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January 13, 2019

The “finish” from GREAT comps in Keepit and Omarama with ….206.73 km./h.over 620 km.!!

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38th Australian Club and Sports Class Nationals at Lake Keepit

As shared by US Soaring Teams  3 women from the USA practice this season.
” Top National and International pilots have already registered, it is shaping like a great event.

Day 11..task 10 ;
Sports class 476 km
.;Pete [Temple]  in his 18 m.  ASG 29 flew around with 145 km./h.; 994 points for him. No secret who won the 1000 points: Adam who flew around with 139.50 km./h., but his handicap is 1030, Pete’s 1075.
Peter[Trotter] was at spot 3 and moved up to the same spot overall, as Ailsa lost nearly 200 points on spot 10. BUT she is still on 4 , with nearly 300 points on Lisa[Turner] .
The other Pre World girls; Kath did very well on 4 , Lisa [Turner] on 6, Lisa [Trotter] on 8,Diana on 14, Akemi on 16 and Kerrie on 19 after an out-landing after 412 km..
A challenging day with lightning and thunder.


As shared by Kath who did well on this day.

The adventurous story from Simon, I read it with a big smile. It’s not all hosanna during a good competition!
We only had to do two things. Fly our gliders from Lake Keepit, up along a nice valley, turn left and track overhead Moree, then another left turn to track home over Mt Kaputar – 470km. Admittedly that is about 5000′ high, but should not be too hard given the air was convecting to 8000′. Then the storm hit. That tends to kill convection all around it, and then the glider pilots end up in paddocks, normally far, far away. That is bad for the crew who then have to come and get you. I heard bleating noises over the wireless from the pilots ahead who were getting shot down near Mt Kaputar, so I deviated about 50km west. Then the storm came to meet me. I wandered around rain showers, slowly weaving my way back to Keepit. At one point I ran into heavy rain, which is bad, because the water drops on the wing interfere with the glide performance. But I pushed on and within 20km of finish I could see, and hear on the radio, that Keepit airstrip was being hit by storm, wind, dust, rain, hail, pestilence, plague, and probably pox. It was too dangerous to land there, so I had to make other arrangements. I think I remember telling Miss Elliott (she wore a red tartan skirt with a large kilt pin) in kindergarten that when I grew up I wanted to land a glider at Gunnedah. So I turned right for the 20 km trip. The computer in the glider said I could make it, but my Mark 1 Eyeball wasn’t so sure. I pushed on and got proper low, but that worked out OK because the strong wind was giving me a bit of ridge lift down low. I squeaked into Gunnedah airport, and the beautiful Sue was there in half hour with a smile and beer to take me home. This morning [Friday]Diana and I are going over in the Bellanca Scout tug to drag me and the glider back to Keepit, so that we can do it all again today.”

club class; one of the USA girls called the day FAST AND FURIOUS.
Where were the men??? ….. the first 5 places were for the women, with Sabrina upfront, a good “omen”  for the WWGC next year. The overseas pilots” FEEL ” Lake Keepit now. Those who are there, are blessed with the know how they have NOW, for next year.
Allan in the SZD 55 was on spot 6. Still 908 points. Not an easy day as you can read in Allan’s OLC comment;
Day 10 of the Nationals. Stressful day at the end. Day was forecast to storm so I wanted to go fairly early but not so early that Ray could run me down on the first two legs. Ended out leading out a biggish gaggle and got away from most of them but the storm over Kaputar became pretty huge. I had a choice on the final leg- fly well right towards Pilliga and come around the long way, or try and work the energy on the leading edge of the storm. I went for the storm – there was a big red dust cloud going up and I figured that would be where the lift was. But I got flushed, almost landed at Narrabri before finding something. Got into a convergence line but fell off the end of it into horrendous sink – thought I was landing again near Boggabri but managed to find a strong climb to final glide in among the lightning. Ridiculously stressful!”

Day 12 task 11; LAST DAY!!!!!
Sports class; 3 hour AAT and as good juniors and former juniors do,..they help each other. So do the Joey’s. Adam is one of the founders of JOEY GLIDE . And this weekend JoeyGlide starts for an other edition with 29 young ones in 2 classes. GOOD !!!! Practice day yesterday on Saturday with 2.30 AAT from the airfield of Waikirie.
Today was cancelled due to poor weather, talking in junior language the day was “canned”.
Back to Keepit, Ailsa, who had lost her 3d place  and Adam left together about 10 minutes after most others, to see if combined efforts could help her back. They both flew exactly 3 hours ,…good on them…. and though Ailsa flew 5 km. more the points were close; Adam 1000 and Ailsa 930. That was 36 points MORE than Peter [Trotter]  who was the new overall number 3 the day before, with 34 points ahead. So some thrilling moments before the final overall scores would be there!!! It just worked out!!
Peter was 5th for the day so Ailsa was on spot 3 with 2 POINTS DIFFERENCE!!!!
Final scores after 12 day’s[ including 1 compulsory rest-day], so 11 tasks!!!! Not bad.
1. Adam Woolley with .10.684 p. Winning 9 of the 11 day’s!!! Chapeau!!!
2. Pete Temple with 10.255 p.
3. Ailsa McMillan with 9.350 p.
4. Peter Trotter with 9.348 p.
5. Lisa Turner with 9.034 p.
Lisa Trotter was on 6, Diana on 15 , Kerrie on 16, Kath on 17 and Akemi on 18.

Adam was happy;”Sports Class National Champion! The competition couldn’t have gone better, yet I still can’t quite believe it myself. As you know, I’ve put a lot of effort into this over the years & it’s nice to feel/see it all finally coming together.I think the biggest part of my recent success has not only come from the WGC’s recently, but from my now confidence in myself, & a true belief, but the biggest thing I think is that I’ve let go of my,    Fear of failure.”
More in his Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

the top 3 Adam, Pete and Ailsa
as shared by Lake Keepit Soaring Club

Club class; 3 hour AAT, and with 350 km. Ray [Stewart] was the best as he was back in his Discus only 3 min. late; 1000 points.Sabrina was runner up in her LS 4 with ONE point less ;999. Allan was 3d, lost around 30 points , but no worries he had more than enough to win.
Final scores after 11 day’s of flying:
1. Allan Barnes with 10.133 p. He won 3 day’s.
2. Ray Stewart with 9.875 p. and won 3 day’s as well.
3. Sabrina Vogt with 9.665 p. and won 2 day’s nearly 3 as she missed out on 1 point on the last day.
4. Jo Davis with 9.435 p.
5. Jenny Ganderton with 9.096 p.

All day’s were flyable with good tasks. It really showed what’s possible for next years WWGC. Try to be there then.

Only happy pilots and crew, the organization should be proud.
Picture shared by the ladies from team USA.

Happy champion, Allan,  runner up Ray and 3d place pilot Sabrina.
As shared by Lake Keepit Soaring Club

Forget the Australian Sports Class Nationals, check out today’s speeds at the New Zealand Multi-Class Nationals!!”   is what Adam said last Thursday.

So let’s quickly go there for their last day’s!!



The airfield gets a bit of extra water! ” [ at 6.34 PM]
Photo Neil Alison

On task 8 last Wednesday there were no scores,as I had to leave early,  so here is what happened.
We have very strong Westerly wave for today and AAT‘s.”
Max Stevens [ Ventus 2C ], new face at the podium , NOT in competition soaring, won the day and he really did; 144.91 km./h over 495 km. He started at 17.22.
Keith was the first to start at 16.24 but out-landed.
The runner up , Derek Kraak [ASG 29e] had 91.67 km./h over 376 km. He landed at 20.21!!!
Weird day and late !!

On task 9 , 3 hour AAT…”a miracle” happened!!!! During a competition a speed of 206 km./h. over 620 km. is stunning even in wave. That’s less than 3 hours!!!!!Who else than Keith, can make such a flight.
His comment on the OLC; “Ripping wave task. Had to go to the back of all the cylinders and still landed back a little early.”When he calls the day, with all his wave experience a ripper, it WAS a ripper!!!!
The organizers wrote on FB;”Keith Essex smoked around a handicap distance of 620.2 km at an average of 206.7 km/h! His non-handicap distance was just over 600 km and speed was 202 km/h. That is a very high average speed for such a long distance.”
But ….he was not the only fast one, the others were fast too.
The 2 Duo Discus’  flew around with 186 km./h. WOW!!!! Not baaaadddd!!!!

Task 10; with the message :”We are now up to Task D – which I am just trying to print out now!
374 km set task and Keith left half an hour after most and won the day with 135 km./h.
2 Did not finish and 2 did not fly.


Omarama WAVE…forming.
Gliding NZ National Multi-Class Championships – Omarama

Racing class;
Task 8; 3 hour AAT and not Nick who was 3d , not Vaughan who was runner up, but Terry Jones in an LS 8 was the day-winner so also here a new face at the top. So about 1000 points ahead in the end seems not possible for Nick , but no worries, it ‘s good as it is!!! More than good!!!

Task 9 , also good old Tony van Dyke knows how to fly in wave; In his LS 8 he flew around over 527 km. with a speed of 173 km./h. !!!! And that was 10 km./h. faster  than the runner up Vaughan with 165 km./h. in an LS 6 !!!.
And what about 124.48 km./h in the Libelle??? Crazy!!

Task 10; The launch has finally started with Task D for both classes as the Easterly has pushed in faster than first thought.
5 competitors left in this class and Nick won the day;121 km./h over 324 km. Tony was runner up.

There was no day 11, no LAST DAY!!!
Drop zones would be a problem today. The weather is taskable but getting everyone away from the normal drop zones close to Omarama is predicted to be difficult. The only reliable way would be very long tows to Magic Mountain. In the end, given that it is the last day and we have had a lot of good flying, the task for today has been cancelled.”

So here are the final results after a good 9 out of 11 day’s;
1. Keith Essex in ASG 29 with 8.166 points
2. Scarlat & McCormack in DUO DISCUS W with 6.045 p.
3. Derek Kraak in ASG 29 E with 5.928 p. Unhandicapped Derek would have been runner up.

1. Nick Oakley in Discus 2 with 8.132 points, so still a huge margin.
2. Vaughan Ruddick in LS 6 with 7.264 p.
3. Tony van Dyk in LS 8 with 6.462 p.


As shared by Gliding NZ National Multi-Class Championships – Omarama



—Morgan Sandercocks great flight in the ARCUS M [ 2.321 km.] last Wednesday got a reaction from his country man Matthew in Australia. Matthew is from Sky Sight and this is his picture and reaction;

Looks like a perfect match!
Morgan Sandercock‘s 2300km flight yesterday, overlaid on the SkySight forecast using the new SkySight IGC Upload function.

On the OLC Morgan said in his comment:
Thank you Dennis for letting me use your glider. And crew. And towplane.

This day appeared to have a low probability of working when we looked at the forecast. The lift bands didn’t seem to be linked up properly and there was a lot of cloud on the forecast. The links between the lift bands were not a problem at all. We were able to maintain a high average speed despite jumping gaps every 50km. We never got low. The clouds were very concerning. For eleven hours we were looking at a wall of cloud coming over the Andes from Chile that threatened to engulf us at any moment. The big stacked lenticulars behind us were also threatening. Several times we had to maneuver around clouds. 

Thank you also to Brad, my copilot, who did half of the flying and to Mendoza Air Traffic Control who monitored us on the radio for the entire flight.”


—More great flights;
January 9; 1.221 km. from Serres in France by Klaus [Ohlmann] in the Stemme S10.
Worcester still had 1000 km’s too,  one in an 18 m. Discus 2T.
January 10; South Africa was “HOT” and the place to be that day was Worcester. Super flights ; 1. 332 km. in a DISCUS 2T/18m. and in the ARCUS T. They planned the flight together and must have enjoyed it very much. The longest flights EVER from Worcester. The German pilots Lucas Blattmann in the Discus and Philip Goralski  and Juergen Zuhlke  had 148 and 150 speed on the “clock”.
5  from Gariep  one of them by Stephan Bosch  in an ASH 26E; 1.122 km.  and a few over 900k.
January 11; Peter Raphael flew in Toc in the past and loved his ventage gliders.
I noticed that he flew 100 km. in a Hall, Cherokee II, during the Vintage Gliding Rally 2019 from Bordertown.
January 12; 3 declared FAI 750 flights from Tocumwal [nearly 800 OLC km’s] . Tougher than forecast though the first leg was fun! For Richard Traill the very first declared 750 task and for Lumpy and Butch , who arrived from Queensland to try records in Toc ,the so maniest.[one ASG 29 E /18m. and 2 JS 3’s]
They topped the OLC list world wide that day.


—As I said already, the Bitterwasser-season is after a fabulous year, nearly over with only in  Bitterwasser 189 over 1000 km. flights , that’s not counting Kiripotik, Pokweni or Veronica, all in Namibia as well.
Here is now their news;
The season in Bitterwasser is nearly over. 2 weeks are left for the guests to fly. So far 189 x 1.000 km could be recorded in Bitterwasser. A cold front in the south of Namibia only enables flights under 1.000 km in the last days. The temperatures stay relatively low and due to the lack of air humidity no clouds develop. Also the base is lower on these days. Nevertheless the pilots are flying. For sightseeing or in the hope that the well-known “Bitterwasser weather” will develop better than predicted. We are looking forward for the forecast for the beginning of next week and of course for the 2nd pool party!

More next Wednesday about JoeyGlide, and the Club Class Nationals from Chaves in Argentina.

Cheers Ritz,……it’s fun all those comps!!!

January 9, 2019

Lake Keepit…Omarama….continued! 10th series of FAI SGP.

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You surely have seen that I published an extra blog last Sunday. It was getting too long, saving became difficult for me and for all of you it’s maybe TOO much reading.
So when you missed it, no worries it is just under this one, so you best start on the first one.
The very nice comps from Leeton are over. I like the F1.0 GP concept! As said I hope they continue and even more participants will be at the next one.

