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February 10, 2016

European wave season about to begin! Metereologica…..very interesting news from Greece !

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With a flight from just over 1000 km. from Serres la Baties in France last Thursday in the Stemme [S10/S10-VT] , a “happy- sounding”  Klaus Ohlmann , mentioned that the wave-season is about to start;” Very nice wave day..A little bit weak at the beginning, but with the incoming front it started to be much better. Anyway, the new season is in Approach.”
Up to 6000 m. MSL.

Gerard Lherm added a great flight from St Martin de Londres in the Nimbus 4DM, over 4000 m. MSL and 708 km.. We are going to keep an eye on it!
According to Benjamin, who flew with his mate , Vincent, the Alps had an unexpected great FOEHN-day too last Sunday. Departing from Koenigsdorf  in an ARCUS T,they flew direction WSW; 957 km.!!!!![over 4000 m. MSL]
They shared a nice picture as well on the OLC.


Looking at wave paradise New Zealand, Ge shared some nice pictures with the message:
“A convergence day for us. The first photo shows cold air coming down the hill, the cumulus in the distance are fine but the first part of the convergence is blown out…we had to go a couple miles left to find the new edge, well out of shot.
The second shot shows a great system well marked by dust…we bashed up and down for a while, exploring.
A bit rough in the circuit.…”

12670124_183925975301733_3002960411689478741_n (1)


No wave ,….but also a great flight from Temora in Australia last Monday ,when “we here in Holland,were all going with the wind” !!! [up to 112 km. /h. ]
Brian Du Rieu flew in his LS 10/18m.  a nice 802 km flight ,…750 FAI triangle…. and topped the OLC-list with it.
A bit more to the S. , Tocumwal had several long flights in the ARCUS [808 km. 500 FAI triangle] and 765 km [749.5 FIA triangle] in an ASH 26 e.
Kari, from Finland flew 536 in the LS 6 and the 4 Japanese guests [ Hello Mr. Ogura-san] forgot all about the earlier rain and flew just under or over 300 km. !!!![ 226km….297….319….336 km] in LS 4 or PIK 20.
Good on them. SAKE!!!!!
Temperatures up to 36 dgr. lovely for early February.
Yesterday Toc. topped the OLC list with a 557 km. flight from Terry in his ASH 26E.
From Corowa Pepe had one of the last flights for the season in his ASH 31/21 m.;754 km.
Great to see that my former Tocumwal-friends Reinhard and Chris [and Lind]a are happily flying there.
Benalla had 669 km in the Ventus 2 CT /18m. and 627 in an LS 8. Yesterday; 624 in an ASG 29/18 m.


During comps it is nowadays normal to see a JS  glider  . Not that long ago,….. this was not so normal. In a very short time Attie and Uys Jonker and their team have produced 100 JS  gliders in different versions and nowadays they just belong to the “soaring-scene”. And I only heard HAPPY customers.
Sven was so kind to share some pictures from the JS-100th festivity .


12509617_10153435042855669_1885249803414042211_n     12509617_10153435042855669_1885249803414042211_n


The last competition for the Aussie- season is normally in Horsham , so it is this year.
Quite some pilots again at this friendly airport for this friendly competition.
In the week before there was a training week, and some even flew their Silver C.Well done!
The comps are between February 6 and 13.
18 Pilots in club, 13 in 15 m. [one HC] and 7 in open /18 m.
They flew 2 days on the 6th and 7th  , then 2  cancelled days.
Flying day 2 was a nice one with a set task of 428 km. in open class won by Peter Buskens in the JS 1 with 147 km./h..
In 15 m. 439 km. was set and won by Andy Smith [Ventus] from the Mount Beauty Gliding Club with 142 km./h.
Club had a 3 hour AAT won by Steve Jinks in the St. Cirrus; 365 km. with a speed of 118 km./h.

Today a 3.30 AAT for open/18 m….3 hours for 15 m. and for club as well.
Results at


When I arrived home from Australia I found a mail from Alexis in Greece, to be part of  his[ open ]group of friends on FB, interested in  “the weather” .
We provide the most accurate weather forecasting and a wealth of information on weather, weather events and climate change.
The name “Meteorologica” was inspired by the first forecasting system and meteorology textbook by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.


A taste of our forecasting system applied to Namibia.
The high desert of Namibia is one the best locations in the world for long glider flights using thermal updrafts. Each year numerous such flights are achieved.
Modern gliders are equipped with flight computers that log parameters such as the actual wind and the net (of the glider movement) vertical velocity of the air. In that sense each glider is an airborne laboratory taking measurements during flights as long as 1,350 km with intervals as little as 1 sec.
Those flight logs allow us to calibrate the accuracy of our forecasting system with enormous amounts of actual data. The accuracy in the prediction of updraft strengths is closely correlated to the prediction of rain and thunderstorms.
Of course, it is also very useful to glider pilots!
The charts are: maximum updraft velocity, wind at 3,000m and the actual satellite photo on 2016.01.05.” 

12654555_1719633481656200_8986900156718817750_n  12654546_1719633581656190_5152117076084332078_n  12670268_1719633654989516_6337791192854573715_n

As I know Alexis I decided to send him a mail to find out more about it and if we can ONLY read it on FB or maybe somewhere els on internet.
I got a long answer , but I share it anyhow with you as it is interesting, though at this stage it is more for Greece.

“Thank you for your interest!

First of all let me introduce to the scientist behind this forecasting system. His name is Angelos Lampiris and he is a very young and extremely talented meteorologist. He has built a supercomputer in his uncle’s basement and has developed this system by himself.

Angelos is now running and developing the models for the www sites below, finishing a revolutionary paper on how gravity waves affect the development of tornadoes and at the same time getting the system and the applications to a whole new level. Also, we are getting ready to launch the system for glider flights in the Alps and of course in Greece this spring.

For now you can only read the group on FB but there are two links with the forecasts for Greece where the system is already fully operational and providing early warnings for extreme events.

One site is for general forecasts and has two components. The first component is for simple forecasts with a very intuitive user interface and the other one is with charts for more sophisticated users . The charts also include output from the global model under the tab “Παγκόσμιο (mpas)”.

The other link is for gliding forecasts in Greece

As you can see all kinds of updrafts are included on the same chart. It does not matter if there are thermals, ridge, convergence or wave. The combined effects are there (and fully confirmed by our flights). The “secret” of the model is that is fully based on Computational Fluid Dynamics so that the whole atmosphere and all parameters are simulated.

We are working on getting funding and growing this. With the climate change unusual weather and extreme events will be getting more and more common with significant impact to everybody. According to the World Economic Forum it is one of the biggest challenges mankind is facing.  We will do our best to make those forecasts as accurate and as available as possible. I have attached a teaser brochure for you.

The story behind this is amazing. Exactly one year ago I saw on Facebook  (which I was then using very lightly) a wind forecast chart which had the usual pattern of the mountain wave (i.e. increasing and decreasing wind speeds every 10km). I found that Angelos had prepared this forecast and I asked him if he could produce a chart with the vertical movement of the air at 5,000m. I also sent him some info about gliders and mountain waves. I told him that I would contact him again when the forecast was promising. This was the case on 2015.04.17. Angelos was doing his military service in a remote island but he managed to send me a chart of the updrafts within a few minutes. The next day I flew the longest ever flight in Greece in completely blue wave but with Angelos’ map on my kneeboard!

