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November 11, 2015

Gliding with the champions,after a few days ;1.104 km. with a speed of 165.63 km./h..The NZD at Terlet.Lake Keepit Nationals.

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Gliding with the CHAMPIONS.


Nice skies over Namibia.
As shared by ” The Champions”.

…..started with a little “hick up”  as you can read in the blog at
Here are a few lines from the blog written on Wednesday November 4:
” Today at 11:30 we got the new overfly permission. Since our first day in Namibia last Friday we were grounded. One military officer decided, glider pilots and there planes are high risk for Namibia and rejected the permission for 2015. We got this notification on Friday morning, much too late to react. So on Monday morning Hans van Hase went to the Ministers to find a solution. Finally four days we had to stay on ground. Not to think about this permission would not have come, it would have been the end of gliding in Namibia.”

So flying could start on November 4. Pffff…….
They fly their training program this year from 2 destinations, Kiripotib where they have been already for the last 2 years and this year they added Bitterwasser as well.

Guest pilots enough,…best to give the “word”  to Ludwig;
—“Here in Kiripotib were I, Ludwig Starkl will lead the event the next three weeks, we are starting as Champions with, Janusz Centka from Poland, Markus Frank from Germany, Stefano Ghiorzo from Italy and for the first time here, Lukasz Wojcik the current European champion from Poland. In the second week will come Holger Karow and Erwin Ziegler from Germany, Bert Schmelzer from Belgium and in the third week, the brothers Phil and Steve Jones and Pete Harvey from England and Holger Back from Germany. Erwin, Bert, Phil and Holger Back are also for the first time here with us.”
In Bitterwasser Wolfgang Janowitsch will start the first week, together with Andy Lutz and Reinhard Schramme in the management and coach role. Stefano Ghiorzo will change over from Kiripotib, and Arndt Hovestadt will come from Germany. Reinhard and Arndt are supporting us for the first time.”

So it all happened last Wednesday :”Today we expect a very nice gliding day, the forecast said the best zone along the edge, the demolition to the Namib Desert.” Which seems to be the best, most beautiful part of Namibia
And ,… was a nice day. Straight away the first 8 places on the OLC were occupied by Champion-pilots.No 1000 yet,…. but they FLEW!!!!!


As shared on their site.

Thursday; the best 10 OLC-places were for Namibia inclusive 2 flights from Pokweni. Best flight 751 k. [650 FAI triangle]
Friday ; no changes , but within the best 10 places you find S.A. [Worcester ] with Markus Geisen and Sven Olivier.[625 km in the ARCUS]
Saturday; best 14 places for Namibia and they reach the 1000 on a tad; 993 k in the ARCUS. They called it the first real nice day.
What’s even more interesting is the 500 km FAI triangle in the LS 6/17.5 m.  from Lake Keepit [Australia] where they practice for the Club, St. Class and sports- class Nationals at that beautiful lake. Steven Evans from N. Z. was the one!!!
Sunday;was different . Orient was the place to be with a 733 km [500 FAI triangle] by Mark Holliday in the ASW 27. The triangle was flown with a speed of 138 km./h.
Young Simon Briel practicing AT Narromine for the JWGC flew 663 km. in the LS 8.
The CHAMPIONS and their students flew up to 692 from Kiripotib, a more or less out and return by Jean -Yves Germain with as co pilot, Bert Schmelzer jr.
Monday; several more or less out and returns between 500 and  700 km. In between well known USA kilometer eater Keith Essex enjoys soaring life in New Zealand making flights from around 500 km. and it sounds like he is having a ball;
Spectacular Omarama day.” He flies an ASG 29/18 m.
Tuesday; THE day!!!!
It ALL happened in the 2d week on day 7 and when the weather is good, IT IS GOOD and they all could fly over 1000 km!!!
Lucasz from Poland, for the first time a CHAMPION flew with his Swiss “student” 1.173 km!!!Nice speed as well; 142.57!!!!!
A total of 11 over-1000 km.-flights in Namibia!
And what about the flight from Ludwig himself in his ANTARES 23; 1.105 km. with a speed of 165,63 km./h.
And John Coutts had a brilliant day as well, flying from Potchefstroom; 1.084 km. with a speed of 154.09 km./h in the JS1.


As they mentioned on FB;  one picture says more than a 1000 words!!!
2 pictures even MORE!!!


Both pictures shared by Sven Olivier. Courtesy Bitterwasser Lodge and Flying Center.

For all CHAMPIONS NEWS you can read the full blogs at the site as mentioned before.


Not long ago Schiphol welcomed the very first A 350 from Finn Air with all respect belonging to such a first visit.It was a short visit and for the time being the last one.
This month it will be the very first KLM DREAMLINER [Boeing 787] that will be welcomed. KLM is the first to have the 787- 900 version, with computer controls instead of hydraulic systems.
Much more comfort for the passengers as well, as they have more room,  better air due to a much better air circulation and bigger windows. I wish I could do my flight to Melbourne in such a DREAMLINER, but I don’t know what Cathay flies nowadays to Hong Kong. I guess to Melbourne will be with an Airbus.
I will tell you in my Toc. diary.



One of the 43 participating pilots is Bruce Taylor and Bruce knows how important PR is for soaring, so he and his wife Anita share always news from comps wherever they are. This way we can feel part of it as well.Thanks for that!!!
Last Monday they started with an official practice day, and a 2.30 AAT was set.
Here his first report:
—“Practice day at the Keepit Club, Sports and Standard class nationals. We set a short 2.5 hour AAT which went North West to Narrabri, around Mount Kaputar and East to Bingara for Sports class or Upper Horton for Club/Standard.
Then we came south to a final area near Manilla, and home.
The run north was great, with big, smooth climbs to about 7,000 feet, but then the sky around Kaputar had overdeveloped and that area caught quite a lot of people out, including me!
We had to do a big backtrack to survive, and it was a while before things came good again. Some of the big wings managed good speeds. I haven’t seen any scores, but there was some grizzling amongst the little wings.
Only a practice day!”

You can read the full stories on FB at Taylors Gliding Page, but I know a lot of people avoid FB, so I help you out.Of course with the permission of Bruce.

When you want to follow the tracking of the Sports class live you can go to

Yesterday  they started and it  was a better day as you can see on the picture shared by Bruce. They continue till Friday the 20 thiest with a closing ceremony / dinner on the last Flying day. Some then straight go to Junior Worlds but it is only 5 hours NW of Sydney and about 4 hours driving from Narromine. When they can fly they are back there in a flash.
You can find the official scores on 


Day 1;
The Standard  class ; 10 pilots,with among them Bruce [ASW 24 e]  and Allan [Barnes LS 8] and the “girls”  Lisa [Trotter LS 8] and Kerrie [Claffey ASW 28] started with a 3 hour AAT and Matthew Scutter flying HC, showed his HUGE talent by winning the day with 351 km. in time 3.01,47, so about ” at the dot ” !!!!
Matthew will represent Australia in St. class together with Dylan Lampard at the JWGC .Dylan also flying HC, was 4th on this day 1. A total of 33 pilots will fly at the JWGC in this class.
The 1000 points were for Lisa. Good on her!!!345 km. in 3.02.
Bruce was 2d with 366 km in 3.18.

Day 1 as seen by Bruce:
Day 1. We sent Sports class out east into the higher ground, and Club/Standard north west onto the flat. The weather looked quite good, but the air is very moist at present and climbs were far apart, with clouds that didn’t always tell the truth. Reports from the Sports class pilots were varied. Some had great fun, some had a good first half, and the others vice versa. There were a couple of outlandings, and I think one glider and tug are spending the night in a town halfway back home, as the daylight ran out. For the small wings the day improved once we got away from the hills and out onto the flat, with 5 knot climbs to generally 6 – 7,000 feet. However the run home was into softening conditions. We do not have typical Keepit weather yet, as it is very green, and probably won’t dry out in the next couple of weeks. The next couple of days look OK, then there is a big trough line coming which could make things difficult.” 

day 2; Today.With a 4 hour AAT the 2 juniors Matthew and Dylan showed they are ready for the JWGC. They both were the best in this class flying 449 and 444 km. Flying together might make them extra strong in Narromine as well.
Bruce [420 km.] was the best of the rest and got the 1000 points with Allan[424 km.]  as runner up; 898 points.Lisa was 4th.
As Matthew mentioned;” Having fun at the Standard Class Nationals in Lake Keepit – two challenging days so far, especially today with high cloud, blue holes, wet ground and variable winds.”


Bruce and the glider ASW 24 E,  on day 1.Indeed skies REALLY look good!
As shared by Bruce.

Day 1;
Sports class
with 21 pilots among them former WGC champion Brad Edwards but also Mike Young from the UK , David Jansen , Mac Ichikawa from Japan and John ” Butch ”  Buchanan went for a 3.30 hour AAT  .
The day was a prey for David Jansen flying 396 km. with a speed of 113.65 km./h.
Jay Andersen was runner up and Butch was 3d.

Day 2 , today. Rolf Buelter from Geelong , always practicing in Tocumwal, so I hope to see him there this year , got in the preliminary scores the full 1000 points.He flew in his LS 8 400 km. with a speed of 107 km./h.
He mentioned;”Difficult in the beginning, blast in the middle and an adequate end.
Mac was the runner up and Brad , David and Butch followed. It looks Mike Young is not participating.

Day 1;
Club class
with 22 pilots and toppers as Paul Mander, Terry Cubley and Peter Trotter , had to go for a 3 hour AAT.
Terry straight away showed that  he and his LS 3 are in top form [already for SO many years they form a “couple” ] ;354 km. in time 3.16 so a speed of 108.22 km. for the “old”  LS 3.
Runner up was Peter Trotter in his ASW 20 a: 323 km. in 2.58, speed of 108.96 km./h and 5 points less.
THAT WAS PRELIMINARY in the official scores it was Peter winning[ 997]and Terry [993] on spot 2 .
Eric Stauss is one of the AUSSIE juniors practicing for the JWGC and he did well with a 4th spot!!!The other young JWGC Aussies are Joe O’ Donnell and James Nugent. 26 In total will participate in this class in Narromine.
Joe flies as well in Lake Keepit so is his dad Stephen.Joe was 6th , Stephen 8th.

Some pilots found the task not long enough:”  3 hrs. Much too short. The day started at about 10.30 and is still booming now at 15.27.
Day 2; today with a 4 hour AAT.
Preliminary results show a great day for dad O’ Donnell ;421 km. with a speed of 100 km./h in the ASW 20 B.
Eric was runner up. Joe had a bit of an off day at 15, he started very early and only in the end of the day they knew that a later start would have been better,… but better now than in December in Narromine.

There are 6 tugs involved and look at this; 3 female tuggies . I LIKE!!!


“Here are three of the tug pilots. Go Val, Lu and Val.
Not a bad average 50% girl power.”
As shared by WOMEN IN GLIDING.