A few more pictures , all shared by the organizers, from Leeton.

The special “ugly ducky ” tow plane. I saw it at several comps the last one in Benalla. Great little machine!


Lot’s of young ones helping out at the strip, impressive!!! They are the Aussie future.


Fabulous hardworking volunteers! What a way to grow up!!!

I told you about Ben and his plan for the last day to stick to Lumpy. Here is the proof.

As shared by Formula 1.0


Number 3 Andrew……….
Lumpy[ 2]  has fun when Ben[1.]  get’s the bottle and handshake from Ingo.
Ingo is the CFI from the SRGC located  in Lumpy’s WW 2 hangar [our old one], which I hope is safer now, after it was neglected when Richard left. Heard Lumpy is “working “on the roof!!!Nice detail. About 50 years ago, when Bill ran Sportavia, Ingo was one of the few, working and checking on the beams and steel in the roof every season. Ingo has a long history in Tocumwal.
Formula 1.0

That was LEETON, now we continue with the Pre-Worlds/ Club and sports class Nationals in Lake Keepit.



As shared by Women in Gliding Australia


pictures  from last week even a “roo”  came to visit.
As shared by Women in Gliding Australia


After 7 day’s , some pretty long and intensive, the pilots had a rest day and started then with


Day 9 task 8; “Blue Sky outside,  a tiny bit of high cloud, very hot already.“[Peter]
After the rest day, which a lot spend in the pool, everybody was motivated again for the last couple of day’s.
Nice tasks over 400 km. What happened?
Sports 464 km. ; Both Adam and Pete [Temple] were in a hurry;speed 142. 94 [VENTUS 2] and 148 km.[18m.ASG 29], and got the 1000 and 985 points.
Good day for the PRE-WWGC girls as well.On 3. Lisa Turner, 4. Ailsa, 7.Lisa Trotter, 8. Cath, 14. Kerrie, 15. Akemi, 18. Diana.  Only Simon, who has not flown comps for years, out landed after 50 km.
Adam;”What fun today was, really enjoyed the close in race/justle with Peter Temple & Lisa Turner! Day winner, just. No pics today, so here’s one of ‘Skippy’ who came in for a drink because it’s been so hot”.
The full story on  Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

Club 415 km;
Ray Stewart flew around with a speed of 113.57 km./h. and was by far the fastest;1000 points.
Runner up Sarah had a speed of 102 km./h in ” her ” St. Cirrus. All 11 in this class finished .
Jenny was on spot 4, Sabrina on 5, Ayala on 6, Sylvia on 8 and Jo and Kathryn both on 11, with equal points;716.

With CD Mandy in the middle…a happy “bunch” of Lake Keepit pilots.
As shared by Lake Keepit Soaring Club

Day 10 task 9;  Today started with high cloud , a delayed start, and a change of task. We launched them all,  and there were no re-lites.   [Peter]
sports class; 3.30 AAT so another pretty long day. As I have to leave early in the morning not all scores are in, so it looks like Adam is on top again with 1000 points over 510 km. and a great speed of 140 km./h. He and Pete Temple had a late start about half an hour after the first starters.[14.23]
Diana had an early start at 14.00 and was preliminary on spot 5. News on the last 2 day’s on Sunday.

club class; 3 hour AAT; Sarah was preliminary the best with 323 km. in time 3.04; speed 104 km./h in the St Cirrus. Jo was runner up, then Sabrina,and Ayala, great day out for the girls. 3 Girls still have to be scored now.



“Day 5. The Grid slowly fulls up at the East end of the airfield.
Photo Neil Alison

On January 7 ,after a cancelled day ,they continued in both classes, open and racing.
day 6..task 5..AAT between 261/521 km..
Keith was very eager to go for it . He must love his soaring, flying here there and everywhere but home base is Minden in Nevada in the USA. He won the 1000 points for 498 km. with a speed of 131 km./h.
Day 7 task 6…Not Keith, not Derek but a Duo Discus W,with Davy & Wallace was the daily winner; 117 km./h. over 363 km. Keith flew 384 km with a spped of 115.73 km./h.

Day 6 ..task 5…AAT between 261 and 521 km.[388,98 km] and here the same face at the podium Nick [Oakley] 1000 points for 410 km. with a speed of 110 km./h.
Vaughan Ruddick in the LS 6 was runner up and it’s all between him and Nick over the last day’s , though…you never know.
After 5 races Nick has 4.614 points and Vaughan 3.714 and the number 3 Tony van Dyk 3. 353. Huge differences!!!!
Day 7  task 6...a set task from 345 km. Winner; Nick!!!He is really in a winning mood. Vaughan and Tony followed.
917 points ahead Nick is now!! He is going to make it 1000.

Day 8;A wave day today and we have one Assigned Area Task for both classes. We have only a very light westerly at the moment at the airfield and the launch has been delayed until 13:30.” No scores yet!
Latest news….. on Sunday.




Finish  by Photo Neil Alison and share by Gliding NZ National Multi-Class Championships – Omarama


Africa; slowly, but very slowly,  showers are going to” destroy” new hopes. It’s that time of the year and Africa had already fabulous weather. End of January the season is over, but with a good November and December and a really good start of January everybody will be more than happy.
On January 6 still 8x a 1000 plus from Namibia.Speed around 130 km./h.
Flying from Bitterwasser over the borders of Botswana has made the boundary bigger ,as well as the fun and distances. And what distances. I have never been in Africa so it is a bit difficult to write about it.
I know my Lasham-soaring-mates are over the moon with nearly every day a 1000 flight. Patrick, Roy and Hugh flew a few years with us in Tocumwal, hoping for that “bloody” 1000, as far as I remember they did not fly it with us, yes long distances but not that special 1000 km badge/diploma.
But I know they had fun.
Roy, now flew 4x a 1000 plus 2 in the ARCUS M and 2 in the Ventus 3. And another 2 flights over 750.

Antii from Finland flew from 8 day’s in Kiripotib, 4 x a 1000 and 4 x a flight over 800 km.All in the ARCUSM. That glider is a real fast hardworking-“horse”

Yesterday South Africa added more 1000 to it’s total from Worcester and Douglas.


—New impressive distances;
January 6; WOW……Jose De San Mart (AR) Swiss pilot Jean Marc Perrin flew in a DG 808 /15m. a task of 1.717,9 km with 132 km./h. !!!!!It took him 13 hours, what a long sit!!!! There was great wave even up to 6654 MSL.
January 8; MORE WOW… Morgan [Sandercock] and Brad Jackson in the back, flew 2.337 km. with a speed of 217 km./h!!!!!! From Chos Malal in Argentina in the ARCUS J. They flew the most used track with wave up to over 7514 MSL.[4799 AGL]


—-News from FAI Sailplane Grand Prix
FAI Sailplane Grand Prix 10th series.
The venues and dates for the 10th series of National FAI Sailplane Grand prix events has been finalized. There are three completely new locations included in this 10th series offering some new and interesting possibilities for exciting sailplane racing. read more:-
The 10th series will commence after the final of the 9th series at La Cerdanya in Spain during June
2019 [June 1-8] .

The first will be in Livno in Bosnia between July 27 and August 3.
This is the only event in 2019 . It is not only a new venue for SGP racing but the first time for any International gliding event in Bosnia Herzegovina. The club at Livno offers an opportunity to fly in this beautiful region between Split and Sarajevo. The soaring area is known locally as “little Namibia” reflecting the excellent soaring conditions. The club web site shows some of the possibilities for flying from Livno

The other GP races will be in
Potchefstroom in South Africa between January 4 and 11 in 2020 in 18 m.
Viticura in Cile between January 18 and 25 in 2020 in 15 m.
Rion de Landes in France between May 2 and 9 in 2020 in 18m.
Denbigh in the UK between May 18 and 24 in 2020 in 15m.
Cerdanya in Spain between May 31 and June 6 in 2020 in 15 m.
Boras in Sweden between  June 7 and 13 in 2020 in 18 m.
Varese in Italy between June 20 and 27 in 2020 in 18 m..

For more information about the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix series please contact
More on

And the  Sailplane Grand Prix South Africa mentioned :
We already have the first two entries for the South African Qualifying Grand Prix. 
A maximum of 20 pilots may enter, 15 from South Africa, and 5 entries are reserved for International guests.”



—News from About Gliding

“Could the mass of the gliders in a thermal influence the climb rate?
It’s probably something you already experienced on very poor days: a large gaggle enters your weak climb. Subsequently, the climb rates drops to zero. That’s of course partly caused by the wider turns, and by the added nervosity that results in inefficient maneuvers.

But could it be that the actual weight of the gaggle halts the thermal as well?”

And,..Tijl….,behind About Gliding, shared this news as well:
Type of record : Speed over a triangular course of 100 km
Course/location : Douglas (South Africa)
Performance : 207,44 km/h
Pilot : Laszlo Hegedus (Hungary)
Glider : Nimbus 4 T / Schempp-Hirth
Date : 07.01.2019
Current record : 205,89 km/h (06.01.2015)

Laszlo just broke our record, and now holds the title of fastest man on the planet in a set course using only thermals.

Congratulations Laszlo!


CU next Sunday with the latest on the Nationals in NZ and Australia.Then it’s back to normal again.

Cheers Ritz

January 6, 2019

EXTRA SUNDAY EDITION.Leeton… Lake Keepit… Omarama!FABULOUS soaring weather both in Africa and Australia.

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Just to let you know: To avoid TOO long blogs , I publish already today on Sunday. Next Wednesday the next one again.

LEETON  f 1.0 Grand Prix.…the final day’s!!!

as shared by

Day 5 task 3… 158 km.;
Group A started at 14.48 ,last to be launched and all went on track, one did not finish,he only flew 5 km. so must have had a problem.Ben [Loxton] won the 10 points in the St. Cirrus; 109 km./h.
Group B started at 14.26 and Finn [Sleigh] in the St. Cirrus from the UK, is back in the running after the first off-day. Speed 97 km./h.and 7 points for him.
Group C started early at 14.03 and Nick Gilbert won the day. He is one of the engines behind this type of flying. Speed 96 km./ DG 100 and 7 points for him.

Day 6 task 4 …264 km;
Group A started at 14.30 and Lumpy [Paterson] one of the 3 Tocumwal pilots over there , raced to his first win in this competition. As you know he just flew from Toc. a 1000 triangle with 150 km. “on the clock”; now 125 km./h.and 10 points. By the way the local paper in Toc mentioned;” The record was not broken but smashed!!!” And “Tocumwal glider breaks nine year speed mark.”
Andrew [Maddocks] was runner up in the Hornet.
Group B started at 13.44 and Ruben Lane in the LS 1f had a great day and won the max 7 points for the day.Finn was runner up and climbing on the overall ladder.Finn is one of the UK-Juniors preparing for the next JWGC.
Group C started at 14.06 and Heath L’Estrange was the best in his St Libelle. Claire [Scutter] was 3d and Tony [Condon] 5th. Christian  Streifeneder in the St Libelle was 6th.


Christian ready to go.    and      PR enough at Leeton.
As shared by

Overall results after 4 tasks;1. Ben Loxton with 33 points , 2. Lumpy Paterson has 30 both in St CIRRUS and on 3 Philip Ritchie in the HORNET.[ 27 points]
Finn is on 7 now and Tony on 10.

42 dgr. C, ….good morning from Leeton….the heat is TERRIBLE and fire danger HUGE at many places.
As shared by Tony.

Day 7 , task 5; 306.8 km. Another day of GOOD FUN RACING and the best day ,quite a few there ,had EVER SEEN!!!
Group A started at 14.32. and Ben raced around with 137 km./h. in a DRY St. Cirrus…10 points!!The best day he ever flew on.Lumpy was runner up and got a bonus point so 7 plus 1 is 8 for him.
Group B started at 13.48 and in this group, Eric [Stauss] was the best. He flies a St. Libelle. Tod [Sandercock] was runner up and Tony at spot 3 got the bonus-point. Tod is  from Innovact Consulting, inventor of the SkyMate tracking system which is used in the F1GP.
F1GP is the worlds first gliding competition to include real time verification with this tracking system.
Group C started at 14.10 and Steve Jinks in a St Cirrus got the max 7 points PLUS 1 bonus point.
The GFA mentioned about this day:
“Classic Cu day, big speeds, must be the 18m FAI comps? Check out the speeds in the dry club class gliders at the Formula 1.0 GP today. The winner did an astounding 137kph in a Cirrus with second and third only a fraction slower. For comparison, up the road in Lake Keepit, the winner in a ballasted Ventus 2 did the same speed. Who said old gliders can’t go fast?!

On the right Ben with a huge smile ,137 km./h in a St Cirrus and to the L. Richard Trail who flew a 1000 from Leeton in and ASG 29. Well deserved beers!!!
Courtesy Formula 1.0

6 Jantars flying from Leeton.
As shared by Formula 1.0

Day 8 was cancelled.
The cool- change came through in Leeton:
“Unfortunately due unfavorable weather here in Leeton, Day 8 of flying has been cancelled. We had a cool change come in overnight, where the current temperature is only 25°C (77°F) compared to 44°C (111°F) yesterday!”
I am sure they were happy with the drop of temperature , so no flying today.

Day 9 task 6 209 km. …last day;
Group A; start at 14.51 with blue conditions .
Ben already announced what he was going to do on the last day!!! Just stay with Lumpy. He did!!!With 91 km.h. he won the day and the extra last-day-point; 11.  Lumpy was runner up ;8 points.
Tony moved up to the A group with which he was pleased.
Group B; start at 14.00 and best was Scott Lennon in the St Libelle .
Group C; start at 14.24. David Meredith was the best for 7 points.

So the final scores after 6 tasks; 1. Ben Loxton with 54 points, 2. Lumpy Paterson with 47 and Andrew Maddocks with 31. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL.
Ingo came from Tocumwal to present the winners with the prizes.