As they say the rest is history.”

Thanks Alexis, and I am going to follow it closely. The predicted storms on FB , for this weekend, were spot on!!!


Look at this the mountain-wave forecast for TODAY in Greece.



Registration for the Open Benelux Gliding Championships 2016 at Terlet is now open!
Please check for cost information and the registration form.

Do not wait and sign up! We hope to have 5 full classes.”
May 17 -May 27!!!
At this early stage already 28 participants; 7 in 18m, 5 in the 2-seater class, 5 in club, 7 in open and 4 in 15 m.
When I looked again,…33 participants!!!!


The NZ Multi Class Nationals finished on the 4th with a non flying day. Over 14 days, they had 7 valid days in both classes open and racing.
Champions; the combination Hunter / Jensen flying the JS 1 with 4839 points in open class and Yves Gerster in the LIBELLE in racing class with 4391 points.
On day 7 Yves “got”  1000 points for an out landing after 233 km from the set 283 km.The runner up that day had 100 km. less and “received”  533 points.That makes a difference!!!

Well done to all pilots and congratulations to the winners !!!!


I was asked to like the FB group of Fabian Peitz. He and his mate, Dennis keep us updated on the way to the European Championship 2017. When your German is good you can read it at their site;Segelflug-Hoch-Zwei.

This website is still under construction, but soon [I hope] it will work; Well,….. It SHOULD BE ONLINE NOW!!!!!Have a look or try later, as I could not read it yet!


And to finish a nice picture from Joergen and Dieter “Dundee” , ready for a flight S. from Tocumwal, to the Aussie mountains in the magic ARCUS. Dundee was even allowed to fly the “ship”  by himself.
Maybe I should have accepted Joergen’s invitation to me to fly the ARCUS as well.


Joergen and Dieter as shared by Joergen, with the message
Dieter ready for a flight in the Arcus. We did a nice sightseeing flight via Benalla to the hills further south, and back to Tocumwal.”


There is an interesting interview from Reiner Rose from the OLC with Tilo and Bernd from Schempp-Hirth about the new VENTUS.
Have a look at the OLC site.   As Tilo said;
Medium primary goal is the World Championships early 2017 in Australia, where we want to be measured with a good number of new aircraft for us.” 

That’s it you are up to date, more next week.
Cheers Ritz

February 3, 2016

Chile !Parowan ! Taupo !

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Qualifying Grand Prix in Chile.

The weather in Chile was so-so! They tried hard, set tasks but on several days they did n’t fly further than 76 from the 284 km.
” Gliders being rescued by a tow plane in Los Andes. It wasn’t possible for the pilots to return to Vitacura by themselves since there wasn’t enough energy to stay aloft. We are hoping to have a better day today and be able to complete the task” for Friday.


Retrieves after out-landings.
As shared by the organizers.

In the end they  had 4 valid days out of 8 and ,… ALL happened/ read the scores were settled,  on the last day. As so often.
When they started for the last-but-one-day, Gintas had 13 points, Carlos 12 and Thomas 10.
The  regatta start was at 5 PM. for 145 km. 4 Pilots finished and a fast flight it was, for sure for Carlos; 161 km./h. [5 points ] Thomas was one of the finishers as well and received 3 points for his speed of 148 km./h.
Overall scores; 17 for Carlos, and 13 for both Gintas and Thomas.

Task 5 was set for the last day, weather-wise  the best one and pilots had to fly a longer distance this time; 364 km.
Gintas who flew so well at several days must have thought “I am going to do this again” .AND,…he did!! He flew over the 364 km. with a speed of 131 km./h just a 0.02 tad faster than Carlos who was runner up for the day. Thomas finished about 45 minutes later so the scores were upside down again.
On the last day Gintas got the extra point , 11 points ,Carlos got 8, Thomas 5.
Not too much difficulties to see that Carlos is the Chile Qualifying Grand Prix CHAMPION with 25 points.
Great result for Gintas with 24 points, the extra point just did not help him and Thomas gathered enough points the days before , to be safe with 18 points on spot 3!!!

A bit of a pity about the weather, but what you can do. Anyhow an interesting and exciting race again, with Carlos and Gintas “ready”  to go to South Africa for the WORLD FINAL in Potchefstroom in the beginning of November 2016.[5-12].
BUT,….as there were less than 10 participants ,….ONLY ONE pilot from the CHILE GP is allowed to go. So Carlos can order a ticket.

As they mentioned in their final report
Despite the effect of El Nino on the normally excellent weather in Chile it was still possible to compete on 4 race days although the conditions and therefore the speeds were well below par for the region.” 
 The weather was much worse than one would usually expect in Chile with warm and moist air bring lower cloudbase and poor visibility than normal. A slight improvement on the last race day allowed a race of 364km to be completed at a very creditable 131kph.” 

The next qualifying GP is in Spain in April.



Last week I got a mail from my Gliding International colleague Elke. She has been flying in Parowan ,Utah twice and LOVED it.
It’s soaring in Paradise! I’d always go back there, if only I had a glider in the States.

In June 2016 they have an ASA Camp  over there between June 14 and 26. All info you can find in the link below.
As they say; “an absolutely amazing experience both for the flying and the fun on the ground!”
Just have a look at this beautiful brochure, you might be interested and there is still time enough to consider or to even plan a visit to the CAMP at PAROWAN.
In the past I noticed some really great flights from the airfield over there and wrote about them.Interesting place!!!

Gliders Over Parowan

Parowan Soaring Camp – Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association

When I checked last week ,the first link was working, when I published it dis n’t anymore. I added a 2d link,to be sure you can see and read it. Sorry about that.



And last Friday there was Schempp -Hirth-news;
“The new Ventus has made its maiden flight! After Christoph Wannenmacher now Tilo Holighaus is on his way to test fly it.”



A proud Tilo on the wing.SO HE SHOULD , very proud he can be!!!


Great shot from the brand-new-Ventus on tow!!


And from Tilo IN the glider.
in full flight;

All pictures shared by Schempp Hirth.
CONGRATULATIONS with another great glider.
one by Frans Guise, top photographer from Holland.



Western Cape Regionals finished.

After the rain they flew 5 days in a row!The last day had a set task from 250 km. and the overall scores on that day were; Laurens with 3924, 3899 for Dawid and Sven had 3234.
In open Dawid Pretorius was the fastest on the last day, with 152 km./h. in an 18m. version LS 8; 449 points.
Laurens in the JS 1, had about the same speed but he got 50 penalty points!!!
So it was pretty clear then, that Dawid won the Regionals with 4348 and Laurens was runner up.

In Club Stefan van den Berg in the Mosquito, won the first and last day and one in the middle, but he out-landed on one day as well. After  6 days he was runner up just 36 points behind the winner, Kevin Mitchell flying a 17 m. DG 400.

Only 2x a 1000 points day in both classes.


New Zealand; Multi class 2016 CHAMPIONSHIPS.

