July 10, 2013

WWGC; Number 1 in club is OUT of the race!!! “Masterclasses” by Sebastian in Ostrow!

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 Monday at noon;
Line is now open for all classes. Good conditions 1200m and cumulus above Issoudun and on the flying area for today.”

WWGC start2

WWGC start1 WWGC start3

Nice pictures shared on the French site, taken before start.
Courtesy Mark Pal, who has downloaded about 70 air-to-air-shots yesterday evening to be shared by all. Good on him!!! Thanks!

 Monday afternoon at 5 PM,  I read on the official French site:

Pilots will be back in few minutes, sky is great, it will be fast and furious today
That sounded MORE than good!!!
While waiting I noticed that SEI from Natasja had a problem over the last couple of days with the LX , and this was caused by failure of an GPS-antenna.
Then you see what friendship means in soaring; The German team had a look and borrowed her one of their team. That’s what soaring is all about.

How good was it?
In club class 9 girls flew in the 900 till 1000 points range, with as best team,…Germany; Chrissie and Doerte and Elena who started 2 minutes later on a good 3d spot. Speed of  83.8 km.h. for Chrissie! 3 Girls did not finish one of them only 5k out!! Ouch!
Between number 1 and 5 overall, the difference in points is only 49 points !!!!! That keeps us all eagerly waiting for MORE!!!!! Swaantje is still on spot 1 but there are Doeerte and Chrissie “nibbling on her wings” ,as well as Elena [It] and Magalie [Fr] and don’t forget Sarah who is cheered on by ALL Americans. “Nearly” the same “burden” as Scottish Andy Murray in tennis.
You can read all Sarah’s news on their site:

Frauke Elber from the USA Hangar Soaring Magazine wrote an addition to what I blogged about her,  in May;
when she came to Chilhowee, she had no glider experience whatsoever. But within
a few years she had progressed from a novice to a Diamond pilot and instructor
and now to a world class competition pilot. I have followed her progress over
all these years and I am absolutely smitten by what she has done. On the way she
has gotten almost every WSPA scholarship she has been qualified for. And as you
mentioned the Sarah Fund drive was absolutely amazing. In one year we got $11 600
for her. I can’t thank the soaring community enough for its generosity.”
I guess a lot of people who have sponsored Sarah to participate both in Chaves and Issoudun are true fans as well as all her students and pilots visiting Chilhowee.

In standard class French Celine Gantie, flew the 3 hour AAT in 2.59 min. over 278.6 km.
German- defender- of -her -title Sue, was on spot 2 with more km and more time; 319 km. in 3.19.
The Czech girls flew just over and just under 340 km. in 3.45 and were on spot 4 and 5.
The number 1 Cornelia from Germany was 7th loosing 70 points but still leads with 13 points!!!!

In 15 m. the French team members, Marilyne and Anne,  flew with 102 km./h. over the 327.8 km. The overall toppers lost a few points , so Anne is after 6 days on top of the overall list. Current world champion Susanne is on her way to the top, being number 2 now. Still not over yet.
Sorry to see Teresa was not flying on day 6.

As the USA TC Francois Pin said yesterday ; “ needless to say with just 5 days to go including today, the competition is getting “serious,” if not intense already, among the top contenders. The last 4 days, all forecasted to be flyable, are going to be interesting, for sure…”
I can only totally agree!!!

Yesterday  day  7, started VERY difficult for Swaantje , as she had the day before a collision with a Polish Jantar , while rolling out. VERY SAD , and even worse…..Swaantje could NOT continue the race.
What a tragic moment for her being on spot 1 . I really feel for her!!!!!I have never heard such a story in my life; being on spot 1 and out by a “stupid” ground incident.
BUT,…as said so many times the last day is the day and the champion the one for whom EVERYTHING felt in place.
Luckily  the Polish Jantar pilot  could continue in another glider.
Even more lucky nobody was hurt.
And for Swaantje; there is ALWAYS next time!


  Swaantje in LS 1f

Swaantje in happier times!
Pictures as shared on FB.

Briefing was at 11.30. Tasks;
Club 276.5 km., standard class 291.9 km., and the 15 m. class went for a 3 hour AAT [Dist.: 267.7km/383.1km.

FINALLY a real good day for the UK club-girls , I thought already “where are they” , as I expected them to be pretty good, certainly Ayala! But they were yesterday on spot 1-2-and 3!! Good on them. Only day 3 till now showed a good UK-team- flight.
Ayala “jumped ” from spot 8 overall to spot ONE. [6548] You can call that a good jump! Still EVERYTHING is possible certainly when they fly today , a day with maybe thunderstorms.
Between 6 [Sarah 6431] and 1 is only a difference of  a bit more than 100 points.

In standard class UK pilot Gill did well too with a 3d place, but  the German girls Sue and Cornelia are slowly increasing their lead by winning day 7, both with 1000 points.
They are now 500 points ahead so Sue who defends her title , has to deal with her mate Cornelia over the last days who is going to be the CHAMPION, or,…am I ahead of myself now??? Let’s wait and see!

In 15 m. the WWGC champion Susanne , who was so fair to abort her flight in Uvalde when she saw the mid air and stayed over the spot to keep the radio contact going, to have help as quick as possible , won day 7. She flew 287 km in time 3.14!
Susanne is only 19 points behind Anne from France now and I am sure both will do their utmost best to win this WWGC.
I am still impressed by Orsolya. She was runner up yesterday and is on a 9th spot overall as loosing 200 points on day 6, was a bit of  bad luck!

Yesterday evening there was a mutual BBQ and the very SPECIAL only in female soaring to be seen/felt ;BABAYAGA!!!!! Witches at the airport????

WWGC heksen feest.
the beginning of the evening,……spooky!!
As shared on FB .

One also in the morning?????????
Elena from Italy had her glider on the scales and canopy closed with the cover over it, “against the sun”.
Standing on the scales the glider was MUCH heavier than before. Astonishment on the officials faces!!!! Unbelief!!! Then,….the reason,…..a young man was hidden in the glider. So no witch hunt necessary.

Today’s tasks; Club has a 3 hour AAT,….. Standard a racing task from 239.2 km and the 15 m. girls go for 265 km. Noticed a the European weather forecast this morning, possible thunderstorms in the evening for the SE of France.
And 4 more great pictures from Mark Pal;[double click to enlarge]


Glider YS [Celine Montorio Fr. ] and 3S [Cornelia Schach-Germ.] in the air.

 WWGC mark 2  WWGC MARK1

Thanks Mark!!!


A lot of people share or tag the pictures from Ostrow, I do too as I see such a lot of really nice soaring pictures. These 2 ones are  from Moje Zdjecia.

Ostrow finish day 3  Ostrow finish day 3 2

As shared on FB.

Day 3 was a prey AGAIN for Sebastian; a total of 3000 points , you can only say, ……for the best pilot ever!!! His mates started ,flew and finished with him and was it on day 2 the runner up position, for Pawel and than Lucasz ,on day 3 it was the other way around.
Who is going to break this pact?
Matthew found “the European groove” and would have been 4th if he was not an Aussie but he was pleased with 993 points and in Leszno later he will be properly scored.
Here is part of what he said in his blog:
—“Decent day today! Started with the Poles, lost them, found them, lost them, found them, found the poms, lost everyone, found the slovakian, found the poles etc etc. Key lesson of the day was; if Kawa wants to jump off a cliff, don’t follow him! A small gaggle of us chased him down to 1500ft, having passed up several good 3-4kts climbs only to grovel away in 1-2kts (while Kawa just disappeared?…). Was then very surprised to bump into the Poles again before the last turn at the same height for final glide. They say there are no old, bold pilots, but the trio of Poles pushed down hard on glide and I eased up just a bit for the sake of my trousers and they pulled away in the last 20k.–“

And later he added ; “it came down to a game of who would leave the last thermal the furthest below glide. Kawa left 1200ft below glide, I stayed just one extra turn thinking it wouldn’t be quite enough, but it turned out an excellent run home (should have left at 1600ft below!). So, first lesson of the day is don’t always trust Kawa. Second lesson is always trust Kawa! I don’t think it would have been very ‘honourable’ to have a crack at overtaking him on the glide home after having him lead all day anyway… very valuable experience though – I’m trying to adapt my flying already. He really is a magician!”
Is n’t it great to see these  “MASTERCLASSES ” from Sebastian, for all young ones who are eager to learn from him!!!!???
No outlandings and a few pilots are flying not so good yet , but they might find the correct groove soon as well.
Talking about Sebastian. Loved this picture from Piotr Góżdź, shared on FB.
These are the 3 men who are making all other competitors “groan “. Not the doggy he is cute!

Ostrow Sebastian and friends

SO relaxed, that’s the way to win it seems.
Love the doggy!!

In club class the German pilots , Lars Hagemann and Gerrit Feige are ” the masters in their class , till now , that is! > BUT….the Czech team is as good! Roman  won already 2 days and Peter was 4th today, so Gerrit , Lars  and Roman are the leaders after 3 days and don’t underestimate Danish Rasmus Orskov, who I remember as a good pilot on JWGC’s. Here in Finland in 2009.

JWGC2009 004

The 2 seaters; ALL pilots finished that ‘s good or maybe the task could have been longer , but that is easy said in the evening.
Wolfgang and Andreas got 1000 points again . Harri and Visa-Matti [ who changed his FAI- IT- Manager-chair in Lausanne temporarily for a seat in the ARCUS ] , from Finland climbed overall from 7 to 5 and Janusz Centka was 3d today and is on that spot overall.

Day 4 started with great pictures again. GO ON like this dear Ostrow team!

Ostrow day 4start Ostrow day 4 start2

Tasks for day 4;
CLUB, 355.4 km., STANDARD class 438.1 km. and  the 2-seaters went for 423.5 km.

Did the UK club-girls fly well in Issoudun Liz Sparrow did the same yesterday at the EGC in Poland being 5th with 958 points in their club class.
Winner of the day was Hungaryan pilot Zoltan Hamar, till now on 10 on day 1 ,24 on day 2 and 17 on day 3 . He flies an LS 1f. So a good day for him.
Roman was the runner up and Finnish Antti Koskiniemi had a good 3d spot.
The 2 till now, very good flying German pilots were on spot 11 both with 916 points!!!!