Leaving Leeton with another great picture by the organizers, one of them Adam Webb, who was the CD in Narromine at the JWGC!!! In all way’s they did  a great job as far as I can see from home!!TOP!!!And glad to see that my USA soaring-mates Tony and Leah REALLY enjoyed their selves.


Leeton from above and as they called it :”God has arrived to see the finish and to present his trophy to the champion
Ingo in the middle.

Great PR by TV and papers, good for soaring!!! The 10.000 dollars from the State government was well spend.
Great to follow from home as well. Job well done over there. Hope this comp will GROW!!!!

The up to 44 dgr.C sustaining “Heroes”.



LAKE KEEPIT Australian Nationals club and combi/PRE WWGC.

Day 3 on January 2;task 3 4 hour AAT’s ;
Sports class; And the winner was,….Adam [Woolley] , ..1000 points again.. , with 541 km. in time 4.12 so a speed of 128 km./h.
Young Ailsa [Mc Millan] is really doing well in the JS 1 , she started an hour earlier flew around with the same speed and got 921 points.;
Adam’s story[part of it];
As always, good to be home. 4hrs is a long time to keep the focus up on such a day. Day winner, the planning paid off, sort of…I decided to forfeit a launch today as first launch was at 11am & I had planned a 1330-1400 start. So I spent a solid extra hour on the ground staying as cool as I could in the 34° heat. I think this played a part in the win today as I didn’t spend as long pre-start low, hot & in the blue.

Goal for the flight, fly MC, so slower than I normally do. This helped me feel the air better & with less risk. I started at 1400 well behind the pack, so it was really tough to know what climbs I should be taking. In the end I had a great run in the blue. Transitioned nicely to the CU, ran it deep while the going was good, then for home. The last 1.5hrs was soft, a little nervous, but managed to bring it home easily in the end.”
The other girls finished at 5. Lisa [Turner] ,8. Lisa [Trotter], 12. Kerrie, 14. Diana,15 Cath, It looks like Akemi did not fly.

Club class; Another day-win for Allan [Barnes] 448 km. in time 4.18 for 1000 points.
The girls had a tougher day at spot 4. Sabrina,5. Jenny,6. Jo, 7. Sarah, 8. Sylvia,9 .Ayala and 11.Kathryn.

Day 4 on January 3, always a difficult day for us ; OUR Dennis RIP 3-7-1969….3-1-1988.
Good day however for the pilots.454 km in the combi class.
No measure on Adam he flies as the best and more and more thinks about his flying and uses what he has learned at the so many comps he flew already in his still young life.
Speed 149.22 km./h
Not bad for a competition.
About his thinking;”I decided that the day was developing different to forecast & that it should be a reliable one, so pushed my start time back to 1400. This was a safe move, but think Matthew Atkinson got it the most right with 15min later. I picked that the CU’s weren’t developed properly for the first 100km, so backed off the cruise speed & tried to maximise my first glide. It worked, 5kts from a moderate height. 2nd glide the same, then it was go time!

Flat out racing under great CU, thanks to Ailsa for the great company – giving a great yard stick to judge myself off. I jagged a 10kt climb in front of OG, which finally saw me get ahead until the finish line. Crossing 75km of blue was made easy by Cath Conway with 5kts, cheers! Deviation to the start of an epic street home. I’m there.
Good day for the girls; Ailsa on 5, Lisa Turner on 7 and Diana on 8, Lisa Trotter on 12, Kerrie on 15, Akemi on 17 and Cath who found the 5 m, in the end missed the start line. OUCH!!That hurts as she was doing so well. Next year she will not miss the start line once.

Club 374 km; German pilot Sabrina , more and more gets the hang of soaring at Lake Keepit. She moved from 8 on day 1, 3 on day 2, 4 on day 3 and now she won the day in her LS 4 WL!!! Good on her; 126 km./h. Her comment on the OLC; CRAZY!!!!!
And the general opinion;”The weather  was fantastic,  the pilots visiting from overseas are amazed at this place.  The Racing Weather has so far been fantastic and the results certainly reflect just that. ”
She won in 2015 already the WWGC title so she is on the good way for another title.
Jo was 3d, Ayala 6 and Kathryn 7, Jenny on 8 Sylvia on 9 and Sarah was not scored as they needed the 2d trace. That trace was good, so Sarah was on a good 3d spot.

Day 5 task 5;
Sports class; 4 hour AAT. another long day for the pilots but they seem to enjoy the flying. Well, who won the day??? Yes Adam , AGAIN, 579 km. in time 4.13 so a nice speed of 137 km./h.
Peter Temple was runner up. Home in time to celebrate the birthday of his wife Mandy.
Adam’s story for the day:
Day win. 1st glide out of the gate, 63km at 71:1 into 4.6kts; 2nd glide 101km at 100:1 into 5.7kts! Unbelievable start, all planned & flown as I wanted to too – which I’m very pleased about. Never have I flown with such rhythm, felt great – 144kph for 250km.

3rd leg & onwards was just regular climb & cruise, but couldn’t get more than 5kts & had no idea where the climbs were, still 131kph for this leg.

Running home was challenging after navigating the outflow of a CB earlier in the day. I slowed up as I was trying to get high, final climb was 4.2kts, then 91km final glide at 38:1 doing a measly 166kph..!

Great fun the start, regular middle, tricky end, good fun 
Some finished too low , some used the engine, so a tricky end of the day.
The girls; 4. Lisa Trotter, 6. Lisa Turner, 8 Ailsa, 10. Akemi, 12. Kerrie, 18 and 19 Kath and Diana after using the engine.

As shared by Tony.

Club class; 4 hour AAT and the best distance combined with time was flown by Ray Stewart in a Discus;504 km. in time 4.20. Runner up was Jo, good on her; 459 km. in time 4.11 in her ASW 19.
The other girls; 4. Jenny, 5. Sabrina, 6. Sarah, 7, Kathryn, 8 Ayala, and Sylvia did not fly.
“A quite interesting with many pilots reporting that there day was extremely challenging.”

Day 6 task 6; and another challenging day.
Peter Summerfeldt writes during the day ;” Early today the task setters were planning for an exciting day of flying, (possibly partly of the Great Dividing Range, (just a short excursion over Walcha and Kentucky)), and then North again etc.   But, at launching time this was looking like not being possible.  Task “B” was then announced and of we went.   During launching the sky felt a little unusual and several gliders were scratching around to the extent that there ended up being three  re-lites….  During the day so far (it’s now 5:45pm) there have been a few pilots return to the airfield and a few outlandings.   PT has flown the course and returned and we’re expecting the remainder to start calling inbound during the next few minutes:    Very Interesting Day..”

Sports class 435 km.; you for sure expect Adam as daily winner again, but no it was not. He was 5th. and there is a long and clear story , very self reflecting,[you vcan learn from it!!!] about the day in his Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

2 Peter’s up front; Peter Temple in the 18 m. ASG 29 PT, [122km./h.]  and Peter Trotter, [103 km./h]in the LS 8.
Diana started as last of the 18 [3 are not flying anymore] and was on a good 4th place!!
Ailsa was on 6, Lisa Trotter on 9 and Lisa Turner on 11 and the other 3 girls were “out”.
I was wondering why Robert was not flying anymore in his special ASW 17…here is the answer.


With a retrieve “the trailer jumped off the tow bar and barreled into the 17…. Repairs almost finished, thanks to Keepit Glider Tech, and myself off course…..”|
As shared by Robert.

Club class 379 km; Allan Barnes was with 91 km./h the best of the 11. Only 5 finished among them Sabrina, Jenny and Jo. 2 of the  USA and 1 UK girl did not start . 3 outlandings for Bernie , Richard and Sarah,….but…… No worries for Sarah, excitement for her. She was picked up by car after flight in the evening, left the glider till the next day in the paddock with a nice hand written message on the wing. Aerotow- retrieves “belong” to Australia’s soaring.


A huge paddock with the glider, so easy to find for the next day’s aerotow retrieve.
Sarah;” There’s nothing that takes the sting off a landout more than an exciting retrieve. We left the glider tied down and returned in the morning with 180 driver Ian Downes for an easy tow out and an 8 minute flight home.”

The Pre-world girls are doing a great job!
The organizers;”The female contingent of the Nationals. A top class bunch of athletes.”
I can only agree.

Day 7 task 7 and then,….a rest day!
Blue Sky outside,  a tiny bit of high cloud, very hot already. Tasks are set, runway 32 and first launch at midday.“by Peter.
Sportsclass ..3 hour AAT;
Adam learned a lot from the day before. Preparation is SO important;
“I did an hour of pre-flight planning today, it definitely paid off (SS had it right today), as I was able to break the legs down & think at least 2hrs ahead of myself, as well as have confidence in my AAT TP’s.”
The full story in  
Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
Adam flew 446 km. in time 3.01;  speed 147 km./h
Runner up was Terry Cubley , not anymore in his LS 3, but in his new 18m. Ventus 2CXT; speed 152 km.h.
2 Out-landings and Robert was not flying.
Before the day off , the scores look as follows;
1. Adam with 6.684, the off -day did not “hurt” him.
2. Pete Temple with 6.469
3. Ailsa Mc Millam …., good on her …5.973 points.

Club class 3 hour AAT;
The girls are on the move to the top. Look at this; At the daily spot 1 Jo, 2. Sabrina and 3. Sarah. GOOD!!!!
A 1000 points day and Jo flew 406 km. in time 3.11 so a speed of 127 km./h.
All 11 pilots finished.
Overall scores before the rest day after 7 day’s of good soaring;
1. Allan Barnes with 6.445 still a comfortable lead.
2. Ray Stewart with 6.144
3. Sabrina Vogt from Germany with 5.908 points.

Followers are happy with the Lake Keepit PR:
good show you’re putting on, lovely organisation, very relaxed & good fun. 10/10 👍”

Lake Keepit . The lake is, as I heard from Kerrie, just a river, but when it is full it is a beautiful big lake and very impressive to see pilots finish over it!!! I was impressed ,like I was in Rayskala with also  great finishes over the lake.

As shared by Adam :
“Lake Keepit, which is now called just Keepit I think – it’s officially empty I believe, very sad. I’m calling this place Lake Cumulus though, we’ve seen some amazing days here this comp 
The airfield is on the left near the lakes edge, usually a spectacular approach to land..



New Zealand National Multi class Gliding Championships.

View out the window on day 2.
As shared by Gliding NZ National Multi-Class Championships – Omarama

They started on January 2 and continue till January 12 with in open class 10 participants including Keith Essex back from Namibia to fly these Nationals and 7 in the racing class with young Nick Oakley and “old” Tony van Dyk.
Great distances on the first 2 day’s.
Open ;
day 1 task 1;
AAT between 496 and 580 km.[538] and the team flying the CW, an ASG 29 ES flew 529 km with a speed of 169.39 km./h. WOW!!!!
Keith flew 549 in his ASG 29with a speed of 162 km./h.
Task 2; was even longer an AAT between 553 and 644[ 602] and this time Keith was the best with 606 km. and a speed of 155 km./h.
Runners  up in the ASH 25 were 6km./h slower over their 584 km.
Bad luck for team CW, they must have done something wrong as they only got 50 points for their 613 km.
Task 3 with a set 431 km. ; showed only ONE finisher; Keith !!! His speed of 103 km./h showed it was a difficult day.From the other 8 pilots some came close so it was still 1000 points for Keith. Others landed out FAR away so scores were only available the next day. LONG RETRIEVES for 2 of them!!!!!
Task 4; with an AAT between 487 and 553 km. The organizers wrote;
We have a Task A (a “fuzzy” turnpoint Assigned Area Task (AAT) with a 1 hour minimum time) and a Task B (a proper AAT with a 3 hour minimum) for both classes. Looks like it will be a blue(ish) wave day, well, blue for the start of it anyway. We could get very strong winds both on the ground and up high.”
A good-speed-day again and Derek Kraak won the day with 166.75 km./h. on the clock. Everybody started around 2 PM, not Derek he left at 4.20 PM, clearly having the better weather. Don’t know if he just waited and knew there was better weather coming, or if he maybe had a problem before start.
Keith was runner up with 143 km./h.

Racing class;
Day 1 task 1; Nick in a Discus 2 won the AAT  [446/519 km] with a speed of 165,91 km./h for a “small” Discus great speed.Tony was 3d in his LS 8
Day 2 was also in this class bigger[491/574 km] ; 521 km. in time 3.45 so a speed of 128 km./h and,…again Nick was the best.
2 Outlandings pretty close to the field after 483 and 439 km. A pity.
Day 3 ;only ONE finisher here as well. Young Nick Oakley and the “older” Tony was runner up with 298 km.
Day 4; 2 finishers  Vaughan Ruddick in an LS 6 and Nick and 3 outlanders. Also in this class a 1000 points day.
By the way Nick is at this stage 800 minus 1 point ahead overall .

Day 5 was cancelled, more next Wednesday.


—-KIRIPOTIB shared this picture and news and …..

Team Wolfgang and Ludwig are hot again: 300 km triangle speed.
What speed will they fly home? Fingers crossed!
Both in the ANTARES 23 and Wolfgang flew 160 km./h and Ludwig 178 km./h. On January 5 Ludwig flew in the Antares 189.1 km./h. over 804 km.
as shared by Kiripotib Soaring

—-22 x 1000 km on January 2 in Africa, even a 1.300 twice in EB 29’s, from Pokweni and Veronica  all the pilots are having GREAT fun.

—–10 x a 1000 from Australia on January 4; Even 1.236 from Tocumwal in an ARCUS M flown by Mac and Joergen. Tocumwal had 2 [ Chris Davison flew 1.031 km] ], whilst Ingo flew 990 in his Discus and Grant [Heany] a 700 FAI triangle in a St. Jantar!!!!
Mac , who’s 2 week holiday finished with this flight, mentioned in his OLC comment;”New Free Triangle Distance Oceanian Continental Record 1.116km. Took off with 1250km distance declaration but wx did not start as advertised. Had to switch brain very quickly and went for free triangle distance record attempt. We just managed to fit 1116km in weather and airspace. We had altitude to glide to east of Corowa for 1250km OLC but just turned back to land at Tocumwal. (Sadly we had to sacrifice OLC speed today, to fit 1250. But the leg Barlanard to home was very fast, sometimes 300kph GS at FL150:) Last light in Toc was 21:07.”
He filed the next record to Jenny.

