EGC in Prievidza ! Open and 20 m. Nationals in Stendal ! Issoudun !

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AS shared by the organizers.

Tricky weather it was on day 1; The organizers mentioned :
  The first day is always exciting, but today’s weather decided to add some extra excitement. The weather is going to be a bit tricky, but it will still allow us a short 2 hour AAT task for all classes. 
We can expect showers in the late afternoon, but we will do everything to manage before that.”
I guess best initiative,…early start!!

Standard class;
TASK 1; 2 hour AAT
Luca Urbani from Italy was one of the first, indeed , to start at 12.38 and with 225 km. in time 2.04 he won the day in his Discus 2A. Speed 108.28 km./h.
German pilot Robert Schroeder started as one of the last BUT, he was runner up,so in the end , it did n’t really matter.
He started at 13.15 , flew in his LS 8 NEO, 225 km. in time 2.05 [speed 107.58 km./h]
25 From 28 finished one entered forbidden airspace and that meant “over and out”= zero points for the day.
TASK 2; 401 km. That kept them busy, the organizers mentioned:
The second day is a bit chilly compared to the sauna days we had before, isn’t it? We have the task lengths about 400km today. From what I heard, it is a beautiful day ahead of us. No showers and no thunderstorms but it will be a little bit windier. We have 1000 point tasks for all classes.”
The Czech pilots had a top day!! 1-2-3 for the day with former hang-  glider pilot Tomas Suchanek as the best in his Discus 2A with a speed of 123.70 km./h. JUST a tiny little tad faster than Miloslav Cink in LS 8b; 123.64.
Pavel Louzecky was the 3d with 123.20 km./h. Photo finishes!!! Robert Schroeder had another top day as number 4.
TASK 3;330 km.
First the organizers morning news.
The third day at EGC is here, and it seems like the weather is not going to play it easy on us once again. Our trusted meteorologist looked pretty serious when I met him, which is unusual. He confirmed it’s going to be a complicated day but flyable! The middle clouds from North-West Slovakia are the trouble makers. That’s why the pilots from all classes can look forward to a nearly Hungarian experience and lowlands in the South today! Because of the strong conditions at the lowlands, the task setter prepared two options for you, just in case, task A(racing) and B(AAT) task
Robert Schroeder from Germany was the best flying with a speed of 128 km./h over the set task. Good on him.His LS 8 NEO was followed by 8 Discus types . A nice mixed group with 2 Hungarian pilots, another German pilot Sebastian Naegel, and 1 from Finland, 1 from Romania , 1 from Denmark, France and Slovakia.
All 28 who started …finished!! So a good day!! 81 Finishers in total!!!!!!
TASK 4 today; 385 km. more on Sunday.

Club class:
TASK 1; 2 hour AAT
Jaroslav Toman from the Czech Rep. flew in his Pegase 101WL, 222 km. in time 2.03. His Czech mate Ivan Novak in Ls 4 was a tad faster but had a worse handicap so he missed out on ONE point!!!
28 From 31 finished so a good day.
TASK 2;341 km.
Lithuanian pilot  Darius Liaugaudas was already GOOD on the practice -day’s now he was good again. Speed of 100.83 km./h. in his Pegase. Not much slower,….his country mate Arturas Pilvinis in SZD 55-1.
French pilot Adrien Henry was 3d ,AS the day before.
TASK 3; 302 km. Tom and Ge from the UK had a top-day ;116 km./h. French pilot Julien Henry is a very consistent pilot for France.He was 3d. Number 3 on each of the 3 days!!!! All pilots finished.
UK team ‘s news for the day :”A grand trip out to the Danube today for all three classes. The club class started midfield but had a storming run, with strong climbs up to the 8000 ft airspace limit. Tom and G finished the day with an excellent 1-2 result, a clear 10kph quicker than the next placed glider. The standard class made a late start and so nearly caught the gaggle ahead of them, but had to settle for a solid collection of points for the day. Tim also made a very late start with the German team and made good progress down the first leg before falling back slightly. The overall scores are still very close in all classes with many days still to come. After today’s flight, Tom is narrowly leading the club class with G not far behind.
TASK 4 today; 347 km.

