.
SSE winds 10 kts.
Landing wind 10 kts BUT
Possibility of stronger winds coming in from the S in the end of the day ….maybe bringing in smoke….hope not!!

We only know at 11.30 if they have to change runway.

A real “GHETTOBLASTER” brought in for some music before and after briefing by team Australia. Mat [Cage] looks with “suspicious ” satisfaction , Mike [Codling] more amused.

Task setter Bruce is optimistic about the day but advises:
Don’t take too many risks!”
USA shared nice chocolates with the message “kisses” and a bottle opener at all the tables and The UK ,sticker’s and a pen .

little presents by the USA and UK.

“Kangaroo-chase-toy” is ready for action later in the day.

One of the few quads here at the field.

Back later.
Don’t know if I should publish this picture by SkySight ,but it could help the mind set for tomorrow Wednesday and maybe Thursday ,when they find a “window”. Not loosing points might be more interesting now.

as shared by SkySight
The rain is coming! To put and end to both the bushfires and the WWGC I suspect! Better make those points while you still can!
Local weather service is predicting 35-70mm of rain to fall from Thursday to Saturday around Lake Keepit. Lake Keepit may become a Lake again! ” by Matthew.

11.45 AM;
Tuggies are going to the grid. It seems no change of runway and change of task. So runway 32 is THE runway.
Update on wheel story MM.
With 2 hands she can get the wheel in today. “An unidentified object” …the only thing they could think of….a snake maybe….had moved the break cable…hanging in on it…. and blocked the cable of the wheel.
IF it was a snake it could not get into her cockpit, as said before it is totally closed,…. if TOO hot an oven , but in this case rather safe.
IF it was a snake it dropped out somewhere….without a parachute…not good for him/her.
Good luck for her today.
Jacques has gone up in K1 , 15 minutes before the launches start, but did not find a good thermal yet.

12 PM;
So launches delayed with 15 minutes! Jacques reports now 3 kts. to 3500. …then 4 kts up to 4000 ft. Time to share the tasks.

Different colors today. Yellow is 18 m…blue is standard and…green is club class.

12.15 PM;
Jacques is going down,…2800 ft, but found something NOW.
Tuggies ; 2 minutes standard class first .by Greg.
AND,……off they go!!!
EU is the first to be launched.[Hana]…full power, full power… followed by FX [Dana]… W8.[Jana ]..XBY [Sarah]…. ET [ Aude G] …..JPA [Aude U.]
First 6 tuggies on the way.
Another plane, passing by , disturbs a bit,…must be shocked to fly in an area with 6 tuggies and 47 gliders. NOTAM???????
12.30 PM;
CC is next [Claire] ….XZ [Kathy] …LT….[Lisa] L7 [ Ayala]…1A [Akemi] …PO [Serena] …4 to go in this class!!
FQF [Cornelia]…..S7 [Ulrike] …..P1 [Agata]….LOT [Anna]
12.25 standard class is UP and has to “travel” 508 km.

18 m in progress for 501 km. task..
Wind at field, still OK for towing!!! No wind here by the way..
HS [ Lisa] …J 7 [ Jenny] …OG [Ailsa] …1B [Katrin] …PT [Stefanie]…XM [Alena]…ZF [Eva] …..half way….. …ZE [Jana] …57 [Margot]….MM [Diana] …P [Joanna] …FM [Anne] …51 [ Liz] …FQ [Melanie]….

12.59 PM;
Club class, J1 is the first to be launched.[Judyta] This class is much lighter ,…. passes by higher….. and then the shade- cloth is in “my ” way, … I can’t spot the call signs. Sorry……..but I still listen.

Line standard opens at 13.05.
Line 18 m.opens at 13.25

line Club opens at 13.50.

Back later. Still have to share a picture from Jordan the 22 year old instructor at Lasham and having already been here 2 seasons and now here just for a few day’s to see his old mates , who are very complimentary about him.

Happy chappie,……Jordan.

4.15 PM;
The skies still look fabulous specially to the NW and W. No wind here, but at the terminal, where the flags are you can see there is quite some wind from the W. at this stage.
The far S. looks a bit “Iffy” “Smoky” “Hazy” , but checking with Allan, nothing bad shows up yet at the radar.GOOD!!!
The “standard girls” are happily flying around between 5 and 8000 ft. according to G-Track and they are with 15 min. delay close to the 3d TP.
Meaning they have flown already, around 305 km. with 200 k to go .A few km to leg 4 and the final 23 km.
The long leg still is 158 km. from TP 3 to 4.

The” club girls” are nearly at TP 4, some have passed it already and on their way to “conquer” their longest leg of 103 km. and for the first on track they only need about 100 k. A few however still have to reach TP 4.
On the way to Mount Kaputar the leaders surely find some good clouds.
The “18 m. ladies,” are flying in a nice long row behind each other. They have had 2 TP’s already and are in ” this nice row” flying to TP 3.
Jenny should be nearly there.
Then a leg of 160 km with the final glide from 23 km to home.

Skies this afternoon at the field .

As shared and seen by Pôle France Planeur

5 PM;
Anna did n’t look in the best mood this morning, but for sure is “on fire” now leading her class. [standard]
In club Amelie, has passed Mount Kaputar already and is “only” 40 k out I guess ,so I put my radio on!!!
18 m. slowly moves to the TP 5 the last one .

5.05 PM:
170/180 dgr…. 8 kts…. landing 14…nicely in time to see them…
The first have landed here, a nice bunch of gliders with Elena in 40 as the first to be back here.
Followed by CQL…SC…WH…V57…BM…
Then a few minutes …silence,…..IC comes at 10 k out….

5.40 PM;
In between more gliders IN,so to hear on the American voice Kathy landed on 20. Wind 180 dgr…8 kts.
CQO…XJY…KW…UKE…T1…FX…EU…coming now.

6 PM;
3 classes mix now. Ailsa is also in but landed 20 because of too much gliders and kangaroos.

6.10 PM;

In club class all pilots are back as JO just landed.
Jo Davis from Australia won the day but she does n’t get 1000 points as she just was too fast!!!”Spectacular ” she said about the day and added there was nice” streeting” as well. Very happy with her performance. Also Celine who was 6th today is happy with the task and weather.

Jo and Celine after a speed of 130 and 123 km./h.

6 pilots in 18 m. have flown around with a speed of 154/156 km./h.
Ailsa seems to win the 1000 points and 996,994,993 points for Anne, Melanie and Liz.

Not too many scores yet in Standard. Will be back on that tomorrow. Sarah took a, I guess calculated risk, in leaving half an hour after the other pilots. She leads at this stage with a speed of 136 km./ h, just a tad faster than Ayala who started at the same time.

For all scores;

Latest news on the Keepit WWGC …17! Updated!

8.15 AM:
Monday ,….and it’s the last week of flying here at the WWGC.
A cool morning and ,…actually cold water comes out of the cold water tap. Before,… it was warm to hot.
No flying yesterday as the wind blew over the field. Not even instruction was permitted due to gusts up to 35 kts.
They got a “new” instructor here as well. One who has been here already for 2 seasons.
Jordan is his name, he is from Lasham , looks very young , is not old, but older than he looks.
He is my new home mate and what I heard he is as an ace-instructor,….GOOD!!!
Kurt, born in Switzerland and living in the Sydney area has left us after a week of hard work at the field and helping out here in the club house.

Kurt just before he left.
And this is Jacques, I did not share a picture from him yet, but he is important for the trackers and more. Nearly 80 year old Janet is sitting in the back. Still a member of the Gympie gliding club.

Today is day 8 “take 3”!!!
Gridding is busy when I write at 32 and club is up front, then standard and 18 m.
Briefing at 9.30 as usual. No tasks yet.
Breakfast now, after a delicious dinner yesterday at the cottage from Jean and Bob, where I was in the morning as well. SUPERB!!! Carroll Gap Farm house. Don’t forget to make an appointment.

Looking at the overall scores with one week to go, we see that in
18 m. Melanie Gadoulet and Anne Ducarouge from France are leading with 5.219 and 5.209 points!!!
At 3 is Liz Sparrow {UK}with 5.125. So all very close and everything is possible. Katrin Senne [Germany} and Ailsa McMillan [Australia] follow with 4.980 and 4.909. They are still in the race as well.
standard class; Sarah Arnold [USA] still leads this class with 5.230 points. Followed by Anna Piotrowska from Poland with 5.075 p.
At 3 at this stage Aude Grangeray [France] with 5.066 and a tad lower Ayala Truelove from the UK with 5.057 p. Also the 2 Czech girls Dana and Hana are still in the race with 4.992 and 4.985 points.
Club; Aussie Jo still leads in this class with 5.344 points. She did so for all day’s except for day 1, when team mate Jenny Ganderton was at the top.
Celine Rault from France is runner up at this stage with 5.292 and Chrissie Grote from Germany is 3d with 5.158 p.
Pretty close behind is her team mate Sabrina Vogt with 5.118 and Elena Fergnani from Italy 5.040. p.

So in ALL classes are possibilities for a lot of girls!!!!
Off to briefing soon.

10.30 AM;
Briefing is over .Tasks WERE set and might be still on but they expect at 11 news from the fire bombers to see how the smoke from the fires at Mount Kaputar will effect those tasks.
18 m; 456 km
standard ;452 km.
club;4 hour AAT.
After 11 we know what’s going to happen.It will be TASK C see below!!!!