Free Triangle Distance 1116km
Glider Arcus M
Date: Jan 4, 2019
Location: Tocumwal, Australia
Pilot: Makoto Ichikawa/Jorgen Thomsen
Benalla had 3x a 1000 and Corowa 2x. 1 From Leeton and 2 from Temora.
SUPER day windy and VERY HOT up to 44 dgr.C!!!!

To finish the blog these pictures from the New Years sandstorm from Narromine;

The fast approaching dust storm had all hand’s on deck to help put away the gliders. No damage done.”

This is the dust storm that approached Narromine and caused havoc in Dubbo on Old Year’s Eve
as shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official


Cheers Ritz CU on Wednesday.

January 2, 2019

Heatwave down under !!! F1GP from Leeton and Pre Worlds WWGC and St. and combi class Nationals started at Leeton.

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January 2- 2019 !!!!  the first day’s of the NEW YEAR are over and it feels like nothing changed!!! Had a quiet start …the environment however was loud VERY loud and full of light,…. ready to take the year on!!!!

What a fabulous few soaring-day’s in the South of Australia . The best ever day I hear from some!!!
Even in Australia temperature-records can get “smashed”.It happened this week.
My goodness me, it brought back good memories of exciting day’s of waiting, celebrations and,…the bell and flowers in the evening, for special achievements!!!We had a few of those ripper-day’s as well in the past and many other normal good day’s.
For those who were there no explanation needed.
The fact that there is a REAL heatwave, is not good for everybody, so hopefully the ones with lung problems /chest infections get safely through the  49 dgr. C in the Perth area,…that is hot!!!

That 27th of December will go in the books in Australia as a ripper day. Adam mentioned ;”Seems the whole sky is going UP in Australia at the moment!” He will participate in the Australian Club & Sports Class Nationals (pre-wwgc as well] next week in Keepit.
Achievements here there and everywhere.
From Benalla ,Ailsa, who is flying the pre-worlds later in Lake Keepit a superb new Australian record!!!!
Late start out of Benalla, so decided to take a go at the 100k speed triangle.
Preliminary look has it at 205.06kph
Over 200 km./h WOW,WOW,WOW, in a JS 1CTJ. Congratulations Ailsa!!!
Also from Benalla; Toby Geiger in a Ventus 2a…… 750 FAI @ 162kph..!!! Congratulations Tobias.
Tocumwal had a few [4.] good 1000 km triangles one of them from Lumpy which might be a new Aussie record as well; 150 over 1000 km. triangle!!!!

To get back to Mac….2 Great 1000 km.-flights from Tocumwal!!!He got the highest score in history on Australian OLC. 1389 points. And for the one on the 25th another 1178!!!
He filed for a new continental record;

Sub-class 15m
Category General
Types of record and performance:
Free 3 TP Distance 1148.2km
Glider LS8-15m (no engine)
Date: Dec27, 2018
Location: Tocumwal, Australia
Pilot: Makoto Ichikawa
Danish records as well by Joergen and Brigitte in the ARCUS M; 2 New Danish Speed Records also on December 27!!!
SO finally the good, warm weather arrived in Tocumwal. We have around 40 degrees each day, and it’s really warm, so we decided to spend the Thursday in the cool. We could go to 16,000 ‘, where it was freezing temperature
There were cumulus and thermals already at 11 o’clock, but since we only had created a “smaller” task – 500 km triangle – we should first launch at 13 o’clock, because here the highest temperature normally is late afternoon
Jorgen has been practicing speed optimization together with our Japanese friend, Mac, a couple of flights and it paid off. We flew the task of 163 km/h, which ranks to speed record in both 300- and 500-km triangle. The former record was 135 km/h


Formula 1.0 from Leeton;

ready to go from Brobenah Airfield

Also the early Leeton pilots had fabulous circumstances, The unofficial practice showed flights from up to 803 km. in a St. Cirrus by Stephen Jinks. And Tony in his Tocumwal DG 100 flew 665 km.
His OLC comment on December 27;
Amazing day. Did a lap around the task area and then a run to the opposite side and back at the end. 15,200 max. four thermals that averaged over 10 kts. Big shadow over middle of task area at the end to keep things interesting. Very fun flight.”
There are 36 competitors and I noticed 1 young man from Holland who worked for us at Sportavia in the past; Tommy Kalsbeek flying a St. Libelle.
German pilot/engineer Christian Streifeneder flies as well in a St. Libelle , he was involved in the Concordia as was Prof. Loek Boermans.

TV WIN NEWS was even at the airfield…..The heatwave is something most of us want to avoid, but it’s been welcomed by the gliders preparing for the Formula 1 Gliding Grand Prix in Leeton…… talking to several pilots . Good PR.
More good PR ;”the 2018 Formula 1.0 Gliding Grand Prix will be supported by the NSW Government’s 2018 Incubator Event Fund. The funding will help us make F1.0 even bigger and better than 2017, allowing more people to experience both the world class gliding conditions, and great hospitality that Leeton has to offer.
Good on them !!!!

As shared by

Practice was official on December 28 and Tony mentioned ;”Messed up the start royally but had a really good run. Super dusty. not quite as hot as yesterday, had to make a glide to get to the clouds but when we got there it was oh so good again. saw 14 kts again.”

Tony and his wife Leah as his crew!
Picture courtesy

Day 1; With a regatta start  at 12.48 for the first 12 pilots [group A] and a distance of 240 km. The best was  Philip Ritchie in a HORNET with 114 km./h. Tony was 5th, Claire 7th.
The next 12 pilots [group B] started at 13.15 with Mike Maddocks [one of the 2 Maddog’s brother Andrew flew in group A, from Maddog Composites ]as winner with 109 km./h in a St Cirrus. Lumpy was runner up!
The 3d group [C] with 11 pilots started at 13.42 and here was 1 outlanding[  by UK pilot Finn Sleigh]  . The day was won by Todd Sandercock in a Hornet.

A learning moment for several, as there were many penalty points , mostly for starting above max height.
Overall scores after day 1
3 Pilots with 10 points Mike, Philip and Todd.

Day 2 had a 129 km. task but due to poor weather the day was cancelled.
With the message of cancellation they shared another great picture

Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions here at Leeton, day two of the competition has been cancelled.”

Day 3...After the very good weather the not so good weather arrived, …..there must be a competition….Sand storm and rain.
Tony;” No flying today in Leeton, gust front and rain this morning. Clear skies and hot temps the rest of the contest.”

Day 4 task 2 with 329 km; and a bonus point available  for the  first in each group to Leeton (turnpoint 3)
Group A started at 14.51 and were the last to be launched for the day.
Good race again from Philip in the Hornet;109.06 km./h. Todd in the other Hornet was 10th so no points for him today. Tommy out-landed after 234 km. A pity. Ben Loxton was runner up and was the first at TP3 in this group , so 1 extra point for him.
Group B started at 14.03 and Alex Wallis won the day in the St Cirrus with 104 km./h. Young UK pilot Finn who had a bad first day was runner up; good on him. 1 Out in this group. Only 6 from 12 got points.
Group C started at 14.27 and Andrew Maddocks in the Hornet “got” the highest amount of points;8 including the bonus point! Tony was 4th and 2 were out.

Day 5 task 3 with 158 km.;
Looks like Ben won in the A group, Finn [good on him] in the B group and Nick [Gilbert] in the C group more in the next blog.




lot’s to do in Australia at this time of the season.
The WWGC  PREWORLDS and the Australian Nationals for Standard and combi class.
Contest director Mandy Temple [former TC for Australia]wants it to be a great competition and with her experience she will see to it , it happens!!
The USA girls arrived with a few hick-up’s, mainly due to the heat, but good old John Good [former TC for the USA and deputy director and task setter of the Uvalde 2012 WGC] is with them. Another very organized/experienced guy  and he really writes good reports!!!!

practice -day 1 on December 30, —–wind from the North at about 12 or 14 knots,  currently sky-clear and very blue, expected maximum temperature 37,   runway 32, first launch 12:30——was good with a 3.30 AAT for club class [ with 11 participants] and Sarah from the USA, showed her experience by winning the day with 417 km. in a St Cirrus in time 3.43 so a speed of 112 km./h. Not sure if she was REALLY happy with it ;”Whoops… It’s considered bad luck to win the practice day.”
Jenny[Ganderton] did well too. She is a local “girl” and a good pilot;408 km. in time 3.23 so a speed of 116 km./h in the Mosquito.
Ayala from the UK was 4th and German Sabrina did not fly yet.
Sports class [21 in this class] had a 3.30 AAT as well and Adam [yes Woolley, he is there as well] . In the Ventus 2 he flew 479 km. in time 3.17 so a nice speed of 136.93 km.
Terry [Cubley] in the Ventus CXT/18m. flew 488 km. in time 3.27 so a speed of 139.55 km./h.

Adam shared this text and message;
photo from today, great streeting, great climb, occasionally intimidating terrain with educated guess work ahead for paddock/selection.”

Day 1, task 1 on December 31;Wind virtually calm,  currently 31 degrees expecting maximum 38 or maybe 39, sky-clear-blue… visibility excellent!!!
Combi…469 k. was set and 2 Aussie toppers were in the lead Peter [Temple] in ASG 29/18m. and Adam [Woolley] in Ventus 2;932 and 917 points and the best girl,….as this is their pre-worlds…. was young Ailsa on 3 in the JS 1, with 888 points.
Look at the SPEED; 165.84…157.62 and 161.73.
Cath was on 4, Lisa Trotter on 6, Lisa Turner on 10,Diana on 18, Kerrie on 19 and Akemi on 20.
More about the day ,”The cool bit first, 160km final glide at 200kph starting from 8500′!” in Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures 

Club…394 km. and day 1 was a prey for Bernie Sizer, who more or less started competition flying a few years ago, in Dieter Dundee’s ASW 15 from Tocumwal. Now he flies his own PIK 20 B and does well;1000 points for him.
Nice speed too 131.28 km./h. A tad better than Allan Barnes in the SZD 55 with 998 points.
What about the girls?? Kathryn [USA] on 4, Sarah [USA] on 5, Jo on 7, Sabrina [Germany] on 8, Ayala [UK] on 8, Sylvia [USA] on 10 and Jenny on 11.

Day 2 task 2 on January 1;Briefing is completed, it was quite cloudy earlier but it’s now looking ok.  Racing tasks today. Outside now it’s  very hot and warming rapidly, a light breeze from the NorthEast. Runway 32 and first launch at 12:0 midday.
Combi…404 km. This time Adam won after a nice but late start  :
“Day winner, just! As it turned out I played a higher risk card today with a late start, got away with it, but little to no big reward. I started in shear wave with Ailsa McMillan, but 50min after the gate opened & probably 30min past the optimum. Thankfully the result was good..!

The main issue for the day was that it was hot, humid, with poor visibility & spread out. I played the game well with knowing that I shouldn’t be so selective today due to the humidity, but right from start I couldn’t find even a 1/2 decent climb. The whole day i couldn’t figure out what the sky was doing, so just kept pressing on looking for better..

Key point, just luck. I got this cracking climb to base, then the flight got easier in the more regular conditions. 2nd, just getting through overdevelopment in the high bases with limited visibility just before the shower line closed off behind me; 3rd, realizing that I want a high climb to base, no matter the climb strength before going on glide – fortunately it was 6kts & I flew 80km at 220kph!
A technical flight, good fun, but tough!”Speed 143 km./h.
Terry was runner up [speed 147 km./h.and the PRE-WWGC-girls….3. Lisa Turner..7. Lisa Trotter,…10. Ailsa,…12. Kerrie,..13. Kath,..18. Akemi,..19. Diana,…
Start times between 13.47 [ Pete Temple]and 14.26 [Adam]

Club…339 km.Allan won the day in his SZD 55; speed 133 km./h. The overseas European girls are getting the hang of this down under flying. Ayala did well as runner up in her St Libelle, with a speed of 108 km./h. and Sabrina was 3d with 112 km./h in the LS 4.
The other girls; 6. Jenny,…7. Sarah,..8. Jo,..10 .Kathryn and 11 .Sylvia. Also these 2 USA girls will get the feeling for Lake Keepit. It’s all about next years WWGC.

Some official news from this day;
“All was proceeding normally yesterday until 5:22pm,  23 of the Racing Fleet had returned and then, quite suddenly, at 5:22pm the wind shifted from 220/06 to 09015/20 gusting to 25.  As this change arrived so did WL and with good skills and attention to detail the landing was excellent. At this same moment we had on long final NSO, YL and OG, they all arrived safely (good careful flying),  but,  still out on task was QV,CX,MM and LS,  needing to fly home thru this terrible wind.     They all made it back safely,   some mighty fine flying.  At around sunset the storm cells arrived, a short burst of heavy rain and then a couple of hours of lightning etc.

This morning we launched at 11:30am into an open sky with only a few cumulus clouds scattered here and there. It’s now 3:45pm and most of the Racers are about half way round the course,  (outside it’s a very hot 38degrees)

So 4 hour AAT’s in both classes, not all pilots in. More in my next blog. Looks like Allan and Adam are winning the day.