In standard class Sebastian LOST!!! ONE point only, he still got 999 points, would have loved to see him with the full scores in the end, “when they were planning  on winning every day. “That would be an effort in his own.
Lucasz was the winner Pawel on 3, nothing changed , still 3 Polish pilots in the top.
Would Bert jr be able to have any influence on this top 3??? He is on a great 4th place.

In the 2 seater class it moves a bit up and down with some pilots having good days and bad days. Pretty consistent is Wolfgang [ARCUS M] as well as  Tomas [DUO DISCUS] who won today and Janusz [ARCUS M] . They are also topping the overall list after 4 days.
Good 4th place for Wim and Dennis and also the THE Broquevilles are climbing! Hup Belgium!

Tasks for today;
Club; AAT  Dist.: 178.4km/396.6km…… time????
Standard; AAT Task, 02:30:00 Dist.: 176.4km/375.1km…..
2-seater class; AAT Task, 02:30:00  Dist.: 184.3km/392.2km

Early starts due to incoming front. Estimated at 11.

Enough now.
Cheers Ritz back maybe every day now for the last days of the WWGC.
Wednesday July 10 2013

July 8, 2013

Extra edition! Top-women “aux vaches”! Kawa managed “to scrape us off” Matthew!

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WWGC day 6  WWGC Natasja tiploper

Natasja in the air and on the ground.

Weird!!! After looking at the finish of the Formula 1 yesterday ,{ pleased to see Vettel win again}I read
It’s really a good day, more than 1800m and climb rates up to 3,5m/s.”
An hour later….outlandings ???? and not from the lower placed women, no women as Helen Hingley in club class who was already 2d and first on days and Amelie Audier in standard class.
Soaring can be cruel!!!!
Then there was TENNIS, Wimbledon,… and after 77 years the UK friends have a new Fred Perry  now named Andy Murray! And the Tour de France with 2 Dutch cyclists on spot 3 and 4 , long time ago that this happened.
Then back to soaring, strong wind on the last leg,…who is going to finish who not????
Long days for the girls!!!
Then finally the results:
The German club-girls were just GOOD. Chrissie on top this day , with Uli, who is not only her   TC,  but her husband as well and father of their gorgeous little son Fin, surely waiting for her.
Swaantje on a second spot analysing the day by saying
I was rather surprised when I looked at the scores today. It did not feel THAT good, probably because I had to take a rather weak climb to get final glide. I am happy but no celebrations yet. Many more days to come!”
And French- Leatitia and USA -Sarah both sharing a 3d place!
Very pleased how consistent Sarah flies , so far from home and impressed by the support from her Chilhowee mates! Good on them. Sarah started as the last pilot in this class at 14.07!
All girls between 750 and 1000 points except for the unlucky Helen who got 145 points. That hurts!!!As Melissa writes in her blog:”Helen unfortunately got lured to a nice field by a series of climbs that were totally absent. ”
The rest you can read on;
The first 14 pilots in this class are within 4130 and 4474 points in the overall scores. So a lot can still happen and Swaantje sees that well, being on the first spot at the moment.
Can’t say anything else than GOOD ON HER!!!!

In standard class as said an early message about the out-landing from Amelie, who got “only” 140 points. Also in this class Germany in the top , not 2 but 4 girls, Cornelia, Sue, Meike and Kirsten!!!
A bad day for Gill loosing more than 300 points on the German ladies, dropping from 3 to 9 overall. A pity!
It looks good for the German ladies,  but it is only a fact how good, when the last day has been flown.

In 15 m. it was France , Germany and the UK yesterday. Jutta is in great spirit and has her 2d daily win!!! Katrin Senne is on her heels and Anne [Fr] and Susanne the current WWGC champion were on a 3d spot.
Overall after 5 days it is Katrin with 29 points more than Jutta and than Anne and Susanne not 100 points behind her team mate Katrin. It’s not over yet!!!!
6 Girls in this class did not finish!

Today the girls have the next task direction S. where there should be more cu’s than over the “blue” field;
Racing Task Club
Dist.: 288.6km.

Speed Task, 03:00:00 Standard class
Dist.: 214.6km/368.7km

Racing Task 15 m.
Dist.: 327.8km




Ostrow mooi 3  Ostrow mooi2

What great photographers in Ostrow!

Day 2 yesterday for the pilots flying the EGC in Poland. Pretty long tasks , pretty good weather and pretty good results , certainly for Poland where in standard class Sebastian had his 2d day-win , so 2000 points!!! He started together with his mates Pawel and Lucasz and occupied the first 3 places! No out-landings in this class.
My Belgium friends Bert jr. and Tijl did well by being 4th and 6th. And also Young Aussie Matthew had a good day by finishing as number 6/7 but HC, so no score but 905 points for him.
He “saw” Sebastian en route , but lost him as quick as he saw him.
This is part of what he wrote in his blog;
Ran down the Poms on the first leg, and hung off them until we were joined by Kawa near the first turn (he’d started again, 5 minutes later than us). The Poms and I tried to hang off Kawa but he lost us less than 50k down the next leg. Kawa managed to scrape us off – we followed him down to 1500ft, and from the same height in the same thermal, he effortlessly climbed away in perhaps 4kts while the Poms got 3kts and I found 1-2kts.”

Club class had like standard  an AAT of 3.45!!! Lot’s of Standard Cirrus’ in this class! Roman Mracek took the 1000 points by flying 390 km. in time 3.51.
A good day for Dutch JWGC champion Tim Kuijpers, after an outlanding on day 1 he reached spot 7 yesterday. Good on him.
The German pilots had a good day , not as good as day 1 but still on spot 5 both.

Interesting to follow is the 20 m. class. Most of the early starters had a good day and here it was Germany on top, followed by Wolfgang.
Also in this class Holland did well, with Jelmer and Robbie [once both juniors in my team in Husbos]  in the DG 1001 on spot 4 and Peter and Ard on spot 6. Peter flew till now always open class . After a not-so-good-day-1 , they are back!!

They share some fantastic pictures on the site ,I share 4 with you for the rest you can look at day 2 on their FB site.

Ostrow mooi4  Ostrow mooi1

Tasks for today;
—Racing Task Club
Dist.: 329.1km
—Racing Task Standard
Dist.: 394.2km
—AAT Task, 03:45:00 2-seaterclass
Dist.: 293.4km/568.0km

Weather for today on the picture below, as shared on FB 2 minutes before launching.

Ostrow 2 min before start

The 15 m and open class pilots from Hobbs , can’t get enough of soaring. Gary Ittner flew yesterday from Inyokern, 925 km. [682.6 FAI triangle] in the discus 2A and gained 1.046 OLC points.
Ken Sorenson flew from Houston  842 in the Ventus 2cxa [643 Fai triangle] .
And as said the weather in Europe is good , so Patrick Puskeiler flew from Hahnweide a 1000 in the Nimbus 4.
Talking about 1000 km. John Williams flew one from Kinnross [UK , Scotland ] in the Antares on Friday.

That’s it for today.
Cu on Wednesday
Ritz on Monday July 8 2013

July 7, 2013

WWGC ;”tasks ….dividing the girls from the ladies” and EGC opening and first day!

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 WWGC German launch

Launch on day 4 as seen on the German site!

Yesterday the 3d day of the WWGC was flown, with pretty long tasks after rainy days. In the past organisers  said; “after rain the area is still wet,  so we don’t set too long tasks”. But La Douce France is HOT and it dries quickly over there!
That was correct as the girls had a fun-day, certainly the UK pilots  Ayala and Helen. Ayala won the 3.15 speed task  in club class with 263.3 km. in 3.39,07 in the St. Libelle. With the 1000 points added to the scores from the first 2 days she is overall in the lead now. Helen was runner up and cumulative she is on spot 11. [in LS4]
The German girls had a pretty good day too , no first places yet, but that might come . Christine and Doerte  flew 300 km.  in the ST Libelles with winglets but needed 4 hours 33/34.
I was very pleased to see Elena from Italy on a nice 4th spot yesterday and 5th overall.
In standard class French Amelie won the day followed by the German girls and Gill on 5.
That’s about the order overall as well. The 2 German girls Cornelia and Sue on top with Amelie and Gill on spot 3 and 4. Enough days to go however!!!
In 15 m. it was France, Germany and Poland with the best 9 daily places. Overall 3x LA FRANCE and 2 times Germany.

Day 4 was A DAY!!!! The tasks said it all; 15 m. goes for an AAT with a min. of 4.30 and the standard and club girls have to fly a racing task from 434.5 km. and 413 km.
The weather was OK, with a cloud base of 1250 m. lift about 2 m. average and 3/8 of cu’s.
What happened?
In Club class the girls flew between 5 and 6 hours and 3 of them outlanded.
Best was the runner up from the day before,  UK pilot Helen Hingley , starting FIRST in this class.
Swaantje went 7 minutes later and she finished on a 2d spot.
Sarah ended on spot 3 for the day.
In standard class also a UK lady on spot 1 for the day; Kay Draper, with 85.4 km./h. The German girls Cornelia and Sue have an overall lead of more than 200 points on Gill who is at this stage on spot 3 overall. EVERYTHING can still happen!
In 15 m. the ladies had an AAT and 4.30 was the min. time. The German girls started at 13.41 so did Orsolya from Hungary. Katrin and Stefanie flew 426 km. in 4.40. 4 Outlandings in this class.

Tasks for today;
Speed Task Club, 04:30:00
Dist.: 301.2km/502.8km

Standard class
Racing Task
Dist.: 408.0km

15 m. class
Racing Task
Dist.: 440.8km

Standard class starts,  followed by 15 m.  and last on the grid are the CLUB-  ladies! Every day one class at least , will have an AAT. So to hear everybody still has a lot of fun , even after outlandings. Every day is a new one with new possibilities!!!



 The EGC in Ostrow was opened last Friday in town. What I see till now is that they are very well organised over there.

Ostrow opening

4 Busses brought all pilots ,crews and TC’s to the town where they , after a short walk through the streets , arrived at the main square.
Good to see Matthew Scutter from Australia has arrived as well. Matthew is going to fly the JWGC in Leszno, but sees this EGC where hew flies HC, as great practise.

Matthew keeps a blog and you can read what happens to a young Aussie boy in Europe at all the different soaring fields , his happy moments and less happy ones.