More news at briefing.Liz from the UK started with the presentation for the WWGC in 2021 at Husbands Bosworth called as well HUSBOS.
She will be the competition director at this WWGC. Date has been changed it is ; AUGUST 14 to 28 2021.
They fly in 3 classes; 18 m..standard…club.
–They have an easy airspace….ideally placed
–analyses on weather over last 10 years…best weather and most racing day’s.
—practice; be quick they kept some places [50] for guests to be part of the pre-worlds.

briefing; Prize giving from day 7

Jo ….. Barbora as winner of the day and Ines Engelhardt from Germany.
Anna from Poland …. Aude from France as daily winner and Ayala from the UK.
Katrin from Germany….Ailsa as daily winner and Anne Ducarouge from France who was equall 3d but this is Melanie .

Today’s sponsor; LX NAV.

Domestic news:
Members of the International Society of the Flying Broom stick invite to the BABAJAGA ceremony …10 pilots will become members of the Club at 8 PM.
Ceremony is tomorrow after dinner at the Sport and Recreation .
—-For Thursday there will be a BBQ at “my” /the club house. Bring your own meat and salad.
1. UK ….912.06 p.
2. France…906.58 p
3. Germany…865.02 p.
4. Poland…859.17
5. USA …851. 17

Weather; SE weather over the next couple of day’s. Pretty long day today between 11/11.30 AM and 6 /6.30 PM.
Will share the picture from the 7 day forecast for the Gunnedah Area when I have it. Got it straight away!!!!

Forecast for this week.

CU’s at 3 PM; 9 to 10.000 ft in NW task area.
Wind at 5 PM light S SE. Landing 14.

Task; Bruce said with a smile from ear to ear that he was tempted to set a 1000 k today,…Laughter!
Influence from smoke will define task today A or B or C or D.
Extra info; The West side of Mount Kaputar is very landable.

Tasks; C.
18 m; 3.30 AAT. ……With 3 big circles from 50..30 and 30 km.
standard; 3.45 AAT…… With also 50..30 and 30 km. circles.
club; 4 hour AAT
. ……With 40..30 and 30 Circles.
First start at 12 !!

Big circles today!!!Yellow is 18 m and standard is blue ,pink for club.

11.35 AM;
Tuggies start their engines. We are half way trough , so last week beginning soon.

12 PM;
Clubbies are leaving now for the first flight of the last week with task C.
First one to be launched, is 40 with Elena ….”full power,full power”….from Italy in her Discus. Followed by MF with USA pilot Kathryn in her LS 1f.
15 To go!!!!
12.10; Sylvia in XJY announces her arrival at 20 right for a relight and was back here at 12.12.

12.22 PM;
all clubbies are up.
Relight XJY happens straight away at 12.26.

12.28; standard class launches in progress now.
P1 Agata from Poland is the first to go , followed by team mate Anna in LOT.
Also BY [Sarah] is back for a relight at 20.
1 A [Akemi] passes by so does PO,[Serena], FQF with Cornelia , S7 [Ulrike] is the last one in st class.

12 .48; Standard is up in the air, so is Sarah .
First FQ with Melanie , followed by team mate FM with Anne and Liz from the UK in 51 and HS , with Lisa.
10 to go.

1.12 PM
MM and P , Diana and Johanna, are the last to be launched. After 1 hour and 10 minutes they are all up in the air.
Good luck ladies!!!

Starts in front of the door. Nice skies!!!

Line club class opened at; 12.55
Standard class at; 13.15
18 m. at; 13.40

Bruce has been up to Mount Kaputar to see how the fire and the smoke is and he said, “it’s going to be real nice day“. It won’t effect the tasks.

Back later.

3 PM;
Great cu’s , LOOKING GOOD!!!!
Most of 18 m. are , after passing Mount Kaputar, on their way to circle 1. Leg is 171 km.
Club shows that the Czechs have started early and they are in the first circle. After 140 km.
Standard ‘s first leg is 169 km.some have reached the border of the circle.

5 PM;
18 m is in the one but last circle, whilst I “nearly ” die from the smell of the amount of garlic in the kitchen here. They did around 262 km and some are on their way to the last big circle with one smaller to go and the last small circle on final glide.
Minding the 15 minutes it will be less than 200 k to go!!!With height between 4 and 8000 ft.
Standard;339 k. for a few “in the pocket” a bit more than 100 to go. An average of 7000 ft. and lot’s of flown k’s by the Aussies and Aude G and Cornelia.
Club ;is with the first starters in the Narrabri circle, 315 done about 100 to go. They are between 5 and 8000 ft and the best have flown over 300 km.

Radio on ,…but still a bit too early
The first in Club COULD have gone straight over the start line at 12.55 and should be back after 4 hours.So around 5.
Standard line was open at 13.15 with a 3.45 AAT the first could be back soon too.
18 m…line opened at 13.40 for a 3.30 AAT. The first might come soon too.
No noises at the radio yet!!!
Keep an eye on it.
5 .10 PM:
Skies still look fabulous so I guess they fly as much kilometers as possible.
Bit more wind than this morning looking at the wind sock from the SE.

Wind is variable and light runway 14 long landing….
The first to land was Sarah in XBY.
More announced their arrival all from standard class and from club class;
Still extraordinary weather.;
Missed a few with running up and down.
57…40…BM…ET…SC [straight in] …LOT…XJY…XZ…BM…L7…V57…CQL…HS…OG…WH…T1 …KW….IIC….MM
MM flew the whole task with the wheel out, as there was no way to get it in!!!!
Fast ladies today!!!! More tomorrow. FOOD and drinks now!!!!! The other way around.
All ladies back!!! GOOD!!!!!!!
BUT,…as you know scorers are fast so have a look at

Latest news on the Keepit WWGC…. 16!BEST EVER INTERNATIONAL NIGHT!!

10 AM:
Bit late yes I know.
Early this morning I woke up after a knock on my door. It was Chris. “would you like to come for a cooked breakfast” I did.
So off we went, but we were not the only ones to have a great breakfast . Team USA, UK, Luxembourg and Australia were there. A bit crowdy so Lindy helped out with the eggs and a USA crew member knew how to make posh coffee ,so he did that.

More friends enjoyed the good breakfast at a very traditional house with the most beautiful plates and antique items. Hosted by Jean and Bob Dirks.
Chris and Lindy helping out, homemade fresh bread, jam’s chutneys ETC.
All hands help!!!

There I heard the day was cancelled.
believe the weather window is too small for a fair task, even for one class.CU at briefing tomorrow.

Frouwke and I did a little story and pictures on this WWGC for a Dutch Gliding Paper .They wanted more “young” girls at a picture , so here you are;

Nina the tuggy, Tanja from Germany crew, Serena pilot for Germany and Claire pilot for Australia.

Wet and wild,….rock and roll/ country, …awesome food and too many really nice but “killing” drinks.
A picture report with text.

Team Germany; with “FRANKFURTERS” in bread and beer. Stefanie with her crew and Katrin.
Team USA; with the crew helping out. The gentleman on the r. was helping out this morning in the cafe. They had spicy nacho’s and ice tea with vodka.
TEAM Australia; with Jenny [Ganderton] , Terry the TC, Mat team support, Dave the weather man. Nice sausages with onions , crackers with Vegemite, and all kinds of the bestAussie sweets as minty’s, Tim tam’s and laming-ton’s.
Team Italy; with Margot, Elena and TC Ricky. They had olives, cherries, aperol with Italian prosecco, spaghetti with great cheese!
Team Luxembourg:with Egg brandy and whipped cream and Bailey’s , with George. Diana was just getting food for him. They served more than a 100 drinks!!!
Team UK; With Liz upfront the rest serving pimm’s and delicious curry’s with rice.Eaten by many with appetite.
The Czech team; with real Czech beer which was loved by many, as beer is VERY expensive here.
Team Japan; Akemi with good sake and little bites to eat. Of course with a bird from oregamie.
Team France; With Anne Audier ..” Madame Bailleau”. Not only a good cook, but also an osteopath, crew and the engine from the French team, from what I can see.
They had the most food, with crepes and tarts full of meat and onions, crackers with pate foie and French cheese.

Everybody eat , drunk and talked in great spirit in the old new briefing room.
Then it was nearly 8 and some of the young ones , started to ” grap ” people to throw them in the pool. First as announced task setter Bruce and meteo Dave, who cried out loud he was drowning so I throw a “spaghetti”- help to him.

They even tried to push Bruce back in. LOL.
Dave playing he was drowning.

Then it totally got “wild” CD Mandy was thrown in, as was deputy CD Anita. Lot’s of TC’s were fighting against it but failed and were wet. Pilots got in one with her tracker in the pocket and another saved her glass of beer above her head but her camera was in the water.
In between Brad and Bill were singing their heart out again and more and more people went on the dance floor, which was wet ,….but no worries.
The French girls danced, the Czech TC did [ never saw him so VERY relaxed!! good to see]
What a great event it was.
All the little drinks , beer and wine made everybody “loose” but in a great friendly way. As it should be!
I loved looking at it!! And luckily Gisela and I looked like “eminences grises” So we escaped!!!

