Leszno CUP 2019 in Poland!

Leszno Cup 2019.
15 August 2019 – 25 August 2019

With 73 competitors in 3 classes , The LESZNO CUP, is one of the last big events in soaring here in Europe.
Highlight of these comps the POLISH NATIONALS in OPEN CLASS.
A lot of difficult East European names and not a lot of pilots I know, but a few are familiar from comps in the past, as Stanislaw Wujczak , Janusz Centka both from Poland and Adam Woolley from Australia, flying an ASG 32 with a Finish mate.
They started on Thursday August 15, in 3 classes.
standard class..…33 in this class but no flying on day 2 and 3. Day 1 showed a 279 km. task flown as best by Szymon Rawecki and Bartosz Orchel , but they both fly HC in their SZD 55 ; 117 and 116 km./h.
Winner from day 1 task 1 was Witold Czarnik in St Jantar 3. His speed ; 110 km./h.
Only 2 were “out”. AND,…you see,…difficult names!!!
On August 18 was finally the 2d flying-day with a 1.45 AAT flown by only 12 pilots and the best pilot in ASW 20 “got” 197 points for his effort of 137 km in time 1.41.

15m/18m. …..295 km. on day 1 task 1;
9 In this class 1 out. Maciej Adamski [LAK 19 T] was far ahead of Swiss pilot Robert Gwadera[Discus 2CT] ; 125 km./h and 118 km./h
Day 2 …task 2 had a 2 hour AAT and was flown by only 2 pilots.
Day 3 …task 3 was even shorter; 1.30 and flown by 7 from 8.
Day 4…task 4; 1.30 AAT, flown by 4 of the pilots. Best result 138 km. in time 1.43.

open class:
with 25 participants among them Adam from Australia and Rory Ellis from the UK.
Day 1 …task ...390 km. showed Zdzislaw Bednarczuk , who’s name I remember from other comps because it is such a difficult name.With his JS 3 he flew 151 km./h!!! Karol Staryszak in ASG 29 was runner up with also a nice speed of 149 km./h .
Adam was 3d with 143 km./h. in ASG 32.
Part of his comment in Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures:
“They’re using the P.E.V. marker starts here in a nice method, worked today, only saw three gliders all day. We had a positive start, waited for the line, got high, rolled on through.
The second leg was fun too, look deep, choose your line, stop & turn in the best lift.
3rd leg, the downwind leg gave some concern, but 20km from the TP we get rewarded with 8kts.
4th leg, just go home with some caution.
Overall, we cruised at 170-180kph all day & only stopped when we felt that it was a sure climb.

Adam flying the Finish ASG 32 MI in Poland.
As shared by Adam.

Day 2…task 2, 2.30 AAT; was for one of the Lucaszes, this time  Łukasz Wójcik ,in JS 3 with 127 km./h.over 326 km.
21 from 24 finished one of the out-pilots was Joanna Biedermann, a pity.
Day 3 …task 3 ;1.45 AAT… Karol Staryszak in an ASG 29, flew 232 km. in time 1.44.46 good for a speed of 132 km./h
Łukasz was runner up with 235 km. in time 1.50; speed of 128 km./h.
Day 4 …1.20 AAT,…but not flown. The day was scrubbed.
Adam;” Unfortunately, the unsoarable hour that SS predicted came through the local area, which was unlucky timing for the Open Class – we scrubbed as a result. “

So we start with the new week and hopefully nicer weather.
BUT,….no tasks on Monday!!!
So we continue with Tuesday August 20;BUT…no task.
No task yet for today, so more next Wednesday.
But we get summer back with temperatures up to 30 dgr. C. , so they might have the same “luck”.


Bristol and Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 
 17 August 2019 – 25 August 2019

As shared by Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club

With the brand-new World Champion Jake and the runner up Finn .In total 36 participants in one class.
August 17; day 1 …..137 km.…and with all the Hungarian experience Jake and Finn raced to their 1 and 2 spot as if nothing/no time had been in between. Interesting to see that Jon Pring was about that fast as those 2 with 112 km./h. He started at 13.35 , early, whilst Jake and Finn started at 14.15.; 608, 607 and 606 points.
To share more experience …4 teams fly as well in Duo Discus and DG 1000 M, but they fly HC.
Unlucky young pilots as well, their dream was stuffed up by an outlanding as only 10 from 34 finished.
August 18; CANCELED.
Sadly today’s competition flying is scrubbed due to strong wind warnings. “

Best dressed glider”!!!As shared by Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club

The new week started with a “careful” set task from 148 km. which,…I am sad to say… was invalid. Jake showed his class ,flew 146 km. but the rest was not able to reach 100 km. so no points.

Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club
Sunshine after the rain! Great photos making the most of local soaring at Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club for the Junior National Championship after the day”s racing was scrubbed.

So looking then at Tuesday
August 20; 241 km….with AGAIN Jake as the best for the day!A class apart!!! 27 Finished and not sure about the Sleighs as there is an Ollie, who was 3d today in an LS 3 ,must be family …and by now well known Fin was 9th, loosing 200 points on his JWGC mate Jake, dropping from 2 to 4, but it ain’t over yet.
There are 2 Ollies , 1 Olly and one Oliver, popular name in the UK.