Ostrow opening 2  Ostrow Pools team

The town square and the Polish team. Sebastian had to read the official oath and as I read the excellent TC from Poland got the Tanski medal , the most significant award  in Polish gliding. I can only say. WELLDESERVED!!!!!
Pictures shared on FB .

Ostrow Belgie  Ostrow Dutch team

The Belgium and Dutch team, as shared on FB.

Yesterday they started flying and ,…there was a bit of a complaint from the pilots and crews,…the long waiting for the scales as one pilot said ; “Every glider is weighed every day (even club class). About 50 gliders ahead of me in the queue…”
Some  teams hoped to be finished with weighing before briefing. The organisers postponed the briefing from 10 till 10.30 and “got the point”.

EGC wachten 1 Belgen  Ostrow wacvhten 2

As shared by the Belgium team and Matthew; WAITING!

The first day in Ostrow had the next tasks;
330.1 in club class with 32 pilots ,
standard 383.2 with 33 participants and
the 2 seaters went for 396,5 km., they fly with 23 gliders , so  x 2  pilots.
Finally good weather in most parts of Europe , even here with 25 dgr. and very sunny conditions.
SO,…. gliders ready , pilots ready, weather ready,  crew standby and TUGGIES ready.

Ostrow tugs  Ostrow cu's

Tow planes ready, weather ready , gliders ready.
As shared on FB.

It turned out to be a tough  and for some a disappointing day 1 as there were quite a few outlandings.
Not for Sebastian as he straight away won the day in standard class where he defends his title. It seems he and Christophe Cousseau are having the same ” friendly rivalry” as in Vinon. It was not long ago that Sebastian won and Christophe was the runner up in the 18 m. EGC.

In club class young Aussie Matthew , who flies HC, had not a good day as he comments, but he is very fair about it:
–“Not such a great start :( Outlanded 340/380k around.
Started a bit late thinking conditions would improve and 100kph would be achievable, but I think the new airmass moved in sooner than expected and everything turned to worms at the last turn. The loose gaggle I was running with (HAL, YA, YB, 12F) seem to be scattered across the country side on the last leg too.

Kawa’s book talks about gliding being quite unique in that you can’t just do a time trial and a few laps to see if you’re in form or not, and while flight analysis is useful, without something to compare it to it’s rather meaningless. The best way to improve your form is to fly (high level) competitions, and that’s what I’m trying to do here. Today it felt like I was picking the right routes, taking the right climbs, but whenever things got a bit low and the thermals narrow and choppy, I couldn’t get the D2 full of water to climb like some of the other pilots seem to get theirs to. Climbing away from 1000ft with the Hungarian, from going around tip to tip he somehow pulled 4kts and I was working 1.5kts. More practice needed!

7 Outlandings in this class. For all results you can go of course to

In the 2 seater class  4 outlandings and 4 toppers on the first 4 places ; Former world champion Wolfgand Janowitsch and Andreas Lutz in the ARCUS M deserved/got the 1000 points. Multiple WGC contestant Tomas Rendla was on spot 2 with Ludek Kluger in the Duo Discus . Dutch pilot Wim Akkermans with his future brother-in-law Dennis Huybreckx from Belgium both flying for Belgium, on spot 3 in the ARCUS M  and former world champion Janusz Centka was on spot 4 with Lucasz Grabowski.

Fantastic  pictures on FB from Narcyz Przybylski , I share 3 with you . Tuggies at their best!!

Ostrow tuggies1

Ostrow tuggies 2  Ostrow tuggies 3

Courtesy and thanks to Narcyz.

Tasks for today:
Club class;   AAT  04:00:00   Dist.: 216.7km/495.5km
Standard class ;  AAT Task, 04:00:00   Dist.: 289.0km/546.4km
2-seater class; AAT Task, 04:00:00   Dist.: 293.4km/568.0km
Later they changed the tasks for standard and 20 m to 3.45.

Last but not least compliments [again] to Maria Szemplinska. The outstanding picture on the centre-spread of the latest Gliding International, from Heinz and Karin Weissenbühler-Schlösser is just so human , romantic and awesome beautiful , as well as the view on the Uvalde strip with the text; Our estimate 12.69 million US dollar, worth of glass, who said we are an inexpensive sport???? I did n’t!!! But it is SOOO much fun!!!!

Enough interesting news for everybody as well;
—the competitive 2 seater market
—The Twinshark
—New motorglider the CROSSOVER
—Latest in instruments by Paul Remde
—Greece,….Glidings hidden paradise
—AERO 2013 in Friedrichshafen
and the evaluation of the Schemmp Hirth ARCUS by Aldo Cernezzi, who flew 250 hours in 2 ARCUS types. As you know the number 100 has been sold already!! In the EGC in Ostrow 10 from 23 two-seaters are Arcus types.
63 Pages full of news.

In my  blog today for Soaring café, I [re] introduce you to Manfred Radius the best ever aerobatic glider pilot, still active but not rushing from one show to the other anymore.

See you soon again depending on how much news there is about the WWGC and EGC.
Cheers Ritz

July 5, 2013

EXTRA EDITION!! Castles, red wine, high grass, but no soaring for the ladies!

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 WWGC tug

Tow plane / remorquer / tug!!!! Vital for these classes.
Picture send by Hans.

A rest day on Wednesday , with a party in the evening…. BIG event, the INTERNATIONAL Party …and the expectation for better weather and more flying days.
Time for my friends to send me some more pictures so here you are .

WWGC buitenlanding auto WWGC buitenlanding staart
The crew arrives with the trailer, the farmer has “made room” to reach the glider,…where is the glider ,…oh yes there!
Pictures as received from Hans.

From what I read and heard the PARTY was a great success. Enough to drink and to eat and most important,…to socialize.

WWGC Italian table  WWGC Dutch table

WWGC Frauke Elber
On the above pictures all shared on FB, you see the Italian table, the Dutch table and the table from the USA with as special guest Frauke Elber .[with book]
Frauke is the editor of the W[omen] S[oaring] P[ilots] A[ssociation] Newsletter ” Hangar Soaring” in the USA, which is on line nowadays as well. It’s a quarterly publication.

As I read on the UK site , and I did not know that, “one of the traditions at the Women’s Worlds is that each team presents the other pilots with a little gift from their country.
This year the Team GB pilots’ three respective home clubs have all kindly donated some presents for the other teams.
We would therefore like to thank Oxford Gliding Club, London Gliding Club and Lasham Gliding Society for your support!”

WWGC presents bu the UK
As shared from Women Glide by Swaantje on FB.
By the way I liked the way they described their input at the International Event:
“We supplied Pimm’s and Marmite sandwiches. The former was eagerly expected, the latter politely nibbled on.”

Yesterday was cancelled, BUT the expectation is for good weather from now on. They had a task, moved the first launch further and further and then scrubbed the day. So ,..they tried hard, but you can’t do a lot with a cloud base at 450 m.

Today the girls will be busy again for day 3 of the WWGC, with a speed task in 3.30 for club, same but 3.15 for standard and a racing task over 350 km for the 15 m.

The Ostrow pilots had on their first official practise day tasks from 331.8 km. for the 20 m. 2-seaters, 308.3 for the standard class and 274 for Club. Not everybody used the day.
In St. class the Germans practised well occupying the first 2 places in the Discus a and ax.
In club class 2 Polish pilots were on top and in the 2 seater class Denmark with a lot of outlandings on that day as well and a lot of pilots busy with other things.

Yesterday on July 4 the weather was much better , as you can see on the picture below and tasks were set from 3 hours for the standard and 2 seater class and even 3.30 for the “clubbies”, later changed into 3 hours as well!

Ostrow weer

AAT; 3.30 for club, 3.00 for Standard and 20 m.

And,…… still not all pilots were practising! A good day with 3 hour AAT’s.
In the 20 m. class it was good old Janusz Centka , who won the day . Already in 1991 he won in an ASW 22b the WGC open class in Uvalde with 11.111 points.
In standard class my friends Bert and Tijl Schmelzer did well by being first and 4th. In between a young Czech and German topper Radek Krejcirik and Felipe Levin.
In Club class 2 Rumanian pilots were ahead of Roman Mracek, but with his competition experience , this might change during the comps.
It’s “only” practise, the reality will follow over the next 2 weeks, looking forward to that as it looks like a very interesting and competitive EGC.

In Hobbs, our friend Rick Walters had a good 6th day in the ARCUS , different than the others as he flew a longer distance , in fact the longest of the day,[ 168.30 miles/270 km. ] in a longer time [ 2.09] with 9 TP’s. But he was 3d for the day!, this time it helped to go far in a longer time.
Rick was our FANTASTIC help in Uvalde in 1991. He was not qualified to fly this WGC , and “gave” his glider , a DISCUS, to our Dutch pilot Bear Selen , who won the WGC in it. His glider was HOT, as we heard later the best in the USA!!!! And with Baer in it, already world champion in Chateauroux, the combination could only win. Great times, GREAT memories!!!!!

Day 7  yesterday was less good for him with a 9th place but Rick is still on spot 3 overall. The rest remained more or less the same with Ron winning the day and leading overall with a few more points now. And Dick on 2 for the day and overall.
In 15 m. Gary Ittner won the day and Dave is still in the lead. For both classes a 3.30 TAT was set, with big circles so nobody had to be “forced ” into thunderstorm areas.
Today is the last day in Hobbs, but it was cancelled so the CHAMPIONS  are known now.
In open class;
1.Ron Tabery                 6524 points  ASW 22BLE
2.Dick Butler                 6350              CONCORDIA
3.Rick Walters              5791               ARCUS

In 15 m. class;
1.Dave Mockler            6213                ASG 29.15m.
2.Mark Keene               6026               ASW 27
3.John Cochcrane        6011                ASW 27

Here is the reason of the cancellation and you can read the full story on blogs written by Karin Schlösser. Thanks Karin.

—-“This morning, July 4th, we rigged and gridded for the last time, wondering if it would get too windy to fly. But that decision was not to be made as shortly before the 10 am pilots meeting the word was spread that the day was cancelled because the town of Hobbs was planning on opening the airport ramp by 4 pm for anyone who wants to watch the July 4th fireworks that is being staged here, and the contest staff was concerned about not being able to provide a unobstructed landing area for the pilots upon return from the task. Guess nobody saw that coming….