A credit to it’s master, I guess good old Klaus would have been SO proud!!! The credit however NOW is for his son Tilo, who took over after Klaus died. Together with his mum Brigitte and nowadays sometimes also Ralf , his brother, they run the business with their  loyal/ faithful staff the best way they can. And the last gliders have just been good. Not so much maybe the QUINTUS, but the Duo Discus and ARCUS  as well as the latest Ventus are toppers.
The picture was shared on FB with the message;
—“The 200st Arcus in our courtyard with our staff – the people who have built this one, the previous 199 Arcus and many other gliders. Thank you to all of you!
And another big thank you to all current and future Arcus owners for being our customers!” 


Electrical One-Man Rigging System.





To finish the NZD, the Dutch Soaring Day at 6 several spots at Terlet, where about 300 interested pilots arrived for an excellent day organised by Maurits Dortu and Rene de Dreu in co-operation with the Gelderse, the Thermiekbel and Service Center Terlet.
The hangar from the Gelderse, the hangar from the service center at Terlet, the briefing room in the Thermiekbel, the club room from the Gelderse and the Thermiekbel were all made available, by many helping “hands”.
Displays were outside and in the hangars except for the Gelderse hangar, normally the briefing room at the Dutch National Championships and now for the big events as
—the opening by Marion Rozema , the president of the Gelderse,
—a lecture by Jan Foster , the president of the soaring department  of the KNVvl, who shared a nice video of how to get young kids from 10 in,  at your soaring place, by inviting them to fly low over trails  in some kind of ESG and on a tow!!!Very impressive! This all happens in Lithuania and some kids are a member of the International Children Rotary Camps at Pocuinai , where they fly the LAK 16 [MOKYKLA]This year it was between June 30 and July 12 . A total of 4000 kids have done so already.
We need that as we lost in 15 years 700 members and only in 2015 80.

LAK 16

A glider for children, what an idea!!
As shared on their site.

—more for the Dutch pilots; President of the KNVvL Ronald Termaat, spoke about what they are doing at the head quarters of Dutch -Light-Aviation.Very informative and with witticism so now and then.
—Later in the day this big hangar was used by Shaun Lapworth with his enthusiastic stories about the Grand Prix in particular the last Final in Varese.
—And,…by “our”  own 3 1000 km. -boys explaining how it all happened and how they learned from Tijl Schmelzer , Wilfried Groskinsky and Alexander Mueller, all well known kilometer-eaters, how with good preparations a 1000 was possible from Holland!
—last but not least Uys Jonker who spoke about  the start of Jonker Sailplanes , with dad and brother Attie when they were still toddlers,  in combination with EASA glider Certification. Those test-flights for EASA checking on p.e. flutter and spins, to get JS 1’s in all configurations certified in Europe, their biggest market at the moment look pretty scary, to be honest.
Certifications are done in co-operation with  partner M+D Flugzeugbau, in Germany.
Uys is a hero doing all those test-flights.

2015-11-07 16.15.17

Organised the day in co-operation with several Terlet business and in between Maurits and Rene from the Glider pilot shop, worked as well.

2015-11-07 16.15.52   2015-11-07 16.16.05

I went to 3 parallel sessions first and later in the day to the 3 joint events;
—one about Airspace avoid by Marcel Knol [pocket FMS]
—one by Andrej Koller from Naviter [Seeyou]…about meteo and their [good]  co operation with  TOPMETEO on this subject.
—and the one by Uys Jonker seeing him , Attie and his dad with the first attempts to “built”  a glider.

Here an impression about the day, for those who could n’t be there;

2015-11-07 12.20.33   zzzzArne and Ritz

European guests as well Arne Boye Moeller was there from Denmark and caught up with Lilian [they met during the WWGC in Arnborg] , I noticed Jean Luc Colsson and Jeff Daems from Belgium too, as well as Hannah Weisenbuehler from the USA.

zzzzNZD Shaun zzzzNZD Uys

Shaun and Uys in action.
Courtesy Frans Guise and
this one as well;
an attentive audience.

zzzzSZD lezing

zzzzNZD helden

The 3 outgoing DUTCH  musketeers; Mark [Leeuwenburgh] Sikko [Vermeer ]and Alfred Paul [Alfers] . After their very interesting lecture … goodness me they went en route very well prepared….they got great presents too as they were the number 1, 2 and 3 on the Dutch OLC list.
Courtesy Frans Guise

zzzzNZD Ronald   zzzzNZD Jan Foster

Ronald Termaat and Jan Foster from the KNVvL.
courtesy Frans Guise

Catering and food also important.

zzzzSZD catering1   zzzzNZD catering 2

Bread rolls at lunch ,great BBQ in the evening, organised by the Thermiekbel. Unfortunately owner Sander [Terpsta on the picture with cap ] was injured on one hand.
Courtesy Frans Guise

2015-11-07 16.11.07  2015-11-07 16.11.25

Jelmer [Wassenaar] from DG was there with the DG 1001 Club WL with a canopy for each pilot.

zzzzSZD gliders 3

zzzzSZD JS1   zzzzSZD Antares

The JS 1 and Antares.
courtesy Frans Guise

2015-11-07 16.12.08   2015-11-07 16.13.15
and the ASH 32 from Schleicher and the SHARK from HpH Sailplanes.

Avionics and Go Pro’s

zzzzNZD avionics    zzzzNZD go pro

Courtesy Frans Guise

2015-11-07 16.14.09

THANK you to ALL involved.
And the next day it all happened again , this time in Belgium.

Cheers Ritz


November 4, 2015

Arrivals!!!!! Tornado in Tocumwal-area.Flying with the champions in Bitterwasser!COROWA season has started !

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We had extremely warm weather for the time of the year.On November 1, we had in the past sometimes frost- flowers on the windows, this year we were sitting outside, at a terrace, in T shirt ,in a “bloody-hot-sun”; 22 dgr.C.
The soaring season here in Holland is over. Gliders are already overseas or are going into the trailer or hangar or both IN trailer IN hangar.It was a nice season, with a few 1000 FROM Holland. Pretty special!

No such weather in Tocumwal where breaking news and a warning was sent for a TORNADO South from Tocumwal. Luckily it passed by Toc, but they could see the scary clouds and felt the wind, as I heard.Unfortunately towns VERY close by , as Strathmerton and Cobram  were hit.


Courtesy Swiss Chris at the Sportaviation hangar looking South.

And this was the picture from Warwick Holding at Yerong Creek, NSW


A significant tornado has developed and touched down in Northern Victoria leading to an approximate damage path of about 45km. The towns of Nathalia, Strathmerton and Cobram have all had reports and had confirmed damaged in their respective areas.

Wind speeds of an estimated 180-220km/h have damaged houses and flattened sheds leading to suspected EF2 damage. However after recent video evidence has come to fruition, there is the potential for this to become an EF-3 tornado post-damage analysis. That is due to a house reportedly being destroyed while several others have sustained significant damage. There are still no injuries to report as of 8am EST / 9am EDT on Monday, November 2nd (the day after the event).

This was all part of a severe squall line which produced widespread destructive winds over Southern NSW and Northern Victoria, large hail and heavy rain were also associated with these storms.”
For pictures of quite some severe damage specially in Strathmerton but also Cobram you can look at;

Here is one.



Another great picture,not a sad one this time!


Shared by Antoine Havet .”Just insane !! Wave flight.. 3400m… JS1C with Max Seis !”  October 26!




As shared on the Bitterwassersite.
For more news and pictures you can go to;

 It was a good week specially the last day of October.
In South Africa, Oscar was wondering, looking at the weather- graphics, if a 1250 would be possible  .It WAS…. nearly!!!!!!Oscar flew 1.171 km. with 148 km./h “on the clock”.
5 Times 1000 plus from Potchefstroom and a great 873 and 862 by AP Kotze and Jaco Burger in their St. Cirrus and LS 1 f.
John Coutts, one of the 1000 km. pilots flew with a speed of 158 km./h.

 Namibia ,with the same great fore cast; Reinhard Schramme started the season in a NIMBUS 3D with a 1000 from Bitterwasser.[134 km./h]
In Bitterwasser all 8 containers arrived. Already on November 1, they started for the first week  AND for the first time with FLYING -WITH –THE- CHAMPIONS from Bitterwasser.Ludwig and Wolfgang , this year together with Dieter Schwenk , planned their first week from November 1 till 7 and the 2d week from November 8 till 14.Mind you there is a new AIRSPACE file available.

” The Namibian Airspace for Gliding Season is confirmed and we are happy that it is once again bigger.
More to the West to Direction Namib for Class G until FL195.
Details you get at the Initial Briefing at Bitterwasser.”

They started last Sunday.




As shared on their site;

The first guests have arrived in Australia as well. The gliders in Corowa, went smoothly , as always, through quarantine on the 27th of October and CIRRUS AG was the first OUT. Would it be the first in Narromine’s JWGC  as well?
Pepe had his first flight for  this season in his ASH 31/21 m. on the 29th, and straight away had a ”  bon dia”;433 km.
I don’t know how many years Pepe has traveled to Australia, but he did so in the past flying with us already and he still does. Maybe 20 years, maybe even more??? Have to check with him.
Also Berry Fennis from the Amsterdamsche  is back in Corowa and tested all instruments during a 352 km. flight in the DG 808B/18 m.


Good old Anders who flew with us as well, has arrived as the 2d long-time-Australia-customer and will fly his ASW 22 ‘QL’ .
The COROWA -season has started NOW!!!!
And it will be busy from now on too, with the Dutch juniors practicing for the JWGC there and after they have flown, some other pilots fly their gliders from Corowa during the rest of the season.
Annemiek , our female participant has already arrived there and made her first flight from Corowa. She flew before in Australia.


Anders helping with one of the Dutch gliders.
As shared on the site.

Charles Day from Benalla flew in the Kestrel 17 m. ;615 km. on a nice Cumulus-day and from Tocumwal Terry Ryan , flew his 2d 500 km.; 590 this time in his ASH 26E.
And ,..young Niklas Soll flew at Toc. his very first SOLO flight on his 15th birthday. Good on him. Happy birthday and congratulations to the solo, Niklas.


With chief pilot Eddie and his dad Stefan.As shared by Eddie Madden.

Young German pilot Simon Briel is still practicing in Narromine for the JWGC and flew nearly 500 k.;495 in the LS8. One day earlier he flew 547 km.topping that day the worldwide OLC.
Mac drove to Corowa and arrived back one day later in Narromine. He picked up an ASG 29 and with some strong lift he raced over the 478 km. One of the owners , Francesco, tested the brand new ASH 31MI/21 m..

Flying over Corowa as shared on the Corowa site.


courtesy Annemiek Koers.


Not long ago he was in Germany , talking at the OLC day about his long-distance-wave -flights, this week Jim Payne added a long ferry/commute flight from Minden to Rosamond; 1.623.2 km. Wave  up to 0ver 6000 m. MSL. The ARCUS M is a great glider for such an occasion.Speed ;161.2 km./h. Not bad???!!!So November started with a good distance on the OLC for day 1.