French TC ” incognito”.
the DREAM TEAM, crew from Claire but boys full of mischief. As you can see.
And …Sarah was thrown in the pool.
More “eminences grises” With Harry..Captain Blue Beard… who helps at the scales, and is called “a real gentleman” , Jay who is a tuggy, Mac, Ian Mc Fee also called..Mister Soaring” , Al called here Mr Death a tuggy , Mr Ian Barraclough , editor from Pilots Touring Guide [come back at that later]
Lindy who helps where ever she can, she thinks she does n’t do a lot ,…I see what she does and IT IS A LOT!! Greg who helps at the scales puts the cones out and more.
The by now here famous French dancing girls;Aude [Untersee ] and Amelie
MORE pictures from dancing. Some were REALLY good.
Brad and Bill singing all evening. There were many more dancers but the French were the best.

The “small”. drinks;

Pimms by the UK.
Italian prosecco created to aperol.

What a SUPER RELAXED evening. A few will have a headache I think,…no no not the pilots!!!!
You might have missed the Polish team, they were late ,AND,..they are excused….they only arrived here at 7 PM from their retrieve yesterday!

Back later 12.30 NOW.
as said ,…day cancelled.

Clear visibility today
courtesy British Gliding Team

2 PM;
Met several interesting people here.
Living in their van and spending a lot of time here in the club house are Daniel Dubreuil and Lise from Quebec in Canada, speaking of course French and English, easy here with all different Nationalities.
I was wondering how they ended up here.
Nice story;
They lived in California and they flew around to write and make video’s from their adventurous trips.
They were known as ” Captain D and the lovely crew” at that time the name of their youtube channel as well.
After 15 years they moved back to Quebec for family reasons.

How did they end up in Lake Keepit?
They wanted to avoid the cold winters and looked at the internet where to go. Lake Keepit came up because of the kangaroos.
That’s where they went. Bought a van and planned a week here.
That turned out to be 1.5 month and Daniel started gliding. He is a member now and his van lives here at the place, where we had breakfast this morning .
At that time the tuggie here was a violist, there was also somebody who played the guitar and song.
That created a new lifestyle for them, making video’s with music and writing their own lyrics.
So an Australian Canadian production business was born.
This morning I got the link to the you tube video ” Down under the Keepit Chapter”.
Here is the link;

Great music and ….Lake Keepit ….WITH a lake and green grass and blue skies with cu’s. Thanks Daniel for sharing.

CU tomorrow with more latest news and most probably another flying day.

Latest news on the Keepit WWGC… 15.Updated!

10.30 AM;
It was for some a hectic evening.
If you have no trailers for 2 of your JS 3 gliders [they arrived in a container from France …no space for trailers!] ,I can imagine the panic on the face of one of the crews yesterday evening.
We need help” ,was what he said. I knew Diana had flown back on her jet engine, so she was home and she had a trailer. So, as I remembered as well ,that George said earlier, that if the French need a trailer they would help , I send the crew to them.
I heard they drove up and down twice to get their pilots and gliders.

I heard still voices at 3.30 AM, so the very early morning. The tuggies had done 4 retrieves and then had to refuse one, cause of deteriorating visibility.
Everybody was accounted for so that was good!!! Heard of no damage yet, even better.
Not the first time ALL gliders out-landed on a big FAI event , for sure not the last time either. Part of the game.
The young ones called it “an adventure” and ” time to visit Mac Donald’s”. Others , as TC’s from countries with 6 pilots, had to get their highest logistic skills above, to deal with it all.
Looking forward to some stories. I read already that some arrived back home at 5 AM and a few gliders were retrieved this morning.
Some pilots got in at 5am this morning other teams have been setting out on retrieve this morning! ” British Gliding Team.

Claire Scutter’s Gliding;
Claire flies CC in this comps and does a great job. Is at spot 9 overall in standard class.
Here is her story:
What a day! 😩
450 km task set for standard class. At 2:30 pm we started. Conditions were not as good as predicted and by 5pm we still had 300km to go! With the day set to finish by 6:30pm there was no chance we would make it around the task and it became a distance day with a mass land out.
Lisa 🇭🇲 Aude 🇫🇷 and I all landed in the same field at 7pm. It was nice to have some friends today .
The dream team crew were already on their way and had the glider de-rigged and the trailer closed in record time – 7 minutes! 
I think the task setter and weather man will be tossed in the pool at international night this evening

“CC has landed!”
As shared by Claire

Here is team UK:
Yesterday we 18m were launched into a rather unsoarable sky with 538km to go. We had got about halfway when the day died at around 7pm. With 170km to get home, the full tank of fuel JUST got me onto glide back to Lake Keepit where I arrived slightly before last landing. Ayala and Claudia in common with all their classes landed out and were back around midnight.”
By Liz.

I won’t say it was late when I got back yesterday but here’s the sun setting!  “
As shared by Liz.

There were winners as well!!!! Not for many points but every point counts!!!
18 m; Ailsa who flew 387 km. from the set 538 k. “got” 482 points. Katrin was runner up with 348 km. and 434 points.
standard; Aude [Grangeray] who flew 300 km from the set 435 k. for 600 points. Then Anna, Ayala and Cornelia each good for 287 km.
club; Barbora flew in her ASW 19 290 km of the set 417 km for 600 points. They all flew together , 11 landed not too far from each other and their points are between 500 and 574 for runner up Jo.

More later about the retrieves. Off to Manilla soon for lunch.
Tonight INTERNATIONAL NIGHT. … at 6.30 for 7.
Ritual sacrificing of the weather forecaster and task setter scheduled for 8PM.”
All food is kept in fridges and who needed more fridge room,….no worries organizers would help.

Also later; a “wrap up” from week 1 here in Keepit.

3.30 PM;
Lovely lunch NOT at the pub …too much fat food….but at a lovely little cafe with superb food.
Not a lot of people here, they really enjoy their day off.
So no more news about the retrieves.
Get a lot of reactions on the blog, but here is a special one from Cal in the USA and not the youngest anymore:
Having fun trying to follow all the ladies especially Sarah who taught me to fly gliders. Always special. Thank you for keeping us all up to date on the flying. ”

Looking at week 1 from this WWGC ;
With 7 out of 7 days, from which 1 day was cancelled in the air, it is a successful competition till now.
2 Days were ,in my opinion, too ambitious ….the cancelled day due to late weather chances and the mass-outlanding-day.
That day just started not strong enough, never reached the speed the task setter and weather man expected/hoped for and for that reason the task was just too long. Indeed easy to say in retrospect.
The organization in TOTAL, stands, the scores are fast, the “tuggies are the heroes of the skies” , the field runners in the blistering heat the “little heroes” and the radio and landing advises by Peter always cheerful, clear and safe.
Jacques takes care of the trackers and Gisela runs up and down to check all scores as juror and Frouwke as steward to keep an eye on everything.
Sean got the official site in perfect condition with news and videos.
The office is ran smooth, bills are in time to show you what you have spend and the food at Sport and Rec. is nicer than expected.

The office with Michelle and Chris.
Courtesy Frouwke.

What more? Yes some of the girls were/are really tired , but fought, also on the last day, for the points. Great job!!!
“A girl has to do what she has to do ,….and she can”.

About Lake Keepit!
SO DRY,..SO SAD,….. but what great people!!!!!.
They all experience with this drought new situations in which they have never been before. They have to deal with them AND …..they do deal with them.
No water ,…they buy it.
Sand everywhere,..Wendy comes extra to clean.
No vacuum glider to clean the dust out of the cockpit,…bring your glider to the hangar.
No connection between car and trailer,…I find you one.
No car to travel…come with us.
I can give you a long list.
Everybody is cheerful , it’s a pleasure to be here between all the club members. They have very strong feelings for their club!!!!And ,..some are “worn out ” too, you see it ,but you won’t “feel / notice ” it.

Looking forward to the next week.
6 More day’s weather,smoke and dust permitting.
We can handle it!!!
By the way the member of team USA is back with the team again, his kidney stone is OUT!!!

Ready to make some pictures at the INTERNATIONAL NIGHT and to try some special prepared food.

CU tomorrow!!!

Latest news on the Keepit WWGC ..14. Updated!!!

8.30 AM;

Courtesy Pôle France Planeur

It’s all happening here in Lake Keepit.
Great soaring with bride beautiful clouds and an impressive sandstorm on one day! Even the locals called it quite spectacular!
The flying by the ladies was TOP. Their landings as well.
The organization was spot on with their forecast; be back in time. They all did, though the organizers were a tad worried, when some ladies really waited long to go to the start point.
At 5 the sun carefully tried to show her face again…. at 5.15 we saw red sand to the east of the field. ….At 5.25 the storm was here, blowing over chairs , gas bottles and BBQ’s.
The ladies and crew were having their drinks at the bar, but had to run for the red sand. Though the French men remained quite long in their chairs with their back to the wind and sand, before they gave up as well.

The sun slowly disappears behind the sand.
Courtesy Allan Barnes.
Running away for the storm.

2 Gliders had slight dust-damage as far as I know now. Their canopy’s were blown open, but not off. Thanks to Diana who lay over her’s and Tim , who saved W8. So they have to clean the cockpit today and the instruments.
And yesterday evening their faces.