—Some good flights;
Last day of the year 2018 was good in Africa with 13 flights over 1000 km. Some of my Lasham friends are in Bitterwasser for their annual “soaring-kick” and straight away on their day 1 , they flew 1000 and 758, but this was after a late start. The “kick” was there as well as Andy mentioned :
A bit tight at the end.. but that just made it more exciting than usual. ”
My Dutch mates flew a 1000 too from Douglas with an exciting finish after a de-tour due to CB’s and a landing in heavy rain.
My Finnish friend Antti flew on the last day the ARCUS by himself also a 1000 and he mentioned;
Solo,…. was fired as a new year eve’s firework!
The new year 2019 started good in Corowa ,where Austrian Hans Peter Ueblacker flew nearly a 1000; 928 km in the Ventus 2CM/18m.
Other good Aussie places; 858 From Benalla, 854 from Temora and 868 from Leeton.
BUT,…looking in the evening there were another 15 x1000 k’s in Africa.2 Of them from the Lasham boy’s. Roy and Chris flew one too, so did Patrick in the Ventus 3M.


Gliding International started their new year with the January/February issue;
—–Brazil as new soaring potential and also there  on their asking, Matthew Scutter of Skysight began covering the region and provided us with useful meteorological information.
Thermals, Wave, Ridge, Convergences it’s all there and for the family…beaches to die for!!
—–After Germany and France the Czech Rep is the largest manufacturer from sport aircraft and sailplanes!!!They started in Mai the MONGOLIAN project, yes indeed with Mongolia. Several pages with interesting reading. An interconnection with  technologies from Czechia for/with Mongolia and among others even the former manufacturers from the good old Blanik are involved, now called LET Kunovice, as well as  Transcon’s modular airports and airport systems and ultralight aircraft from Shark Aero .
—–Brexit and Gliding...A nightmare…..What happens on the 29th of March at 11 PM when the UK leaves the EU.
GI wonders, what can of worms the UK is creating for itself. Lot’s of “technical” but important reading.
—–Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, fly First-Ever aircraft with no moving parts!!! Instead of propellers or turbines, the light aircraft is powered by an “ionic wind”—a silent but mighty flow of ions that is produced aboard the plane, and that generates enough thrust to propel the plane over a sustained, steady flight.
—–What will our climate look in 2050?? Will  the change contribute to advances in cross country and record setting speeds?In fact we see already now the changes. Important reading.
—–Myles Hynde adds that the year 2014 till 2018 was the hottest ever on record. It’s happening NOW!!!!
—–Lot’s of aviation news …12 pages…for glider pilots and “things with wings” news in 3 sentences/twitter style.

62 Pages of up- to- date- reading.
Subscription on the G.I or virtual G.I. via ;
I loved writing for them, but it was just too much work for me, but I still like to read the magazine with news which is of interest.


CU next Wednesday back to normal after all festivities!! With more from Keepit and Leeton and the NZ National multi class comps from Omarama, with a great first day; speed 169 km./h.over 529 ASG 29 ES.
Cheers Ritz

December 27, 2018

UPDATED!!!!! HAPPY 2019!!!!!!!!1.118 km. in 15 m. LS 8 by Mac and 1.040 by Akemi on Christmas day!!!

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Holland at it’s best. [Ravenstein]
Courtesy ;Jan de Luij

Hope you had lovely Christmas days. It remains a special part of the year.
I even went to church and though I not often go, it felt as a “raised catholic” ,very good.
The church was full of light and Christmas trees , the choir was singing exceptional good in Latin and Dutch and church was …..full. All grey heads like me , a few kids only.
Just before mass started I felt a buzz from my mobile.
I had a quick look as I knew that Akemi and Mac were trying a 1000 km. flight from Tocumwal.
Christmas team George and Bruce helped them up in the air on Christmas-day.
At 7 in the morning I got already the message in Holland  that Akemi was still flying at 5PM Aussie time, had 300 km. to go with a cloud base of 3.300 m.So a 1000 must be possible.He had not heard from Mac then .
So the buzz -message before mass said; Akemi flew her first 1.040.80 km. in an 18m/LS 10 and Mac flew 1.118 km in a 15m. LS 8!!!To be precise he flew CR free 3tp distance 1095km (olc 1118km)”
I wondered if it maybe was the first ever Japanese female 1000 ,but it was n’t.
No Reiko Morinaka has flown in wave her 1000km in Argentina. But  Akemi is first  Japanese lady  in thermal”
Good on her!!! Congratulations Akemi, who is very ready for the Leeton WWGC pre worlds.
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AT CHRISTMAS DAY. AND,…those messages I got in church. HAHA. No better HO,HO,HO.

Good old Bruce with 2 Japanese toppers Akemi and Mac.
As shared by Bruce.


No WHITE CHRISTMAS here as it was 10 dgr. C plus .
We even had the “warmest but one” year. Only 2014 was warmer, can’t even remember; 11.4 as annual average and 11.7 in 2014.
Remarkable ; in the 30thies the average temperature was 8.9 ,so that proves that things are chancing.
Now it’s looking ahead at 2019. What will it bring us?
Will the weather be so good as last year ,at least for soaring? And so devastating for other parts of the world???
The climate change is and remains a huge problem.Climate tops are till now , not very successful  as hard as they try and tried in France and Poland.
Hope they find solutions to improve the world for the future of our grand children.
My Christmas thoughts!!!

By the way on the 21th we had the shortest day and INDEED it was a very short day as after 9 AM it was still dark and it rained like hell and at 4.30 it was dark again. I know not Lapland but still….
Good thing; days are getting longer again and it’s just waiting for spring and summer to come back .No worries!!
Summer it is at the moment in parts of Australia . Narromine had already temperatures in the low 40thies, Tocumwal has them this week up to 45!!! Sydney-people are all at the beach only comfortable place with temperatures in the mid to high 40thies!!!!! They are used to the heat, but this is pretty tough, specially because it is not one day but at least a week.
With flights up to 939 km from Tocumwal by Mac and Joergen in the ARCUS M last Saturday and 963 k.  by Hans Juergen Lange in the 18m. Ventus 2CM.
And of course the fabulous flights by our Japanese friends.
Yesterday had a few nearly 1000 from Narromine and Corowa and good old Ingo flew in his Discus from Toc.758 km.[745 FAI triangle].
Bob Nicholls flew from Benalla in his Ventus 2CT/18m. 815 km.

AND TODAY..….the message ; 16.500 ft cloud base and BIG 1000 from Tocumwal.…..
And yes a 1.030 FAI- triangle [ 1.063 km. speed 125.87 km./h.] by John Dyson in the 21 m. JS 1 and a 1.015 FAI-triangle [ 1.030 km.] from Lumpy Paterson in the JS 3,with a speed of 148.95 km./h. Good on them, GREAT job.
After paperwork this might be a new Aussie record I read, so extra GOOD and I keep an eye on it!!!!
Comment from Lumpy on the OLC ; “YOU RIPPER!!!!
Also Corowa had a 1000 with 142 km./h. by Dutch pilot Jos Schrier in the ASH 31 /21m..
When there are more such great flights I add them later today.
And then good “old” Brian Du Rieu adds his flight from Temora!!! In his LS 10/18m.  he flew 1.129 km.[881 FAI triangle]Great effort!!!!
Brian’s comment:”Started with a declared 1100km FAI triangle but the first leg was blue (vs forecast cu) with deteriorating conditions heading North, so I turned short towards the cloud. Much nicer under the cu on the direct route to Ivanhoe and a nice tailwind for the 342km home.”

AND then LAST BUT NOT LEAST…I knew Mac was trying again. He did: a 1.026 FAI TRIANGLE [1.193 km in total]  and Chris Davison also an FAI TRIANGLE 1.045 km in his JS 1/21 m. Nice guy, longtime guests [his wife always came along too]  with us in the past.
Mac topped the Ocean OLC list TWICE now!!!!

959 from Toc is worth mentioning too in a PIK 20B. Jaroslaw Mosiejewski ,one of the annual Geelong guests flew it.
WHATADAY in Toc. All Geelong guests had great flights. At Eddie’s ,where most stay in the caravan park it’s “buzzing” this time of the year. 5x Toc in the top 6 today!!! Pretty special.
I still know the feeling, when we had 11 x a 1000 on a very good day.
You have to forgive my Toc .-enthusiasm , but part of my heart stayed in Tocumwal after living there for so many years!!!

Also VERY special!!!! One of the young ones , allowed to fly the Ventus 3 in Bitterwasser, Simon Briel flew 1.308 km. with a speed of 165.50 km./h. Keep that name in mind!!!!
On BOXING day Africa was top again with 27 x a 1000 -plus!!!!



—–It’s still far away , in January 2020, but….. the WWGC PRE WORLDS are soon, time to look at some of the participants. Specially cause I hope to be there in 2020 at the 10th FAI WWGC.
This is about Sarah , who flies next week with her USA mates in the pre worIds.
I met Sarah from the USA as tuggie at the WGC in Uvalde 2012. Lovely lady. I met her and Jason again at the WGC in Benalla and yesterday I found more about her as shared by team USA.

Sarah Kelly Arnold was raised on a farm in British Columbia, where, as a 13-year-old, she learned to fly in a single seat Quicksilver ultralight. She was instantly hooked, and thus began a lifelong passion for aviation.
In 2004, Sarah became the owner-operator of Chilhowee Gliderport in Benton, TN where she eventually met and married her husband Jason. Together they’ve worked to improve the airport, train a new generation of pilots, and host soaring camps, seminars, and contests. Sarah organized the 1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships in 2015, and serves as treasurer on the US Team Committee. In 2017 she was inducted into the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame
Sarah’s first competition was the 2006 Perry Regionals with Charlie Spratt as CD. Five years later she won the Sports Class Nationals and earned a position on the US Soaring team in Club Class. She was the first woman to represent the United States at a WGC event in Argentina 2013.
Sarah maintains a take-no-prisoners attitude which propelled her to two FAI podiums at the Women’s World Gliding Championships in France (bronze) and the Czech Republic (silver). This season, she and Karl Striedieck were the 20 Meter Multi-place National Champions. She went on to another podium finish, placing 2nd in the 15 Meter Nationals at Uvalde, 2018.

Sarah, along with Sylvia and Kathy, will represent the US in the WWGC pre-worlds beginning at the end of this month. Good luck, Sarah#wwgc#ussoaringteams” 


Sarah one of the WWGC participants in Lake Keepit and soon at the pre worlds.

More about Lake Keepit’s Pre Worlds in the next blogs.
Diana is flying there as well. So is Ailsa, Akemi, Lisa Turner and Lisa Trotter, Kath and Kerri, Sabrina[Germany] and Ayala [UK]Sylvia and Katryn and Jo ,Jenny and Sarah.
By the way , the USA girls arrived safely and Kerrie shared some pictures;


Looking still fresh and “new”. Lot’s of luggage and as Kerrie mentioned “Four American glider pilots, their luggage, parachutes, tools, etc squeezing into the Soarer – only 4 bags on the roof racks – job done! If anyone finds any stray bags enroute Sydney – Keepit, please deliver Keepit



——-More friends from the USA are guests in Australia at the moment.

Look at this picture shared by Tony Condon from the USA.

Nice picture from Tony and Ingo with the text;
Today we met our glider for the contest, A DG-100, EG. Got the oudie installed, found the trailer, passed my check flight with Ingo in the club Lark, and made an hour and a half flight in the glider. Good day.”
Comment after flight;”Checkout flight in the DG-100. Good lift in the blue. Pushed out to the edge of glide back to Toc. Nice glider.”

I know Tony since Uvalde 2012 ,where I met him and many others also Sarah. Tony is going to fly the Formula 0.1 GP in Leeton.
Not long ago I told you that Leeton was the place where my ex George won the Nationals a long time ago. I was in Leeton only for a very short time ,as I had to go home again and Ralf [Holighaus] was so kind to drive me to Tullamarine. He and his dad Klaus [R.I.P.] had visited us first in Tocumwal.
The Formula 0.1 contest starts on the 29th of December 2018, and concludes on the 6th of January 2019, with a warm-up day on the 28th of December.
It’s a competition centered around the club class handicap of 0.1,which means that pilots can buy a competitive sailplane for less than $10,000 to participate. Hence the rent of a DG 100 from SportaviaTocumwal.
More in my next blogs.


—–Matthew Scutter and his dad flew in Kiripotib. AND,…they loved it!!!! Matthew is involved in SKYSIGHT; “Weather forecasts for most regions where there are glider pilots.”

“Great experience flying this year at Kiripotib Soaring. Every single day of our trip was 1000km weather, we managed five out of an attempted six (blew the final glide on the last one).

Our expectations for Namibia was that it’d be a ramshackle tin sheds miles from dusty airstrips with occasionally booming weather, but Kiripotib Soaring is an oasis in the desert that feels like it has been transplanted from a resort on a Greek island. With the gliders parked 50m from the pool, bar and rooms, everything is taken care of and all we had to worry about on any given day was landing before last light.
The weather was phenomenally consistent, the only limitation on your speed is maintaining safe landing options which takes some care as you try and do longer and longer flights. Botswana brings home the meaning of “tiger country”.

One of the main objectives of the trip was to tune and adjust SkySight for the local conditions, we found it was already predicting the convergences very accurately and we made some tweaks to the cumulus to better match our observations.”

Beautiful Africa as seen and shared by Matthew.


—-News from Schempp-Hirth AND,….it all sounds good!!!!!
#ventus #selflaunch #ventus3M yesterday we had a weather window and Bernd Mangold performed test flight of the Ventus-3M number two. New ILEC management system (updated from experience on V-3M number one) for easiness in the air, new stop propeller finger for easy retraction of the propeller, integrates « garage » bugwipers and plenty of power for high loaded high altitude high temperatures conditions. The test pilot is happy! We will focus on these details and new things in next news so please stay tuned.”


——Frank Hiemstra, one of our top pilots created a poll in Holland for Zwevers , with the question;
IF it will be necessary to bring back the WGC to 3 classes, which class would you prefer
The results were interesting.
1. club class 97 voters
2. open class 89
3. 18 m class 72
4. 20 m. class 54
5. Standard class 43
6. 15 m. class 7
7. electric sustainer E class 4



And to finish this very special picture shared by the British Gliding Association with the text:
Now here’s something you don’t see every day.
A unique Lasham Gliding Society photo with jet operations fitting in complete harmony with gliding.”