There were many unhappy faces and it is unfortunate that a contest that is so well run has to end like this. Many pilots packed up and left, but tonights Award Banquet is still on.—“

Nice competition to follow, a real pity about the last day and  congratulations to the Champions and winners of the 2d and 3d places.

More news tomorrow. With so many  comps going on and to make stories NOT TOO long, I publish a bit more . Cheers Ritz

On July 5 2013


July 3, 2013

Day 2 in Issoudun ! Day 5 + 6 in Hobbs!

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WWGC high grass 2  WWGC SEI in gras1

No worries ALL OK!!!! Soft grass!
Pictures shared by the Dutch team.

 When I came back from Amsterdam on Monday-evening,  I quickly looked at what had happened and I could not believe my eyes , both my friends Natasja [Holland] and Teresa[Sweden]  in a field. What a pity!!

—“3 outlandings today, Sophie Burgevin (FRA) landed at Romorantin airfield and will come back in few minutes “airborne”, Natasja Van Der Neut (NED) and Teresa Toivonen (SWE) also, but really in crop fields so it will be a little bit longer. 2 of the “yellow dogs”, the young boys running on the runway during the launches and finishes are going north of Vatan to help the swedish team to retrieve the pilot and its glider.—“
I told you already about the high crops. The pictures above show how high!!! Luckily the grass was soft [ grown as food for the animals] and the farmer fantastic , making a “road” to the glider and a circle around it with his tractor, so the crew could easily de-rig.
Quite an experience with no damage, only a little block under the wing to not damage the wing was lost , but looking at the pictures Walter Eisele was so kind to do the reparation. You might still remember that Walter was the CD during the Bayreuth WGC.
WWGC Walter
On day 1 Natasja mentioned; “Yesterday wasn’t a very representative flying day. Had troubles with navigation and when it was reset the back up navi failed. Aargh! Not a relaxed flight.”
Today a  busy evening for the Dutch team with a retrieve , a pity the Aussie “blunnies” , had not yet the good fibe!
WWGC Natasja in cockpit WWGC Natasja and crew
Natasja and her crew.
Courtesy Frouwke.
Kerrie [Australia]  mentioned about Monday ;
—“Another 269k fixed task to the north of Chateauroux airspace into the scrub – in mostly blue – should be right up my alley in theory. Altho now I’m adding pre-start gaggles to crop & airspace to be terrified of – yesterday I left the gaggle several times but you don’t get many turns in the blue before they find you – on track I found them a 5.5 knotter (a rare find yesterday!) but when the wall of fibreglass arrived I went to water & left! —”
She flew herself in the Pegase to an 18th place with 820 points.
WWGC Swaantje and Kerrie
Swaantje  , {NOT so happy with her flight } and Kerrie, { glad to be back} ,  relaxing after their flight.
Swaantje flies a lot in Australia , she can nearly be called an Aussie!

With CIRRUS coming in later from the North-West on this Monday , a temperature of 27 dgr. it did not look too bad and in the morning was said;” The metman is positive!” IMPORTANT!
Tasks ;  269.5 km. for the Club ladies and  Pavlina from Czech Rep. “raced” around with 74 km./h. winning the 1000 points. Sarah was 6th and the German girls finished in the middle.

The standard ladies had 320.5 km. on their plate and also here a Czech lady was the best; Dana Novakova with 84.2 km./h. Good to see Jill [UK] settled on a 2d place between all 3 Czech girls. The German ladies also here in this class finished in the middle, not loosing too many points.

The 15 m. girls had to fly 337.7 km and here it was a real French day with Jutta on top! Hungaryan Diofasi who I met at JWGC’s was a good runner up before the other French girls.3 Outlandings in this class.

WWGC Jutta and French team WWGC French team

The French team with Jutta to the left and the rest of the girls in the middle and TC Eric on the right.
As shared on FB by Daniel Audier.

 It seems in the end that it was quite a tough day as all bloggers mentioned that everybody was tired even some bloggers.

Day 3 had AAT’s in each class, with a min. time from 2.30 in club and standard and 3 hours for 15 m. The 15 m. was up in the air, but before opening the startline, they scrubbed the day for all 3 classes.

For today I noticed at the European weather forecast that the weather is not too good in most parts of France, but good in Poland for the first official practise day from the EGC.
Today is called a restday in Issoudun with in the evening the International Party.

Contest day 5 in Hobbs was a good again one after the [sand]-storm the day before, racing was possible and so they did! It turned out to be a good day full of cu’s.
In open class it’s nearly every day about Dick in the CONCORDIA and Ron in the ASW22BLE. Also on day 5, a 3 hour TAT was set and  Ron won the day just before Dick [271.89 mile/437 km. in 3.11] Ron leads now overall with 24 points.
In  15 m. class Mark Keene won the day [223.78 mile/360 km. in 2.59] and is on spot 2 overall now behind David Mockler.
In the evening a warning for a SEVERE thunderstorm was given and even the CONCORDIA and ETA BITER had to be de- rigged. NEVER saw that in Uvalde.

USA NationalsCU.  USA nationals hiding under wing

Day 4 heading to some shade under the SUPER CU as seen by Peter Alexander and some shade under the wing, as seen by Kathey Pope. Pictures courtesy SSA gallery.
Peter was by the way the “sniffer” during the WGC in Uvalde.

Day 6 in Hobbs was cancelled maybe due to that BIG storm atleast due to lot’s of rain. The comps continue till the 4th of July.
But there was a new day 6 yesterday, a triggy one , but the CD was right. On the official site [ ] you can read the story by Karin, here are some parts:
“We woke up to grey skies and got hosed on during rigging – it was so sad to see the first 20 or so gliders sitting on the grid in the rain.”
“CD pulled one out of the hat: a 1.5 hr MAT for both classes.'”
“Gates opened late; 15:10 for Open’s and 15:50 for 15M”
“Some pilots decided it was worth to go over time, and most shook their heads upon return; where did this come from! The CD wondered if he undercalled the day.”
Preliminary results for day 6 Ken Sorenson, the CD from Uvalde won [122.2 miles in 1.37.21]and Dave Mockler is still on spot 1 overall with 166 points on the runner up, John Cochrane.
In open class the ETA BITER won with Heinz flying 9 TP’s,155 miles [249 km.] in time 1.54,52.  Ron was 2d with 4 TP’s, 125.10 miles in 1.35,4.

On the OLC I noticed that the first of July had some great flights. Germany had the best for Europe  , 1000 for Alexander Späth in the Nimbus 4 starting at  Hahnweide and for all reasons he was n’t too happy as it could have been better [ he declared a 1000 FAI triangle , could have flown 975 FAI  but would have had to make an outlanding then, so he gave that away] and ELY for the USA, with Jim Payne topping the list with also nearly a 1000 FAI triangle[ 988.4] .
Good flight in the ASW 27 by Ramy Yanetz,also from ELY,  a total of 1.124 ,3 [853.7 FAI]
—“Fantastic day with some great runs as well as dodging OD and virga.—“ was his comment.
Also yesterday the weather went “on” with 2 more long flights.
In 2011 the OLC had 2 days with more than 1000 flights in JUNE and one over 2000 [ 2817 nearly 3000!!] 2012 had 5 days in JUNE, with over 1000 flights , this year 2 but also one over 2000 a day.[June 8]

It’s getting closer; The EGC in Ostrow. Look at the skies , but they talk about hail and thunderstorms for the night and wind . Anyhow they could still practise and the official practise  starts today. The first official TC meeting is tonight at 8. The comps start on the 6th with an opening ceremony on the 5th. Last day July 20 with also the closing ceremony and prize giving. So now you are totally up to date! Oh, not to forget the President of the jury is Bruno Ramseyer [IRL] and the chief steward is Jaroslav Vach.[Czech Rep]

 Ostrow by the Belg.

Ostrow skies yesterday as seen by my Belgium friends.
A lot of the Keiheuvel pilots are there!

That’s it , whenever possible and when interesting for all of you as well, I will be back more over the next couple of days.
The latest digital version of the newsletter from the Perlan Project you can find on

Cheers Ritz
on Wednesday July 3 2013 , birthday of Dennis who would have been 44 today but only celebrated 18 birthdays. NEVER forgotten!!!

July 1, 2013

DAY 1 in Issoudun !!!!

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DAY 1 at the WWGC as followed at home.

WWGC briefing dag 1 by USA

Briefing day 1 as shared by team USA.

Due to the long winter and the late spring all grass and crops are high in most parts of Europe. Normally it would all have been cut down already, not this year, so there is some concern about going ” aux vaches” for the ladies flying the WWGC.
Luckily France has a lot of small airfields so that will help .
Also the pretty complicated airspace might be a problem for some who have never been in that region . Loosing points due to airspace infringements is such a waste and you never do it on purpose. Mostly you hear the beep and it’s too late.
It was all discussed at length during the briefings, so let’s hope there will be no outlandings due to fantastic weather and no penalty points by clear instructions and maybe by not setting tasks too close to those forbidden areas.

WWGC hoog gras
high crops as shared by the USA team.

Some great pictures from day 1 on the official French FB site ; 47 Have a look, I selected a few for you.
7th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships – Issoudun, France 2013‘s album: Race 1.

WWGC UK girls WWGC Sarah and Kerrie
The UK girls and the girls from the USA [ with TC Francois] and Australia.

And before the first launch.

WWGC Elena WWGC French TC
Difficult to see with hair under scarf and sunglasses but pretty sure this is Elena’s smile [Italy] and one of the French ladies with TC Eric.

Quite a blue day but that was forecasted certainly to the W and S,  other areas should have some cu’s , but there was lift enough in the blue as well.After a small delay  the girls were launched by 8 tuggies at 12.45!
Within half an hour the start lines were open last for 15 m. class at; 13.47.
During the day more and more cu’s were to be seen as you can see on the picture , from Frouwke, even at the finish line.

WWGC cu's

And it turned out a good day, certainly for Sarah who won the Club class in the St. Libelle and got the first 1000 points. With handicap 98 she won from the French girls  Magali and Laetitia flying in the St. Cirrus with a handicap of 100. All scores still preliminary, don’t forget!
So a good first day for our USA friend flying the Libelle, so far away from home.
As the TC Francois said; Yope, our very own Sarah took the day.
I am sure her mates in Chilhowee and all guests from her airfield in Tennessee, are “over the moon”, with the very first daily win in a WGC or WWGC for Sarah.
Swaantje did well loosing only 38 points in the LS 1f and also Elena [LS1f] had a great day being 5th . All those girls started at the same time at 14.21.
UK pilot Ayala [St. Libelle] started also at that time and was 6th.
The German girls Chrissie and Doerte , starting at 14.13, are also still in the 900 points ranch.