November 3 was not bad either. You had to be in France , to be precisely in St Gaudens. Robert Pratt flew 1.150 km. with a speed of 130 km./h. And Carl Audissou flew in the DG 600/18m. a distance of 1.073 km.  His 2d great flight from St Gaudens. On the 27th of October he just flew over 1000 k as well.
Wave available this time, up to nearly 6000 m MSL.




The boys and girls ready to go for it in their home country, with TC Mandy and coach Butch.
4 of the youngster fly the Lake Keepit Nationals next week as well. Good practice!!!


More news from Australia.

The 2 Seat Nationals are on again in Narromine from 14 – 21 February 2016. It’s already the 5th time that Narromine is the host.
Practice on the 14th , start of comps on the 15th.

The comp site is now up and online entries are open. Grab your 2 Seater and get going!  If you don’t have a two seater go rent one from your club, Narromine has 2 x Duo Discus for hire to approved pilots.

It is going to be a good comp with some serious players driving the two seaters. So far we have Two Duo’s from Hunter Valley, a Duo from Lake Keepit, another Duo from Kingaroy, a DG1000 from Southern Cross in Sydney, a Nimbus 3DM and maybe even an ASG32 from somewhere secret.

We have a comps Facebook page which will also have regular updates withn ews and information from now and throughout the comp.

Don’t wait, register now!

Have fun, ROSS


In the past when I lived in Australia I got more and more interested in the MELBOURNE CUP; the race that stops the nation. It was yesterday , the first Tuesday in November and a lot of my friends will have been be glued to the TV to see with glasses full of champagne , how the “poor”  horses are racing to be the first over the line, making their owners “crazy from happiness”. For one day they are in the spotlight, so is the horse and the jockey.One of the biggest days as in sport and social happening in Australia.

BUT,there is “the other side”  as well. I read that in ONE year 127 horses died during races ,THAT IS TOO MUCH,  so I have to change my mind about horse races. I always felt sorry for the horses ,but loved the CUP RACING ADRENALINE, it remains special,…but knowing all of this, NO adrenaline anymore!!!!
By the way the less favorite horse, Prince of Penzance won this time , I believe the 154 d version, with a female jockey Michelle Payne, the first ever girl to win.

The other site seen through the eyes of Animals Australia;
Today, as the crowds cheered and the champagne flowed, Melbourne Cup favorite Admire Rakti collapsed and died in his stall from a suspected massive heart attack or internal bleeding. Later in the day, another horse Araldo was euthanised after becoming frightened and crashing through a gate, shattering a bone in his leg.”


The last GLIDING INTERNATIONAL for 2015 arrived and I started reading straight away.
Just to let you know what you can expect;
—First the FULL story by Aldo Cernezzi about the Versvs  from Stefano Ghiorzo.VERY interesting!
—The German Nationals for 2-seaters,….. through the eyes of Markus Geisen.
—The unique setting from the FAI Conference at the SS Rotterdam, an old steamship from the Holland America Line.
—Elke Fuglsang-Petersen writes what to do after getting your license.How they do cross-country training  in Germany.
—Instrument news…the latest!
—Looking back on the 43d Vintage Gliding Club Ralley in Holland at Terlet. Next year in Finland.
—In my report you can see the answers I got from Morgan and Tony , both participants at the WGC in Popcuinai, about why we should have a 13.5 m. class and if it is true that these gliders are too expensive for their performance!!??
—“Stop the drone panic”  is a modern/global story by Miles Hynde.
— Jim Payne writes as chief pilot about the Perlan Project; Testing begins,…
—What about scrubbing the worst day of your competition???
—Global warming….
—LOTUS,….a helicopter, electric plane or motor glider????
—Looking back at the Grand Prix Final in Varese with 2 French toppers.
—The average age of the gliding population and MUCH more!!!


To finish a
ARCUS x 200!!!!!!!
What a mile stone!!!!


CU next Week.

October 28, 2015

Chilhowee !World Solar Challenge ! Perlan Project ! Geoff Soper Photography ! Mac reports from Narromine !

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Starting with Chilhowee, where Sarah lately celebrated her birthday …HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH….and the Oktober Fest was in the weekend of the 16th of October, with many guests, as you can see.
Shared by John Murphy.


World Solar Challenge !

Last year it was the team from the university of Delft winning this prestigious prize of being the first in driving a car over 3000 km. from Darwin to Adelaide ,mainly through desert areas ,on solar energy ONLY . They then, were 3 hours faster than the runner up. You surely remember that Annemiek Koers was one of the drivers. She is now the only female pilot in the Dutch team participating in the JWGC in Narromine. A girl of many talents and back in Australia soon!!! In fact this week as she travels to Melbourne to pick up Ben’s car and trailer for “her”  CIRRUS.Good on you Ben!!

Annemiek by Frans.

Courtesy Frans Guise.

This year it was an exciting race , special for the Dutch fans, as 2 Dutch Universities were in the race for the first prize. The race took 5 days.
In the beginning,  the RED ONE ,car from the University of Twente was leading but on the last but one day the NUON SOLAR TEAM, ” NUNA 8″ from the Technical University of Delft passed by ,…and won, with ONLY less than 3 minutes over 3000 km. !!
The smallest margin EVER in history.
What about that! Good on Twente as well!!! They can be AS proud!!!
The RED ONE had a bit of a mishap in the practice period, as it collided with a kangaroo, but car/driver and kangaroo were not injured or damaged.
Nuna 8 was ONLY on spot 18 during the qualification race, so they had to work hard.
By the way it is not sure yet ,but the family car from the Technical University of Eindhoven might be a winner too. They “fight”  for honors with a Japanese car.And,….they won!!!!
The STELLA LUXE is a family car with 4 seats a car for the future . A jury was involved in this selection . The Japanese car was 5 minutes faster but the Dutch car won points on comfort , integrated innovations , but also easy-parking and boot space .
So 97,77 % for Eindhoven , 93,92 % for Japan and 83,39 for the team from Bochum in Germany.

media_xll_3360168   media_l_3360164

The NUNA 8 en route.
Pictures ANP.

By the way it was the 6th victory for Delft.
A top university where they lately also “found”  a mistake in the research from Einstein.
Dr. Loek Boermans , who got the gold Lilienthal Gliding Award , this year in Rotterdam, is one of the professors at Delft.[Low speed aerodynamics]
Interesting is that one of the boys/students, Joris van den Berg,  involved with the aerodynamics from this car, lives in Alphen aan den Rijn, where I live. He was one of the 3 drivers and the one who was allowed to pass by the RED ONE on day 4; he got from the crew the ” GO “. A very important moment during the race and he loved the feeling of doing that; passing by and trying to keep the lead, which was n’t easy due to lack of sunshine in the end!!!
They also had to deal with sometimes tough wind in the open desert, temperatures up to 45 dgr. in the cockpit and not the best roads.
For that they had a female navigator, pointing out the quality of the road . This NUNA 8 only weighs 150 kg. so “she is a bit touchy”.


As shared by the AD.


Only after I got in contact with Alexis Anastasiou ,I got to know a bit more about gliding in Greece.
For that reason it is interesting to see a group of Greece pilots from the Edessa Gliding Club at Schempp Hirth to collect their Duo Discus XLT. Good on them and I wish them many great and safe flights in it.

zzzzGreek Duo   zzzzGreece duo 2

As shared by Schempp Hirth.


The Airbus Perlan Mission 2.

Got the latest [October] newsletter , with the news by Dean Sigler on the first flight;
The Perlan 2 glider made its first test flight Wednesday, September 23 at Redmond, Oregon.  Towed to 5,000 feet above Roberts Field Redmond Municipal Airport, it stayed aloft for about a half-hour, and alighted perfectly under the expert guidance of James (“Jim”) Payne, Chief Pilot for the Airbus-sponsored project.  Morgan Sandercock, Co-pilot and Project Manager, rode the back seat and took his turn flying the big craft.”

” According to post-flight chat, Jim and Morgan found things to their liking, with controls, including the huge dive brakes, working as designed and as simulations predicted.” 


Jim and Morgan.
As shared in their news letter
For all the news on  The Perlan Project


News from HPH UK.

They are in the final stages of their strategy to support volume production of both Single-seat and Two-seat sailplanes. The move into the all-new factory will begin shortly. This has been built on the site of the old factory, whilst HPH have de-camped into a new Interim facility immediately nextdoor for most of 2015. With this final move, HPH will have one of the most (if not the most) modern glider manufacturing facilities. They shared a picture as well to show you what’s happening!!



What happened more this week?
Holland had a splendid autumn day on October 25 with THERMAL ACTIVITY and unbelievable flights up to over 300 km. SO late in the season.
ONLY happy pilots!!!!
Sikko , who flew 315 km. from Soesterberg direction Germany and back shared some impressions from his flight. Interesting was that several pilots mentioned “help” to find thermals by….. buzzards.
It seems this week will be a great autumn week, after TOO low temperatures, they are up to 7 dg. too high now; 20!!!!![average should be 13 dgr. C.]

1932354_1234836176541817_7438205447346592419_n    12063509_1234836916541743_3830070079634556767_n

As shared by Sikko.

And cause this weather is so special some pictures from Peter Millenaar as well flying above Utrecht, more or less the heart of Holland.
He flew 267 km.

12047090_10207640162112754_480055705232267992_n     12046978_10207640162712769_6591277034784209434_n

As shared by Peter.

Interesting to see that the new BAHIA Gliding Resort in Brazil from Guilherme Purnhagen, topped the October OLC list 9 times!!!!
On October 24 it was Narromine where practicing JWGC junior Simon, from Germany topped the day in his LS 8 flying 507 km. In the close future many youngsters will arrive there and FLY, being eager , astonished and HAPPY.
Good runner up was Tocumwal with Terry Ryan flying the first of many long distance flights from his field;522 in the ASH 26E.
Father/son combination Stefan and Niklas Soll could fly every day in the Twin Astir RG, from the TOC Aerodrome, where Stefan is a frequent visitor even longer than I am. And that’s LONG!!!He even had my daughter Inge as tuggy.
As Eddie , owner from SPORTAVIATION mentioned; “ First cumulus at 10:30 to 4500 ft.”
Great to see that hang glider topper Attila Bertok,who converted years ago , in a few flights with our instructors at Sportavia to glider pilot,  flew his St Cirrus to 458 km. from Lake Keepit. Another top-of-the-OLC-list-pilot, this time on the 25th!!!
And,…what about yesterday from ST Gaudens in France; Carl Audissou flies just 1000 km. in a DG 600/18m. with a nice speed of 124 km./h. Great wave day , mainly over 5000 m. MSL.


First 500 for the season,…many to follow!!
As shared by Eddie.

Mac [Makoto] reports from Narromine.

Mac, is already in Narromine and as long as he is there,  he is so kind to give me all kind of info , “on the road” to this JWGC.

It is the first time since the beginning of 2000 , Mac is so early in Narromine,”  last time I seriously flew in Oct was in 2001, leading to WGC in Mafeking. It is a bit greener than usual, even for this time of year, and weather forecast still shows rather moist airmasses coming. But is still early in the season.”

Simon from German team is only competitor there yet. Climb rates have been quite good already, sometimes up to 8 kts which is quite good for October.”