When it’s possible and safe,…why not!? BUT,…now my grand children are going to fly ,…I think twice….

CU next year!!! Have a HAPPY, SAFE and HEALTHY one!!!!
Cheers Ritz


Picture is a few years old [ made at Terlet] but still OK to start the new year.

December 19, 2018

Namibia ,…a soaring world/paradise in his own, an unforgettable experience for young and old.

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—–You can get used to it !!!
Even when they say that it’s not the real Namibian weather, though I think the last couple of days were too good to listen to such a statement,  we do have to look more and more at Namibia as THE PLACE TO BE for 1000 km.-plus flights, You can fly them at many more places, but not nearly every day.
It’s also nice to see that more and more pilots choose good double -seaters to fly those long distances!!! AND,…As Namibia is the place to be for REAL long distance flying and doing it together/ sharing the fun , is nicer than alone, you can start counting 2 seaters on the OLC nowadays,  where they were not even on this list in the past.
So many 2 seaters and so many SUPER flights.
Look at the OLC on last Wednesday;29 over 1000 kilometer-flights most in a 2-seater.
And on December 17 you saw 21 ARCUS M, VERY POPULAR,  and 1 ARCUS T up in the air on page 1 from the OLC. On top of that there were some  EB versions and  the ASG 32 MI and a 20 m. DG 1000.Also the Nimbus 4DM flies happily around.
There are friends , like Hans and Alfred Paul from Holland flying the Nimbus 4DM over 1.103 km.with 125 km./h on the clock from Douglas.
Father and son from Australia , Michael and Matthew fly with “verve” The ARCUS M from Kiripotib with 1.021 km and 145 km./h. They did as the wrote, some “sightseeing in Botswana”.What do you want more???
And on an 1.100 flight Matthew mentioned:”This place makes gliding very very easy… 1100k at 155kph after a (relatively) late launch.”And his dad added;“7 hours, 1107km, 155kph, fl170, rain froze on wings when we flew through rain.”
Michael shared these pictures from it’s not all hosanna!


Matthew in his  Matthew Scutter’s Gliding

I catch a lot of flak for flying OLC and not declared tasks – personally I find deciding where to fly while inflight infinitely more fun, but each to their own.

But today, I saw an interesting forecast on SkySight, a convergence to the south east, convergence to the south west, so I declared a 1000K FAI around it and had a go.

It actually worked out even better than expected as there was a gust front along the last leg. The last 10k was a bit interesting having to glide directly into the dust and then rain and heavy sink, but we still arrived a thousand metres high.

1000.3km FAI in 6.5 hours for 152kph, which we will claim as an Australian overseas record.

Tomorrow though, back to good old OLC.
Third thousand k flight back to back. Possibly more coming looking at the forecasts.”
Off course Matthew was thrown in the pool.

Danish mates ,as well as many German and a few French and Austrian mates, they all enjoy their long distances in comfortable gliders.
Of course some prefer to fly alone certainly when  they have a good EB 29 and then top the OLC list as Alexander [Meuller] with 1.190 km. with 137 km./h. A great kilometer-eater flying from Pokweni.
If that was not enough Alexander flew on Thursday 1.312.89 km. with a speed of 169,98 km./h. Even with all those flights in the pocket this still must gave him a boost !!!
And one day later on the 14th another exceptional day, which was called by Bitterwasser a normal Bitterwasser-day [have a look at their site why ] with 3 OVER 1.300 km. flights from Bitterwasser, Pokweni and Veronica!!!! Speed up to 168 km./h .[by Alexander]
Keith  [Essex] added another 1.356 km. in the EB 29 D.
With all these TOP GLIDERS and the top weather, the 1.300 is nearly “the new normal”.

Good to see Gerd Marzinzik, who I know from the past, is still flying; a 1000 in an ASH 26E from Bitterwasser. Good on him !!!

No miracle the boy’s from Flying with the Champions/Rent a glider ordered 2 new Arcus M. gliders for their operation.
They sell their oldest gliders as the Antares 23 E, [D-KULS], the Arcus E,[D-KWKU ]and the Arcus M[D-KOWL] . If you are interested in, you can let them know, and they will send you an offer. Rent a Glider

By the way ,…the 1000 k remains magic for many, as I found out AND of course IT IS, certainly the first one!!!!I still get excited because from the past I can still feel the tension and the waiting specially those last kilometers were nail biting.Though gliders and instruments and weather forecast were then much less than now.That’s a fact.

On the 17th Keith [Essex] flew in the EB 29 D his 2d OVER-1.300 km.-flight with a speed of 153 km./h. ;a triangle from 1.200 from Bitterwasser. With a late start as he commented on the OLC;
“Almost didn’t fly, overcast until 10:45. Thermals triggered as soon as the sun hit the ground. Thermals were broken and the clouds were very dishonest. From 6pm the ground was in total shade. Despite the challenges it was another good day in Namibia.”

Also the Scutter’s flew that day and added their 5th over 1000 km. flight to the logbook. So to read ,dad Michael ,is very impressed with his son’s soaring. Nice!! Of course he is good, he was the Narromine Junior World Champion.



——-South America;
The 65 th Argentinian Nationals went on on paper as flying over the last day’s was not possible anymore . Looking at pictures with muddy boots from kids it must have rained!!!
From 12 day’s they flew 7 in the combined 15 m/open and Damien Goldenzweig [18m.Ventus 2 CM] won the title with 5.533 points. Runner up Santiago Berca with 5.490 in the same glider.
Jose Dentone did well as number 3 in a Ventus B /15 m.[5.433]
Only 6 out of 12 day’s in the combined standard class and here it was Lucas Goldenzweig who won the title. [4.878]  He won in the LS 4 and the next 3 gliders on the overall scores were LS 4 as well.


The Goldenzweig brothers , Damian and Lucas, both on spot 1 and few little ones ready to take over in the future.
as shared by Damian.


——The 2018 Victorian State Comps at Benalla had mixed weather, good but they suffered also from rain .  In Tocumwal I heard even 50 to 60 mm on a day with only 18 dgr. C. and that’s only 70 km. N of Benalla.
There were two class groups – Un-Ballasted from which the Club Class championship will be determined and Ballasted, from which the FAI class championships will be determined.
4 Day’s out of 7 for the “ballasted”  gliders [10]  ,with 421k. as the longest task and 2x a 3 hour AAT with 417 as best result by Lumpy Paterson in his JS 3 ; nice speed too 138.87 km./h. But on handicap that made him 5th for the day.
After 4 day’s the winner was Bruce Cowan with 3.511 points in a Ventus B/15 m..
In the “unballasted” class Craig Collins from Mount Beauty was the star winning/shining every day in his ASW 20 .He won after 4 day’s with 3700 points!!! Good on him.
Straight after the comps the weather was booming again!!

By the way the next multi class Nationals will be in Tocumwal. Love that. We always wanted to have the Nationals there but it was our peak-time with everybody in full action and all gliders booked. We just lacked time and space in high season.
Look at this ;”Tocumwal has been selected to host the 2019 Australia Multi-class Gliding Championships.This will see around 60 pilots gathering to compete from the 9th to the 21st December .
Lumpy Paterson is the great “engine” behind this. He bought and runs “our” old WW2 hangar now and he really puts an effort in the place now after a few years of mismanagement by the sole last owner, who took over after us .The hangar was nearly lost.



Dear friends, through my blogging I keep going, which means it keeps me fit, it gives me a boost!!!
Though the flu last week was a an unexpected nuisance and still is.
72 now still going pretty strong.
THANKS for the many good wishes for my birthday on FB, personal mail and phone.
Good friends even called me from Namibia!!! AND,….NONE of my Aussie girl-friends forgot me!!!!

Thanks for reading with [still] so many; I do not write for nothing.
Time to say THANK YOU and to wish you during this upcoming festive season, the very best Christmas time with your family and friends.


CU 1 day later on December 27,
Love Ritz

December 12, 2018

Narromine…great comps!65th Argentinian Nationals in combined Standard and 15 m./open class.

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Continued;…The 57 th Narromine Multi class Nationals … 2 day’s to go!!!!

Preparations for the last but one day.
As shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

With 2 day’s to go everybody, who was still in the race to win, was in “alert mode”.
AND,….pretty big tasks on the last but one day, which is good.
December 6, day 10, task 7;
15 m./st.; 454 km.
A frequent Aussie WGC pilot Peter [Trotter] was the one at the podium today just ahead of Adam. Both with the same speed 131 km./h., but Peter’s LS 8 has a better handicap. As Adam calls it ” beaten off the stick.”
So 1000 and 955 points.
Peter and his wife Lisa both fly on high level and are lovely people. Lisa by the way was 4th for the day in 15 m. but runner up in her St. Class.
I have not yet seen the pilots-list for Lake Keepit, but I am sure Lisa will be on it.
With 6 x an LS 8 in the 15 m. top ten ,they did well!!!
The top 3 with 1 day to go in 15 m.; 1. Adam 6. 282…2. Tobias 6.014….3. Andrew Maddocks 5.465.
The top 3 with 1 day to go in St. class; 1. Andrew 5.848… 2. Peter 5.823…3.Allan 5.727.

18m/open; 550 km.
Another daily win for Norm and nice speed again; 137 km./h. Tom was runner up and still on spot 1 overall in his ASG 29. Geoff Brown in his JS 1 [18m] is doing a great job and was third and also on spot 3 overall with one day to go.
With one day to go the overall results are as follows;
open;1. Tom 6.343…2. Norm 6.039…. 3.Geoff 5.970.
18m; 1. Tom 6.342…2. Norm 6.044…3 Geoff 5.971.

December 7 day 11 task 8; FINAL  DAY from a very good competition.
15m./st; 3 hour AAT.
343 km. for Tobias and he deserved another  “win” , [3d] speed 114 km./h. 5 Points less for Allen and 11 for “Woolley-pup”.
No secret who was winning in this 15 m. class;
1. Adam Woolley with 7.268 points.
2. Tobias Geiger with 7.011 points.
3. Peter Trotter with 6.362 points.
In standard class a “bad day for Andrew. He was number 1 overall, did not fly too bad with a 6th daily prize, but lost more than 200 points. And with points SO close,[ see above], that cost him the title.He dropped from 1 to 3. A pity.
1. Peter Trotter with 6.743 p.
2. Allan Barnes with 6.727 p.
3. Andrew Maddocks with 6.634 p.
Lisa and Claire did very well on a 5th and 6th spot. Also Kerrie on spot 14 did well and Jenny on spot 12. Catherine on spot 22 and Akemie won a day before she had to return to work. GOOD girls….Let the WWGC begin…..

Well done to all!!!!

18m./open; 3 hour AAT.
Geoff was in the end in a really good flow, he really got the “hang” of flying in Narromine. He usually flies from Canberra. He won the last day and flew 373 km. in time 3.03.57. Good day for Scott in his ASH 25; a runner up spot with Norm as number 3 for the day.
Open class final results;
1. Tom Claffey with 7.224 p.
2. Norm Bloch with 7.007 p.
3. Geoff Brown with 6.970 p.
18 m. class top was the same.


Packing-up- time  after great comps. And for some …..LONG ,long very long trips home.
As shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

Some straight away traveled to Benalla for the Victorian State comps [December 9-15] and luckily the first day was cancelled so pilots as Lumpy and Terry , who fly in the ballasted class [10] could straight away fly the set 421 km and the 3 hour AAT a day later,both won by Lumpy in the JS 3.
In the unballasted class[8]  a 329 was set and a 3.30 AAT yesterday and Craig Collins in the ASW 20 won both day’s.


65th Argentinian Nationals.

On the other site of the world the 65th Argentinian Nationals started in 2 classes on December 3 continuing till December 14. San Francisco was the place to be. 51 Pilots flew in a combined  Standard class and combined  15m./open.
The first 4 day’s showed 3 flyable days in st and 4 in 15m./open.
The 3 hour AAT task in both classes was interesting.
2 Silent 2’s  won that day with 309 km. followed by 4 LS 4’s one flown by Lucas Goldenzweig.
In the other class the 15 m- Ventus B flown by Jose Dentone was the best on handicap with 353 km in time 3.05 whilst Damian Goldenzweig in the Ventus 2CM/18m. was equal in time but he flew 378 km with a speed of 122 km./h.
After 3 day’s Lucas leads in St. class and Jose in 15m./open with 45 points on Damian.

The next 4 day’s had in both classes a cancelled day. In 15 m/open AAT’s around 2 hours and 1 from 3 hours; 286 km in time 3.03 for Sebastián Riera. Damian was 7th that day and Jose 16th both loosing some points.
After 8 day’s and 7 task’s another overall update; 1. Damian…4,574 points, 2. Santiago Berca [ both in Ventus 2CM/18m.]with 40 points less.
In st class after 8 day’s and 6 tasks’;1. Lucas with 3,896 points and 2. Cristian Franzini [ both in LS 4] with 55 points less.

Day was cancelled.


Some great flights last week;
—–December 6; Peter Temple is not flying the Nationals in Narromine , but I do have to mention him as he flew from Gawler a 1000 k in his ASG 29 in mostly blue conditions!!!Good on him.
He topped the OLC that day before 1000 km.-flights from Kiripotib, Douglas and Veronica , they have already so many!!!
Same day great weather in Tocumwal and Corowa as well, with 806 in the ARCUS M by Joergen from Denmark and 838 by Chris Davison in the 21 m JS 1CTJ.
Terry Ryan, usually flying from Tocumwal, flies nowadays from Corowa and flew 760 in his ASH 26E.
—-December 8; Dutch pilots are having a great time with several 1000 km flights from Douglas. Hadriaan flew 2, even one 1.100 km.with 135 km./h. in the JS 1 BTJ.
And Rob and Max  had 4 m climb at 6.20 PM. in the Nimbus 4DM.