After 7 days they tried hard to fly task 3 with a 2,30 AAT in open class, BUT, only 4 pilots finished with a speed of 87 km./h. So another battle-day.
In racing class 3 from 10 managed to fly home for between 1 and 45 points.
Task 4 was flown last Saturday and a 3 hour AAT was set and flown by 6 from 8 in open and 10 from 13 in racing.
In racing it is good to see old Tony van Dyk topping the overall scores after 4 tasks.[1855]

Task 5 was a 2.30 hour AAT on the last day of January and a prey for David Hirst in the Ventus;248 km. in time 2.36.
He called it an ” Awesome run!
In racing Patrick Driessen was the best during their 2.15 AAT; 262 km. in time 2.53 but he flew 62 km. more than the Duo Discus as runner up.
5 Days to go, long competition!!

Task 6 was cancelled task 7  was nice on paper, a set 310 km. but the “best” pilot for that day flew 216 km. Still 1000 points for Keith Essex in the ASG 29Es.
283 was set in Racing and 233 was flown by Yves Gerster in the Libelle ;1000 points.

Today another set task from 376 km. in open with ONE finisher, Keith, who needed over -5-hours to fly home. The next “best ” pilot flew 370 in the JS 1, then 175 km.
In racing 2 pilots managed to finish the 332 km. task!!!They needed 4 and nearly 5 hours but were home.Yves in the Libelle, just landed out, but still is number 1 overall with 2 days to go.



With all the pilots normally flying there and now even more because of the PRE Worlds, the hangar in COROWA is still FULL. Good to see. They shared some great pictures and when you had not seen them, here they are.


IMG_6415     IMG_6416

A fabulous big, brand- new hangar ,with only top-class-gliders.
As shared by



Chinese SRGC -member Yunhai, by his friends called Yankie Hotel, has left Tocumwal after 3 months. His logbook had 250 hours MORE than before arrival. Great job YH.
Later the friends found out that his English name is Harry!!!! So well done Harry!!
By the way after lot’s of rain the weather is still pretty poor at the moment, Harry was on the right place at the right time!

2015-12-25 06.08.06   1-DSCN3531

Harry, here with Christmas as my dinner partner and with Ingo who presented him before departure with a diploma as “international pilot logging the most hours this season.”
Last picture by Birgitte and Joergen.

Joergen and Birgitte spend their summer season in Tocumwal.
 they have donated two Becker VHF Transceivers to the club. Jorgen, in his usual resourceful way, acquired them as a result of the change to the European VHF channel spacing.
Also, one of our former members, Michael Wall has donated an Oxygen bottle to the club. This kind gift will find a place in one of our club gliders for the use of those pilots who go chasing the wave.
Great gesture by the guests.

Talking about Birgitte, I only found out this year that Rasmus Orskov, who I got to know at several junior comps and I estimate HIGH as a pilot,  is her son!!! Rasmus flew the final of the Grand Prix last year in Varese, after he qualified earlier in Zar in Poland for this event.
Even bigger news and I was only allowed to share it after Birgitte had done so; Rasmus is becoming a daddy this summer!!! Congratulations to Rasmus and his partner.
As the proud to-be- grand-ma said;” The baby will be the 4 th. generation glider pilot in the family, if he/she choose this sport.”


Rasmus in Varese.
as shared by the Danish Gliding Association.

And Andrew Peng Du has left Tocumwal [and Narromine, where he flew as well] ,with the message:
“See You Our Arcus in Beijing, See You in Loong Wing (GanSu.GaoTai) International Gliding Center.” 


Andrew with his “Chinese ” ARCUS here in the hangar from Outback Soaring in Tocumwal.


And then,….when you think it ‘s all over in South Africa as well, Martin Lessle flies from Douglas  a 1000 [997 Fai Triangle!] in the Duo Discus T, on the last day of January 2016. ” A good end to the season.” he commented. It was!!!


And to finish the link to a nice article about the UK champion in Narromine.


Only 50 flights on February 1 so it ‘s clearly slowing down. On January 22 only 14,… very low for the end of January!! We just have to wait again for and exciting new summer on this site of the world.
That ‘s it. CU next week, with the latest news.
Cheers Ritz

January 27, 2016

Young ones and …rain-season about to start in Africa…but still 191.46 km./h. at Worcester.Qualifying Grand Prix in Chile!

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Within a week we went here from extreme to extreme as well. Talking about the weather; from minus 6 and scraping the ice-flowers from the car-windows, we are now in spring with 14 dgr.C. even 17 on the pole at the station ,here. Does feel SO much better!!!
It was , as we heard the next day, the warmest EVER 25th of January.


The “young ones”.

12227025_1060157190696370_7685949813149090822_n     2016-01-15 11.09.36

Matthew [Here after he won the JWGC in Narromine] and Adam,[after the Pre Worlds in Benalla]  full of laughter and fun,both learned a lot at comps as Joey glide , during JWGC’s and this year at the PRE worlds in Benalla.

There is something special with junior comps, where ever in the world, if they are in National set-up or JWGC set up; They are JUST NICE!!!
Uncomplicated, fair and with a strong to pretty strong new generation of pilots.
In Australia they flew JOEYGLIDE last week. As I told you before JOEY stands for a young kangaroo.
Not too many new young ones here in West Wyalong for the 12th get-together, but with Matthew and Adam they have good examples from how far they can get.


Text says it all;” Meet JoeyGlide 2016 Tug Lord Schooner.”

After a cancelled day they continued with flying day 3 and a 2 hour AAT was set, but,…in the end it turned still too big. Nobody finished but Rueben , winning already 2 days, flew 103 km. ; no points unfortunately for the effort, as he was the only one over 100 km. ,and one of the only 2 finishers,  but it looks a new “star”  on the Aussie firmament is born.
So still only 2 valid days out of 5 .But that changed last Saturday on the last but one day, when a 319 set task was given to get them back in the rhythm for the last days.Flying day 3 , WITH points, was a fact
Rueben [from Victoria] flew around with a speed of 88.99 in the Mosquito and won another day.He is 220 points ahead on the runner up from Queensland Chris Jesse in a Glasfluegel 304 C.
The last day was HIS as well, so a well deserved winner; Rueben Lane;he flew himself in the 3000 points marge, good on him; 3.089 points.
On the last day Chris lost a spot by loosing 200 points for the day. David Collins in the LS 3 was the runner up now but with some points less; 2.762.
Keep these names in mind!!!

OLC-news and Western Cape Regionals 2016 at Worcester.

Also on the OLC you could see that the flights are getting less. NO , no, it is certainly not over yet, but in Africa the rain season has more or less started with 8 non-flying-days in a row in Bitterwasser and in the Southern part of Australia they had after the many great days a few off- days by rain as well.
Till the end of January the days there are just long enough to set a 1000 km. on a good day!
By the way after a few non-flying-days, South Africa started again yesterday with flights up to 710 from Gariep Dam and from New Tempe Bloemfontein with nearly 600 km.
Also Worcester was active , they fly the Western Cape Regionals 2016 between Jan. 23 and 30 there and Sven flew 518 in the JS 1 B.
That day the task was 501 km and Dawid Pretorius flying an LS 8, flew the set task with a speed of 177 km./h. Not bad ??!!
Laurens as runner up, was even faster with 179 km./h. On the 24th Laurens flew on the first flyable day around over 319 km. with 191.42 km./h on the ” clock”.
In club class an LS 3 flew the 406-km- set task with a speed of just under 140 km./h.