He also mentions that his partner Akemi has been flying LS8 and is training for records.
He went yesterday to Corowa to pick up the ASG29e and tries to fly it back to Narromine in a day or two.

Good old Beryl [ Hartley, ] is a VERY BUSY LADY and heavily involved in the JWGC and as Mac said:” she is burning night candles, getting ready for JWGC. I heard there will be 50 people on the ground supporting the event! I think it will be very exciting.” 

SO DO I. This is the first contribution from a very busy Mac about the preparations for the JWGC. THANKS a lot Mac!!!!


As you might have noticed I used over the last years more and more pictures. I find that good photographers with their GREAT pictures can be such an addition to my stories.
Of course I always check if I can use them and except for once , but that was turned back later, I have NEVER been disappointed.
Here is a link to Geoff Soper’s NEW photography FB site, for those who are on FB and 3 fabulous pictures .
Geoff lives in New Zealand.
Welcome to my new page where I will be showcasing my photography (and Canvas prints) rather than my personal FB page. Initially I will be posting up some airshow images in albums then my favourite images. Rolled canvas prints (frame your own) plus photographic prints (Matt art prints, glossy or satin) available as well as Canvas prints. Plus whole wall prints made up of wallpaper rolls.Thank you all for the support of my photography.” since September 23.
Geoff Soper Photography


A WOW FACTOR picture from Geoff;
From little Ben Omarama. Lake Ohau in the background.”


Jerry O’Neill Springfield Ridge


This is ,in retrospect, a sad picture as the pilot Bill Walker died last year in Namibia,   after a crash with his mate David Speight. I see it as a tribute a great memory on a pilot who was some kind of icon in New Zealand. So was David by the way.


To finish the promised pictures ,….and these are very last ones,……from FRANS GUISE about the AWARD festivity at Terlet.

IMG_0017   IMG_0014

The 2 EGC toppers with a 2d and 3d place;Jacques and Jeroen


IMG_0016   IMG_0015

The 2 FAI AWARD winners 2015, dr Loek Boermans who shines  and Ritz.Sorry looking a bit tired!

IMG_0095-2_pp   IMG_0064-2


“my” gold [WGC Uvalde 1991] and bronze [Rieti EGC] winners Baer [r]and Ronald [as said ” my silver ” [WGC Borlange] winner Erik Borgmann could n’t be there] and our GREAT presents. Now,…it’s back to normal!!!!BUT,…I am still honored and proud!!!!


We are back to Winter Time. About 70 countries changed like we did here.
Last Sunday morning at 3 the clock was put back to 2 AM. Difference with Australia is now 10 instead of 8 hours.

CU next week

October 21, 2015

Nostalgia….Lufthansa 1926 …..RAF flag lowered in Tocumwal in 1960 on October 14!NZD 2015!

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Always something happening in our world,…but this is the more quiet period. Time to get my visa for Australia , the winter clothes out of the cupboard and the summer clothes in , though,…part of it went straight in the suitcase for Tocumwal.
Also windows 10 was installed by my grandson Dexter, but later un-installed as I had no idea, what to do,or where to go.Back to 8 and that suits me!!!

We got indeed snow, on the coldest EVER October 14, wet snow ….but SNOW in the South of Holland, last Wednesday. VERY early in the season.Time to go down under soon!!
Germany had at places 5 to 15 cm. with traffic jams and accidents and incidents, as most of the car drivers were still on summer tires.
Here in Holland they all raced to the garage to change to their winter-tires .

zzzzzSnow in France

Snow in France as well as shared by Les 100 Ciels.


News about records!

FAI has ratified the following Class D (Gliders) European record :
Claim number : 17624
Sub-class :DO (Open Class Gliders)
Category: General
Type of record : Speed over a triangular course of 1 000 km
Course/location : Buno Bonnevaux – Neufchateau – vallon en Sully – Alençon – Buno Bonnevaux (France)
Performance : 119,55 km/h
Pilot : Alain Mazalerat (France)
Glider : ASG 29 18m / Schleicher
Date :30.07.2015
Previous record : no record set yet

Congratulations to Alain.



Tocumwal by Ronald

Courtesy Ronald Hermans.

14th of October 1960

On this day in Air Force history: 19601014 14/10/1960 Tocumwal base closed

Caption: Tocumwal, 1944″ On this day, the Air Force flag was lowered for the last time at the RAAF base outside the southern NSW border town of Tocumwal, as it was formally closed by Group Captain George Pither, the Commanding Officer of No 1 Aircraft Depot at Laverton. The 12 men normally stationed there were transferred immediately after the ceremony. About 50 aircraft of various types remained, awaiting disposal by the Department of Supply. When built in 1942, the base (then known as McIntyre Field) was the largest in Australia, covering 20 square kilometres and with 100 kilometres of roads. Originally intended to take heavy bombers of the USAAF, the strategic need for the base had already passed by the time it was completed and it became a Repair and Supply Depot instead. Placed on a care and maintenance basis in 1946, it had operated as Detachment B of No 1 Aircraft Depot since 1950” 
Interesting for all, who flew in Tocumwal at and over the field with the WW2 hangars. This picture is North of the field and the ‘paddocks’  are full of LIBERATORS and smaller planes, most chopped up after the war to make saucepans and billies from them, as they were needed THEN!!!!!
A lot of history over there.
Very proud to have lived there AT this airfield.
zzzzzzToc 1944
Shared by the Tocumwal Residential Airport.
Tocumwal hangaar2zuidkant   Tocumwal hangaar1
The South side of the hangar, rebuild later to SPORTAVIA , with office and sun room …..and inside, with the by the Dutch artist Gerry Jillessen painted Blanik.This was during our time between 1996 and 2006. Before we spend 12 seasons there as guests.
SO sad it’s ALL falling more or less in a heap now, due to lack of attention,neglected  by the sole new owner.

More nostalgia.

A while ago again , I wrote about that intriguing foehn- flight in an LS 1 by Peter Asam.
I promised you more about him and his family.
Now is the time.
The crew and plane.
In 1926 my dad Dr. Max Asam founded with friends the Suddeutsche Lufthansa AG in Munich. Only a short time later they merged with another company into the German Lufthansa .
That was the birth of  LUFTHANSA, as we know it now. [It even stand WW2.]
How come??
In those year farmers high on the mountains in the German/Bayerische  and Austrian Alps, living in hut’s , needed food and sometimes medical help. That was brought up by PORTERS [some kind of sherpa’s ] with the help of donkeys.
So they started to do this more fast and more economical with …….planes.
It took up to 24 hours for the porters,….. WITH A PLANE ONLY ABOUT one HOUR.
They dropped the parcels with parachutes.
They transported bags with coal for the winters, under the plane , beds or barrels of wine; no parachute here but….a free fall!!!
Between 6-11 -1926 and 24-02- 1928 they made 101 flights and part of them have been documented by pictures.
A total of 90 flights in about 60 flying-hours successfully were logged in the books.More than 13.000 kg. was brought to the hut’s .
Of course the weather was n’t always good and 8 flights had to be aborted by deteriorating weather.
On the 14th of March 1927 my dad crashed at a height of 2000 m. due to unexpected upcoming snow and fog.
Luckily he survived.”
The crash from Peter’s dad. He was unconscious for more than 16 hours, but ALIVE.
You can see those pictures[39]  and this very interesting story [in German]  at ;


NZD 2015.


On the 7th of November I will visit the National Dutch Gliding day at Terlet. The organisation is by; de Gelderse Aero Club in co-operation with the airfield of Terlet, with the Thermiekbel [you know the restaurant we had the last AWARD party]  the SERVICE CENTER TERLET  and the GLIDER PILOT SHOP.
An interesting program has been prepared by Maurits Dortu and Rene de Dreu from the GLIDER PILOT SHOP.
How do you plan a 1000 from Holland? The 3 pilots , Mark, Alfred Paul and Sikko, who flew a 1000 from Holland will talk about their flight.
Shaun Lapworth will be there to talk about the FAI GRAND PRIX final in Varese.
Several sessions;
Uys Jonker, from Jonker Sailplanes,  will talk about EASA glider certification, Andrej Koller , from NAVITER, about meteo in systems/instruments on board and Airspace Avoid is interesting as well by Marcel Knol. These are the 3 sessions I will visit.
They are not the only ones,…on their site you can see who is also there for a presentation .
A nice line-up from gliders/static display [ASG 29 Es, ASG 32 E, JS 1 c-21 m, ANTARES 23 E, ANTARES 18 T and the DG 1001 CLUB] and a market with instruments is of course available as well.
Which ones you can find on the site :

You can go to this site as well when you want to enter.Mind you ,…it could be very busy, so don’t wait too long!!!!


Whilst we had rain , wet snow and temperatures about 7 dgr TOO low for the season Narromine had early spring time at it’s best. Look at the pictures they shared.

zzzzNarromine 1

zzzzNarromine 2  zzzzNarromine 3

With the messages :
Narromine from 10,000ft [pic 1], Easy final glide home from the west [pic 2] ,Trangie at 8,500ft.

For local updates leading into ‪#‎jwgc15‬ please like and share their public page

Young German pilot Simon Briel was the first to arrive at Narromine 43 days before it ALL happens and did already a familiarization flight in the Stemme.


Also Tocumwal, place I will be visiting in December and 2 weeks in January shared some pictures from great early spring times as well.As said before I will spend a few days in Narromine and Benalla as well.
Swiss Chris shared the pictures.

zzzzSpring in Toc.

ASW-27 check flight after airworthiness check:
Cloudbase 2000 msl… 480km ….105km/h….. 18% circling,….. average glide ration 66 !!!

Great flights last week from Bahia Gliding Paradise [Brazil] by Egon Otto Rehn in the Quintus M.; 932 km. and 876 km.
From another field but also in Brazil [Formosa Aerodrome flying for the Panzer Cup on October 17 an  “ultime good day”] , Egon Otto Rehn flew 739 in the ARCUS M.
412 from Bebedouro, again in Brazil as daily best on October in the ASH 30[412 km].

Also at other places in Australia they were active ; Lake Keepit beautiful soaring place on a lake ; Justin Smith flew 667 km. [500 FAI triangle]  in an LS 6/17.5 m. and topped the world wide OLC list on October 16.
Allan Barnes flew one day later in his LS 1f also from Lake Keepit 600 km .
In Lake Keepit the women gathered together for  their ” WOMEN IN GLIDING WEEK”.

Uys flew from Potchefstroom in South Africa 490 as daily best on October 18 .

Talking about the OLC ….this is the new “one-year-owner-of -the-OLC-DISCUS” .Every year a new young German pilot who flew himself in the top 10 of the Junior Challenge, can be selected to fly this 2CT.
This year it is Matthias Arnold, good luck and safe flights Matthias !!!

zzzzDiscus OLC


That’ s it, till next week.
Cheers Ritz

October 14, 2015

South Africa with a “MONSTER-DAY” and Australia started their 2015/16 comps with great flights!

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Party time!