——That we had a fabulous summer here in Holland, is pretty clear after all the records we broke, but it also interesting to see that more pilots went out flying!!For the first time in history Dutch pilots, 651,  flew in Holland over 1 million kilometers in one season!!!Steven Raimond is our 2018 champion .


And to finish a great picture from Namibia. There they have a great season, but the “connoisseurs” think it was till now not a real classic Namibian weather.

Text;“Arcus over the Kalahari circling in the updraft. The usable thermal often starts at 11.00 local time and ends at sunset. The Kalahari extends on both sides of the southern tropic from the South African province North Cape through Namibia and Botswana over an area of more than one million square kilometres. What a feast to fly here.”

Talking about Namibia ,of course Bitterwasser is the name belonging to it for years. They shared this news:
Wilfried Großkinsky was awarded a special honor in Bitterwasser. After a speech by Rainer Hog, an honorary palm tree was planted in the allee. Not only the 137 flown flights over 1000 kilometers were the reason for the honour. The special engagement in the promotion of young pilots was the main reason for the award. Every year Wilfried invites 3 young pilots to the 1000 km camp. Director Rainer Hog emphasized, that some of the sponsored and trained pilots come back to Bitterwasser and carry on the Bitterwasser idea.”
That special honor is MORE THAN DESERVED.

One of the 3 lucky young pilots is from Holland Luc Stalman [ due to his age his last season] .Luc normally  flies at Venlo. Nice young fellow, who was allowed this season to fly the brand new Ventus 3M.

as shared by Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre

The new VENTUS 3 M.
Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre


Got the flu,even with my anti-flu-injection,  so not too much to read, hopefully next time more.
Off to the doctor now.
Cheers Ritz

December 5, 2018

57th Multi Nationals in Australia ….as said, good,better,best and fast!

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57th Multi Class Nationals in Narromine.

as shared by Gliding Federation of Australia

On Wednesday morning Anne , who lives in Narromine, shared a message:
ROAD CLOSURES: Council wishes to advise the travelling public that ALL UNSEALED ROADS in the Shire are CLOSED until further notice due to rain over the past 24 hours.”
That evening I saw heavy flooding of parts from Sydney on TV.
So after the wet days its better not to out-land for the pilots without an “engine”, to avoid extra problems.
But as expected the front left and the nice weather arrived!! Look at this .


Pawnees ready to go…..for flying day 1.
as shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

November 29, day 3 task 1: good tasks, good flights only one out-lander who returned by areo-tow retrieve. So a good first day of flying.
15 m; 313 km….Adam[Woolley] won task 1 in his Ventus 2A, only just,… as Tobias [Geiger] had about the same time though he started nearly an hour earlier also in a Ventus 2A. Speed 112.98 for 112.11km./h.
As always Adam shared his thoughts in   Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
Day win, just. A very fortunate recovery for me today. Still, a win is a win, nice way to start the comp .”
St. class; 313 km…nearly all the same but a different winner Andrew [ Maddocks] in an LS 8 with a speed of 104,47 km./h.
5 LS 8 gliders in the top 5, with Peter [Trotter] as runner up.

Open/18 m;362.76 km. for both classes. There are at this stage 3 JS 3 gliders in Australia and they flew in this class. Butch [John Buchanan] won with a speed of 134.91 km./h.  Lumpy [Paterson] was 4th and Norm [Bloch] ,both in JS 3, was 5th.
Runner up was Tom [Claffey] in ASG 29 and Brad [Edwards] in the same glider was 3d.
George was 7th in the Discus 2 CT.
All started with in 15 minutes. Butch flew 2 hours 41 minutes. Number 19 for the day 4 hours and 36 minutes,…but he was IN!!!!

November 30 day 4 task 2; 516 and 647 km.

516 and 647 to go…..
As shared by Bryan.

last day of our meteorological winter and last day of autumn in Australia.
Winter, summer starts!!!!
AND as said after rain-front , the new cycle starts and it gets good better, best!!!Great tasks!!!
15m./ St.class;  516 km. …..They fly in one handicapped class with the same tasks but  different winners.
In 15 m. Adam wins again [126.07 km./h] and Tobias [124.47 km./h.] is runner up again.;1000 and 978 points for the toppers.
Great to see that Akemi from Japan, but spending lot’s of flying time in Australia , won in st class in her LS 8. Good on her.AND ,..a 1000 points day so those were her’s. Speed 116.97 km./h.
A pity she had to go to work later.

18m./open: 647 km….. WOW,….4 JS 3 gliders in the top 4 and then 2 JS 1’s!!!! Butch won again with a speed of 126.57 km./h. [ 5 hours and 7 minutes] ,just a tad faster than Brad [126.39 km./h.] who got 998 points.
Lumpy had a speed of 125. 43 km./h and Norm 125.27 km./h.
4 Outlandings in 18 m. and 3 more in open.
Looking at the 18m. scores it was about the same. George, who since at least 30 years had not flown long distances, was 15th. Good on him.This is his first real competition again since years. He flies the Discus 2CT with an handicap of 1030,whilst JS3 has 1085.
In his “young” years he flew several WGC’s and EGC’s and he won Australian Nationals in Leeton.

Both winning 2 day’s in a row and good mates as well. Adam and Butch.

Even Adam found it a long task:”Ho Chi Mumma! 516km fixed task, let’s roll 😎”
As shared by Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

Another good day done and dusted!!

December 1 …SUMMER….day 5 task 3!!!
Summer started with a 3 hour AAT for all classes.
15 m and standard class. Adam mentioned in his comment that it mainly all went his way, which means another daily prize.He even did very well, he flew 338k. in 2.59 and Tobias 349k. in 3.18.
In st. class Scott [Lennon] won the day with with 324 km in 3.10 . Not all were as “lucky” as Adam. Allan mentioned:
” I ran with Tobi in the V2 for most of the third leg, quite fast. Then on the second heading south, found myself alone and struggled like most others under a gloomy thick cirrus wedge. Happy to take 2kt wherever I found it. I ended up 15 minutes over time and 5th for the day at only 92kph. We’ve given up looking at the 15m scores – Adam just blitzes every day!

In open/18 m. same task but more kilometers; Tom [Claffey] won the day 373 km in 3.02.
3 From 26 outlanded. After winning 2 day’s, Butch nearly lost 200 points after being 7th for the day.
After 3 tasks the scores are pretty close; Tom is on 1. with 2.826 p. ….Lumpy on 2. with 2.709p…and Butch on 3. with 2.703 p.

December 2 day 6 and an official rest day. On a day we here in Holland, had up to 15 dgr. C, the hottest ever 2d of December in history.It’s WINTER!!!!
So not the very best weather, in Narromine, dust and up to 60 km./h. wind, so after some long flights over the last 3 day’s a rest day was called.

As shared by Tom and Kerry [Claffey]

Dust storm as seen by William and Tom as winner as seen by Tom and Kerry.

First of course the prize giving and as Tom in his ASG 29 was the winner he had to come up front :
“Quote of the day from the Open/18 winner in a 29 (ahead of the JS3 Mafia) …. “I’m wearing my JS hat given to me by Jonkers – all I can say about JS is ‘they make nice hats’“.

A rest day during the Aussie Nationals means a PILOTS MEETING. As pilots live all far away from each other , sometimes more than 3000 km., this is the best chance to talk about all important things in gliding.
I have been at several, very interesting though,… sometimes in the far past some pilots went on and on , on an item, and then you could hear some grumble from the rest.
This day a very important item;

as shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

December 3,day 6, task 4;
15m/St.class; 2.30 AAT
Challenging day  even for Adam ,…but no worries he won again. All those hours he flew in Australia and wherever he could overseas, over the last couple of years, did” bring grist to his mill.” Good on him!!!
268 km. in time 2.35, whilst runner up and well known “kilometer-eater” and also WGC participant , Allan [Barnes] flew 250 km. in time 2.34.
In standard Allan was the best in his LS 8. Claire [Scutter] Matthew’s sister was runner up ,good on her.
This is what Adam had to say about the day:
Blowing a gale, 15-20kts all day. Tough going, certainly a day you wanted to stay reasonably high. My game plan was to take anything above 3kts, amazingly with the supreme feel of the V2a, I was able to keep taking 5-6’s all the way to the end of the 3rd leg.
Luckily at the downwind leg I was at my lowest, but couldn’t for the life of me get the climb I needed to come home on. Something was on my mind & I tensed up, couldn’t feel the climbs & really had to push myself to trust my feel of where to go next. I lost time here, but managed to bring it home, phew.
Another day wiBad day for Bryan,…he was out.
open /18 m.; 2.30 AAT.
Another win for Tom; 283 km. in 2.39. Lumpy was runner up with 308 km. but he needed a bit more time;2.53.
Both lead the way in these classes, with Butch on their heels.
Bad day for George, as he had to out land after 146 km.

“Dry as a bone ” the land in Australia a bad drought this year!!
Picture courtesy George.

There is a nice story with this Cessna from Arny. Long ago about 28 years I guess ,there was a group of “daring” Aussie pilots trying to fly from South[ Adelaide] to North [Darwin] over a” lot of nothing!!”.
Of course they needed a tug and tuggie and crews. NO SELF LAUNCHERS at that stage.
One of the pilots was Giles [Michael] a friend of ours. He had an all female crew, not weird knowing him and he wanted to add our then young daughter Inge to his team.
Of course we were a bit  reluctant, but we knew Inge and we knew a few other friends ,who would keep an eye on her.
It was one of those unforgettable trips with camel’s and parachute jumping, BBQ’s and visiting places ,we only heard off. She loved it!!!!
The way back was easy Inge. After all the trips in the car she was allowed in the back seat with Arny in the Cessna. There you go,…. fun for Inge in the far past and now a good retrieve for dad George.Still the same “good old” Cessna.

December 4 ,day 7, task 5;
2.30 AAT for the small ships and there is no measure on Adam, he won for the 5th time;297 km. in time 2.34!!!Allan was runner up with Andrew [Maddocks] as number 3.
In standard it was Allan who flies very well in his LS 8. Between all those LS 8 gliders in the top[7]  there is also an LS 4 from Robert Smits from Alice Springs.[spot 6]
Adam;”Playing around straight after briefing, a 2.5hr AAT was set in the blue, with a little less wind, but not by much. Another day win, but kept honest by Barnes & a great flights.”
Of course Adam is leading at this stage in 15 m. with 300 points on Tobias and 590 on Andrew.
In standard Andrew leads ,with with Allan and Peter [Trotter]also still in the race.

3 hour AAT for the big ships and I heard it was pretty clear that an early start was the way to go. Indeed the early starters did better than the late ones.
Dave [Shorter ]started straight at 14.06 in his JS 1 and was a new face on the podium; 363 km. in 3.01 ,speed 120 km./h.Norm [Bloch] in his JS 3 was runner up and George, who out landed the day before was 3d in the Discus.
Later starters as Lumpy at 14.49 lost a few points.[250]
Tom and Butch are leading now with Geoff Brown in the JS 1C on 3 , with just 40 points more than Lumpy on 4.

December 5,day 8 ,task 6; TODAY; VERY FAST DAY!!!!! A REAL NARROMINE-DAY!!!
15 m./St.class; Set task from 339 km. and NO not Adam today, as Tobias in his Ventus 2A was faster; 143.20 km./h. He shared the 866 points with Scott Lennon from Temora, who flew 140 km./h but on handicap his LS 8 was equal in points. All 17 pilots flew over 100 km./h.
Scott was the winner from St. class.

18m./open; set task from 384 km. and another new face at the podium, though results are very preliminary. Norm[Bloch] flying comps already as long as I was in Oz, won the day with a speed of 158,96 km./h!!!! Pretty fast!!!!
Tom had 155 km./h and Brad 150 km./h.
All 25 pilots flew between 114 km./h and the 158.96 km./h.

Still 2 day’s to go. More in my next blog.



—Tocumwal Sportaviation;
Long time friend and to me,  well- known- kilometer -eater Stefan [Soll] added another great flight to his long list of flights from Tocumwal on November 29 in his LS 4 KYO ; 767 km. and nearly 750 triangle; 732!!!
Well done Stefan.
On the last day of November good old Chris Davison flew a 838 km. flight in his 21 m. JS  1CTJ from Toc. .

Stefan and “his ” KYO.”
As shared by  SportAviation Tocumwal


Not only Tocumwal had a great day after all the rain. About 70 km. more to the EAST,  Corowa had an excellent day as well with a 1000 km. flight for Danish pilots Stener [Leander Nielsen] and Hans Christian [Hoeck]; 1.007 km in the ASG 32 MI. Well done guy’s!!One day later they flew a declared 750!!!
The first 1000 km. for Corowa and it might well be the first 1000 in Australia for the season.
On that great day ,997 for German guest Hans-Juergen [Lange] and 939 for Austrian guest Hans Peter [Ueblacker]as well.


—-Some good flights:
——Worcester [
 South Africa] was the place to be last Wednesday; 3 x a 1000 k. one even 1.128 km. On November 17 there were 3 over 1000 as well.
And yesterday they added a great ridge-soaring-flight from 1.132 km. by Stefan Langer, in a Discus 2T/18 m. His flight is at[High speed ridge flying in South Africa /Pure Flying EP 7.]
—–Kiripotib; news from Boerje [Eriksson] “Last start in Namibia this year with lovely Quintus today and a new Swedish record 500 km out and return with 171 km/h.”
—–Pokweni; December 1….2 EB 29’s from Josef [Eder ] and Alexander [Mueller] flew just over 1.200 km. on a day they did not had to avoid showers.speed 135/137 km.h.
—–Bitterwasser on December 4…OLC Speed League cut by Andreas Hillebrand and Jens Böske from 201.16 km/h over 150 minutes in an ASG32 MI.


AND,…last but not least, my blogs are easy reading, BUT, when you are interested in the real gliding you should go to
ABOUT GLIDING is a blog that wants to push the knowledge and innovation of gliding forward.