Only 10 flights on the OLC on January 22, that says it all!!

Last Sunday ,the rain was over in the Benalla-Corowa-Tocumwal- triangle and flights up to 833 by my Dutch friend Max flying from Corowa were flown on Monday, chasing the clouds.He topped the list that day.
On Tuesday, AUSTRALIADAY, Terry flew 768 km in the ASH 26 topping the list that day for Tocumwal and good old Jochen DECLARED and flew a 300 to the Rock and back in the LS 4. Good on him!!Kilometer-eater and frequent flyer at Toc . Stephan flew from Toc 612 in the LS 4 .
Max had another good one; this time 752 topping the OLC list worldwide AGAIN.
Benalla had flights up to 550 km.

From Temora Grant Johnson  flew 664 km. in his LS 3a.

Narromine has had an extremely good year and as you can see on the picture shared last Sunday,…it’s STILL GOOD.



Qualifying Grand Prix in Chile.


As shared by the Organizers with the message:“Gliders on the ground and in the air!”
As you can see the runway is parallel to the highway, never saw that before, guess they clearly see the difference from above.

The very first Grand Prix in 2016 is flown from Vitacura  in Chile , where they were ready to welcome all pilots participating in the race, on the practice day on Jan 22.
11 Pilots in total, 8 from Chile.  Some just practiced already during the Andes Open Chile 2016, where Carlos Rocca and Rene Vidal, were ” top of the bill” a week earlier.
When I met Thomas Gostner in Benalla , I heard he was flying straight back after the Pre worlds to Italy,  to then go straight to Chile to fly the Qualifying Grand Prix. You love your soaring or you don’t!!!
Other “overseas”  pilots are Zube Gintas from Lithuania and Juergen Wenzel from Germany,.
On the practice day Thomas was 3d behind Carlos and Rene.I have never been in Chile but they describe  the race area as  a ” spectacular region of the Andes to the east of Santiago and extending to the North and South.”

It all was suppose to happen for real last Saturday.
But due to bad weather, the first day had to be cancelled.
So Sunday turned out to be flying-day 1 and the weather was OK, as you can see.

12592318_947850801971310_4473145553234628706_n     12573230_947199202036470_1117834097110688006_n

The rain disappeared in the afternoon , the day before it was wet and not only from dumping the water!!!

Pushing to the limits in European weather “, was what Gintas had to say after the flight.They only could start after 3 PM as rain was ruling in the morning, so the regatta start was at 4.15 PM.
Gintas did well, he lead the pact to only see in the end that Carlos passed him to get the 6 points. He was happy with 4, I guess ,as he did a real good job. Thomas was third, with 3 points.
Juergen got 2 and Rene 1.
5 Pilots finished the difficult task which was NOT flown  ” inside the Cordillera de Los Andes because of the bad weather.”

Nothing to add to the latest; “ Day 3 in Chile cancelled: Because of the atmosphere’s high stability and clouds, it wasn’t possible to fly today.
We expect to have a better day tomorrow.”

They flew and a 217 km. task was set and WON by Gintas , who seems to be in his element over there in Chile. When I see on TV how 5 m. high waves “attack”  people, streets and houses at the coast, they managed to fly at Vitacura.
9 Points for Gintas and 7 for Thomas.
As they mentioned on FB:
  Day 4 Race 2 was a success! After a day with bad flying conditions, 8 pilots competed in this fun task along the Cordillera de Los Andes, finishing on first place Gintas Zube from Lithuania, on second place Thomas Gostner from Italy and on third place Carlos Rocca, a local pilot.”


Rene Vidal behind Carlos Rocca.
As shared by the organizers.



From Taupo , beautiful Taupo, the NZ-Nationals started in 2 classes with 21 participants ,on January 24 with a practice day  to continue till February 5.

Unfortunately the first 2 day’s had to be cancelled but then each class had a small task; 3 hours for open and 2.30 for racing class.
The winner in open just flew over 100 km./h. so it was n’t a fast day , BUT A DAY with 1000 points.
In the combined racing class the speed from the winner flying a DISCUS, was just over 92 km./h.
The “lesser”  gliders had it tough 6 from 12 out landed.

The next day was a no- valid -day. A task in open was set from 330 km. but the best pilot flew 188 km. which was amazing when you look at the runner up with 90 km.
In combi class 307 km. was set AND nearly flown by Patrick Driessen; 300,92 !!!!!No valid day either as the “rest” flew “only” up to 83 km.


That’s it, you are up to date again, more next week.
Cheers Ritz

January 20, 2016

Back to the regular blogs!Great weather in Australia!

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The juniors in Australia , had straight after the Nationals their “joey glide” flown from West Wyalong and day 2 was underway yesterday with  pilots reporting cloud base over 11,000′ before the start,” so it should be quick again today” .
One day earlier , flying day 1 was already fast with speed up to 127 km./h.over 270 km.flown by Rueben Lane from Victoria in a Mosquito.
Day 1 on the 17th had NO TASK, for the 8 relative unknown pilots at this stage. But this is how most toppers started!!!
today a 2 hour AAT was set but in the end the day was cancelled!


The ANDES OPEN 2016 from from Vitacura in Chile had good days and the “Vidal’ s” were always in the top 3. No miracle they were the number 1 and 2 from 19 participants after 7 days .Carlos had 6293 points and Rene 5889.
Several 3.30 AAT ‘s , one with speed up to 150 km./h over 545 km. by Carlos.
Task 3 , also a 3.30 AAT, had only ONE FINISHER, flying over 4 hours to reach a speed of 77 km./h. That’s a battle, but a good one over 325 km!!


Flying in the overseas season continued , also when I had less time to cover it and NO DOUBT Africa had a great one. On the 14th the last over-1000-km-flights were added to the OLC from Africa, they had a couple of days with rain.
Bitterwasser writes on their site;” Now we do have the middle of january, raintime. However, if you ask a pilot, they would say that this weather has nothing to do with humidity or so. Blue thermal, which starts often late. Humidity is under 10%. For the next days it looks more promising. For now, we do have 190 flights over 1000km! We will break the 200 flights soon!”
Bitterwasser, Kiripotib, Pokweni in Namibia, but also in South Africa places as Douglas, Gariepdam ,Bloemfontein  and Kuruman had excellent flights. Nobody I guess complained about the weather.


All the places I have been to over the last 7 weeks whilst being in Australia, had great weather yesterday. It’s a nice hot long summer in Australia and for sure the weather gods have been extra good this year for Narromine.
Attila flew in his St Cirrus yesterday a 891 km. [750 FAI triangle] flight from Narromine.With that flight he TOPPED the OLC -day.
Benalla had a 1000 km, I guess the first from this season, just after the comps had finished with 2 non flying days, but what can you do.
Young Petr who flew the Pre worlds in Benalla, moved back to Tocumwal ,where he was a tuggie with Eddie’ s Sportaviation in the past and he flew with Terry in the Janus CT 943 km.[900 Fai Triangle] This glider is called by Ib and his mates from Denmark, the “wooden ARCUS ”  .
And kilometer-eater Terry Bellair, flew from Corowa 824 km. [ 750 Fai triangle]
One day earlier on the 18th, Corowa had a 1000 as well with Max from Holland flying it and that was the first for the season for him and Corowa.
A lot of pilots bringing their gliders from Europe to Corowa , have to spend at least one month in  Corowa to fly , so it is extra busy there at the moment, as several OZGLIDE pilots did so too this year.
In the beginning of February they start packing gliders again and several pilots help out then.