The Sport committee from the Royal Dutch Gliding Association was so kind to invite glider pilots, friends and family for an informal drink at Terlet last Monday from 6 o’clock onward ,to celebrate our FAI AWARDS. Both Loek and I were ” cheered on ” as well as Jeroen Verkuijl and Jacques Selen ,who both flew so well during the last EGC in Ocseny in Hungary and Rieti in Italy .[spot 3 and 2!!!]
For those who are interested,…below in the extra blog is a picture-story impression, enjoy!



On Wednesday [October 7] the pilots  got 3.30 hour AAT’s in both 18m./open and club class.
562 km. was the best distance in  time 3.34,  flown by Oscar in 18 m./open and when you fly so many kilometers you go FAST !!!!157.2 km./h.
377.2 km. was the distance in CLUB class by Wilhelm Mosehuus in the CIRRUS with a speed of 107.8 km./h.

Thursday ;was called a MONSTERDAY!!!!!!A 1.15 task was set for both classes as more was just impossible and they WENT for it, using all weather elements available!!!
Why??????Have a look at this!


WOW,….don’t know what more to say. Mind you Jonathan Cross flies a Cirrus as well.
WHAT FABULOUS DAY for those club class pilots!!!
As Oscar mentioned ;” Thunderstorms all around. Only task we could squeeze in.” He called the pilots for this day, RIDERS of the STORM and according to him ” possibly the most fun I have EVER had“.
Mind you Oscar flew everywhere in the world!!!
When I checked with him he was still “glowing”, ”  an exceptional day,extraordinary,… we never thought it would turn out in such a great day”.

They were launched to”  the sound of thunder.” Isolated showers/storms , over-development it was all there so with that hanging around they choose, in fact they had no other choice,  for that short task. What an unbelievable energy creates such weather.

Jonathan flew in time 1.26 , a distance of 146 km.[Cirrus] and Oscar in the same time a distance of 293 km.[JS 1]
Brother Laurens flew around with 191.95 km./h over 278 km. The ” slowest”  pilot flew around with 152.70 km./h.!!!!
It was for sure not about “the points”.Oscar got on this “devaluated day ” 376 points


Riders of the storm[s].
As shared by Oscar

After 5 days of flying , Jonathan Cross won the club class with 4010 points, runner up was Wilhelm Moosehuus with 3984 and just a tad less ,3941 for LS 1 pilot Jaco Burger.
In 18 m./open it was Oscar before brother Laurens;4121 for 3911 and then the Jonkers.



15m./st class day 4;
Adam [Woolley] , like David [Jansen] , straight away forgot about the out-landing and flew without any hesitation to another daily win in st./15 m.
268 km. with a speed of 113 km. in the “small” Ventus A is just good, as runner up Ross Mac Clean flew 10 km./h. slower.Overall number 1 flew around with 98.73 km./h in the ASW 20 a.

18 m./open day 4 ;
289 was set for the pilots in this class and slowly David is climbing up; spot 3 overall now , 2 on a daily base. Tom still leads.

Task 5 was cancelled in all classes due to heavy wind.
Task 6 was cancelled in all classes.

LAST DAY; Task 7 on day 5 ;
With 309. 83 the st/15 m. pilots had to see how they could stay at their spot or get higher, preferable not loosing.
Adam started ONE minute after Mac and finished 3 minutes earlier, so another daily win. Peter was in between them and kept his runner up-place behind Mac who won with  more than 200 points.
Here is what Adam had to say about the last day:
—“That’s a wrap, managed to win the final day of the 2015 QLD State Gliding Champs to finish 5th – a real shame about the outlanding day, as it would’ve been great to see how the game would’ve been played to the end.
Started mid-pack yesterday, a few minutes behind Mac & Pete Trotter. The sky, CU’s, but they didn’t give me confidence, it stated that way all day, lots of shear, & when organised, had no feel to them.
I cruised with the people I was with for half the flight, until I decided I could go it alone. Once the switch happened, I edged slowly away. A different race for me, as I wasn’t really in the race for the top dog spot.” —

18m./open had 401.72 km. David[ Jansen] flew with 122 km. on the clock to the 3 daily victory and managed to climb from the last but one spot on day 1 ,after an out-landing, to spot 2 behind Tom after 5 flyable days;3872 for 3784 points.

club 272 km. and local pilot Joseph O’ Donnel won the last day …he was 10 km. faster than the runner up.
Joseph won the comps in his LS 3; 3865 points for him and overall runner up LS 4 pilot John Trezise had 3545   points; he is from the Hunter Valley.


News from the Qualifying Grand Prix in 15 m.  in France in 2016 [June 4-11] ;
“Maximilian Seis, the reigning Grand Prix World Champion, will fly again the Grand Prix France, just for fun! He’s already selected for the next world final. Max will be discounted from the results of the Grand Prix France for qualification purposes. 3 tickets to Potchefstroom are available!
The first pilots are already on the list, among them ” good old Patrick Stouffs”.
The new web site is open now!


Talking about websites; OMARAMA has a new one. Have a look at the spectacular ,colorful , active new site;

And straight away excitement , read this!
—“Yesterday Edwin Nieman from Dunedin flew with Gavin. It took over an hour to climb into the SW wave. But once at 13,000ft they tiptoed north to Aoraki/Mount Cook. The summit ridge was working well and gorgeous. Coming home they climbed to 21,000ft in front of developing lenticulars that topped out well over 30,000 feet, Edwin’s first glider flight – 3.2 hours!”—

zzzzOmarama  zzzzOmarama 2

13,000ft, 40km south of Mount Cook —and–Climbing through 20,000 ft 20 kms south of Mount Cook. Still lots of wave above.
” Trial Flights dont get much better than this!”
With Edwin Nieman, very Dutch name by the way!!!He looks VERY pleased!!!


2015-10-11 15.39.50

In our SPORTAVIA time we trained army students/cadets. Those times were REALLY great fun,  as the young ones were out going , friendly and keen to learn.I remember our chef in the kitchen had to cook extra portions as they COULD EAT!!!All day out side ,some tension helps the appetite , but also early nights and breakfast.
One of my FB friends John Welsh from Perth in Australia, spend last week time to train a whole new bunch of pilots;
” Another mission accomplished! 8/8 students solo over the week, sent 3 solo myself – 52 sorties over 5 days, feeling a wee bit weary! Great youngsters to teach!”

zzzzTraining1   zzzztraining2


Weather phenomena’ s !!!!

Ian Mc Phee from Australia shared this great picture with text from this superb cloud at Yamba:
On the new weather satellite this roll Cloud extended 200 to 300 km to sea at about 45 deg to coast. As it moved up the coast you could see winds from NE 15kph to 40 or 50kph S.”

zzzzzRoll cloud

Silva , “my CD”  at the EGC from Finland in 2005 ,[he used to call me “my steward” !] shared a great picture from the Northern Lights

zzzzzNoorder licht bySilva

Jill shared a picture from her country with the message :” New Zealand from space – aren’t we pretty?


 Courtesy;The Edge Afternoons with Guy ,Sharon and Clint.
from the S of Australia shared by Tammy, wife of our former tuggy Glenn.


” Lovely contrasting rainbow after this afternoons fierce storm.” [Last Saturday]

Driving back from Tocumwal last Sunday Swiss Chriss had an encounter with this one in Kialla [Victoria] 

zzzzzzSwiss chris


Slowly we are getting closer to the next JWGC in Narromine and activities around this big event are happening already NOW!!!!!
Here the JWGC- launch in Sydney, where most of the young pilots will arrive.

zzzzzNarromine JWGC

Champion Matthew Scuttter with member Paul Matthews, NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayers MP and Narromine Shire Mayor Bill McAnally at the launch of the JWGC Martin Place Sydney Friday 9 October.
Courtesy John Styles.


JWGC-PR in Sydney.
As shared by the Gliding Federation of Australia

Our Dutch team starts at Corowa, unpacking the containers and getting used to the time difference and flying down under. Francesco, together with Grietje owners of the Australian Soaring Center in Corowa , shared a nice picture to our young ones to wet their appetite.
With the message ;” In the afternoon the cloud base went up to 2500 m. AGL.”

zzzzzCorowa op 13 oct


This was post 850.We had great autumn weather last week and in the weekend , full of sunshine and that brought many to the airport for a nice flight in the late season.It was COLD though.Today 8 but with the wind chill factor 3 dgr. C. 15 dgr is normal for the time of the year. MAYBE wet snow in the Southern part of Holland.

We are OUT of the soccer Europeans comps in France next year. Last year , after the World Championship, “we ” were number 2 on the FIFA ranking list , now yesterday evening,  we went under and sorry to say….deserved. A huge disappointment for soccer minded Holland , as we were participating since 1984. Heard that a turn around from 40 to 50 million will be lost, when you look economical to it.BUT….our Belgian mates are going and even more important , they wrote history and are NOW the number ONE on the FIFA ranking list!!!!!!! Good on them. As quite a lot of their players have played here in Holland or still do, I just follow Belgium now. No worries!!!
CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

A picture-story about the festivities in Holland around the FAI AWARD WINNERS and to celebrate a 2d and 3d EGC place.

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It was a lovely evening.
Venue; the bar in THE THERMIEKBEL at TERLET.
Thank you to the Sport department of the KNVvL ,with Frouwke as the “engine” behind it all.
The staff served delicious tomato soup and hot dogs for the people coming in straight from work and all kind of nibbles and bites were available during the drinks.Great effort.
Thank you to all people, young and old visiting us, on a Monday at 6 PM, not the easiest time!!

First of all I want to share with you pictures from my TC time;  “my”  GOLD medal winner during the WGC in Uvalde in 1991; Baer Selen.

2015-10-12 18.21.42

“my ” bronze medal winner in Rieti during the EGC; Ronald Termaat.

2015-10-12 19.10.20

Silver medal winner during the WGC in Borlange Erik Borgmann could not be there and what’s worse I do not have a picture from him in my file.Sorry about that.


Guests…. very young, young and old.

2015-10-12 19.08.18

The lovely Caroline and the adorable Elin.

2015-10-12 18.06.30   2015-10-12 18.07.15

Of course dr. Loek Boerman, who got the FAI LILIENTHAL GLIDING MEDAL. Here with WWGC pilot  and partner from Jacques Selen;Lilian de Bruijn , who won a day in Arnborg in Denmark. And Jeroen and his wife . Jeroen won the 3d prize during the last EGC in Ocseny in Hungary.

2015-10-12 19.05.04   2015-10-12 19.48.52

Jacques who won the silver medal in the Rieti-EGC  in Italy here with Lilian. Frouwke the organizer/engine  from this event with my daughter Inge.

2015-10-12 19.07.37   2015-10-12 19.07.59

2015-10-12 19.07.47   2015-10-12 19.57.31

Young guests as Tim Kuijpers [former JWGC champion] and Rene de Dreu [former European champion] Frank Hiemstra and Bart Berendsen both National Champions and JWGC , EGC and WGC participants when I am correct and Dillen and Meinte great crew-member and help at Nationals and crew and TC in Rieti. Peter Millenaar former youngest National Champion and JWGC champion in Leszno in 2013.