In standard class the German ladies showed straight away why they are good. Sue as the current world champion, leads on day 1. Only  LS 8 gliders in this class except for a Discus 2A and ASW 28. Natasja was last but she finished and got 698 points! Good on her. Nobody outlanded in both classes.

In 15 m. the German ladies with Susanne, who is the current WWGC champion upfront ,set the pace in this class as well. All 3 on the top positions 1000,999,997 points. Guess TC Uli is happy.
2 Outlandings in this class. My friend Teresa finished last at 6.30 PM. but,..made it home!!!
Pleased to see Diofasi did well with a 4th place.

German TC Uli.

Courtesy French FB site[one of the 47 pictures!]

It seems the next couple of days will be weather-wise pretty good, so we can follow more interesting soaring. Will be busy over the next 3 days , but try to keep up with the achievements.
Hope you all follow it too, they do their utmost best, ALL of them, to bring  WWGC- soaring in the best way to us!
This was only the beginning, day 1 was interesting to follow!

CU on Wednesday. Cheers Ritz

June 30, 2013

Women in [ top ] soaring! Like it !!!!As well as all PR on ALL social media!!!GOOD FOR SOARING!!!!

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Yesterday was the OPENING of the 7th FAI WWGC in Issoudun in France!
Tasks day 1 have been set!

WWGC jacques Aboulin in T6.  WWGC Aboulin

Jacques Aboulin , after flying the T6 for practise the day before.
In the WGC in Benalla in 1987 Jacques was 3d in standard class flying a DISCUS and 1 of the 4 pilots in this class gathering more than 10.000 points over 12 days of flying.
He also is Laurent ‘s dad….YES ….the WGC Champion in open class in Uvalde flying the QUINTUS.
Pictures shared on FB after practise on Friday.

It was drizzle all morning on Saturday but later in the day the sun showed up carefully for the
openings ceremony, with all ladies walking behind the flag of their nation after a 3 hour AIRSHOW with all kind of mostly French designed planes. Not only the pilots and crews were impressed also the between 5000 and 10.000 people from the area.
The French Royal Air Force “stole”  the show with a high standard and Stef, in the SZD 49 closed the show as the French said “brilliantly.” True as I could see it on a short video.

As Kerrie Claffey from Australia said
–“The day gradually cleared & a/c arrived for the airshow – a Harvard, Stampe, Fouga Magister (v-tail jet), Patrouille Cartouche Dore (3 a/c formation team), ASK21 & SZD59 (impressive aero’s!) – plus a few model a/c – Super Cub & helos – unfortunately the ASH flown by Aboulin didn’t arrive – then the opening ceremony, 52 pilots from 15 countries lead by the smallest team from Aus, followed by the largest teams from Czech (9), France (9) & Germany (11) & finished by the next smallest team from US. All starts tomorrow – local wisdom is next 2 weeks’ll be good!–“

WWGC opening1
Natasja from Holland with her TC Hans, crew , Ronald and Jan and coach Lia who flew years ago the Europeans in Issoudun.

WWGC UK team  WWGC Australian team

The ladies from the UK and Kerrie with her crew /TC /husband Tom from Australia.
Pictures courtesy Swaantje.

WWGC vliegshow

Enough visitors for the AIRSHOW!

We had , by the way, our own demo here in Alphen as , like last year planes flew over to The Hague where the VETERANS were honoured and King Alexander saluted all of them.

2013-06-29 13.15.29  2013-06-29 13.15.37

2013-06-29 13.15.45  2013-06-29 13.11.40

Not the best pictures SORRY but  a nice flight over the house from helicopters, F 16’s , Hawker Hunters, DC 10 etc.

BACK to the WWGC;
Today the game starts and the weather looks OK, as I heard a nice blue sky NO RAIN!!!
Tasks 269 km. for club class, Standard class 311 and 15 m. 337.7 km Good luck girls.
You can follow it all by the tracking system at;


WWGC skies

Nice weather on Wednesday, called as well “a smoking day” on FB,  but several outlandings too.

What happened during practise?
An unofficial practise day was on Wednesday, with a task of  358 km. in club class and Lithuanian Edita flying a Jantar was the best  just 3 points ahead of UK  pilot Claudy.
6 Choose not to fly or were still busy with other important things as scrutineering and 6 outlanded!
Standard class had 380 km. and Russia practised well with Nina flying in the LS 8 with a speed of 104 km./h followed by the German girls , Sue and Cornelia.
2 Outlanded 6 choose not to fly.
In 15 m. only 5 girls flew the 387 km. and 2 of them outlanded. Good practise from Alena and her mate Lenka, both flying the ASG 29 , both from the Czech Rep.and winning the day.[107 km/h.]

 Andreea Alena

Alena here in Uvalde!


Last Thursday there was a compulsory practise day for all women flying in Issoudun.

WWGC skies 2

At 1.30 PM as shared on FB after the last take off.

A day with a careful meteo forecast but it turned out nice , with 15 from 20 finishing in Club class over a  speed task with 2 hours ,1 out -landing and 4 did not start.
Good practise for Sarah as she was 2d.
In standard class a 2.30 speed task with French pilot Amelie flying 222 km. and best of the day.8 Finished 5 out -landings amongst them Natasja but she was in “good company” as the 3 German ladies practised “going au vache “as well. One Russian lady did not fly.
In 15 m. class  , 2.15 speed task with by some airspace violations,[ heard the airspace gave already lot’s of discussion ] and 2 Czech ladies in the top.

That was it about practise,  as the next day it drizzled and the day was cancelled.

WWGC rain

Even more than drizzle!
Picture as shared by Frouwke.


The official scores from day 1 in Hobbs were different than the preliminary ones and not Dick Butler, who started about 15 min. later than the rest,  but Ron Tabery in the ASW 22BLE won the day in open class, with 358 miles in 4.24. YES MILES!!!! Out of habit I wrote km.,but the USA uses of course  statute miles instead of kilometres.  Thanks Tony!!!!

So back to Ron’s flight; 358 miles is x 1.609= 576 km.
9 From 12 finished and in 15 m. only 12 from 27!!!! One of my friends had and unlucky outlanding, which damaged his glider but he was fine.
And reading Andreea’s blog [  and on ] ] , Ron had an interesting day at the least;
—” SS , Ron had quite an adventure flying in a flooded canopy, as his water valve separated and the water travelled towards the fuselage and into the canopy, but he still made the best flight of the day in Open, so congratulations – repairs were done until late at night to replace the valve.—“

USA nationals briefing  USA nationals line up 2

Briefing and line up under the hot sun.
Pictures courtesy Andreea.

Day 2 was blue , had 8 kts. wind gusting to 18 and about 36 dgr. C. and another 4 hour TAT, [Turn Area task…. regular task with turn points, minimum distance and minimum time] they do know there as well MAT’s. [Modified Assigned Task…allows the pilots to add extra turn points of their choice to their flight after they complete the assigned task, it only has a minimum time.] Thanks Andreea!
Pilots called it “an incredible day, with great soaring and lots of fun” BUT “ to the North the weather failed again”.
Looking at the scores ;
Dick Butler won in the Concordia with 385 miles in 3.57. Ron Tabery was 2d , starting 13 min. later and flying 363 miles in 3.52.
In 15 m. class it was David Mockler [365 miles in time 3.52] before  Dennis Linnekin [TC in Uvalde from the USA team ] and Ken Sorenson [CD from the Uvalde comps] was 6th for the day.

 USA Nationals strip  USA helping hand

Line up at the strip and “helping hands” by one of  the kids from one of the pilots . Mostly having their holidays at airfields they know what to do, as they also did in Uvalde during the WGC.

Day 3 was a hot day again, as usual in Hobbs.
—“Today ‘s weather predicts good to excellent soaring, some cu’s, average lift 7.8 kts, light winds and 102 F. The tasks are all TAT. —” 4 HOURS!!!!
What happened on day 3? Dick and Ron started 1 minute later than Rick in the ARCUS. Dick flew in the CONCORDIA 361 miles in 4.05, whilst Ron in the ASW22 BLE flew 348 in 4.02 which is in points,  20 less. Rick finished at 3.54 and was 8th for the day after 303 miles.
In 15 m. it was Rick Indrebo who was the daily winner with 344 miles in time 4. 04.

Day 4 as summed by Andreea;
—“At the pilots meeting we had an interesting weather prediction – morning t-storms, 8 kts winds, partly sunny, scattered clouds of all kinds , 99 F and chances of T-storms throughout the afternoon in different locations of the contest area, but plenty of lift – so the CD and his advisers did not have an easy day in figuring out the tasks so that the pilots are both challenged and not exposed to bad weather or risks due to that.—”
A 3 hour MAT was set for both classes. And Ron “raced” over the task from 337  miles, [= 542 km] with a speed of  99.95 mph.= 160km/h.
That IS impressive!!! With 11 TP’s , [this is kind of a POST task pilots flew in Uvalde in 1991 as well] , he finished at 3.22.29.
Dick, flew even more miles , starting at 2 PM, 11 minutes earlier then his mate Ron, he flew 345,91 miles [556 km.] rounded 11 TP’s and had a speed of 96,48 mph.[= 155 km/h] and was runner up.
Cumulative points after 4 days; Dick 3910 and Ron 3902!!!!!
In 15 m. Mark Keene won with 296.26 miles [ 477 km.] in 3. 09 and 9 TP’s.
As Adreea mentioned;”The weather was better than expected and all pilots came home happy. I think the CD called a good task allowing them to go where they choose after the first turn point, this way everybody could make their pick as clouds and stay away from any possible T-storms. It was another nice day in Hobbs, with only one land out, close and safe.”

Day 5 was yesterday cancelled.And you can see why on the picture from Andreea at 11 AM.

 USA nationals 11 AM

—“Do not be tricked, this is not a sunset at the airport, it is the way the grid looked around 11 am after the pilots meeting. As we headed for the meeting it all looked normal, we had our weather brief (which was not great, but we were still hoping to fly), congratulated the winners from yesterday and went outside to get ready. 