Just  a short blog today. Still suffering from jet lag . Next days I will be in Amsterdam catching up with my family!
Cheers Ritz CU next Wednesday.

January 17, 2016

Back home.Prize giving at Benalla with lot’s of pictures.

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First looking back on the last days and the prize giving.

When Margie and I left for Wodonga to visit our friend on a top of a hill ,  we also dropped in on the way back at Corowa airport.It turned out that Eagle and Willem traveled to Tocumwal whilst we were there, but we did not miss each other as you can see at the pictures. We even spoke with Francesco and Wim , Grietjes dad.

2016-01-14 08.46.42  2016-01-14 08.46.32

2016-01-14 09.56.15  2016-01-14 09.56.42

Fun in the hangar and at the golf club, on my last day, in Tocumwal with Arend, Willem, Jeroen, Margie Diana and me.

A bit later more fun , now in Kelly’s pub with Jill and Kait and Margie.

2016-01-14 11.20.49

Prize giving in Benalla;
130 people attended and not everybody had booked ahead,  most of the overseas pilots forgot or misunderstood, so they had to eat somewhere else or pizza’s.They ALL however attended the prize giving after dinner, no worries.
Lovely evening with lot’s of well known mates. Here you are,….. first of all the prize winners/new Aussie Champions.

2016-01-15 13.07.52

Peter, Matthew and Bruce had ALL evening a smile on their faces.
Peter won 18 m. Bruce open and Matthew 15 m. class.

2016-01-15 09.25.40     2016-01-15 09.42.34    2016-01-15 11.13.12

Beautiful set tables, enough prizes to make pilots happy and enough food too in and outside.

Happy couples.

2016-01-15 10.26.10    2016-01-15 10.26.20    2016-01-15 10.20.22

GFA president Mandy and her husband and 18 m. CHAMPION Peter, Former GFA president Anita and her CHAMPION in open class And a happy David Jansen with his wife.

East Europe.

2016-01-15 12.58.12   2016-01-15 10.38.40

Zoltan from Hungary who was the pilot with the highest speed 160.54 km./h.and 26 year old Petr from Czech Rep. who flew in the past as tuggie with Sportaviation and now since 2 years in 737’s from Ryan Air.

The prize however was for an Australian pilot and Adam won both and found it a great privilege to win the Taylorr’s & Kauffmanns highest RAW ‘Speed Trophy’ by an Australian pilot; and the inaugural winner of the Bruce Brockhoff, Fastest Handicapped Speed Trophy!

2016-01-15 11.54.16

Bruce , said a few words and Adam was clearly happy with the brand new prize; the Bruce Brockhoff-trophy.

More overseas pilots.


2016-01-15 10.18.15   2016-01-15 11.48.09    2016-01-15 11.48.18

The Swedish and Finnish pilots, The French and the Austrians.

Runners up!!

2016-01-15 09.26.08  2016-01-15 11.03.19   2016-01-15 10.25.29

Andrew [open] Mac [15 m.] John “Butch”  18 m.
John was the most “unlucky”  person of the evening, but still could smile. He just missed out at this stage [still preliminary] to represent Australia next year in Benalla;Tom had 79.172 over 2 years with 40% counting for the first year and 60 for this year and Butch 79.021.
By the way the preliminary , but nearly sure team representing Australia next year ;
15 m. Matthew and Stephen , 18 m. Peter and Tom and open Bruce and Andrew.


2016-01-15 11.08.44     2016-01-15 11.07.45    2016-01-15 11.09.36

Dylan[Lampard] team- flying up to high standard with Matthew during the JWGC now crewing for him, Matthew and Ben [Loxton] and Adam.

Guests from now and the past.

2016-01-15 11.06.00         2016-01-15 11.07.11

Lesley and Norm with Tom and Brian with Italian guest Thomas and Mark and Beryl.

2016-01-15 11.06.14    2016-01-15 11.06.36

Judy, Ingo and Scott and Jane and Tom from Temora.

2016-01-15 11.06.51     2016-01-15 10.43.59    2016-01-15 11.21.03

Swaantje with her female crew and Lisa and David with Tony Tabart and Jo.

By the way, the STATE SHIELD was won by NSW with the pilots Bruce Taylor, Matthew Scutter and Tom Claffey.

Last but not least; Vickey with her beautiful daughter , recently a mum, so Vickey is a grandma now; They will be very busy with the WGC next year with Terry as CD.

2016-01-15 11.14.15

Mum Vickey with 2d daughter Erin


It was nice to catch up with Owe from Sweden and Antti from Finland at Tullamarine before Antti and I flew with former Sportavia tuggie Michael to Hong Kong, where the weather was pretty bad, and Owe went via Thailand home. I forgot that Owe was in the organizing team in Eskilstuna, where I was as well as competition journalist.
Home now , cold here and a tiny little bit of snow!!!!Tired, but what a great time I had!!!!
In Tocumwal,  Narromine and Benalla, I caught up with many friends, what great people there are in soaring is n’t it?

Thanks to Jo, for making a happy picture from me as well. It was MY pleasure to keep you updated during my holiday in Australia.

2016-01-15 11.22.09

Cheers Ritz

January 15, 2016

Part 36. BENALLA…OZ Glide … Last day…cancelled!!! 130 for dinner!Open class champion is Bruce,18 m. champion is Peter, 15 m. champion is Matthew!

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12.30 ;
Just arrived in Benalla to see all gliders ready at the grid for the very last day of this OZ glide , combined with the 54 th Nationals.
Dundee, my ” personal chauffeur ” as he calls himself, dropped me off at the motel and later at he field.

Tasks have been set both A and B. The wind is tough and chilly , sun shines brightly and it looks like another blue day. Missed the briefing, but here are the tasks from the last day;
Open; 450 km.
18m.;346 km. 
15 m.;374 km.
So nice tasks with possibilities to loose or to gain points.
Just heard that new tasks will go out with a B/C task???[12.45]
They don’t change them straight away on the internet and I don’t have them so we have to wait what they are going to do now.

Yesterday was , as expected a non flying day. The weather was horrible, the temperature dropped from 44 to 22 and in the night even to 18 in Tocumwal. Their was a blowing gale and we really had to keep ourselves steady when visiting the most beautiful house of a friend on the top of a high hill in Wodonga.

2016-01-14 02.50.56

2016-01-14 03.01.39  2016-01-14 02.59.10  2016-01-14 03.00.54

The view and the interior.