A bit older guests but still very active;

  2015-10-12 18.07.42   2015-10-12 19.07.06

The Millenaars and Hans Disma.

and an overview of guests.

2015-10-12 18.08.41   2015-10-12 19.56.18

2015-10-12 19.56.30

More friends and family.

2015-10-12 19.52.08

My daughter Inge with Ferdie Kuijpers.

2015-10-12 18.28.56   2015-10-12 19.06.40

Lily de Rooy [Highschool friend, I know her from when we were 4[we lived in the same neighbourhood and went to the same schools]  and Chris, Gretha Musters [Kees wife and longtime friend]  en Ans Moonen[Highschool friend, since my highschool -time]

2015-10-12 18.05.49   2015-10-12 19.05.35

Diana en Ans and my youngest brother Piet with his wife Servatia. My other 2 brothers were in Spain and France.

Before we left we all 4 got a great screen print.

2015-10-12 20.00.59  2015-10-12 19.59.31

2015-10-12 20.05.58

A last word to say thank you to Frouwke and the guests,

2015-10-12 20.06.48

More professional pictures to come from top photographer Frans.

October 7, 2015

Colorful bird of paradise!! Sporting code ! Queensland comps….” saved by a peanut field!”!!!

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The loss of ” padre-familias ” Maurice Huybreckx [1928] was maybe expected after his short illness, but it still HURTS!!! What an outstanding person he was!!!!
Through ALL the years our family always welcomed us WARM ,when we arrived at KEIHEUVEL.
I have told you several times, how Maurice always had a place to sleep for us,[a small caravan a bigger one a Wohnmobil,]  when Ans and I went to the field in Belgium.With a big smile he waited for us, a better welcome at an airfield, was impossible. Though to be honest the children AND grand children, are brought up in the same spirit as mum and dad/grand pa and grand ma.
Till mum got less mobile, she was there always with Maurice.This is a huge loss for her.
I know the Huybreckx family for 40 years, have gone with them through sad [they lost a son Gert, like we did our Dennis] and happy times. Shared precious moments with their children Chrisje , Eddy and Mark, later with their grand children ,  Gitte and Tim, Sofie and Dennis [named after our Dennis] and Jeroen and his sister who is not into gliders but horses and now we ALL treasure the grand-grand children.All these little ones adored bonpa and bonma, so did we!!!!!
The KEIHEUVEL will be still a great place to go to, but it will be different,….Maurice will be sadly missed!!!!
RIP Maurice and ALL the best for the family.


32-Mi-rot-14-250x140  32-Mi-rot-04-250x140

As shared on their site .
Pictures ;Manfred Muench.

Great and hopefully effective news from Schleicher to improve the visibility in the air!!!
” Currently, the ASG 32 is the only series-built sailplane which can be painted completely in various colors. This provides for the possibility of applying large areas of color on fuselage, tail and wings. Now, the first color ASG 32 Mi had it’s maiden flight.”

32-Mi-rot-25-250x140   32-Mi-rot-20-250x140


On October 1 the new sporting code was effective. Here in short what is “up” now.

Dear Friends,
The Sporting Code Committee has created a one page summary intended to highlight the changes concerning Badges that are effective from 1st October 2015 in the Sporting Code Section 3 (Gliding) together with Annex C’s interpretation.

It is not intended to be a word-by-word comparison, rather an overview how the changes affects pilots, analysts and Approvals for FRs & PRs.

This summary is available on the FAI/IGC website :

In the Sporting Code itself, with the deletion of the requirement for turn points to be a minimum of 10 km apart, it came to the committee’s attention that the need to declare each turn point for a task, even if it was to be revisited, could now be misinterpreted. Therefore, a new para SC3-1.4.3 has been added to the text.

1.4.3   Multiple use of way points        A TURN POINT can have the same coordinates as the START or FINISH POINT, and if a TURN POINT is to be used twice it must be listed twice in the task declaration.

Ross Macintyre

Chairman IGC SC3 Committee.


Bahia gliding was in the OLC list with some great flights from Jeroen Verkuijl in the Nimbus 3T /25.5 m. Now flown by Branco Stojkovic with a 650 task and with  impressive pictures  by Robinson Rosa.
On final glide they caught up with a good fire. And my friend Art [Grant] commented; ” Pyro-cu! A prairie favorite.

zzzzFinal glide in smoke  ZZZZZZ Vuurwolk

and this one made by Branco during his flight in a KW 1.

zzzzBahia Branco

On Friday 806 km. was flown by Branco, as practice for a 1000 km. flight, but that flight on Sunday was just a tad too short; 982 km. [735 FAI triangle]. I believe he was most sorry for missing out on a 1000 km.-CIGAR!!!!!
Guilherme  “Gugui” Purnhagen is working hard to make the combination Bahia airfield -Brazil weather ,…a TOP WORLD SPOT.


October has started.Over 500 km. already down under [Geoff Pratt ] and in South Africa by Sven [524 km.] and Oscar [588 km.] By the way on October 4 he flew 400 km. with a speed of 154 km./h. Total flight; 440 km. with 120 km./h.
Our September month was in general too cold and too wet. The normal average of rain here, is 78 mm. now it was 110 mm, according to
Normally we have in September 10 days with temperatures of 20 dgr. or more , this year only 2!!!
But the last couple of days were nice and they still were in the beginning of October.




The Queensland comps are in progress in Kingaroy with 29 participants in 3 classes. Kingaroy is in  the East of Australia where the 2016- competition -season starts ,[ same day by the way as in Potchefstroom in South Africa] and  they have had 4 days till now .
Mak from Japan arrived back in Australia ,where he spends nearly all down -under-summer.
Adam , who just finished his 767 type rating in Japan and will start his line training from Narita soon, was a happy chappie: “Last to leave, first home. 1st time I’ve ever done that – great feeling!
Both fly in st./15 m. class . Day 1 was cancelled.
So a new day 1 on October 4, with 234 km. won by Peter Trotter in his ASW 20 A. 6 From 11 finished the task  among them Mac and Adam.
The next day had better weather , a task from 317 km. and 1 out-landing with an LS 3.
After 2 days of flying Mak ,[1449] Adam [1423] and Peter [1253] top the overall list.

Flying day 3 had 287 km. for the pilots.A tough day, not for Peter who won again 1000 points , not so much for Mak either, he lost “only” 67 points on Peter,…. but for Adam, as he was “aux vaches” after 178 km.Last daily spot, ….364 points,…that hurts.
So the overall scores changed a bit; Mak still leads [2382] ,Peter is runner up and Adam dropped to spot 6.
Today they had 286 km.

zzzzzAdam K.  zzzzMac

Adam in Kingaroy as shared by him. And Mac “famous in Australia”, you must love news about soaring;
Saved by a peanut field;glider makes a last-minute landing after bad weather”.
shared by Adam.

In 18m. /open class 248 km. was set for the 12 pilots on their day 1.Greg Colb won before Butch [John Buchanan] and Tom [Claffey] A bad day for David Jansen and Andrew Georgeson as they both just missed out on finishing.
BUT…. on day 2 David set this straight with 1000 points for a 422 km. task racing with 133 km./h over the track. Tom was just a tad slower!
After 2 days Tom leads the pact[1570]  before Greg [1557] and David climbed from 10 to 7.[1267]

Flying day 3 had 302 km. and once David has had his “off-day”  he “FLIES”!!!! He won the day again now with a speed of 111 km./h. Only 6 in this class seem to have finished and it was an expensive day for  Greg and Butch.I thought for Tom as well, though he was not scored in the daily points they added points to the overall scores were he is on spot 1.[2419]

More news, they had 289 km. today  and final scores next Wednesday.




Picture shared by AKAFLIEG -Potch Gliding.
Courtesy ;Zayne Wouda

Both overseas continents start in the beginning of October with the first comps and with Kingaroy down under , Potchefstroom was the place to be this week in South Africa.[3-10/10-10 2015]
It’s a bit difficult to follow as they can’t cope with the new Soaringspot system, but created their own with pictures on their FB.
They started after 1 practice day with day 1 on Sunday; 410 km.
In 18 m. class, the 13 pilots got last Monday, on day 2,  a 550 task won by Uys and Attie with a speed of 130 km./h.Oscar and Laurens followed with Danish pilot Anders Anderson with 129 km./h.
After 2 days Oscar leads [1853] for Uys [1757] and Laurens [1748] and Attie.[1693] Anders has a total of 1628 points.

Yesterday  a 3 hour AAT was  set in 18m/open for day 3.
Pieter Nouwens won the day with 148 km./h.over 440 km !!! ahead of Laurens and Oscar.
Oscar still leads with about 100 points on brother Laurens.[2746 for 2655] followed by Uys , Attie and Anders.

There were some complaints about the weather forecast ” interesting weather. Topmeteo has been wrong for 4 days in a row now.” 

More news and final scores next Wednesday.


And to finish; The 109th Annual meeting of the FAI in Rotterdam, turned out to be a great success. Compliments to the KNVvL , who organised the congress at an unforgettable  venue; the SS Rotterdam.
201 Participants from 46 different countries visited, among them a big delegation from Dubai [ United Arab Emirates] , where they organize the next  FAI World AIR GAMES 2015.



CU next Wednesday
cheers Ritz

September 30, 2015

The AIRBUS PERLAN MISSION 2 !!!OLC stats in the different countries.AWARD DINNER !

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but first 
the other news.



The Perlan Project aircraft/glider , I mentioned it already last week,  made its initial flight last Thursday. “And who else than Jim Payne and Morgan Sandercock were the pilots. Flying up to 90.000 ft. for tests in 2016 in Argentina  is NOT NOTHING!!!
But this day they went up to 5000 ft. behind tuggy Silvio in his Pawnee.
the world’s first engine-less aircraft designed to reach the edge of space, achieved its successful first flight today in a historic moment about 5,000 feet above Robert’s Field, the Redmond Municipal Airport in Oregon. This was the first test flight of the aircraft, which next year will attempt to set a new world altitude record for any airplanes to open up a world of new discoveries. “

zzzzPerlan 2 by Paul

As Shared by Paul Remde.
Soaring News by Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

The final goal from this project is : “to open up a world of new discoveries related to high-altitude flight, climate change and space exploration.” 

” The Perlan II has a wingspan of 87 feet. It follows the Perlan I, which was a regular glider retrofitted for higher altitudes. The Perlan I set an altitude record for flying at 50,972 feet. If the Perln  II gets above 51,000 feet, it will set a new record. “

I copied and pasted for you their MISSION.But, as mentioned,  for the first flight they did not go that high.
 The Perlan 2 will fly to 90,000 feet at the edge of space to explore the science of giant mountain waves that help create the ozone hole and change global climate models. This will require the engineering of a spacecraft with glider wings that can fly in less than 3% of normal air density and at temperatures of minus 70 degrees C, conditions approximating the surface of Mars. These missions will provide education and inspiration for young people seeking careers of exploration and adventure in engineering and science.”

zzzzPerlan Project

As shared by the Nevada Soaring Association.
And again is the link
and on AirbusGroup Press Release.