After “Saving a brand new JS 3 canopy”.

Back to the ladies and yesterday’s flying.
In the end when all scores were in Anne Ducarouge was the best in 18 m. flying 456 km in time 3.17 , so speed of 138.61 km./h. for 1000 points.
Alena was number 2 and Melanie number 3.
In standard class it was ” Czech -girls- above -all” . On spot 1 Jana, [1000] on spot 2 [999] Hana and on 3 Dana.[997 p] One of the pilots in this class came back with the engine.
In club class 4 from 5 in the top are LS 4. Still a great little glider. Celine, Chrissie and Jo [ASW 20] were the best . Amelie and Sabrina followed in their LS 4’S on 4 and 5.

Chrissie, Celine and Jo.
With Jana,Hana and Dana
18 M:
Alena, Anne and Melanie.

Today’s task on day 7 with briefing at 9.30 and first launches expected at noon.
18 m;….570 km…..
standard;….446 km .
Club:…428 km.
Grid order ; 18 m….club and standard class.

Members of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY of the FLYING BROOMSTICKS invite to the BABAJAGA ceremony, 10 pilots will become members of the club. Ceremony starts at the end of the International Night.
Back after briefing.

As shared by Kathy Conway
here is a picture from the first leg yesterday flying towards Kaputar. This became a storm later in the day. “

10 AM:
Briefing is over. We have to drink was the most important message. Last night 1 team member was brought to the hospital with kidney stones!
I know the pain I had them too as well as gall stones!!!! TERRIBLE.

TOMORROW DAY OFF,…NO FLYING!!!! Lot’s of people will be more than ready for that!OFFICIAL REST DAY!!!!
7 day’s in a row of intensive heat , smoke ,sand and long-distance-flying ….it COSTS!!!!!
NOTE; no coffee- van on rest day and no dinner at Sport and recreation.

Today we fly TASK C!!!!!
Today’s sponsor is MERILBA ESTATE , a WINERY, donating the wines as prizes. Thanks.

weather; hot with 41 dgr. c drier air with winds from N. shifting to the W. Possible rain in weekend with S SW chance.
Today; early start…5500 ft at 12 am when they launch.
Cu’s later in the day!
Thermals 5/6 kts.
Long day til 6/6.30.Landing winds on ground 10/15 kts.NW
Pilots will be advised where to land. First time during this competition they come from the East [Manilla] they have been ‘Mentally’ prepared during briefing for a 32 landing or ….a 20 landing BUT only up to the intersection!!!!
Peter will advise ,as every day!

Tasks by Bruce;
C TASK!!!!!

Standard and club are quite similar but with each their own start point.
Some areas are close to restricted areas so LOOK OUT!!!!!

Still smiling and active here. Had to give him and Anita a big hug:
As if this drought was not enough of a burden already, a couple of days back we lost 60 lambs to… a lightning strike! We initially imagined some hideous disease or parasite or poisoning or dogs or something, but no, it was nature carrying on her business as usual .”

Scores as always fast in by Peter [Temple this time, to many Peter’s here ] His mate who scores standard and club class is not here but works “remote”.

Peter…the scorer for 18 m.

11 AM;
Pretty busy here. French team is cooking for tonight. Their crews are taken care off SO GOOD with every noon lunch ; fresh and healthy prepared by Madame Bailleau ,[Anne Audier] as I call her.
Lot’s of people pass by and say they “want to be part of the French crew.”
They eat with great appetite with fresh fruit as desert!!! AND ,…they clean everything,..when they leave,… you don’t see that they have been here.

Off to the field for some pictures. Back later.

The grid,….the last part.

12.30 PM;
Back from the field and there is no real point in going there as gliders are empty till close for the launch and by experience I know you should not disturb them before flight.

Margot, from Italy with her crew flying the beautiful Ventus 3 with FES.

18 M was up in a flash but the temperature was 4 dgr. lower than forecasted, so it took them 45 minutes “scratching” pretty low ,as we could see, to be at 1800 m.
Line opens at 12.45.
Clubbies have been launched as well and their line opens at 13.10.
Standard class launches in progress now.
WH [club] comes back for a relight at 20 at 12.55.

1 PM;
Standard class continues behind the tuggies. L7 just passed by as the last.
WH , relight, will be launched now!!![1.10 PM]
Standard line opens at 13.35.

The most HEAVY job,….Field runner….But very much appreciated by ALL.
team Jenny [Ganderton] and TC Terry before start.
AND,…Madame Bailleau, raced out of the kitchen to the grid to help her daughter. Amazing lady.

Off for some food now!!Leaving you with some more pictures from the storm yesterday.
By the way all gliders were clean again , this morning. MM was cleaned in front of the hangar to be able to vacuum clean it.

The french “braving” the storm.
The shade cloth nearly went with the wind.
Looking over the “caravan-area”.

4 PM:
Looking at the tracking,…it does n’t go really fast.
Club has done now 165 km still 192 km. to go but the day is longer than the day’s before. [15 minutes delay!!]
The 2 girls from the USA are leading here now on the way to TP 2.. When there they have flown 225 km.
Standard did about 140 k with 293 to go and ALL are in one gaggle.
18 m; some have done 125 km, and rounded the 2d tp, however most of them are still on the second leg on the way to that point .
So still 400 km to go at 4.20 PM..Mind the 15 minutes delay.
BUT,….at TP 2 Castletop to Bingara ….it looks better.
Though…looking to the tracker there might be 2 out and 2 back here in 18 m.
Have to check that.

Keep an eye open for you, whilst reading my book.
5 PM:
News about 18 m;
PT get’s an aerotow retrieve. XM just lands back here from a retrieve.
57 seems to have landed as well here with her FES….
Spirit here is a bit low,…they don’t expect anybody back. They still work hard for the INTERNATIONAL NIGHT….though……
Last light at 20.32 according to the task info.

As standard goes to the N. now ,they go further away from here. They are still not at Pine Station ,which would be 230 km. from the 435 set k.!!??
Some crews decide to drive with the car and trailer and follow their pilot.

5.15 PM;
One of the organizers just passed by and mentioned:”the task setter is hiding”.
Good news too; ZE leads 18 m . races all by herself from TP 3 to 4…. Good on her. A leg from 155 km.
But they are slow as said , an average of 70 k per hour.
Club struggles to TP 2, then they have flown 227 km from the set 417 k. Sylvia from the USA has passed it already, so is Kathryn. She is on her way up N for another 73 km to reach Narrabri ,which is 80 km NW from Lake Keepit by road. Then another 120 km back and she is home.
They fly 70 km./h average, so must have a bit better weather.

5.30 PM:
PT is back here after her retrieve. “long final 32.”
standard; still one big gaggle moving slowly to TP 2. They are nearly there and have flown then 230 km with 200 k to go. They go first N to Narrabri as well.

18 m…standard…club

5.45 PM;
Clearly a distance day. MM has started her jet and flies home, after 212 km.
8 Still flying in 18 m!!!!They are halfway to TP 4 …Burren… about 250 k to go, to attend the INTERNATIONAL NIGHT.
BUT,…..they moved the night to tomorrow!!!!
So no international night today!!!

6.10 PM;
A different atmosphere here now as every other day. Trailers and car’s prepare for outlandings. I still hope that maybe 1 or 2 can come back, but I guess that’s an utopia.

Another nice event was the evening at the top of the mountain at Harry’s’ Got this picture this morning from Frouwke

With Gisela [President of the jury] and me at Captain “bluebeard” Harry.
courtesy Frouwke.

A -KILOMETER-DAY!!!! So quite a lot of pilots fly as far as they can even when they are getting further from home, no worries it’s a WWGC.
So more trailers drive out to follow.
More Pawneys travel to Gunnedah to pick up some of the girls.

Busy day ,busy evening, CU tomorrow

Latest news on the Keepit WWGC ..13 !

8 AM;
What a superb soaring day yesterday! Enthusiasm all over!!!You can see that already at the bar area after flight. On a good day they like to see each other and talk, share moments!!!!

Members from team USA , Australia,Italy and tuggies and helpers.
The French team “digest” the day their way. They did well with a shared 3d spot in 18 m. and a first in standard

The Australians had a TOP-day! Winning in 2 of the 3 classes and with huge speed in 18 m. Also Liz from the UK had that speed …Awesome!
Looking at 18 m after 4 good soaring-day’s Melanie and Anne from France top the overall list with Alena as number 3. She lost a few points by being 9th yesterday.

Ailsa , before racing around with huge speed. She is 6th now overall.
courtesy Gliding Australia

In standard it was Aude Grangeray from France who was just a tad better than Ayala and Anna. After 4 day’s Sarah still leads before Anna and Aude.
In club it was Jo, Chrissie and Jenny who topped yesterday’s scores!!! Overall it is Jo, Celine and Chrissie but still a few day’s to go.

Picture from Christian and Tanja;

Tanja loved the flight ” so beautiful, so nice!!”

Organizers message this morning;
Good morning welcome at day 6.
Standard …18 is order at grid.

No tasks yet!

Blog will be a bit different today ,as I go to the grid later to see the first launches there and to make some pictures.