The day before turned out to be a “ripper” ,though the day was cancelled in the morning, it was a very fast day,… but only for 15 and 18 m.
The day for 15 m. was devalued by the speed as Adam flew 324 km. in 2.02 ,so a speed of 159 km./h in the Ventus A. For that he deserved the highest points given this day;615.He started straight away at 3.02 PM.
Tim Bromhead from NZ started last at 16.27,finishing last at 18.02. But ,…he finished!!!!!
2 Out-landings one by Lisa,  she dropped from 15 to 20, a pity.
19 Pilots flew around with a speed of 142 km./h or higher.
Here is Matthew’s story written 2 days ago covering 2 days!!
“It’s been a tough few days at the Nationals which has kept me from my blogging, but I’m back for now!
Yesterday we had essentially a distance task set that necessitated starting as soon as possible – I started at 4000ft on a day predicted to go higher than 11000ft. I pushed as hard as possible all day, risking outlanding around the task just trying to get as far as possible before the end of the day, and was lucky to be able to actually squeak around the task. (Un?)fortunately some who started behind also managed to, but no harm to the points.
Today was a very… interesting day. We awoke to a text informing us the day was cancelled, and then at 10am, having made our rest day plans, we got another text telling us the day was… uncancelled!? So we watered gridded and launched onto a booming trough for a 2hr AAT. I made some fatal errors but was lucky the right names also had bad days so no harm in the overall standings.-–”

Today they start with the knowledge that Matthew [6203] leads before Mac [6085] and Stephen with 5963 and Norm with 5764.

18 m.
had a 2.30 AAT last Wednesday with that peculiar weather and the peculiar decisions. Hungarian pilots don’t mind to fly along showers and fronts and used them as well as the GREAT clouds , to the fullest so they had a great day .Zoltan won with 401 km. in time 2.28. So a speed of 160,54 km./h. Bloody good!!!
Not a 1000- points- day “only”  800!!!
His mates were on spot 5 and 6 and Czech pilot Petr knows how to deal with that weather as well, he finished on 4 just behind Boerje from Sweden.
Tom [Claffey] was on spot 2.
That means that the number 1-2-3 are still Peter, Butch and Tom ,but Petr [5984] lost a spot to Zoltan, [5949], who was still on spot 6 after task 7; so a nice East European “fight ” here.

Open was cancelled that day and the opinions about it were “mixed”.
They know the overall scores well before they start today; Bruce [5695] , Andrew [5606] ,Ian [5394] and Scott and Ingo[5200]
Bruce’s view on today;
—“Wx, streaming from the south nicely!
Inversion – hence the poor vis.
This is a completely new air mass. .. If it’s from the south, not good, if SE, then can be good…..
Going to about 7k’. Forecast 25deg max, 27 to the north. Expected to stay blue. Maybe 6-8knts, nice only for a short period. Weatherman cautions us, but advises us to be optimistic!! 
(Luckily the tugs are all fuelled up for this afternoon, he says!!)—

1.20:More later. They have not launched yet!!

1.45; They just cancelled 15 m. and 18m. class. ONLY OPEN WILL FLY today!!!

So CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew with his 2d BIG WIN this season. After becoming junior world champion he is now National 15 m. Champion as well AND qualified to fly the WGC next year here in Benalla.
Mac did well with a runner-up-position and Stphen is the number 3, bronze for him.

In 18 m. class Peter is the new National Champion and Butch and Tom have earned the silver and bronze.

Open class has just been cancelled!!!!! So Bruce is the new National Champion, after 6 out of 12 days in this class , with Andrew and Ian as number 2 and 3!!!

Congratulations to all.

Have to move here soon as at 3 PM,  the tables will be set.130 People have to be seated in this club house room, so it is sold out and it will be very “cosy” all together here.

Just a short note from my motel room.
Got some pictures from Mr. Du, who has left Tocumwal, for a few days to fly in Narromine again. One of his mates, a very fine pilot,  left last week, the other had to go home in a hurry after being in hospital for 3 days in Shepparton, with appendicitis problems.
Andrew was supposed to write more about soaring in China, but the translator unfortunately got sick. So only a picture from the Place they fly from and a link to 
Just to let you know!

image1 (1)

” Red point is our Loong (GanSu.GaoTai)International gliding center , there is western of China, 2000Km from Beijing”
5c2748e6-cccd-4e60-8e3f-5faac2e8fad2    unnamed

That was the diary 2015/2016. Hope you liked it.
Back to the Wednesday-blogs soon.
Will make pictures tonight from the closing-ceremony and dinner ,but can only upload them when I am back home!
Tomorrow morning I will leave Benalla and a friend will bring me straight to the Airport.

Cheers Ritz

January 13, 2016

Part 35! Scorcher-day up to 44.9 dgr. C in the shade….just bloody hot!!!!

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Wednesday January 13;
Only 3 days to go and I leave Australia again. For all friends who have been visiting Tocumwal, I made a trip through the memory-lane and share those pictures with you in the next blog blog.
It’s HOT !!!!! At 1.30 it is 41.4 dgr. C already, @2 PM 42.4 and the forecast s for 44. dgr.C.

2016-01-13 00.29.11

Nice but weird-formed cirrus this morning. Never saw it before, very thin and quickly disappearing again.



ready to go for day 6.
As shared by Nimbus.

But first back to Benalla. When I was “crunched”  by Simon, my chiropractor, and had to rest before and after treatment, the pilots had to fly again after a day off.
That day the weather was good , but due to stormy winds, the day was also too short, maybe a short very fast task had been possible for open or 18 m.???But safety FIRST!!!
Anyhow the day off was maybe needed to for some as well.
Yesterday they had to fly again and 556 km. was set for open class. From 16 , 3 out-landed and one of them was glider VS, so it was a bad day for my French friends. They only got 40 points!!!!!
They dropped from 4 to 12, nearly a free fall. A pity , BUT it is only practice!!!
Good day for South Australian pilot Grant Hudson in his ASH 31 MI; speed 124.49 good for 1000 points and HIS FIST WIN in a NATIONAL competition.
Good day as well for Erik Nelson , from the USA , who I met in Uvalde and in Benalla;5th place with a speed of 118,84 km./h. in the Nimbus 3. Erik is already qualified to participate in the 2017 WGC. This all is great practice for him.
With only 3 days to go , maybe 2 if the promised pouring rain indeed shows up tomorrow, no changes in the top 3, still Bruce , Andrew and Ian and only a difference between Bruce and Andrew after 6 flying days of 89 points .


With the message:” Stoked to be home and find the tie down still empty for a change.Awesome day racing today!
By Grant.

Here is Bruce again;

Taylor’s Gliding Page

—” A day of everything! The forecast was a bit off, and it never became hot enough to go as well as they thought. So the start height limit of 9,000 feet was about 3,000 feet too high, and the first 60 or 70 km was treacherous, and there were some early outlandings. As we flew closer to the high cumulus that had been beckoning, Scott Percival and Ingo Renner flew away from us, and by the time the rest of us connected and finally climbed up into the cool air, they were just a dot on the horizon. Clever buggers! Then it was real live race for an hour or more while we romped along up to 10,000 feet. Around Coolamon and across to Leeton it started to get a little tricky, as the clouds were decaying and only some spots were working. I fell off the pack a bit here, and was a bit too low to connect with the last few clouds before we were back in the blue heading south and home. However, I have been feeling pretty confident in the blue this week, and set my mind to catching up on the trip home. I could see Ian Craigie taking a much more eastern route, and until quite late in the flight he was higher and faster than I was. On our last climb I finally got slightly ahead of him and was the first glider home, though start times and handicaps put me down in about fourth place, but with good points. It was a win today for Grant Hudson, which might be his first nationals win, so very well done, Grant.
Hard work today, but I am very pleased with my own result, and the flight was a lot of fun.–-“

In 18 m. Butch was the fastest with 120.63 km.h. Great job from young Czech pilot Petr Svoboda, flying just a tad slower.Thomas and David were on 3 and 4.
10 From 28 finished so a real tough day with a set task of 652 km.
After 6 days it’s Peter, Butch and Tom, but Petr is trying hard to reach the first 3 as well. He is on 4 now , only  28 points behind Tom!!!