Rather than heading for brunch, we headed for the airport to secure the glider, as gusts of dust were blowing everywhere. This continued as we decided to put it in the trailer and in the end the CD decided to cancel the day, as the winds and dust continued.—”
A big thank you to Andreea who goes home, but Karin [Weissenbühler] will take over her job for the SSA!

I mentioned TONY [Condon] earlier! He just mentioned :”Greetings from Genua Colorado;316 mile -508 km….diamond distance!!!! Good on him. The flight was upwind and up-hill and in a Standard Cirrus and he started at Sunflower.

Here is the comment of a HAPPY pilot.
—“Kansas Kowbell Klassic 2013. Wow what a day. One of the earliest starting days I recall in recent history. Nice looking cu 30 minutes before I launched. Thanks to Jerry in K7 for saving me at the first low point. Let’s see…after that I mostly tried to stay between the blue and the OD, then had to turn north to stay east of a big shadow from some thunderstorms in Colorado. After that the whole flight was mostly just trying to stay in the sunshine and get as far away from Sunflower as possible. Was hoping to get enough to make Limon but was a few thousand feet short. Master chase crew Leah was only 40 miles behind me anyway and we were on the way home before sunset. Should be good for Diamond Distance. Happy Day!—“

Some of my soaring-friends are in Ocana in Spain at the moment enjoying good weather and flights up to over and just under 800 km. Good weather in Europe??????? We nearly forgot what that is!!!!
ELY was “hot/booming “again with some good over 1000 km. flights [ 1.244, 22 with a speed of 138.45 km./h yesterday in an ASH 31] and what got my attention as well was the LS 6 WL flight from Parowan;1.005 km . with 123 km./h. Pilot Thorsten Streppel mentioned he declared a 1000 jo-jo, but had to abort about 75 km. before the last TO due to OD, but what a great flight!

In Holland they flew a ONE-DAY-COMPETITION yesterday at Soesterberg the -place- to-be  for the Amsterdam Gliding Club; Amstelglide grand Prix 2013.
With 15 pilots in the combi class, 11 in club class and 11 as well in 18 m. always a great comps, with not the very best weather, but improving during the day and tasks for the combi pilots of 235.9 km., 158.2 for the club and 260.7 for the 18 m. contestants.

Amstelglide briefing  Amstelglide monteren

As shared on FB by Herbert van Zomeren “Briefing”and Adrie Batenburg “rigging”.

Indeed the weather improved and it turned out to be a nice afternoon. In the combi class 9 pilots finished after the Regatta start at 2.16 PM.2 Duo Discus XLT in the top with 9 and 8 points.
In the club class only 4 finished so not a lot of points to win there; 4 for the winner Nick Hanenburg in the LS1f.
In 18 m. it was the Nimbus 4 M, Frank van Empelen, winning after starting 8 minutes later than the rest. [handicap 105]

Ostrow is ready for their EGC starting on July 5 and going till July 21. They shared a nice picture on FB so I share it with you. Pilots and crews are arriving, a very interesting “bunch” who  for sure are going to give us great joy.92 Pilots in 3 classes and a few VERY good ones! 35 in club , 34 in standard and 24 [x 2 pilots,]  in the 2 seater class.
Great to see as well some well-known names participating in the 20 m 2-seater class this year.

Ostrow field

What a great effort from the Schempp Hirth business . They delivered on June 20 their 100ths ARCUS to the MBB SG of Augsburg. Well done Schempp Hirth and congratulations and many safe flights in this beautiful glider to the Augsburg glider pilots.

Schempp Hirth Arcus 100x

Great to see how good Birgitte looks.
Picture as shared on FB by SEGELFLIEGEN das MAGAZINE.

Take care all the best and CU on Wednesday.
cheers Ritz

On Sunday June 30 2013


June 26, 2013

Looking ahead at the WWGC! USA open class [ with the CONCORDIA ] and 15 m. nationals!

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WWGC overzicht damesFB

Here they are , 50 from the 53 women participating in the WWGC in Issoudun. What a great idea by the organisers, to make a compilation of the pictures.
Thanks for sharing it on the competition WWGC site.
On the official entries list I counted 15 ladies in 15 m. class, 22 in club and 14 in standard class.
15 Different countries with 15 TC’s some very experienced, some dad or husband, anyhow ALL of them will be there with a mobile with a French SIM card.

This Saturday the opening will take place including an airshow for all. Then the girls have to perform on Sunday June 30 till July 12. That day is the farewell party in the evening and on the 13th the prize giving.
Chief steward is Marina [Galetto] from Italy and steward is Frouwke [Kuijpers] from Holland. Gisela Weinreich is the president of the jury.
CD is Roger Eyrier, task setter Benjamin Neglais who has been TC several times as well at big comps and Brian Spreckley is involved in the operations and as deputy CD.
A strong team with more people on different jobs.

Knowing a lot of them , makes me extra sad to NOT be part of it for a couple of days as was planned. A real pity!!!!

But from home I can do a lot too , with help of my friends over there of course.

For the first time in history there is a lady flying for the USA and for Holland, during a WWGC , so a bit of history here in soaring. Maybe even more ladies , but I did not hear about that.
The USA has Sarah, who runs with husband Jason a flying school at Chilhowee Gliderport. She can repair gliders and tugs and fly gliders both as instructor and as pilot during comps. At Uvalde during the WGC, she was the only female tuggie. In Chaves she was a participant in the WGC.
This will be her first time in a WWGC and with TC Francois Pin and her crew , she has all possibilities to do well.
Sarah will fly a St.LIBELLE in club class with a few strong concurrent’s  as Danish World Champion Agnete Olsen and  the German and UK girls .
Here is Sarah with Jason at home and on a recent picture.

Sarah and Jason  WWGC Sarah by Maria

Natasja is the name of the Dutch girl and before she departed she told me how much work was done before , by Bas [Seijfert] who gave her his glider SEI, the ASW 28, to fly in standard class. For the Zander,  he built in quickly an audio,  to have her prepared in the best way for all to come and he spend quite some time to explain her EVERYTHING.
Natasja flew the Pre WWGC by accident last year. She was flying a competition there at the same time and was invited to participate in the Pre worlds ,”why are you not flying with us “?  of course she did this  at once.
Natasja flies in a strong class with the World champion from Germany Sue Kussbach and former World champion Gill Spreckley .
Here is Natasja last year at the Pre Worlds with the famous Jill vd Broeck  , who sadly passed away later in the year ……and before flying.

Natasja en Jill  natasja2

My friend Teresa [Sweden] flies in 15 m. class in the ASW 27 b and I am glad that she can fly after the fire in their work shop at the airfield not too long ago.
A strong class where Susanne Schödel from Germany defends her title and there are a few who want to take that title home this year. Let’s see if Susanne who flew in the Uvalde WGC last year can hold her position. Together the German girls can be strong, as the French and don’t underestimate Johanna from Poland.

Andreea Susanne  Andreea en Susanne

Susanne at briefing in Uvalde and with Andreea in Uvalde.
Andreea is at the  moment in Hobbs New Mexico covering the open class/15 m. Nationals.

Slowly the ladies arrived from last weekend onwards  and set up camp.

WWGC Swaantje  WWGC UK Camp

Swaantje has arrived and made camp for the BIG German team and the UK girls have their camp reserved as well.
Pictures as shared on FB.

Looking forward how this competition will go and I hope for SUPER FRENCH SUMMER weather. Will keep you informed, depending on what happens maybe more than twice a week!

And,….talking about women the always progressive London Gliding Club tries to get more women in soaring. Here is the Flyer as shared by Sandra and a picture from Aeroclub Les Goelands , where they have a girls weekend end of this week. It looks like there will be more than enough tuggies available!!!

Girls  Girls 2

Great stuff!

There is more!
The USA NATIONALS IN HOBBS. They started with a practice week in which not a lot was flown.

Usa nationals line up
Ready for a good week of top soaring.
Courtesy Andreea.

Here is the news from Andreea which I received last Sunday:
Just a quick resume of what is going on here –
starting Monday we had a week of almost daily t-storms, either here or close by,
pretty strong winds and not much flying going on. On an average I would say 5-10
gliders flying, mostly in the area. Right now we have close to 25 pilots already
here, although tomorrow is the first practice day.”

And 3 more of her first pictures;

USA Nationals 13  USA nationals concordia

Dick Butler and his famous CONCORDIA. I liked the remark from Robert [Danewid];
“There is no substitute for span!”

USA nationals Heinz

And Heinz Weissenbuhler [l.] who flies according to George, the “old”by Dick modified ASW22, the ETA BITER, again quoting George, “The best ASW 22 in the world.”
Heinz is the father from Hannah and married to Dutch Karin Schlösser.
Pictures courtesy Adreea.

Here is the family as I met them last year in Uvalde.

Karin en Willem 002  Karin en Willem 003

Yesterday was the first official flying day and 43 pilots went up in the air. They had 5 tugs available  !As Andreea mentioned ;
The weather was HOT and it will get  hotter and hotter here, starting to resemble more as Hobbs weather. Today we will have less winds, still from the SE and better flying conditions overall. And if I look outside, I do see some scattered Cu’s.–“
BIG task for 15m and open ; 4 hour AAT.

USA nationals  USA nationals field
Briefing on day 1 and line up in HOT HOBBS.
Courtesy Andreea.

The  preliminary scores; Tom Kelley won in the ASG 29/15m.  the first 1000 points by flying 320 miles in 4.06 .
In open class 2 of my friends were high in the points. Dick Butler with the Concordia flying 322 miles in time 4.05 good for 1000 points and Rick Walters in the ARCUS 306 miles. in 3.57 with 977 points. Heinz was 5th [814 points] Not everybody in both classes is scored yet and the weather up North was not as good as expected.

Uvalde Ritz and Rick1

Rick, Andreea and Ritz in Uvalde.

The Latest magazine of SEGELFLIEGEN is out, this time p.e. with the story of the European record from Mathias Schunk and much more .


Last but not least I told you about the 50thiest birthday of my “old ” club de ZES. Last weekend they had their special day to show Dutch glider pilots how a summer-camp is at a student aeroclub, somewhere in a paddock in the middle of Holland.
The weather did not really co-operate but for fun weather is totally unimportant. As one of the organisers Karin said when she announced the weekend was on; ” No guts,  no glory!”
I noticed lot’s of “thank you’s ” on FB and I knew it could be only good. Here is a short resume by Arjan, who also shared the pictures.