News on the fires;
It seems that 1870 houses have been destroyed in Australia in the West, East and South and 20 people sadly passed away. Specially Kangaroo Island has been hit HARD. Poor animals as well
I miss out at all news here but, the disaster with the 737-800 from Ukraine in Iran is a drama as well. 176 People died as I read a lot from Canada.
What can I say!!!!!!

18 m…..3.15 AAT.
standard….3.30 AAT.
club …3 hour AAT

Treasurer Chris and president Tim before briefing. Both VERY HARD working gentlemen!!!

10 AM;
Back after briefing ;
Sponsor today is GO SOARING.

Always running up and down,..busy..busy..
CD Mandy…Chief steward Frouwke and Deputy CD and safety officer Anita

Safety by Anita was longer today but necessary.
safety is a system
first line of defense –the individual….
second line –the system
third ..assurance.. hazards can lead to failure.
—-landing-lines of defence
pilot..eyes out….don’t hit anyone ..execute well
Crew…eyes out same story.
system…we all do what is expected…it’s designed to minimize risk and provide predictability.
Yesterday the system was not always honored!!!

There will be technical infringements;
warnings and penalties for incorrect retrieves from the field or if you have no crew.
It all should be quick and safe!!!

Weather by Dave
smoke haze increased overnight with easterly airflow.
NW wind will “blow it away” during the day.
Very humid today.
Thermals 5/6 kts. up to 9000 ft.
Early finish between 4.30 and 5.
Wind light and variable.

Finish ring is today 20 km.
Mandy told me that the 30 minutes before the lines open are not always 30 minutes . Sorry for writing that, sorry for when I might have confused you.
Glad that I know now!!

THE WINNERS from yesterday! And YES,…Men at work was heard in the hangar again, accompanying the winners.

Chrissie, who was already WWGC CHAMPION IN 2003 AND 2013 , Jo and Jenny the best in club class.
Ayala, Aude WWGC CHAMPION IN 2015 AND 2017 and Anna the best in standard class.
Liz, Ailsa and the 2 French girls Anne , already WWGC champion in 2013 and 2015 and Melanie.

Now I was planning on going to the field today but my camera light was red , meaning it needs “food” desperately.
So tomorrow will be the day. A pity as I was fully dressed in long sleeves and long pants to avoid sunburn.
Now is pretty hectic anyhow because the tugs are already going to the field for the 11 o’clock launches.

Team UK having their team briefing here today; With Charlie, Ayala, Liz and Claudia.

10.45 AM;
15 minutes to go.
Just heard that there was a real lightning show in the S and SE yesterday evening. Missed it all ,…had a good and long night.
There is a small window in which they have to squeeze all gliders in today. They expect over-development later in the day.
Tracks are similar as before, but today they might overlap, so the pilots from different classes might meet “on track”.
Bruce finished with :” Have a wonderful day, it might be quite interesting.”

11 PM:
Standard class launching is in progress now for their 3.30 AAT with CC ,Claire as number 1.
Claire, sister from Matthew Scutter, the man behind SkySight , who created that beautiful meteo-software and every-day-sponsor here, was cheered on by the crowd, because of her brother, when David the weather man put her in the limelight.
This is Matthew when he just was crowned as the new JWGC world champion in Narromine.

A HAPPY Matthew in 2015 as JWGC Champion.

11.20 PM:
All gliders from standard have been launched and 1B , Katrin was the first to go up in 18 m. for their 3.15 AAT.
She was unlucky yesterday by missing the TP on 500 m., which cost her points .[ 50 as I heard]. Katrin by the way was WWGC champion in 2007 and she is the current champion in 18 m.
It’s nice to see those heavy 18 m. gliders pass by here, as they do so at eye-height.
I see one glider return at 20….. now at 11.19. sounds Czech or Polish …LS 8 ….W8 , I just hear , with Jana Veprekova.
And XM , Alena, went out of the grid to start later. Alena was already WWGC champion in 2003.

11.40 PM;
Last glider from 18 m. is launched, they keep an eye on “early roos” running at the right site of the grid.
Club is launched straight after,…. with V 57 , Celine Rault as the first . They fly a 3 hour AAT.
Their launching finished , they do relights now. Alena was launched at 12.12 as the last for the day.
Line from standard opens at 11.45.
Line from 18 m. will open at 12.05.
Line from club will open at 12.30.

Great clouds popping up over the field.

1.30 PM;
Have to get used to this early time. Only an hour difference, still….
BUT ,..pilots are up high. Some reached 10.000 ft and words as “wave” are used as well as “I can’t find it”.
Skies looking good here , but it seems less good on track.
Some clubbies have started, they are on the way to their first circle.
Standard shows some pilots on their way to the start point.
18 m. is hanging to the east of the start point as well. They all got height there.
This all with 15 min. delay.

2 PM;
EVERYWHERE good looking clouds ,some strong willy-willies and a bit more wind from the W at this moment.Maybe created by the thermals.

Some nice pictures from Manilla, whilst you are waiting.

1899 …..nice old houses.
News pole.

2.10 PM;
ALL sofa’s here are used “to the fullest”.

Crews from France and Czech Rep. A well deserved afternoon rest.

2.30 pm;
Lake Keepit from above.

That’s all what’s left from the Lake.
Courtesy 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

4 PM;
Not much to say!! They are all flying , some are still high,… but some showers , one South of Gunnedah , are hanging around.
Everybody is awake here now and looking at the weather or G-track on their phones.
According to G-track, pilots in standard class are between 5 and 8000 ft and only CC is over 10.000.
Club “is busy” in 3 circles with 8000 ft as height and French Celine over 10.000 ft. so is Jo Davis.
18 m. is between 6 [Melanie] and 10.000[Diana]
All 15 minutes ago!!! And those 15 minutes “fool” me everytime.

4.05 PM;
Walked to the field and saw KW land, very fast with a bit of wind in the back!!! From Club class. IIC had landed already and Sylvia XJY, is at 10 k so arriving. Kathy is 10 k out.

4.15 PM:
The girls from the USA just landed at 20 with wind from 240 dgr. 10 to 15 kts.
First Sylvia then Kathryn.
Landing is possible on both runways 14 for straight in or long landing,but most choose for 20. Also WH Claudia from the UK .
BM has announced her arrival as well.[Sabrina from Germany]
CQL has landed as well [Chrissie from Germany]
The shower South from Gunnedah, I mentioned earlier moves to the East south from us, so passes by. Looks heavy from here , but has no influence according to Peter at the radio.
T 1 announced her arrival Kerrie from Australia.
They all come more or less in one by one.
4.40 PM:
V57 =10 k out. ….AJ…40…as well
J1 [Judyta] lands at 14,..

All traffic ; the wind has changed here to 180 dgr. still 10/15 kts. ….some blowing dust ,when it occasionally gusts to 25. Not often.
JO….10 k out……CQO…CC…
Safety officers Anita and Gregg are keeping an eye on the wind for advise of landing direction!!
So far ALL good.
UKE…57…LT…HS…J 7…

18 m is arriving soon too, as is standard class .
Go back to the landings.

5.12 PM:
Some more finishes;
57..P1..HS..L7..J7..PA..BY..XZ..51..XBY…MM..1 B..OG…FM..FQF…PT…W8..PO…PT..FE…1A…XM…
Some might be double, some I have missed by running up and down.
ALL ladies have finished!!!!

The sun is carefully shining again. Showers have passed by. All clear at the moment!!!
Just caught up with Indea ,lovely daughter from Anita with her 3 gorgeous children. They have a few really nice grand-grand parents as Hank and Lorraine and Tony and Jo!!!
I know them all. Blessed kids!!!

3 Gorgeous grand children from Anita and Bruce.

5.30 PM;

ALL Club class scores are already on ..preliminary.
Celine looks the winner today with 351 km in time 3.12.
Standard scores VERY preliminary at the moment; 402 km in time 3.38 for Sarah.
18 m; Looks like Elena did well again with 467 km in time 3.24
The 3 French girls still have to be scored and Stefanie.

CU tomorrow ANOTHER REAL GOOD DAY here in hospitable Lake Keepit!!!!!!!!
A State Recreation paradise!”
Bit dry though .

Latest news on the Keepit WWGC..12. Updated!!!

8.30 AM;
Bit late for “good” reasons!
BIG news,….we had rain last evening. This time we could not count the drops ,…but it was real rain, big drops. Some danced outside under the shade- cloth as the cooler air and the cold rain-drops were very refreshing.
Looking at the radar there was more rain to the East ,so I hope it helped to settle the dust and “delete” some of the smoke.
On the way to dinner there was no dust, the red sand was darker and we could see the traces from other cars. First time since I arrived here on December 28.
For sure not enough rain, but every drop is welcome here.

Dancing in the rain and smiling faces.
the die-hards stayed in the rain.

A great flying/racing day yesterday. Speedy flights and 2 winners AGAIN in ONE class.
But first Alena in 18 m….. her second win . Looked at the tracking and she flies SO smart!!!!20 km more than the French ladies and we know they are good and 10 k faster.
4 x a JS 3 in the top. The first 6 pilots were all over 130 km./h!! Good job!!!