In 15 m. only 9 from 32 finished,a real battlefield in this class. 575 km. was set .
Most of the top pilots were in this top 9 group. A more difficult day for pilots as Lisa, Tobias, Allan and Adam as they all flew over 517 km. So not too far OUT!!!
Overall Matthew still leads , Mac is runner up and Stephen is still on spot 3.
French pilot Eric Bernard was the daily winner with 107 km. /h. just a tad faster than Norm,  who after NOT flying comps for a while, is REALLY BACK!!!!He is overall on a nice 4th spot!!!
Late arrivals yesterday , some after 8 PM.

Not sure if there will be a day 7 today. Rain is supposed to arrive in the afternoon first there than here maybe as well. Swiss Chris shared a weather picture and that says it all. He knows the weather well here and mentioned ” No typical weather patterns since mid December. A cyclone low in central Australia for 10 days. Then no northerly winds until today.


First there was the message for Jan 13 ; “NO TASK TODAY ….Extreme weather and wind changes make launching impossible.”
Then,……”Cold front expected this afternoon. Isolated thunderstorms, dust Storms also. Cloud increasing. Xc Skies say a short day.Thermals to 12k. Winds 35knts from the north west.

Then…..”OZ Glide change of plan.Task maybe possible,details at briefing.”

later a 2 hour AAT was set for open, 2.30 for 18 m. who are first at the grid to be launched and 15 m. got 2 hours as well.
Also here in Toc about 100 km. more N., clouds appeared high up, but building up quickly too. It could be a short fast day!!!
THEN,……Open class was cancelled.Some very experienced open- pilots waited / still hoped .
18 m and 15 m. went for a 2 hour AAT.

Bruce shared a picture with a fun comment on FB:  ” Feels like Uvalde on a bad day, and the local pastor in Uvalde suggested that hell might be preferable!!!!” 


At this stage 2 PM wind is picking up here, clouds are growing TOO quickly  and it looks already like rain far up N.

2.30; 2 Gliders just went up here, but even under the most beautiful clouds they are not yet “rocketing ” up!!Black skies up N but closer now and more NE. Wind N N W.Temperature now; 43.6 dgr.C. Rain in the East as well, still more launching here at Tocumwal. Some pilots love flying along the “edges” of showers. In Africa or Namibia they” use” mostly those elements of weather. Clouds here just look fabulous!
To the W and S it still looks good.


Picture above from 2 PM. by George.

At 4 the temperature was 44 dgr.C. It went up to 44.9 , [thermometer is in the shade, linked up to a toy in the office] ,but I missed that whilst waiting for the 45!!!
I work here in a hangar with 39 dgr. C. so a lot of drinking.Lot’s of noise as well due to strong wind gusts.
The S does n’t look too good from here now too, the W is still perfect.

2016-01-13 06.20.02

The Finnish team in Benalla,  shared a picture as well.


As you can see it is “nice warm”.

For today’s scores you have to go to as I have to go out for dinner tonight.


Tomorrow I am off to Albury for the day. Friday morning I leave for Benalla and Saturday I fly out from Tullamarine back home.
Will be writing about the last day in Benalla, though I will only be there around 12.
CU then.
Cheers Ritz

Post 34, a trip through the memory -lane !!!

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For all who have been here in Tocumwal and could not come back but still have the great memories here a few pictures I made from “our ”  lovely small town , with just over 2000 people.A farewell for me as well.

2016-01-13 01.24.29

The first help ,for who needs them comes from the people from this head quarter. Nowadays the fire brigade goes first also helping out with heart attacks or accidents. They are trained to give FIRST AID .

2016-01-13 01.25.35

The RSL [Returned Soldiers League] building open twice a week for their families and friend and for functions.

2016-01-13 01.27.53

Part of the shops on the right site of the road coming from the airfield.

2016-01-13 01.28.52

Same road bit further up.

2016-01-13 01.29.48

The hotel/motel Palms on the left site.

2016-01-13 01.30.02

Proof that there are PALMS at the Palms.

2016-01-13 01.30.36

The Antique shop where many had a coffee or tea with Dutch apple cake or bought presents there to take home.

2016-01-13 01.31.27

Says it all Mick Haynes the butcher and the book shop where everybody buy’s the paper.

2016-01-13 01.32.24

Nostalgia at the Tourist Information Center. WHY……

2016-01-13 01.33.13

That say’s it all…….

2016-01-13 01.35.11        2016-01-13 01.36.48

The MIGHTY MURRAY RIVER and it’s brand new ramp for boats.

2016-01-13 01.37.23

The river with it’s new camping area and white beach at the Victorian site.

2016-01-13 01.43.23

The out-side-area of dining at the Tattersall’s pub.

2016-01-13 01.44.05    2016-01-13 01.52.57

The practice of my chiropractor and the post office.

2016-01-13 01.54.09

The little wooden church.

2016-01-13 01.44.36

And to finish the painting on the “big”  supermarket.

of course

2015-12-24 05.52.50

Sportavia’s OLD WW2 hangar.

Cheers Ritz


January 11, 2016

Part 33; HOT and dusty!!

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Monday evening;
I could see it already in the morning, overcast, bloody hot and dusty. I guessed the day was cancelled in Benalla, as the wind here at 5 was from 1 minute into the other, BAD/STRONG!!!Indeed they cancelled before launching, so the set 700 km. was not going to happen. Now in the evening you can only say ;good decision!!!!

I went to Shepparton for the day with Jill. Nice day out and we both did what was necessary.Here are some pictures from the pub and our -German- lady- friends- from- the- Sportavia -past for sure remember this pub , Hotel Australia, which was yellow in the past, grey now!!!!We had always lovely meals there and we had a great one again today!!!

20160111_141310    20160111_142256 (1)



11139449_1092845627416164_6251570424646143050_n (1)

Day 5 ; “ Open class is about to launch on a 600km task going around the Albury airspace and into the hills!
As shared by the organizers.

But I look back at day 5 first. In open class Bruce was again the best and received the 1000 points for a speed of 145 km./h. over 600 km. NOT BAD!!!
Andrew did well as runner up [144.20 km./h.] and Wolfgang and Andy were on a nice 3d spot.[127 km./h.
Only one out-landing.