 Morgan Sandercock is heavily involved in this project. Morgan just flew so well during the very first 13.5 m. WGC in Pocuinai. And then,…in the middle of this busy period I ask him 2 questions about this 13.5 m class and ,……he took time to answer me. That will be all in the next Gliding International and later in my blog.

A first reaction on the maiden-flight from Morgan:
“It’s very stable at low speeds. The control power is excellent as soon as the glider is moving faster than a slow walk. We did not explore the speed range in the air – there are a lot of test points to be completed in later flights – but I can say the stall speed is less than 38 knots. Possibly much less.”


As promised I dived in the names and facts of the champions in several parts of the world.So here we go.
by the way Geoff Pratt flew from Mareeba in Australia during a very early spring flight 543 km in the PIK 20 and was the first “topper ” on the new 2016 OLC list on September 22.
One day later it was Dutch pilot Jeroen Verkuijl flying from the Bahia airfield in Brazil, for a flight of 725 km topping the world wide list that day, in a 25 m Nimbus 3 T.His first flight by the way, he said, on a NIMBUS 3T.
So to see the weather is good for the Brazil Nationals in Bebedouro.

The Australian champion 2015 is a DUTCH guest. He , Bart Renckens, flew himself from Corowa to over 6000 points.
The Gliding Club of Victoria [Benalla] leads the airfield stats with 102.182,00 km. flown by 56 pilots during 248 flights.
The best Aussie-flight was by David Jansen; 1.582,26 with 144.44 km./h.
Nick Woods flew in 62 flights 27.688,92 km. best in Australia.

Herman Peeraer is the OLC champion with 3586 points just a few more than Daan Spruyt.[3568]
The Keiheuvel- LSV Viersen -club in Balen was the best .
St Hubert was the busiest airfield.
Best flight by Dennis Huybreckx [ 761.25 km . ] in an LS 8 just before Jeroen Jennen [ 760,66 km.]
Baudouin Litt flew 6.932,50 during 25 flights.

Innocent Baptiste is the French OLC winner.
Fayence was the club champion  with 51.000 points plus.
Best flight in France  by Klaus Ohlmann; 1.435 the Stemme 10.
Looking at all flights Gerard Lherm was the champion; over 30.000 points and the runner up had over 24.000.
Puimoisson was the busiest airfield also WORLD WIDE.
Vinon the busiest club;104.555 points.

Alexander Mueller is the German CHAMPION.
The Club champion is Burgdorf.
Best flight by Alexander Mueller; 1.168 km. giving him 1.184 points.
Looking at all flights Matthias Schunk was the best in Germany;23.512 points.
Klix was the busiest airport.
Oerlinghausen was just a bit busier than Burgdorf; 191.985 points for 191.456.

The Netherlands;
The Dutch OLC Champion is Sikko Vermeer with a great 1000 km. flight[out and return]  from Holland far into Germany and back. Sikko is a member from the Amsterdamsche! The second best club in Holland behind the Gelderse.
The best flight was by AlfredPaul Alfers and in fact also for Mark Leeuwenburg who missed out on “tad”; 1.071,52 for 1.071,24 both with about the same speed.[117.91 for 117.80] Both flew their brand new ASG 29 E/18m.
Looking at all flights young Nick Hanenburg won with just over 10.000 points!!!
Busiest airfield Terlet [Gelderse and other clubs] just ahead of Soesterberg [Amsterdamsche] and Venlo in the South where, due to more civil-air-traffic at the airfield of Eindhoven gliding is “gone” and those pilots moved to Venlo and Malden.[spot 5]

the UK;
David Masson is the UK Champion.
The London Gliding Club is the club-champion.
Best flight by Steve Lynn, 765 km from Dunstable in the ASH 25 EB 28 with 805 points , just ahead of Dave Masson with 804 points.
Looking at all flights it was Dave again; 13.460 points.
Dunstable was busy;over 37.000 points .Lasham as runner up had 20.365 points.
Best UK club; London Gliding Club.

Alexander Mueller as guest in Pokweni flew himself to OLC champion.
Club champion; the Magalies Gliding Club [SA]
Best flight by Bostjan Pristavic ;1.368 km. from Bitterwasser.
Looking at all flights Klaus Engelhardt was the best ;30.967 points.
Bitterwasser was the busiest airfield; 612.000 points.

North America;
Club champion the SS of Boulder.65.933 points.
Best flight; Jim Payne ; 2.907 km. with a speed of 249 km./h. in the ARCUS M.
Looking at all flights; Keith Essex.
Moriarty is the busiest airfield.
The Moriarty Gliding club tops the clubs.163.513 points.

For all the other statistics you can go to

And,….don’t forget to print your own certificate [see the link…. look under news]


Dutch pilot Jeroen Verkuijl flies from Bahia in Brazil and topped on 3 consecutive  days the OLC with nice long impressive flights in the Nimbus 3T [25 m]; 752 km., 740 km.[500 FAI triangle] ,818 km. [600 FAI triangle]
Last Sunday 835 km. was on the clock.


zzzzBahia 2  zzzzBahia 3

Landing half an hour before sunset so a long day, though he started late with not the best conditions in the beginning; very blue!!
Courtesy Guilherme Purnhagen.


Last Sunday I traveled to Amsterdam with the most gorgeous clouds on the skies. OF COURSE I looked straight away in the evening how our Dutch OLC was looking; good,… happy pilots with flights up to km. 378 km. by Baer Selen from Venlo in the ASW 28E/18 m.
And sharing pictures as this one by Sikko, [359 km. in Ventus BT 17.6 m.] with the remark that making the picture “moved” the red string.He flew to Haamstede an area at the Dutch Nordsea, coming from Soasterberg.

zzzzSikko  zzzzSikko 2

Also the Spring situation down under was good as you can see on the picture of Swiss Chris, who after the form 2 checked his glider, with the comment;
What a nice spring day! Cloudbase 1600-1900mAGL but reliable and with some streeting  kept circling below 20%. 480km with 105km/h that was fun. Cruising MC would have made the landscape look scary.”

zzzzChris H

Around Tocumwal as seen by Chris Hostettler

More good early spring-flights that Sunday ;
Justin Smith from Lake Keepit; 514 km [FAI 400 km triangle] in an LS 6/17.5 m
Gerrit Kurstjens with 536 in the Quintus from Mc Caffery Field.
Rolf Buelter from Bacchus March with 418 km [300 km FAI triangle] in an LS 8 /18 m.
It’s definitely building up to another good summer though from friends travelling through Australia up to North Queensland I heard ; ”   it is terrible to see the drought having so much impact even in and around Townsville  – the palms are dying.” 


The FAI Congress in Holland [Rotterdam]

zzzzFAI Congres

The opening of the congress .
Shared by the organisation;  KNVvL.


As they call it on the IGC site;
” The air sports personalities distinguished at the 2015 FAI Awards Ceremony.

We just made it in time. Leaving Amsterdam at 4 to be in Rotterdam for sure at 5.30 PM for a drink first, BUT,….many were late as it happened we had the busiest traffic jam in 2015 JUST on this day!!We quickly moved to our table just over 6.30 as the entree was served [carpaccio] .

It was a lovely evening and to be honest I was not nervous at all, just happy and proud.We had a table of 12 with 2 more “winners” from New Zealand [Edouard Devenoges….] and Chile[Bruno Winkler..]  both winning the Paul Tissandier Diploma , with my family of 5 and a Norwegian couple and Jan , the president of the Aeroclub from Malden. More than pleasant.
My grandson became friends with the family Winkler from Chile and even got an invitation, when he is old enough to visit Chile.

DSCN1286    DSCN1285

With Bruno and his wife and Edouard with his wife

Great to see good old mates as Eric “Herbie ” Moser  from the USA, Visa Matti from Finland, Alvaro from Spain, and the “girls” Marina from Italy and Susanne from Germany.Shook hands and had a word with Klaus [Ohlmann] .I wrote a lot about him and his achievements ,but never met him.
Was impressed with the young skydiver Jarrett [25] , in his wheel chair after a para gliding accident when he was 18. He got the BREITLING youngster award.Paralyzed from the spine down, he was back in the air in 6 months and in 2014 he was the only disabled skydiver participating in the FAI word championship for the US Parachute Team.

DSCN1334  DSCN1344

With Alvaro and Frouwke and Hans Akerstedt from Sweden who won the FAI GOLD AIR MEDAL.

DSCN1352   DSCN1362

Last picture with the Dutch president of the KNVvL [Royal Dutch Association for aviation] to the right; Mr. Frits Brink  and to the left the president of the gliding section of the KNVvL ; Mr. Jan Forster

By the way; Not that many women and lots of grey hair.

And, as shared by the IGC;
British balloonist Brian Jones, well known for teaming up with Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard on the around the world record flight in a balloon in 1999, was the special guest of the event. He presented his inspiring “Dare to Dream” project which aims at facilitating the training of disabled balloon pilots throughout Europe.”

Lost ALL my pictures!!!! Downloaded and saved them the next morning and put them in a folder with the name SS Rotterdam,…..gone!!!!Where ,… clue.Was nearly in tears.
BUT,….my “old” ZES friend Theo found them the next day looking via team viewer in my laptop .VERY grateful!!!!
Unbelievable what they can do nowadays.
Some impressions.

IMG_4484   IMG_4485

IMG_4492  IMG_4501


with Susanne [ Schoedel TWICE former WWGC champion 2009 and 2011, nowadays secretary general at FAI in Lausanne and Marina, juror ,steward ,deputy CD at Rieti and Vice President of the FAI Gliding Commission Bureau.


That’s it for now . It was quite a week!!!!
Thank you for following my blogs, being a friend during EGC’s, WGC’s ,JWGC’s and WWGC’s and National comps and that includes  Keiheuvel as well.
This means; this award is FOR ALL OF US!!!
And on the 12th of October we celebrate again, as the KNVvL has invited us, our families and friends for an informal “drink” .
Also the numbers 2, Jacques Selen and 3 Jeroen Verkuijl, from the last EGC will be there to be cheered on.

Cheers Ritz

September 23, 2015

Quiet period! FAI Awards!!Great 1000 km.-flights for some ! OLC 2015 season is over,..some stats!

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SS rotterdam 5

“The SS Rotterdam is a restaurant, hotel and a perfect venue for business events and meetings,beautifully overlooking the river Maas and the skyline of the dynamic city of Rotterdam.
La Grande Dame invites you to a unique experience.”
In the past is one of the ships from the Holland-America line.

It’s a quiet period right now which is good for my neck.

Enough excitement as well as both Prof. Loek Boermans [  Delft University and OSTIV president for years]  and I will be rewarded tomorrow evening during dinner, with our awards at the prestigious former steam ship the SS ROTTERDAM.
Loek gets, during the first day of the General Conference of the FAI,  the Lilienthal Gliding Medal and I the Pelagia Majewska Medal.
Both NOT for records, great flights or other flying achievements , but for our contribution to soaring!!
UNIQUE,…. as NEVER before , a Dutch person was nominated for an FAI AWARD.