Weilanddag1  Weilanddag2

For her 50th anniversary the Eindhoven Student Gliding Club (ZES) organised a unique “Pasture Day” (Dutch: Weiland dag) on June 22nd 2013 .They invited the entire Dutch gliding community to make an outlanding on a field a farmer named Harold was more than willing to provide. All were invited to join them afterwards for a beer, barbecue and a party. Their aim was to share the great ambiance of their much loved summer camps.

Despite the very mediocre weather forecast they decided to go ahead!

 Just in front of the occluded front the gliders were towed cross-country from their homebase De Peel to the grass land some 40 km’s away. The gusty wind and the turbulence asked for alert towing and sporty landings. A special tribute to Dick Teuling and Francois Jeremiasse who made their field landings coming from Malden even though the weather didn’t improve after the front passage. A total of 14 gliders reached the field with, as it should be, nearly all perfect landings.

 And… the party was waiting for them! On the other side of the road a big tent with an impressive barbecue installation and bar were already set up. Complete with a big campfire and karaoke disco the night ended very late for many. Very convenient that also a one-day-only-campsite had been created on the field with breakfast included!

 The ZES thanks everyone for their support in making this event one to remember.—“
Weilanddag3  Weilanddag 4
More than enough news for you to digest so CU next Sunday or earlier depending on what’s happening at the WWGC.
Cheers Ritz

June 23, 2013

Looking back at VINON EGC :159,59 and 1000 points ahead and loosing spot 2 for spot 5!!!!

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 EGC Erik dagoverwinnaar  EGC Erik hoogste snelheid in open klasse

Day 8 winner in open class Erik Borgmann flying the QUINTUS with speed 146.3 km./h. over the 205 km. task. Brilliant! That was the fastest speed in open class.[pic.2]
courtesy Dutch team as shared on FB.

The in the end nearly nail biting EGC in Vinon is over and I take you through the last days.
I left you with the message that  Wednesday could be difficult, weather-wise in Vinon. The briefing was postponed and already early in the morning the day was cancelled for open class.
A bit later for 18 m. as well.
The 15 m. had to grid as the expectation  was for a “maybe-window” later on the day ! So a 2 hour AAT was set. And.. whilst the people on the ground had to strengthen the ropes of their tents cause of the tough ground-wind, the 15m. pilots were launched at 15.35! Most did not even expect it.
Base over the field was around 1600 m. and it was VERY bumpy, but there was also some nice lift , AND ….light wave up to 2000 m. for most pilots ,  but not for some as one of the  Belgium pilots landed back, he could not get away.

Day 8 in 15 m.ended with another daily win for Christophe[Ruch]; 210.6 km. in 1.59,59 how about that!!!! COOL!!! 600 points in the pocket!
His French mates JD and Louis were on spot 4 and 5 , loosing 5 and 6 points on him!!!!
In between on spot 2 and 3, Swiss pilot Fridolin Hauser [ Ventus 2A] and German pilot Steffen Schwarzer.[ASW27]

After 8 days Christophe could if he wished, take a day off , as he was already more than 1000 points ahead of the number 4 UK pilot Phil Jones. Louis,  however was only 24 points behind him,  so still a strong concurrent/mate! JD is 500 points behind Christophe.
Would on the last day each of the 2  fly for himself??  I guess so, both want to be EUROPEAN  CHAMPION and trying to be both on spot 1 by leaving a fraction later for Christophe would be a too big risk to loose the title  and nearly a nearly impossible action, it only once happened as far as I know, by sheer luck . So what happened on the last 2 days!!??

The next day was after a full night of rain, cancelled for 15 m. [ so no points to gain for the 3 French Musketeers, ] and open class. Only the 18 m. flew and got an AAT speed task of 1.45 for their day 8, after 2 cancelled days.
French pilot Christophe won the day starting more than an hour earlier [14.10] than his mate Didier.[15.31] ??That cost Didier,  as he finished on spot 8 and lost his overall first place to ,…who else, Sebastian.
So on the last day it’s between France and Poland, for the decision who will be European Champion. Only 61 points difference, so,…………..everything was possible!!!!!!

Day 9, a good last day for all pilots of this interesting-to-follow-even-from-home-competition. What would happen in 15 m. class? Would it be Christophe or Louis going home with the cup? At least it stays in France!
What in 18 m. , where Sebastian was ready to keep his lead, but 2 French were ready to do whatever needed to be done to keep this EGC cup away from him?
And in open class no worries about Michael but , though I strongly believe in the “team-flying” from the French, {in my opinion they are doing this at the moment  best, though Christophe and Didier proofed me wrong on the last day!!!!!!!} the Germans do know about it too, so would Killian keep his 2d place, can Ronald end in the top 3?

The weather co-operated [2200 m. local, nice clouds also in the mountains!] and tasks on this last flying day were set to make the final scores definitive!
15 m; 347 km.  launched first
18m ; 406 km.
open; 371km. launched last

At 13.37 all gliders were up in the air and the tactic-games could start. The weather remained good so I expected good speed.
AND,…it was a good day. Different still than I expected certainly in 15 m. class as not Christophe won, but Louis went home with the gold.
They started exactly at the same time but in the end Louis was 4 minutes faster and won the EGC title with 23 points on his mate , who won SIX days. Louis won 2.
JD was on spot 3 . Henrik was 2d on the last day and finished overall on spot 5 behind Phil Jones.

 EGC 15 m. winners

The champion and the winners in 15 m,
courtesy FB site team France.

In 18 m. it took a long time before we knew who would be the winner as Didier was not scored, ,…..he OUTLANDED!!! He started together with Christophe Cousseau only had to stay together as Christophe won the day, but something must have gone wrong, A pity for Didier!
So, Sebastian won the EUROPEAN title before Christophe who climbed from 3 to spot 2 and Roman Mracek ended with the bronze!!! Good on Sebastian, I don’t know how he does it every time, even not after reading his book.
Didier dropped from 2 to 5, with Uli who did well, on 6!
What a nail-biting day!!!!!

 EGC 18 m.champions

The Champion and the winners in 18 m.
As shared on FB

In open class Peter Hartmann won the 9th day with a speed of 130km./h. and a later start, about half an hour later than the rest.[15.08]  Pretty special that both Peter and Louis won each in their class this last day. Straight away it came to me that they  had that scary mid air collision in Uvalde, where they both came out unharmed, one bringing the glider home , one bailing out.
European Champion was Michael Sommer  started earlier than normal [14,37] with his mate Marcus Frank . The Dutch,  specially Ronald,  tried to overtake them in a chance to get that spot 3 overall for the JS 1. Together with his mate Erik, they started 13 minutes later and settled for a 2 and 3 day prize. Ronald missed out on 72 points .
French pilot Killian was 2d and Marcus 3d.

EGC openclass winners  EGC 4tot10 open

The Champion and winners and numbers 6 to 10 in open class
As shared on the German site.

With 5 scrubbed days and 9 days of flying we could see and follow [ good tracking system] a splendid competition,  with sadly to say another black edge. I don’t want to be a nuisance but only in the last month we lost 4 soaring mates! 2 In Germany , [ In May,  1 pilot from 52 and  a bit later a pilot from 35]   in Holland [during a competition] and one in France [competition]  and even maybe more I did not hear of,…. not good!

What went wrong with Didier I read this morning written in a resume of this last day in Vinon by the lovely father of Sebastian, who I met in Uvalde.
Be aware it is the way Thomasz sees it .
It’s shared many times already but I share it too.
Here you are and THANKS THOMASZ;
–“To bylo velmi dramatycke.” (“It was really dramatic”)

Yesterday was something of an emotional rollercoster but life has more suspense and surprises than Alfred Hitchcock could ever hope to come up with. The plan was simple. Sebastian was to keep his ambitions on a very short leash and leave at the best time. We have calculated that for the 407 km… task this time would come between 14:30 and 14:45 accepting giving up 3 to 4 minutes to the rivals. We came to an agreement with our southern neighbours to fight together to hold our places in the table. It turned out that the white-red-blue HQ had exactly the same judgement of the weather situation and tactical goals. The weather was great with visibility typical for Polar circle so the usual pre start dance did not take place. The French run away and were caught by the first mountain range. Didier and Sebastian were uncontested so they could do a lap of honour but it does not work like this with the alphas. In the Morgon region clouds spilled out and suppressed the lift. Everyone had a different way of dealing with the situation. They spread out over Durace valley by Gap and Sisteron. For the next two sections the weather was capricious ut over Morgon Sebastian caught up with a group marked by Cousseau’s tracker. Dider did not have one on this day. Turning point was set at behind the lake deeper in the valley. It is common knowledge that in such a pipe one can meet only devil playing with winds so everyone after the turn made a random escape. The Cousseau group went north with the wind to look for support on the slopes of Ecrines. Sebastian decided to go back straight to Morgon, which some minutes before offered excellent lift. There is a reason local pilots show respect to this place. Although the western slope was exposed to the Sun and perpendicular to the wind it welcomed Sebastian with sink instead of lift. The reason was quite simple. It was here where the convergence area was starting and clouds kept on forming all day which prevented the rocks from warming up and only from time to time the stone giant was giving salutary breaths.
The boy was having a hard time for a long time by the rocks to no avail and when it started to get really nasty as the stone rubble at the foot of the mountain was getting dangerously close he decided to fly towards the river valley by Gap. Literally a few minutes after his departure the slopes began to work and saved from great trouble Jarek Tomana. Sebastian made a save, little rocks at Durance did not fail him but he no longer could count on the bottle of wine for winning the day.
It also seemed that his golden medal was growing more and more pale. We were surprised though not to see Didier Hauss at the finish line. Would he have landed at another part of this huge airfield and stashed the glider in one of the hangars? It turned out that the pressure had its effect. When the initial group fell apart Sebastian kept his emotions in line and saved on height. He could not be persuaded by a Czech colleague to jump to usually excellent Pic de Bure and he laboriously worked through not to impressive thermals under weak clouds. Didier pushed on forward as the conditions seemed excellent and… he had to pay a visit Ohlmann at his airfield. This news did not really make us happy as the day was drawing to its close and we still havent heard from Mirek. He did not answer the radio, his cell phone was silent, he had no tracker, SPOT was not on. The organisers shared our fears and started to get the rescue team ready. Nice. Would it be a deja vu from a few days before? When we joined the rescue activites right before the sunset Mirek’s engine roared over the airfield. Sebastian saved his first place.