Bruce mentioned about the day;
—” Today we were tasked out into the mountains. I have to say I thought it was a really fun task, with plenty of variety. We had mountains, flat, cumulus, blue, great thermals, and crappy ones, all in one flight. Pre-takeoff I suggested to Eric Napoleon and Laurent Aboulin that they might need a briefing before they ventured out into our Aussie mountains, but they didn’t seem to think that was required. Eric has lived and flown in the French Alps for who knows how many years, and probably knows mountains as well as any pilot on the planet. Plus they are real mountains, not our piddling little hills.
Anyway, I couldn’t get high enough to start, so I left when it was time to go despite that small problem. Initially it was blue, but soon we were in the hills and there were some cumulus. A few of the climbs there were excellent, and although I felt I deviated perhaps too much we made good time. There was some airspace to take care with around Albury, and all too soon we were out in the flat again, and it was blue, blue, blue. I spent almost all day with Andrew Georgeson, and it was comforting to have the company when I got a bit low near our northern turn point. We swapped places all day, above, below, above again. Eventually it was a great run home for a good speed, 145kph over 600 km. Getting in the groove in the JS1 again, although I did have some issues with my glide computer today, which made me nervous as the GPS kept dropping out… rather vital for getting a score at the end of the day. More work to do in the morning.-–”
After 5 days Bruce is overall on spot 1 with 4720 points. Runner up Andrew with 4664 [both JS 1] and on spot 3 Ian also in the JS 1C with 4409. The French are on 4 with their Duo Discus. Good on them.

18 m. class;
Peter Temple was in a hurry as well,flying the set 455.80 km. with a speed of 144.70 km./h. in the ASG 29.
Well done for Czech pilot Petr Svoboda flying himself to a runner-up-place with a speed of 134.12 km./h.
Butch flew a tad slower.
Rolf out landed and that’s a pity as he dropped from 20 to 24 overall..
After 5 days we see 4753 points for Peter, followed by Butch 4466 and and Tom 4401.

15 m. class;
Great day in this class and the day was won by Norm [Bloch] ;speed 142.02 closely followed by Adam with 142.32 km./h.
14 Pilots flew around over the set 445 km.with a speed of 133 and 142 km.h.
At Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures you can see every day a video about the day.
In this class the overall scores after 5 days are as follows ;Matthew with 4.684, Mac with 4544 and Stephen with 4464.
Anne is doing well she is on spot 5!!!

Talking about the ladies in this competition ; They are “caught” in a beautiful picture , by another lady Anita!!!.


Anne, from France, Catherine from Australia, Sarah from the USA, Swaantje from Germany, Lisa from Australia and Marta from Australia.


And to finish a nice air-picture from day 1 , shared by the organizers.
Cheers Ritz

12439491_1090579280976132_6543277256248121484_n (1)

January 10, 2016

Part 32!! Day 4 wrap-up Benalla, day 5 with good distances !

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Sunday January 10;
great blue skies with a few cirrus-firmaments here in Toc. in the morning, but those will burn out very quickly; it looks like another great and hot day.[predicted temperature at 5 PM is 37 dgr. C.]
Gliders are lined up and ready to go,in the East clouds already pop up.

It was really nice to be in Benalla yesterday and I look forward to my visit on Friday.
Here is the wrap up from yesterday ,….the 4th flying day.

Open class;
3 JS 1 C -gliders in the top and indeed Ian got the highest scores ;950 for a speed of 133.79 km./h..
Not far after Bruce , Andrew and Scott with Ingo followed.
All 15 pilots in this class finished. The nimbus 2 pilots had a long day flying 4.14 and 4.29 hours BUT,….they finished!!!!![89 and 84 km./h]

TODAY; 600 km. was “served for breakfast ” for the open class pilots.

18 m. Class;
3 From 28 out-landed and there was one pilot faster than Peter, who leaded when I left you yesterday on the preliminary list. It was BB, John “Butch ” Buchanan. Earlier one of the JWGC Aussie team coaches , Brian Hayhow won , very special, his FIRST NATIONAL WIN, now it was Butch. Good on both of them.
Butch flew with a speed of 115.58 km./h., Peter “did it ”  with 110.68 km./h.
ASG 29-time here !!!! The best 3 are from this type;  16 from 28 are ASG-29 gliders.
The best 4 in this class overall, are all very experienced WGC pilots; Peter, Butch, Tom and David!!!

Here is Bruce and today with a picture as well:
—“Much better day today. Even early in the morning it was heating up much faster, and generally the lift was easier to find and use, and it went higher. Nothing startling, but speeds were up over 130 kph. We went south-west down near Euroa, which was very quiet, then north to Finley. Once we got north of the Murray River it started going well, and after thinking that I had been left behind by the crowd, they all flew into my thermal mostly below me, and I started smiling again. Wolfgang Janowitsch said I should always smile, even when things are totally crappy, so I flew along with him for quite a long while, and had the pleasure of watching Wolfgang in Brad Edward’s ASH25, which he is flying with his friend Ande Lutz. There they are in the photo… What a beautiful glider it is.
I did manage to finish ahead of my pack, but was pipped at the post by Ian Craigie. Nice flight today, I really enjoyed it.—“



Wolfgang and Andreas.
Picture by Bruce Taylor.

Taylor’s Gliding Page

TODAY: 455.80 km.

15 m. class;
All 32 pilots finished one a bit faster than the other.
Indeed Adam had a BIG day and won in the Ventus A; 1000 points for him , for sure a happy boy; 124 km./h over the 411 km.
Greg and Lisa shared the number 2 spot whilst Norm did well again on spot 4!!


A happy smiling Adam.
Shared by Bruce Taylor.

TODAY; 445 km.

I do understand that they fly East ,….it’s getting better there all the time.


Tocumwal from the air

Tocumwal from the air!!!

I presume the pilots at the airport will fly into that direction as well.
Here they started this morning at 27, moved to 36 and later back to 27.
3 tuggies ; one from Sportaviation , Bill for the SRGC  and the Scout from Outback Soaring flown by Bruce. Mr. Du is going to make another check-flight and flight in his ARCUS.
As far as I heard this operation will continue for another month or so. They plan to be in” full swing”  during the next season.

At the moment, pretty special,  there are 3 ARCUS gliders here at the aerodrome. One with Chinese owners, one with Danish and one , from Roger Druce , a real Aussie owner.

2016-01-10 05.06.52

Roger and Neil busy to have the glider ready for a flight.

Jeroen is flying the SRGC Caproni with a guest for a bigger local flight and Judy and Dieter are on duty as CFI and duty officer for SRGC. Eddie and his tuggy keep Sportaviation going with a few flights in the afternoon in the Twin Astir , as the private pilots have gone long ago for a flight. Huge willi-willie’s like in Uvalde are popping up , meaning it is a real good but blue day.

2016-01-10 05.24.22     DSCN1905

Moving first from 36 to 27 and then a flight in the Calif-Caproni.
Though in the end they did not fly and Jeroen and Bruce went for a “ride”  in the good old Blanik!

2016-01-10 05.16.02 2016-01-10 05.30.41

Judy and Dundee and Bill and Dundee, an active busy Sunday afternoon.

2016-01-10 06.22.36

In between ” visual progress”  on the Piper Apache 23; THE WINGS ARE ON.
Good on Jamie and Diana

2016-01-10 06.22.58


Cheers Ritz,
no news tomorrow I will be gone for the day.

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