Alena from Czech Rep.
As shared by Gliding Australia .org

In standard class, a Polish lady was the best; Anna Piotrowska in LOT with a speed of 114 km that was just a tad faster than Sarah who was runner up and Ayala from the UK. Both 113 km./h.
In club class as said 2 winners; Elena from Italy and Chrissie from Germany. Elena flew 373 km. in time 3.35 in a Discus and Chrissie in a Tocumwal- LS 4 ,367 km in time 3.36. Handicap; 1.045 for 1.022.
The first 10 in his class overall are very close with less than 300 points between 10 and 1.

Happy faces at the bar yesterday and talks about “maybe a good day for tomorrow” =now.

The French team enjoying a drink at the mobile bar before the rain started.

Tasks for today January 8 are already on soaringspot…pretty long ones.
18 m…561.75 km..
standard…454.29 km
club …406 km

Off to briefing soon……it’s a crisp nice cool morning.

10 AM;
Prize winners first and here they are;

One of the daily prizes the REAL VEGEMITE.

18 m;
Alena surround by Melanie [r and runner up] and Anne[3d]
Anna surrounded by Sarah and Ayala [l and 3d]
Club class;
Numbers 1 Elena and Chrissie and also from Germany Sabrina.

What happened more:
— The FAI flag is back.
—Sponsor of the day: Edwards Aviation from Brad.
—International Night…plans are for January 10 ..depending on the weather.
—Flights in the Dimona are available … see David Conway.
—new dinner list has been sent out.
—some club class gliders are …for what reason…too light you will be notified
—Protest time expires every day at 8 AM

Andrew and Andy

—Make your 20 km. call!!!!You can say;” copy the weather”if necessary.
—Make also 10 km call , depending on congestion, with landing intentions; center…right short…right long.
—remain predictable.

Sorry a bit “wobley”

Weather; by David and sponsored by SKYSIGHT.
—early mid level cloud
—early start ..5000 ft at 11 AM
—reasonable landing conditions today;light and variable at 5 pm
—still the same weather pattern.
—Possibility for late showers.
—Cu’s through most of the day.
—37 dgr. C….9000ft.
—-early finish at 5.3
—late landings; possible gusts and outflows later [less chance than yesterday]

Present from Team Italia …at all tables.

Tasks are to the NW and one of the legs from 18 230 km from the NW back to “home”.

Yellow is 18 m…blue is standard…pink is club ALL task A.

COMPLIMENTS today for the scorers Pete Temple for 18 m and Neil Campbell for the other 2 classes.
They depend on the quick “send-off” by the ladies straight after the flight.
BUT,…it is pretty rare that scores are in SO QUICK after the flight at a WWGC or WGC …. GREAT JOB!!!!

11.30 AM:

5 or 6 club members who wanted to fly on this nice day have been launched already by 2 tugs. One of them Jacques.
First start at 12.
Get some pictures later from the tuggies and some of the volunteers.
Tugs …3 of the 6…are at the pictures.
Val is now the only lady AND the TUGMASTER!!! Doing a fabulous job. She not only flies but when she sees something she advises the other pilots too.

11.45 AM;
15 minutes to go for the first launch. Tuggies at the strip.

12 PM;
there they go 18 m. first for their A task from 561.8 km.
“full power,full power”
XM [Alena] is the first on tow. Followed by ZF.[Eva]
In between Prime News has arrived and….. I was offered a ride in an ASG 32 self launcher next week. It’s all happening here!!!!
Still blue skies!

They have to rush as 18 m. is already nearly launched.
By the way, nearly each team has it’s own reporter/video-maker. See them walk around with backpacks , tripod’s and camera’s big and small.

12.20 PM;
All 14 gliders in 18 m. launched .Last one is PT with Stefanie.
Line opens after 30 minutes at 12.45
CLUB class launch in progress. First to go ; JO, another Tocumwal glider.
12.40 PM;
JY Sylvia from USA comes back at 20, with a problem with her wheel door.
Last from club has just been launched now… 12.20, line opens in 30 minutes at 13.05 .
Something wrong with my or their time. Will check.
Hope the USA girls Kathy and Sylvia find each other again, as they like to fly together!!
AND,…indeed Kathy waved yesterday. Pretty “cool” during landing!!!Top girls!!!
Standard towing in progress NOW.
Just saw SF.

Still blue here , but clouds over the ranches in the N.W. and East [ not interesting] . Looking good! As they all go to the NW.
Akemi just passed by.
Launching is over already. Pretty quick!!!
Just over an hour!!!
Clouds popping up NOW over field as well.
Relight JY ….she is launched now at 1.12 PM.
St class line opened at; 1.30.

CU Later; Having a little rest, after a poor night!!!

A real siesta -afternoon.
This is a “snack” from one of the juniors Cameron, who “goes with the wind” because he is skinny and eats like an elephant!!!

4.15 PM:
Did n’t miss anything. Everybody is happily flying, crews are checking the track of their pilots , the kangaroos have organized their selves under the trees in front of the club house where there is water for them in buckets and I first looked at the skies and to the NW it really looks nice as you can see.

Looking to the NW.

18 m. is already busy with their LONG 230 K leg and all have rounded it already or rounding it now which means with the delay that we will have nobody stuck at 230 km from here!!!Speed from the “best” 143 km./h [Aussie girls]
Clubbies are busy with their 160 km.leg and are going fast with a few at 113 km./h.
Standard shows 128 km./h at this stage and they flew already 275 km and started their long leg from 148 km. so 170 km to go.

4.35 PM;
From the East some “milky stuff “is slowly approaching the field here, but still with nice clouds under it. Seems to be as I hear ” far away showers” to the east. It looks it’s not coming.

4.50 PM:
Clubbies are about 100 k out
18 m about 120 and standard less than 100 k. BUT,…there is still the 15 minutes delay. So they are closer by.
Finish line Radio just says that the first will land in approx.16 minutes so they are ready to welcome them.

5 PM;
wind is 160 dgr. 8/9 kts. Runway 14.
Some of the local pilots are landing now.
The German girls in club announce their arrival ; Chrissie and Sabrina.
IC , Jo Davis is arriving too.2 More coming, one is KE. AJ..


18 M; 1B.. XM..MM…

5.45 pm; GLIDERS IN.

I might have missed a few but ALL scores will be very soon at soaringspot.
Nearly all club class pilots are already scored or in.

As promised the tuggies, heroes in the air.
Peter Sommerfeldt, Jay Andersen , Nina, Peter Hofmann,TUG MASTER VAL..
Peter Richie, Dr Death.

6.10 PM:
A REAL AWESOME day, 152 km./h at this stage for Ailsa in 18 m. I told you already those girls are on fire!!!Liz had the same speed and according to her UK mates she ” was beaming from ear to ear as she handed over her loggers, she was saying something about it was “outrageous that you could have that much fun”
At this stage 3 in standard with 129 km./h.
Club class with Aussie Jo, flew 121 km./h. that is at this stage 5 km faster , a than the runner up Chrissie who won yesterday. Jo,…the real “Speedy Gonzales”
So a glorious day here in Keepit and all girls seem to be back, with big smiles, what do you want more.
BUT,…..still a call for one pilot ,…but she seems close by, I heard from Bruce.
YES, she will be in soon ,…..XZ is ready to land. “Maybe a bit low”, but….kangaroos are chased and she is IN.
Anita;”Welcome back Kath” she answers, “It was a bit of a day”
Damn good landing” by radio -man Peter Sommerfeldt
Great fun had by all, even here at the ground!!!!

Also by German crew member Tanya Ziegler who flew herself in Christian Werner ‘s ASG 32 MI. Sorry lost the picture.
Make a new one tomorrow.

CU tomorrow.

LATEST NEWS on the Keepit WWGC… 11.

8.10 AM;
It was a special day and a special night!!!
Where to start…???
Maybe with the ladies ,…as that’s why we are all here.
They had a tough day yesterday. Long tasks not the best visibility at start and instead of improving it deteriorated.
I can tell you when they came back here, [everybody I saw was OK with the cancellation,] they looked worn out and all said they had been scared!!!
That ‘s where I leave it, as if I would tell you their full stories you might be “scared ” too. Mind you this was straight after the flight, so full of adrenaline and emotions.
Some were looking forward to a rest day, but that’s not going to happen yet , as the message this morning was ;
Welcome to day 4, grid order club, standard and 18 m briefing at 9.30 in the hangar.

The Australian Night was a different story; a success story!!!
I heard 150 friends had booked in , but there might have been even more.The food was good, the atmosphere great and Brad and Bill were on their best.
A pity Uys was not heard by all the girls, as he had some special words for them and wished them well on an evening sponsored also by Jonker Sailplanes.
Surely they will show this on a better time. He is on FB now.
As said Brad and Bill were in full swing and the songs from Ed Kilbourne always stay special for glider pilots.
I met him in 2012 in Uvalde where he performed on an Australian night over there. His CLOUD songs are sung by all involved in soaring.
A few pictures from yesterday evening as well.

Uvalde 2012 …this is Ed..nice fellow…great singer.
Yesterday evening in Sport and recreation.
Bill and Brad at their best.
Crocodile Dundee’s;…. crew from Claire [CC]
Beautiful pavlova’s as desert. Yammie.
Listening full attention after dinner.

Off to briefing.

10 AM;
Briefing is over.

Grid order;
Club; Task A …3.30 AAT or task B …2.30 AAT.
Standard; Task A…3.15 AAT.. Task B …2.15 AAT.
18 m; Task A…3 hour AAT..Task B….2 hour AAT
First launch at 12 PM.