A wide range of themes is in focus: Technological innovation, analyzing extraordinary performances, state of the art practical strategies to fly faster and further, improvements to gliding mathematics and theory, rectifying common misconceptions, proposing and monitoring competition rule changes, searching for record-breaking opportunities, and discovering unexplored territories on earth and beyond. Safety & Accident prevention will be major and recurring topics.

Upcoming articles vary from Cheating in gliding competitions, over Hybrid-electrical tow planes, AI Glider Pilots, an Error in MacCready theory, Analysis of an IFR glider flight, the Potential of Crateus, to Promising methods in reducing gaggles and leaching.

In short: every story about gliding that is innovative, interesting, and if possible helpful.”
A great initiative and behind those very good stories is the well known Belgium pilot Tijl Schmelzer.

CU next week with news about the 65 th Argentinian Nationals from San Francisco, flown between 3 December  2018 – 14 December 2018.

Cheers Ritz

November 28, 2018

WWGC…..Aussie Nationals ….proud mum!

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—-They had some bad-weather-day’s both in Africa and Australia so flying was “low”.
Part of S.E. Australia was covered in red dust from frantic storms, whilst the winter-sport area, not far from Melbourne ,Falls Creek had incredible snow fall.
It was not just a sand storm ,but a huge one, even showed at the Dutch news with the remark, that at some places the visibility was only a few meters !!!Yes still early spring.
One week later China had the same problem, with grey instead of red sand.

Broken hill; The red sand from the “heart of the continent” flies over .
As shared by William, who estimated looking at the satellite image that this cloud full of sand would be 800 to 1000 km. large.

Not too far from Tocumwal , which turned windy and wet, a small place called Kattemetite was hit by a tornado. Lot’s of rain as well , but then,…that’s good for the farmers.
But kilometer-eaters as Stefan, who is I guess ,the longest frequent flyer at Tocumwal, [ I believe he was in Toc before me so before 1984]did n’t worry about weather. In his LS 4 he flew , except for 2 day’s,…every day since the 18th up to 533 km !!!!!AND …on the 26th he even flew 691 in his LS 4!!!!!!

Namibia was quiet as well, so time to see the gorgeous fauna and flora over there.
Boerje shared some pictures and straight after when the good weather was there again, he flew a 1000 again.


as shared by Boerje Eriksson.

After the weather cleared in Namibia, Alexander Mueller managed to fly in his EB 29, a 1.301 km.flight [1.124 FAI triangle] from Pokweni with 145 km./h.!!!
Keith Essex moved from N.Z. to Veronica and straight away flew 1 .139 km. with a speed of 136 km./h in the ARCUS M. They declared a 1000 km triangle but  “couldn’t get the last turnpoint because of rain showers.”

32 over 1000 km. flights straight after the less good weather,  one of them by my friends Daan [Pare] and Eagle; 1.054 km.
And over the last day’s more 1.200 plus and more 1.100 plus. No doubt till now a great Nabia-season as Pokweni, Kiripotib and Veronica had many 1000 km. flights as well!!!!!
On the BITTERWASSER site you could read;
“Perfect season start in Bitterwasser in the season 2018/ 2019 In November 2018, the first third of the Bitterwasser season, 50 flights over 1000 kilometres from the pan were completed. Reinhard Schramme and Norbert Siebert flew the longest distance of 1260 kilometres on 14 November. Robin Förster achieved his 1000 kilometre diploma on 24 November. A new palm tree will be planted in the avenue. On 26 November, Bruno Gantenbrink made the “flattest” flight with a 1000 kilometre FAI triangle. Nej Lutti made a special flight on 13 November: the first circumnavigation of the airspace of Windhoek in many years. This year, this airspace is to be flown north from Windhoek to flight level 145. There is nothing better than airspace!! November in Bitterwasser can be described as a very good flying month. The week around 13 November was round and beautiful. Then a few shower lines came from Botswana, but they didn’t reach Bitterwasser. There is always a day to relax, but the flight break usually lasts only one day. As usual the flight operation is professional.”

And also from South Africa’s Douglas Backhouse 1000 km.-flights.That’s where my friends Rob [Looisen] and his sister Marianne flew 1.015 km in the Nimbus 4D in mainly blue conditions.


The Official 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships logo.
as shared by 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

Pre worlds soon end of this year. AND,…. don’t worry about your kid’s, this is what I read:
Don’t forget we will have children’s activities during WWGC 2020 so no need to worry about keeping them entertained.”

As shared by  10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships




Talking about OZ,…Between November 26 and December 6, the 57 th MULTI CLASS nationals will be flown from Narromine and many of my friends are flying there. Quite a few top pilots as well among the 47 participants , so it will be very interesting!!!

The pre- competition briefing has been already ,with Beryl in charge.

as shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

The first and only official practice practice day. Monday November 26.
In 15 m. Benalla pilot , kilometer-eater and WGC pilot Tobias Geiger was clearly the best during their 3.30 AAT;432 km in Ventus 2A in time 3.31.He was nearly 100 km. further than the runner up.
10 From 19 finished and 5 outlanded.
In open David Jansen flew 407 km in time 3.28. during the 3.30 AAT.
George [my ex] was runner up. Good on him.
Standard;3.30 AAT and Michael Durrant was the best ;343 km in time 3.28.
In 18 m. Same task;  David.

November 27; Day 1 task 1;
Cancelled ! A pity, but a new cycle will bring, good to better ,to the best weather again. But not yet today as I heard!!
They tried hard with 2 hour AAT’s, were ready to go ,..nut rain destroyed the dreams for day 1. Task setters are William and Evelien both from Holland but living and flying already for a long time from Narromine. They are assisted every day by 2 competition pilots .
After a very dry period, hence a very dusty airfield, there was RAIN.

Ready to go ,but…..

Picture shared by Brian Hayhow.

November 28; Day 2 task 1;
As far as I heard there will be rain all day!!
So washed out!But hope for Thursday.
More next week.


Pictures by George and Brian, who added the next true words;
“Mmmm… the old adage ‘call a gliding competition and break the drought’ rings true yet again.


——-Shopping list; When you do need a new fabulous 2019-calendar you can visit an extra joy to receive.
There is a very good co-operation with top glider pilot Tobias Barth I read:
The aerospace engineer who lives in Stade is a glider pilot from an early age. His elaborate digital photo arrangements set new standards both technically and artistically. We are very pleased to have found in Tobias Barth an outstanding photographer who has all the prerequisites to follow in the footsteps of Claus-Dieter Zink. The best pictures of both photographers will have their permanent place in the photo calendar soaring.”

as shared by Gliding Calendar – Fotokalender Segelfliegen



—-November 23; this is a proud mum and of course dad George is very proud too. Not to forget her husband Rodger and teenager “kids” Indya and Dexter.
My daughter, just 46 now, received her MASTER OF SCIENCE certificate WITH MERIT in Human Factors in aviation.
She studied first law at the university of Amsterdam and got her bachelor degree there.
She is a full time airline captain, a wife and mother of 2 , devoted to her work for the union VNV, where she represents Transavia the company she flies for and a real social friend for many, so a busy social life.
How she all did it,…?????I don’t know….Enjoy the pictures.


Congratulations dear Inge.


And to finish….looking ahead at 2019

as shared by Aeroklub Stalowowolski

CU next week

Cheers Ritz

November 21, 2018

Namibia enjoys great weather,… so great flights. South Island Comps continued!

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—-South Island Championships in N.Z.;

Ready for day 5 task 3.
As shared by South Island Gliding Championships

Day 5 ..task 3;
Racing class got a 3 hour AAT, so they could find out by their selves where the best options would be. Those options turned out difficult again, as only 3 from the 9 starters finished. Best result ;295 km. in 2.47 by David Jensen in the JS 1 who leads the pact now with nearly 500 points more than the Duo Discus pilots.
Sabrina Schels [Germany] was the 3d finisher and she called the conditions “much more complicated than expected“.
In open not a lot of finishers either. A 4 hour AAT ; Brett [Hunter] flew 515 km in 4.12 , speed 122 km./h. in his JS 3 and Keith [Essex] as runner up 501 with a speed of 107 km./h. in the ASG 29.
They were with Nick the only 3 finishers.[547 km. in time 5.39.]  Bit slower but HOME!!!!
Keith leads after 3 tasks with over 400 points. Nick is runner up now.

Winners David and Brett both in JS ; one in JS 1 B,  the other in JS 3. Each with a local wine from sponsors as Immigrants Vineyard [23 hectares] as prize.

Daily winner Brett in the majestic JS 3

Jet Power! Brett Hunter in XB does a jet assisted approach in his JS3.”
photo Alex McCaw
As shared by South Island Gliding Championships

NO task on the 16th. From a friend visiting the South Island at this moment I heard it was raining.
But,….on the 17th they flew,[last] day 7, task 4,…  but ONLY A FEW!!
In racing a small 2.30 AAT and 2 finishers whilst a few did not start anymore.
Those who finished task 4 did well; David who flew 222 km. in time 2.23 [89 km./h] for 167 points and Sabrina with 180 km. in time 2.32 [71 km./h] .[144 points.
RACING class was won by David 2.277 points . The Duo Discus pilots[1.624]  were 400 points ahead of Sabrina[1.422]  , after the last day a bit more than 200.
Open; fabulous day for Alex in his St Cirrus;1000 points for him!!!335 km. in time 2.41 [speed 124 km./h] He moved up from 12 to 7 !!! Well done!
I looked at his video, ridge-flying to and over the top of Mount Cook, [height 12.349 ft.] ..just spectacular.
His mate Nick who started nearly an hour later was runner up. Keith was 5th.
9 From 15 finished and Brett had another off day; he landed after 98 km.
Total scores; 1. Keith with 3.807 p., 2. Nick with 3.489 and 3. Peter Chadwick with 2.953 in ASG 29 es.

The 2018 South Island champions Keith and David.

As shared by  South Island GlidingChampionships


I give up on sharing the amount of 1000 km. flights,…. there are too many, but you can see it for your self at soaringspot. Happy however to see that November has exceptional good weather again.
Some  are very good and still worth mentioning, as the 1.260 k from Reinhard [Schramme] in the EB 28 , with 154 km./h. which was an 1000 FAI triangle as well. He flew with Norbert Siebert.
Bernd [Dolba] flew in the Twin Shark a 1000 FAI triangle as well from Veronica. The Twin shark had his first 1.100 km. flight as well.
Uli flew a 1.050 km up to 300 km to Botswana. Nearly no farms anymore and no secret,…..his trainee loved it!!!

Uli from Jaxida Cover Uli Schwenk shared this great picture.


The “coach- the- coaches- week” in Narromine is over and they had a fabulous week with great weather and good company, camaraderie and interaction. Look at this weather.

as shared by Brian Hayhow.


Ge Dale as super coach on day 3   and as said fun too; “Peter Temple and Arnold Geering are just about ready to roll under the watchful eye of John Buchanan at Coach the Coaches. Last flying day of a fantastic week. ”
by Brian Hayhow.

They straight away continued with the Narromine Cup where toppers and novices of CC- flying meet. I was touched by the next words by Roger Perett;
“Narromine Cup..
I’m here for the first time. Being mentored by a number of our experienced Cross Country SCGC members. Yesterday I had a area check, followed by a flight to Gilgandra and back in the 303. 168 km round trip 
My first time away from an airfield‘ .
And,…the words by the GFA;
The sport of soaring is more than just about being able to take off and land without an engine. A new pilot’s first time away from gliding range of the airfield is their second major milestone – and the one we all look forward to as we help new pilots to learn. From here, the pilot has learnt all the basic skills to be a competent at soaring and they can pursue whatever is of interest – distance flying for fun, competitions or even records. Congratulations to Roger on taking that first step away from the airfield!


—-Some good flights;

——What about a 750 out and return from Lake Keepit [Australia] to St. Georges in an LS 1f. Top job from Allan Barnes.
—–new Finnish record for Hannu Halonen on November 14; “Nice 750 FAI flight up to second turn point with average of 178. It looked so good, but third leg with mainly blue thermals made things difficult. Anyway, a new national record.” Over 471.22 km. he flew with a speed of 188,49 km./h in the Quintus M from Kiropitib.
—– First flight from Corowa [Australia] guest on November 17 by frequent flyer Hans Juergen; 707 km.
——Mannie, [Mc Lauchlan] …talking about South Africa now and specially New Tempe Bloemfontein …..; 1000 km. triangle in ASG 29 with 154 km./h.
—– 2 over 1.200 km-flights, one from Pokweni the other from Kiripotib , both in ARCUS M. AND,…also from Pokweni a 1.218 in the EB by Alexander Mueller with an FAI triangle from 1.137 in it!!.
—–On his first flight from Kiripotib and his very first flight in a SHARK, my friend Daan [Pare] flew 1.172 km.with a speed of 166.78 km./h.
—–and in between all this power-long-distance-flying we find Tobias Geiger flying a 15 m. Ventus 2ax from Benalla over 676 km. [600 Fai triangle]
—–Temora; Brian [Du Rieu]  flew 862 in his LS 10, last Sunday and Ingo in his Discus, 600k.  from Tocumwal.

—–some pilots from  Segelfluggruppe Donauwörth-Monheim  flew up to 4000 m. height in special wave over the Schwarzwald, the BLACK FOREST, last weekend. They called it a very cold, but unforgettable experience.


Last but not least,…never heard from them, maybe you neither, so some pictures and short story about “a winch” shared by Big Sky Soaring!!!


” Looks like the winter is here to stay for the next few months. So, Big Sky Soaring will go into hibernation for a while. But for all the folks who asked about our winch, here are some pictures. 
See you again next spring.”

I guess like hiring tugs and tuggies ,you can also hire a ” mobile ” winch with Dyneema rope AND a “winch-man”. Interesting.

Cu Next week,

cheers Ritz


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