For those who are interested and have no clue what these awards mean here a bit more info I found at the internet.
VERY pleased: Loek, will have as I heard at his table tomorrow good old Bernald S. Smith, who did SO much for soaring. He must be nearly 100 now as I know him such a long time. Bernald got this award in 1993.

“Lilienthal Gliding Medal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lilienthal Gliding Medal – the highest soaring award in the world, established by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) in 1938 in honor of Otto Lilienthal, a German pioneer of human aviation. It aims “to reward a particularly remarkable performance in gliding, or eminent services to the sport of gliding over a long period of time”. The award is made at the annual FAI General Conference. Medal was designed by  Austrian artist Josef Humplik.

The first winner of the Lilienthal Gliding Medal in the world was  Tadeusz Gora for his record-breaking 577.8-kilometer flight on May 18, 1938, glider PWS-101 from  Bezmiechowa to  Soleczniki (near Vilnius] .”

  Lilienthal medal 2


“This Medal was created by the FAI in 1989, following a proposal by the Aero Club of Poland, in memory of Madame Pelagia Majewska, eminent Polish glider pilot awarded the Lilienthal Medal for 1960, and holder of 17 world gliding records, who lost her life in an air accident in 1988. The Medal is offered to the FAI by the Aero Club of Poland.

It may be awarded annually, on recommendation by the FAI Gliding Commission, to a female glider pilot to reward: a particularly remarkable performance in gliding during the past year, or eminent services to gliding over a long period of time.

All nominations submitted will be screened by the Awards Committee. Only those nominees found qualified will be submitted to the Board for presentation to the National Aeronautic Association who will make the formal nomination to the FAI committee by the end of the year.
It will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of the annual FAI General Conference.

  Pelagia Majewska

More and pictures next week.


Last Sunday young Bert Schmelzer had another great flight in the  mountains in the DISCUS 2 T; 805 km. from Hausen Am Albis [CH] .
He wrote about his flight;
“Early tow into the sunrise: simply beautiful.


The usual entry point (Eggbergen – Schächental) didn’t like me today: Wasting 3 hours of precious daylight.
Due to the cooperative controllers of Zürich Info/Delta and Innsbruck Radar, the main part of the flight was a blast.
On the way back from the impressive Grossglockner, extensive cloud cover forced me to leave the wave system. To make things worse, snow and rain showers nearly prevented to get back on the western side of Arlberg pass. Thanks to very weak ridge lift the Discus and I could get back to Switzerland.
Late in the evening it took me quite a while to enter the Swiss wave system near Sargans.
In general: a very nice flight above the autumn colors of the Alps “.

Preview from Bert’s wave flight:
“As seen from 7.300m”

zzzzBert 1

Courtesy Bert Schmelzer jr.
The FULL picture story including video at;


Australia’s spring sun is shining already , reason enough for “kilometer-eater ” Allan Barnes to try AND fly a 500 FAI triangle from Lake Keepit.
In Europe pilots, also some Dutch, tried the “Hang”  from Porta Westfalica and flew up to 415 km.
Wednesday one week ago [September 16]  great flights . 4 Times a 1000 k from 4 different airfields;
Rainer Crohnjaeger , flew in his ASH 31 MI a fabulous 1.303 km. distance with a speed of 121 km./h. He started from Hausen Am Albis in Switzerland . He mentioned there was ” more in the day.” Sometimes a bit TOO manu clouds but on the other hand great rotors.
1.265 for Jim Payne flying in Minden [USA] in the ARCUS M and part of his comment on the OLC was ;
“A commute from Minden to Rosamond.
The forecast said the FL180 winds between Lee Vining and Mojave would be excellent…the low level wind speeds would be less than optimum…the forecast Bishop sounding showed instability to 16,000 feet.
Blue except for a very few rotor wisps.
The Sierra in the June Lakes area had a good dusting of fresh snow.
Young Benjamin Bachmeier  flew 1.114 km. from Koenigsdorf  in the DISCUS 2 and he called it one of the better foehn-days ; humidity OK, wind from the East just strong enough and in the west good. Only dissonant; the west component in the wind, which was as he called it apocalyptic large  ;210 as best and 250 in the worst case.
Jan Lyczywek flew from Unterwoessen 1.077 km in the Antares 18 T.

By the way; the 2015 OLC-season has closed!!!! Here are some stats!
JIM PAYNE is clearly the 2015 world wide champion. Congratulations to Jim, who will be present at the 3d of October- OLC -Liga-Final, when Germany celebrates their German, OLC stars in the townhall in Gersfeld.
Number 2 world wide  is Keith Essex and number 3 Guy Bechtold .
The CLUB- OLC shows 2 clubs from HOLLAND, VERY proud on that. The Gelderse as before , already since 2012 !!!! on 1 and the Amsterdamsche on 2. Great result.
107 Pilots from the Gelderse made 482 flights flying 171.520,00 km and the Amsterdamsche Soaring Club had 81 pilots making 346 flights , flying 144.927, 61 km.
BEST FLIGHT by Jim Payne; 2.907, 47 with a magic speed of 249,83 km./h. !!!! Flown from Minden.
Looking at all flights Keith Essex was the best flying from Minden .He raced over a total of 58.071,44 km.
BUSIEST AIRPORT; Puimoisson in France, with 290 pilots, making 1853 flights and flying 744.277,70 km !!!!!
Bitterwasser was 2d with 105 pilots, making 805 flights and flying 618.425,02 km.
With Serres La Batie as 3d on the list France had a  VERY busy year 2015!!!!!

Next week I’ll have a look at the OLC champions in the different parts of the world.

As you know Jim represents as well the PERLAN PROJECT . This week, today,  is important, when you are interested here is the link: CLIMATE RESEARCHERS PLAN GLIDER MISSION TO END OF SPACE!!!!!

Not a lot is known about the weather at 90,000 feet above the earth’s surface, so a team of scientists and aviators are going to fly there using an engine less aircraft to learn more about what the weather at such extreme altitudes has to say about climate change.”


I told you already Kerrie [Claffey] is a funny lady, very smart and she writes well too. This year she flew as a participant, in Denmark during the WWGC and she crewed for her husband Tom in Varese during the GRAND PRIX FINAL.
Last Monday morning she got a smile on my face again with pictures and words written to us, but above all Arne [Boye Moeller] who lives in Denmark.
Clear fact ; they did not have the best weather in Arnborg.
” Arne,… THIS is sunshine and THESE are cu’s – and see the distance from the cloud to the ground – that’s called ALTITUDE!!!! – and it’s only the spring equinox!”

zzzKilgandra 3

zzzzKerrie 1   zzzzKerrie 2

Keep in mind JUNIORS Dubbo is close to NARROMINE.
On the sign ; left to Kilgandra ,right to Dubbo.


Also in 2016 the Dutch Nationals will be combined with those from Belgium and Luxembourg. Looking ahead on that, as it will be close by for me this time @ Terlet , at the beautiful VELUWE.
For my Belgium friends; Great tent and caravan area AT the airfield, when you are not into that…..the Postiljon Hotel is ” around the corner” and you will find great food and lot’s of different beers in the by everybody well known Thermiekbel.

Period;May  17-27  2016.


That’s it for now , not really so quiet,….having a good night rest to be fresh and new tomorrow.
Cheers Ritz

September 16, 2015

Overseas destinations! 2015 Sporting Code Annex C.

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zzzzzPrize giving

Kathrin with the prize made by her. Christophe Ruch was the lucky one to receive it.
Pilotessadesign – Artwork for Pilots

It must have been quite a party over there in Varese after the challenging GRAND PRIX FINAL.
The last day, on which pilots had to fight really hard with stress for those in the top, finished with 20 [virtual]-out-landings and the release- feelings were high for some.
I noticed pictures , from the French” dressed ”  in the pool, from dancing pilots at the table and only smiling , no better said,…laughing faces.
I presume also with the organizers, as it is always a huge responsibility, even with the best pilots in the world ,…even with the HUGE experience from Brian and Roland.
So now we can look ahead at some qualifying grand prix’ and the final edition again in November 2016 in South Africa [Potchefstroom]

They even thought of a present for the ZERO POINTS CLUB members , what a playful  idea!!

zzzzzzZerp points club1   zzzzzZero points 2

The very prestigious Zero Points Club received special diplomas – and of course the Top Ten Club received diplomas.”
Courtsey Kerrie Claffey on her way back home now with Captain Tom.


Talking about Africa; Not only the containers for Australia have been packed,but also for Africa. Namibia will have a few,going to
Bitterwasser [http://www.bitterwassercom ]  ,
Kiripotib [ ]and
Pokweni, []
so will South African places as Kuruman []  ,
Douglas Airfield [] and
Gariep Gliding  [ ] and more as

Bitterwasser in Namibia has invested in their airfield, with a new new shadow roof near the work shop, the hangar runway is revised  and extended and there is a new road to the Lodge.

Tocumwal club from Ingo Renner;

zzzzCzech cont 4   zzzzCzecg cont 3

zzzzCzech cont1   zzzzCzech cont2

And……. Czech container  “nearly” on its way to Narromine.
As shared by the Czech Rep Gliding Team.


First this news :
Next UK bound Shark Jet…Complete with Delux by Gagula interior… Hopefully will be born very shortly..

Clearly the birth could wait no longer…. This UK-Bound Shark Jet took to the skies for the first time at Dusk... “


zzzzzShark2   zzzzShark3

 Great Photos…!
As shared by
HpH Sailplanes UK


Important news for those who are involved with competition, badge or record flying. The 2015 Sporting Code Annex C is available now. Here is the news from Ross Macintyre.

Dear Friends,

The Sporting Code Committee are pleased to report that the 2015 edition of Sporting Code Annex C is now available on the FIA website.  A direct link is: <>

The opportunity has been taken to clarify and correct some errors in the Sporting Code 2015 which have become apparent:

Error corrections:       •  3.5.2b last line: changed “distance to a goal” to “ straight distance”.

·         4.3.2 now reads, ” Complete FAI Claim Forms (see 3.6) for a record flight or NAC equivalents for a badge flight.”

Editorial changes to correct cross-reference errors or to clarify text:

•  1.4.2d   definition simplified to “A COURSE without TURN POINTS  starting from RELEASE or a declared START POINT.”

•  2.2.1a   definition simplified to “ a straight distance flight of at least 50 km from the release point.”
•  Reference in 2.2.1b changed to 2.4.4b •  Reference in 2.2.2b changed to 2.4.4b
•  2.3.1a   delete last sentence ( “Internet base…” )
•  3.2.1 italic note at end: “See Annex C-2.4 …. and C-6.4 on …”
•  4.1 first para, last sentence:   “See Annex C- 1.2 and 1.3 for …”
•  4.2.3a italic note:   changed to “Annex C-1.3

Both SC3 and Annex C have been extensively rewritten along with the changes incorporated by recent proposals. Other FAI documents that refer to SC3 or the Annex may have references to them which are no longer correct.

Best regards,

Ross Macintyre, Chairman, IGC Sporting Code |Committee


Short news today due to a very painful neck.
CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

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