You cheered Riabczansky in Argentina. This time all eastern Europe teams kept their fingers crossed for Sebastian. Rascvietali yabloni i grushy, poplyli tumany nad ryekoy…Pazdravlayu !
Tomasz Kawa

EGC Sebastian

What a lovely family, both Thomasz and Sebastian, very much dedicated to each other…CHAPEAU!!!!!
picture as shared on FB.

In a few days , from the 25th of June till the 4th of July, [Practise days on June 23 and 24] the USA Nationals for 15 m. [ 30 participants]  and open class [ 15 participants] start in Hobbs New Mexico and one of my colleague-bloggers Andreea , ” Miss Daisy ” is going to cover these Nationals for Soaringcafe and she is also the designated blogger and photographer for the SSA.

Andreea profile

Soaring Society of America Volunteer Development Committee

Great to see Dick Butler is participating and many more new and “old” friends I met at the Uvalde WGC.
I keep in  “my way ” an eye on it too, for , and Andreea , who is not only a “fresh” new writer, but a good photographer as well will do the “live stream”.
She told me she has a better new lens for her camera now, so you can expect great pictures too on all the sites she writes for or contributes to.
The less good news I got on Thursday was;
“Today we have a storm coming in and strong winds and the rest of the week, but we all hope for better weather soon.” I hope that with them.

 DB 1

DB3  DB 2

Pictures from the Concordia in Uvalde.

With the WWGC about to begin in France,  the EGC in Ostrow and the JWGC in Leszno both in Poland , we have busy times ahead! Everybody is preparing for these comps also Issoudun, where they built a brand new reception desk, classroom and flight simulator !This will be all ready for the WWGC starting with a flight show on the 29th day of the opening as well.
The closer it comes the more sad I am that I can’t be there, but such is life! [ Neck and back are OK, but not yet good enough for more action than sitting in a chair , laying on a bed, some walking and shopping]

WWGC 2013  WWGC new desk

EGC Ostrow

EGC logo
as shared on their site.

Some of my Finnish friends have started the open Finnish Club and 18 m. Nationals in Teisko .  This competition started yesterday with small 1.30 AAT’s and continues till the 30thiest of June. They had to cancel day 1 but tasks for today are in “the make” .

And,…the Arcus M has received type certification by EASA. Congratulations to Tilo and his family and their staff.–Hirth_Arcus_T-02-20062013.pdf

To finish I would like to strongly recommend to you the story of a pilot who survived a bad crash in the mountains  to be read on
“The end of the road for TA-part 2 , the crash report” by Frank Paynter.
—“I had miraculously survived the crash with very minor injuries, but I still might not survive the mountain.”–

Will keep you informed over the next weeks, maybe even on more days than normal, as old news is no news!
By the way it rains cat’s and dogs here and the 35 dgr. from last week turned into 16. 2 Nice 2-day-comps have been cancelled this weekend.
Cheers Ritz

June 19, 2013

Interesting EGC, unfortunately with a black edge!

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With 7 days of flying in a row, the organisation set a well deserved day-off for the EGC pilots in Vinon on Monday. Not always the easiest circumstances due to the weather and lot’s of high mountains , where you have to be alert ALL the time ; a good decision.
Certainly when pilots in the evening of day 7 , hear that one of the pilots had a fatal accident, by hitting a cliff.
Always TOO sad for words! I know all about it,..poor family, wishing them all the best!

 EGC vlaggen halfstok

Life continues, how weird that is for family and friends of our Spanish “soaring-mate”, so we all have to continue as well.

Interesting to look at what has happened in the first 7 days.
Specially the open class is worthwhile looking at.
Was it in the past one or 2 types of gliders occupying/dominating the best places,  this year there are 8 different gliders in the top 10 from 22 participants.
In this class Michael Sommer in the EB 29, is the man-to-beat as he leads after the first 7 days with more than 300 points on French pilot Killian Walbrou flying the JS1-C.
Than there is a Quintus M. on spot 3, an ASH 31 Mi, a JS1,  a Nimbus 4T, an EB 28edition, an ASW 22 BLE and if you want to be really perfect the ASH 31 is different to the ASH 31 Mi., that makes 9 different gliders.
With an outlanding on day 7 this  is also not the competition for Pete Harvey [Nimbus 4T] , who normally flies in the TOP. He is on spot 13 after 7 days.
I wonder what would the CONCORDIA  have done against the EB 29 under the circumstances in Vinon?  About the same span, but a different wing load.

In 15 m. it seems only French pilots are flying!!! The 3 musketeers Christophe, Louis and JD are 1000 and over 500 points ahead on number 4 UK pilot Phil Jones! Christophe won 4 days from the 7.

In 18m. Didier Hauss who was in 1987 one of the French team pilots flying for the first time a 2-seater ASH 25 with Gabriel Chenevois, [he died already some years ago] during a WGC in open class, leads after 7 days. Didier , a very nice fellow, even invited my son Dennis , who flew with his father George also in this Benalla-WGC in a Nimbus 3D, to visit St Auban for a stage.
On spot 3 is the other French pilot Christophe Cousseau and in the middle is Sebastian . It will be very interesting to see what happens in this class.

Whatever happens the French showed they are a very strong team in flying together over their own country.

On  FLYING-day 8 , the organisers only send the open class up in the air. A 205 race was set. They expected wave ,but also overcast. There was also a lot of wind up to 40-60km./h with gusts later in the day forecasted  up to 80 km./h. higher up!
Not everybody got in the wave, some even struggled to stay up , some even had to land and start again.
In the end there were not a lot of points to win; 361 for the daily winner Erik Borgmann from Holland with the nice speed of 146.3 km./h.. As said before Erik flew in the past EGC’s and WGC’s for Holland, but living in the Vinon area now , he did not a lot of this competition soaring over the last years. So VERY good on him!
Here is what Ronald  [Termaat JS 1] shared with us on FB. Thanks Ronald!
—“Today was an another interesting day. Some people got the wave, others didn’t. I was unhappy to belong to the latter…. Started at 1600msl where others climbed to 2700. Mmm, I did my usual cursing then. To make it worse the task was only 200km and there was 40km/h wind. Connecting with the mountains needed some more height than what I had. At St. Auban I was down to 1000msl, about 600 over the airfield. Climbing in a slow 1,5m/s. Knowing the others started high I pushed on to La Beaume. It was not on track but I had to climb. Luckily there was good lift and after some climb I could connect to the mountains. I pushed really hard and at the turn I saw EB and V2 5 to 600m above me. Not good. But they took a different route to the second turn and I pushed hard along the ridges. A short climb at the Maloup allowed me to connect to Authon where a good 4m/s climb brought me at final glide. To my surprise only Erik was finished with a staggering 146km/h. The people above me at the first turn were not there. So I ended up with 128km/h on the 6th place only minutes short of 3rd place. So not to bad after all and allowing me to climb up to 4th place overall.
But many respect to Erik and his daily win!—“

For today gridding is postponed , but whatever happens, you will hear it all on Sunday.

 EGC vinon day 9

This is the morning from day 9 as seen and shared by the Dutch.

It’s still waiting a FULL year but the EAC organisation has announced the EUROGLIDE 2014 from June 23 till July 5 2014!!! A lot of soaring-hearts are beating faster now!!!!! Holidays are planned, busy,busy!

Not so long waiting, in fact already this weekend on June 21 at 8 o’clock , Gavin Wills will visit Hahnweide and talk to all gathered pilots about flying in the mountains, “Adventure Soaring ” in New Zealand. This evening is organised by Uli [Schwenk]
Gavin is the owner of Glide Omarama a very successful flying school  in New Zealand.
Worthwhile to visit and listen to the stories and looking at the pictures!

Unfortunately I can’t go, can’t even go to the WWGC in France due to back and neck problems after the incident with the car last Thursday. Had X rays yesterday and at least a week of good rest and fysio is  recommended!!!

ELY in the USA had fantastic weather last weekend creating superfast flights as 173.5 km./h over 910 km. in an EB 28 by UK pilot John Bally!!!!!
Also 160 km./h in the EB 29 is not bad over 862 km. Nice to see that this French pilot from St. Gaudens is flying in ELY,  whilst his club mate Robert Prat flies from St Gaudens a 1.318,41 km. on the same day in the ARCUS M!!!

Yesterday one of our former guests at Sportavia Uwe Thiele , a real kilometer-eater, started flying in Ouarzazate and straight away showed the “appetite”; 1.190 km. He will love it.
Lot’s of German guests there this year with flights over 1.300 km. Some of the guests commented; “Morocco is worthwhile visiting!”

AND,…. the Scandinavian countries are ready for their MIDSUMMERNIGHT. We here in Holland do have a something special too. Bar’s are open all night here in Alphen on the 22d , but in Holland there is a new young club of enthusiastic glider pilots , GAE [ Gliding Adventures Europe] flying from the National Gliding Centre of Terlet and they start soaring when the first light is on at 5.19 AM and continue weather permitting of course till 10.04 PM. This is all happening on Saturday the 22d of June. After that,….grrrr…. the days are getting shorter again.
The Club counts about 100 members , flies from Wednesday till Sunday every week in the season and made last year 6700 starts!!!! They have 12 gliders and on the 22d everybody is welcome for a joy flight. They count on 10 guests in the air per hour!!!!
Wishing them a day full of sun, pleasure and safe flights. At you can enter for a flight if you wish and find all other relevant info.

The next EGC for Club standard and 20 m. is as you know soon in Poland here is some news;
–“The Organiser offers to arrange a room for team with strong internet cable connection in the central hangar. PC set with laser printer and basic furniture (tables and chairs) also power supply 220V is included. The price for such room is 449 EUR for all the period. If your team is interested to use it during the event, please indicate this by an email to our address —”

Cheers Ritz,….by the way summer arrived here with yesterday the first tropical day in the “weather-measurement-town “the Bilt and even 32 in the S.
Today will be even higher but, than it is over again after expected severe thunderstorms with hail.
on Wednesday June 19 2013

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