Today they fly 170 km. , so more next week.


Romorantin Pruniers
17 August 2019 – 24 August 2019

Briefing for flying day 1 as shared by Aéroclub de Sologne

And in France 32 juniors are going to find out, who is the best from them in France. Club class with 20 participants and the other class is a mix from Standard, 15 m. and 2 seaters; 12 in this class.
One practice day which was flown by 2 in the mixed class and 4 in club class.Lot’s of the French designed PEGASE in this class.
2 day’s cancelled before they could start the comps. But then the weather had really improved.
August 19;
Club class….263 km;
94 km./h was the best result by Edgar in the PEGASE after a rather early start; 911 points.
11 From 18 finished, but they did all well flying between over 100 to 251 km….which is nearly “home”.
Mixed class….334; a 1000 points-day in this class with a speed of 101 km./h for daily winner Alexandre in ASW 20.
9 From 11 finished!!

Flying day 1 weather as shared by Aéroclub de Sologne

Tuesday August 20;
Club; 2.15 AAT…. All 19 pilots flew the task one further and faterthan the other. Aurélien Doriat in her PEGASE won the day with 230 km.in 2.15 at the dot!!!!Well deserved points for the day; 702…speed 102 km./h.
mixed; 2.30 AAT….ALL 11 in this class finished as well,so a happy day for all young ones.Daily winner with 324 km. in time 2.44 was Hugo Roche in an LS 4 with winglets. Best speed for the day 124 km./h in an ASW 27 for place 2.

Today they have to fly 271 km. in club class and 307 in the mixed class.
More next week.


Other News.

From Australia;
Ingo  was presented” the Instructor of the year award, for his ongoing dedication and services in our sport, a very worthy recipient, at the VSA AGM ,which was held last weekend at Bacchus Marsh Gliding Club ” .
Congratulations Ingo.
That day Lumpy Paterson from Sportavia Tocumwal got a reward as well.

Ingo already on his way to 80 and still going strong even with some health problems.
As shared by Tocumwal Soaring Centre

From the UK;
We are delighted to confirm that Ed Downham has set a new national record for the UK Open Class Triangle Distance and Free Triangle Distance by flying an EB28 around an 837.5km task on the 12th May 2019 after taking off from London GC. “
a 600 k declared adding a “few” OLC km.on August 13.
Flown by Andy Aveling and Garry Coppin.
During task prep I thought this declaration may have been a bit ambitious. As we pulled off tow, it was apparent that conditions were better than forecast. And it got better still. At Framlingham, I was wondering what we were going to do with the 3 hours of soaring that would be available after our LX predicted finish time. Fortunately, we decided to add O/R Birdlip to make an 800K day of it. Another great day out for Garry & I. “

From New Zealand;
It’s official! Sabrina has set a new NZ female record for speed over a 100km out-and-return task, making two laps of the course with a best speed of 171.77 km/h.
The flight took place on 7th August and the record was confirmed today by Gliding New Zealand.

From Russia;
The pilot from the by a bird strike hit Airbus 321 from Ural Airlines in Russia MUST have been a glider pilot. Landing his plane after the start in a grass paddock was more or less an “out-landing”. He had no power anymore , could not pull the wheels {maybe better!!!!} and showed his class with a good belly landing.
He saved ALL passengers 233 [ 23 were injured] and the crew. Great stuff, ..
Putin straight away made them HERO’S with a high award, which was well deserved. Indeed great job!!!

As shared on FB by rt.com

From Rietie;
How Jonker Sailplanes looked back at the CIM in Rietie.
Ten great contests days had a mix of everything – strong fast stuff but also weak blue conditions and the odd sea breeze – a nice challenge for the 50 pilots.
In the 18 m class Arne Boye-Møller flying his JS3 participated for the first time in Rieti and finished third place behind the local mountain GURU, Giorgio Galetto (Ventus 3) and Bert Schmelzer in his 29.
Ronald Termaat won the open class followed by Eric Bernard both flying their JS1C in 21m configuration. Alberto Sironi unfortunately got a wrong task sheet and then turned a turnpoint too early and fell back on third place overall in his Quintus.
In the mixed class Louis “PINK” Bouderlique and his father Jean-Louis in their ARCUS M showed everyone how it should be done. Mauro Brunazzo finished in 2nd place in front of the SA-Dutch “Dream Team” with 15 year old Annouk Termaat flying with her senior first officer, veteran 
Laurens Goudriaan. They were leading for most of the competition, and probably would have won wasn’t it for their “bad day”, when (according to Annouk) it was Lauren’s turn to fly.
Rieti is such a fun competition with such great people, food and weather. This should be on every pilot’s bucket list.
.. “

From the OLC;
Several over 700 km. flights this time of the year from Rieti and yesterday even over 800 km. Also places in France show nice long flights.
Michael Sommer nearly flew a 1000 , in his EB 29 R, from Puimoisson; 962 km.
It looks we might be in for a nice after-summer-period.

Well, your up to date again.
When the blog from a week ago shows up on Wednesday morning, just refresh and the latest blog shows up or go to August [to th r.] click and the last one is there.
More next Wednesday.
Cheers Ritz

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