First about the situation yesterday. The organizers learned from it as well as safety officer Anita said. They will use the Dimona with Bruce in it more often to check the situation.
The official report:
” —We followed the special circumstances rule.
—We took information from many sources …forecasts, visual observations, reports from water bombers, reports from weather stations ,web cams reports from others at the ground elsewhere, reports from pilots, reports from the observer, reports from TC’s.
–we cancelled the day due to the updated smoke forecast ,observer observations, concern for the completion of the task.
They learned at the TC briefing ;
—-They will fly closer to the problem area,
—-observer will transmit on team frequency cancellation then on 122.025 safety frequency

You can put in a Flytool report and Speak with safety committee.
I realize that pilots straight after such a flight are still full of adrenaline and they will for sure be in the best condition again today.
It’s good to observe both way’s.

More briefing news;
AIB, a big insurance company is the sponsor for today. Thanks.
—-internet is slow/quite poor today. It has to do with the Australian infrastructure, not with the organizers. Less looking at pictures and video’s might help.
—all valuable info should be shared via the TC to the person in the organization who deals with that.

The persistent weather pattern still continues. The HIGH in the Tasman Sea brings a Northerly air flow.
It looks like there might be more changes of rain in the next week, but also for clouds . “There might be hopefully clouds EVERY DAY!!!
There is still haze, but it should disappear/”wash out” during the progress of the day due to the NNE-wind.
It should be a reasonable day with 4.5 /to 5 kts and higher in the SW.
BUT,…the day will STOP early is what they think.From 4 PM onward, when from the SE wind might come in and the outflow might be 20 to 25 kts.
Will be good to be back here at the ground at 5.

The weather forecast for the next couple of day’s.

Are all in a similar area.
There is a small time frame . As there is still some smoke which might influence temperatures in the early hours, it’s waiting if they can start straight away.
As forecasted the day will/might be short.

As “tweeted” by team UK with the message
(Umm, it takes ~30 minutes to launch each class)

You are up to date now. Back later.

12 PM:
After the tuggies drove to the field at 11.30 AM, , …..the radio’s were checked at 11.45 and when all had said “reading you 5” …..the show could start again.
All girls have left the cool club house and I am sitting here by myself now.
Club class is launched now and J 1 with Judyta from Poland was the first to go up. Their A task; 3.30 AAT.
I can see nice big CU’s over the field and it feels hotter than the forecasted 38 dgr. C. A different day in this paradise.
Visibility here is pretty good too, except for the NE, still smoke there, but that’s not where they go to.
Girls will be happy with the clouds ,as they don’t have to struggle today , they just GO UP so easily under them. No worries!!!I can see them happily thermalling.
Hope they don’t forget that they have to come down to 6000 ft MSL, as that is the pre- start altitude.
They have finished launching the club class already. [12.23 don’t know if my time is the same as theirs] But good and quick!!!!Line opens after 30 minutes at 12.50

Clouds over the field
To the West.
NICE clouds everywhere ……gives a total different feeling.

12.25 PM; Standard -class- launching in progress for task A ;3.15 AAT.
16 to be launched. It’s going pretty fast today.
Just saw Lisa in LT pass by.
12.50 PM; last launch from standard class plus 30 minutes. LOT was the last on tow. line opens at 13.15
Now still 18 m to go…..14 pilots ; FQ went as first with French Melanie. They go for a 3 hour AAT.

13.05 PM; XM with Czech Alena just passed by in her JS 3 and her mate Eva followed in her JS 1c.
13.15 PM;MM just passed by and she is one-but-last. Now P should follow and it’s over in 1.15 minutes. That all happened,…so it’s over now. No relights …ALL GOOD!!!Line should open after 30 minutes.
Line opens at ; 13.40
FM , with Anne from France, was launched at 1.18 PM , just to let you know.
She went out of the grid.

3.30 PM;
Back from Manilla. Took a few pictures there, but first a picture from the lunch for some of the crew from the French team. Took it before I left.
They don’t miss out on anything!!!!

Great lunch for the French crew!

Manilla for pictures,…. as I like the little town. Quite a few people from here, live there in Allan Barnes motel, great spot full of native fauna and flora called “Ambleside ” . Great spot as I heard.
Here are some of the pictures from what I call it “an early settlers city”.

the old railway bridge,…..the shire thinks of DEMOLISHING it,….. I am against!!!!!
Strong wood so to see.
Beautiful bridge!!!!
Very nice old houses. More from this series tomorrow.
The old POST Hotel
another very busy pub….The ROYAL HOTEL.

4 PM;
Looking to the SW, still gives a “good feeling” . Though not all reports from the girls on track are “hallelujah”.
Here at the field still some clouds but also overcast… overall still calm. Driving from Manilla to here the mountains are visible, still hazy though.

Here is the picture from above in the yellow gyrocopter.

Courtesy Val Phillips bravely sitting in the back.

4.30 PM;
Still some time to go for the girls but 5PM, was said by the meteo to be back here. “Very straight forward weather “according to Bruce, so we wait patiently till the are back home.
It looks like Sylvia from the USA [club class] is halfway to the last TP Rangari, which means about 50 /60 km. out with the 15 minute time delay and!!!
I just put the radio on; and they announced 20 km out. Go and have a look.

4.30 PM:
Rushed out and was sitting there in time.
Heard the USA girls Kathy and Sylvia talk to each other and help each other. “Remember to put your gear down”
11 km. OUT…..
“I have height , you pick what site you want to land “; Kathy.
Sylvia ; “I have some lift” , she was worried if she was s going to make it too. With the bit of lift it was OK.
A loud HAPPY YEL when they were sure they make it.
“Gear down.”…..”SAME”.
And there they were,… I applauded them and it looked as if Kathy heard it , she looked and waved!!!
So nice!!!
More landings ; QO,…AJ…JO…IC all club.
Later we know who had the most kilometers in the best time.
wind light..landing 14 long or straight in…310 dgr.
More club;
FX….J 1…. BI …VS7 ….EU…W8….J7…40…

Also in… 18 m; P., who was launched last this morning.

Off to the landings again.

At 5.10 :
a warning for a gust front arriving soon
5 minutes later ;” frontal- weather -close-by” warning!
Lot’s of gliders are in. I missed a few by running op and down.All classes.
PO…CC…XZ…LT…L7 …TQ…1A…L7 …S7…FM…57…LOT…MM…PT…XBY…51…ET…1B..

5. 24 PM;
The storm starts to race over the field…still not too bad!!!
ZE arrives ; wind very strong, but still good for landing is the message from Peter who does a fabulous job on the radio!!!!!!!He even manages to calm down everybody ,also at the ground with his voice and his remarks.

5.40 PM;
All gliders in safely the last 3 , ZE….ZF 2 girls from Czech Rep.and P1, Agata from Poland , had tough circumstances, but they dealt with it superbly at 5.30!!!
So the weather-forecast and tasks were set nicely within the limits.
A GOOD day, smiling faces and good soaring conditions!!!!
What do you want more.

AND,…WHAT A FLIGHT from Alena in 18 m. ; 446 km. in time 3.07 making a speed of 143 km./h!!!!
Standard; Anna from Poland with 379,83 km. in time 3.19 so a nice speed of 114 km./h just ahead of Sarah [USA] and Ayala[UK]
Club class; shows 2 winners at this stage preliminary:Elena from Italy and Chrissie from Germany.
Kathy and Sylvia did really well but finished in the end on spot 14 and 15. BUT,..they were back!!!

6 PM; CU tomorrow.

Latest NEWS on the Keepit WWGC ..10 ! Updated !!!

8.10 AM;
When I left you yesterday I was AGAIN amazed to see how quickly the weather can change here.
Still enjoying the beautiful and disciplined finishes, ….I looked up ,…. felt wind , ….saw red dust and ….smelled smoke. This all happened around 6.45 PM.
We raced in though some had to stay!!
Still some club class gliders out then , but they showed their skills by landing safely here,… even in turbulent circumstances. Well done !!!
One of the Aussie girls, Jenny, was out in 18 class [ after 234 km] and Sylvia [USA] could not make it back in club after flying 347 km.

It turned out to be a “French” day, winning in each class.
1 and 2 in 18 m. Anne and Melanie and Margot from Italy on 3….the 2 Audes on 1 and 3 with Cornelia from Germany in between ….Celine in club class, with Aussies Jo and Jenny on 2 and 3.

Last night the wind/storm was terrible till about 1 AM. Then it was more or less quiet again.The whole building here is red from dust, the toilets, the kitchen etc but Wendy is here to clean it all!!! Thanks!!!
This extreme dusty weather is created by the drought, so bad it is normally NOT here, I heard.

This is how the UK saw this seabreeze yesterday;
” Interesting conditions at #LakeKeepit in the #WWGC2019#TeamGB‘s Claudia Hill having to land long to avoid kangaroos on the runway. All three British pilots are now home, but any late finishers and crews are now having to deal with the sea breeze bringing in a wall of dust “

as shared by British Gliding Association

Day 3 starts soon as the first launch is expected at 11.30 AM.
They grid at 32 and 18 m is up front with club and standard behind.
Briefing at 9.30 AM

Here is the report from USA TC John Good with his permission, from yesterday task 2;
A more difficult day today, especially for Club Class.  The forecast said very hot, very blue (except well to the southwest) and a possibility of lift shutting down around 5:30 near Lake Keepit, due to an easterly wind that could bring both marine air and smoke.

In the face of this and some decently long tasks, the right decision looked to be an early start, avoiding the chance of being caught short of home when the good conditions ended.  This is just what Sarah did in Standard class: started early and joined the three Australian pilots (repositories of local knowledge) in a group of four that made good progress around the 460-km task, found good lift to over 14,000’ well southwest of home, and were able to finish about 10 minutes before the 5:30 witching hour.  This smart and sensible scheme didn’t look quite so good when the troubled weather held off until around 6:45, allowing the late launchers to romp home in good conditions.  Yet their scores were still decent; sometimes the smart bet doesn’t produce the best results.

Only a couple of Club Class gliders decided to go with the “start early / play it safe” scheme.  All the rest delayed their starts, then discovered soaring conditions on the long task that would rarely allow good speeds.  All the class struggled on the leg home from the west; most finally got home, many with disappointing speeds.  Kathy put up a desperate fight, finally got the altitude she needed, and finished around 7pm, just as the easterly wind and smoke arrived.  Sylvia also fought hard, but couldn’t connect with the final climb she needed and landed about 30 km from home.  This is an area with good fields, but unfortunately not the best or most direct roads. She and husband Hugh are expected back around 10pm.”
For more you can go to

John Good TC from team USA.

9.15 AM
Just spilled a full cup of tea over my laptop. NOT GOOD.
Hope I can continue, for now it looks fine.

10 AM;
Briefing is over. EVERYBODY talks about the red dust. People woke up in closed sleeping rooms with red dust on their faces.
White clean gliders were IN the hangars….this morning red instead of white.
But NO complaints as the fires and the devastation around Sydney and in the S of Victoria ,….are MUCH WORSE.

Tasks for today are LONG
18 m;A task …5 hour AAT..B task..4 hour AAT.
standard ;A task …4.15 AAT…B task..3.15 AAT.
Club; A task…4.30 AAT. B task…3.30 AAT

What was more up at the briefing?
Today’s sponsor is Jonker Sailplanes.

The prize winners from task 2.

18 m. CLASS:
Anne in the middle as number 1. Melanie as number 2 to the L. and Margot to the number 3.
Standard class;
to the l. at 2 Cornelia, in the middle Aude [Untersee] as number 1 and to the r. Aude Grangeray on 3.
club class;
to the l. on 2 Jo, in the middle as number 1 Celine and to the r.Jenny as number 3.

About safety; a copy of steward Frouwke’s safety presentation has been posted to all for “your own self briefing.”
Further on;
—-after release turn RIGHT!!!
—-after a relight bring 2 traces!!!
—-2 tugs had a problem, during the last 2 day’s ,…react straight away on the wave-off-sign, ask later.
One had oil on the wind screen, a case of cleaning and checking the oil , the other a cracked cylinder which will be repaired today. Will take all day.
—-Australia night is free for all and sponsored by the GFA, the NSWGA and Jonker. Starts tonight at 7.30. Music by the 2 B’s…Bill and Brad.
—-Hardworking friends/volunteers Lynley in the office and David at the field are travelling back to Waikirie tomorrow, another 15 hour drive.Lovely people, as is their daughter Alannah, a real artist.
They showed both cartoons this morning at the briefing, still struggle to download them.
Lynley got a huge applause for all her efforts in the office.

Weather; sponsored every day by SkySight.
With the HIGH over the Tasman Sea , we have a continuous NW airflow.
Today will be only 39 dgr. C.
We have an early start as the trigger temperature only needs to reach 32 instead of 36 yesterday.
Due to smoke haze to the NE they had to change their task plans.
Day starts early and “stops” around 5.30 and might end around 6 again with incoming seabreeze.
Have seen that now, being back then ,….is the best one can do.

Tasks; are set in a rather small area but they are LONG. Some classes will cross each other.

Today’s tasks as shared by British Gliding Team

It’s nearly 11 AM now, just half an hour before the first launch.
11.15 AM ;Tuggies are starting their engines on the radio “Launching will commence in 15 minutes.” All cars should be removed from the grid.
5 Tugs today!!!
Back soon.

11.30 AM:
And we started flying day 3!!
XM , Alena, from 18 m. was the first to be launched.
Followed by ZF with Eva and ZE , Jana, all 3 from Czech Rep.
57 With Margot from Italy and MM with Diana from Luxembourg.
Then after 5 launches there is a small delay and P was launched with Joanna from Poland. FM with Anne from France and 51 with Liz from the UK.
FQ with Melanie from France, J7 follows with Aussie Jenny after a “cable-problem” gave some delay.
Several gliders are below drop height at the drop zone, is what’s mentioned.
Good on them!!! Safety first!!!
HS is launched with Lisa Turner and OG with Ailsa, PT with German Stefanie is the last to go at 11.55 so line should open after 30 minutes at 12.25 .
Miss[-ed] one!!!!

11.55 AM; Club class follows at 11.55 with JO [Petra] in it.16 To go.
12.10 PM; They are not yet very high , between 1400 and 1800 m [MSL] and it looks pretty grey out side… BUT, strong thermals at the ground pass by with dust and speed. So there must be lift.
Just one, a big one, in front of the club house, making the visibility tempera-rely low.

12.20 PM:
Last glider in club class has started, line opens in 30 minutes at 12.50.
12.25 18 M line is open. “Welcome in this monster gaggle” was what one of the 18 m. pilot’s said.
They launch standard class now.

12.34 PM; several pilots ask agitated for MORE speed behind the tug, one wants less speed . Looking at the OGN the French and the German girls in 18 m. have left on track.
5 hour AAT seems a lot under the circumstances we can see now. For sure not the best visibility.
Good luck to all.

12.50 PM; Last of standard class has been launched now. Their line opens at 1.20 ! Line from Club should be open now!

1 PM; Some more positive news about the weather too, as some are really racing now!! Visibility remains POOR!!!!! BUT,….when on track it should be better is advised. Still not very high though, some at 5000 ft.!!
1.20 PM; Standard class is open now too.
CU later!!Good luck girls!!!

2.30 PM:
Visibility is still poor. On the tracking system is written” reduced visibility due to smoke.”
Standard has the worst visibility at this moment ,but it should improve and it should be still within the norms. It seems not all pilots do agree with this.
Club is busy with their longest leg from 191.8 km.
Standard as well but they have 3 long legs from 101, 122 and 158 km.
18 m. has 2 long legs as well from 260 and 142 km.
This means of course to the middle of the circle.
Now the 18 m. has flown 187 km with about 110 km./h. So still a long day AND we might have the incoming sea breeze at 6. Hope it’s delayed!!!
Bruce has gone up in a 2 seater to monitor the weather/ visibility from above.

3.15 PM:
The weather finally “cracked” and pilots have now more height to fly , even up to 10.000 ft. over Mount Kaputar.
I had a look at Wikipedia;
a mountain with an elevation of 1,489 metres (4,885 ft)  above sea level located near Narrabri in northern New South Wales. It is part of the Nandewar Range and has been preserved within the Mount Kaputar National Park. The mountain is a prominent landmark for travellers on the Newell Highway as it rises abruptly from the plains .”
It is “the remnants of an 
extinct volcano that was active about 18 million years ago. “!!!!!!
At this stage it gives welcome-lift to the flying pilots there in 18 m.
The club class pilots have “used” the mountain already. They can be using it again on the way from TP 4 to 5,… they pass it then again.
Standard has the Kaputar to the SW in their circle. Most are on their way from the 2d to the 3 point/circle.
On the way back from TP 4 to TP 5 they pass the Kaputar again.

3.45 PM;
It’s clearing here. I can see blue skies and clouds popping up. Good!!!

But I hear that the task is cancelled for all classes!!!!”
It says on G-Track
Task cancelled due to smoke

A pity from the smoke here!!! What can you do.
We are not the only ones,…..Also Benalla and Tocumwal have very poor visibility. Look at their web cam.
Narromine has about the same dust/sand storm yesterday as we had.

Like most of Victoria today, Benalla is just a tad smokey and definitely a “no fly” day. Keep safe everyone.... “
as shared by Gliding Club of Victoria

The weather forecast for today has changed as well . They will for sure explain later. It might be what I expected,.. that due to the slow speed the gliders coming back, might be hit by the seabreeze.
Will tell you later or tomorrow. Gliders return safely at the field now which is GOOD.
Safety FIRST!!!!

5 PM;
A big bunch of gliders arrived already home at 20 or 14 long and it was rather “congested” at the end of 14, as you can see at the picture shared by
British Gliding Team@GBGlidingTeam

4/5 kts wind….210 dgr.

All pilots want to be back for that “maybe “scary- again- sea- breeze.”

5.45 PM;
The last 2 pilots are on their way back home. The nasty weather should come from the N. this time, and it is difficult already to see the mountains there.
One of the reasons and the bad visibility,…. to cancel this day.

One tug was sent out but had to return .
Tomorrow there is another day.

CU then.
Glad the laptop survived ” having a cup of tea.”