15 m.class:
TASK 1;2 hour AAT

Current EGC champion Freddie Hein from Germany in his VENTUS 3T was the daily best.230 km. in time 1.58 so a speed of 115 km./h. His German mate Sebastian Bauder in Ventus 2A was runner up; speed 114 km./h.
21 from 22 finished. Good on them!!!
Most started around 13.23.
TASK 2; 435 km.
Good speed in this class and a winner from Czech Rep. young Radek Krejcirik in his JS 3 with 131 km./h on the “clock” . Sebastian in his Diana 2 was runner up with 128 km./h. whilst Joris Vainius from Lithuania,…a great day for them….had 123 km.h.
Except for 1 all finished.
TASK 3;352 km. A great day for the French team and  Sebastian Kawa. Louis Bouderlique and Sebastian were the winners and Max Seis was runner up .All with the same speed of 129 km./h.There were 7 pilots in total with a speed over 125 km./h. All pilots finished!!
The organizers last words on the day 3 :”Everyone we asked was still running on endorphins throwing superlatives around like confetti. Amazing weather, perfect task, strong thermals, endless cloud streets…
With the cloud bases almost at max allowed altitude most didn’t even mind narrower lifts and made it through 400km fast and furious.
TASK 4 today; 390 km.

Great picture from day 2 by Roman-Lepris as shared by the organizers in their photo gallery.


German Nationals in open and 2 seater class and International Stendal Glide for 18 m.

Ready to go for it
Shared by Segelflug-DM Stendal

They had a good official practice day on Sunday the 7th and the opening at 8 that day, was live to follow.
Also the briefings are to follow via live stream.
After 8 training’s day’s the pilots were ready to go for it. BUT,…the weather thought different and 2 classes 20 m. and open had to be cancelled so
“Task 1 was only for 18 m. class. 210 km. was set, but nobody flew the task.
Some did well as Dutch pilot Hadriaan van Nes with 207 km. [ JS 1Btj] Followed by Boerje Eriksson from Sweden with 203 km.[VENTUS 3]  Zdzislaw Bednarczuk from Poland was 3d in JS 3.
The opinion from the organizers after day 1:”The 18m class has completed its first day of evaluation!Some pilots had to “throw” the engine, some have not flown off or flown back to the starting line. Four outlandings. The first feedback: “A good decision, it was really fun”

Task 2; All tasks changed in to TASK B with a first expected launch at 2.30 PM.;
18 m ; Racing task from 206 km. changed in B task from 147 km . CANCELLED.
open; 2.00 AAT from 226 to 448 km. [A task] changed in B task 2 hour AAT 186/317 km.
EB 29 weather,as Felipe Levin and Michael Sommer won the day;  94 km./h. over 201  in time 2.08 .
This speed for such a glider says all about the weather but they flew.
The NIMETA from Bruno Gantenbrink was 3d with 193 km in 2.26. A long-wing-day!!!
9 From 30 flew the task.
Max points 462, and min. points 123.
They started launching at 2.45 PM. and Michael and Felipe started at 4.33.!!!
My Aussie mate David Jansen was a bit upset with the day
“Today we flew the first competition task in the Open Class. We did very well until we had to start the engine however we were not alone in this. What has taken us completely by surprise is that the organisation has changed to the “B” task whilst we were airborne and they did not perform a roll call to confirm with all the pilots. As a result we have been disadvantaged severely by flying the “A” task and making a technical outlanding. I believe we could have made it home if we had known to fly 2 hours and not 2.5 hours. We have also lost distance points in the current’s not sour grapes however I do not like missing critical information like this without some sort of cross check…”

Short morning update, from the organizers; on the subject.
“We are flying the German National Competition and as such team captains are not in attendance for this event so no written notice is required under the German rules as the B task was also issued at briefing.”
And somebody added :”actually it was changed by Radio Call whilst all Classes standing in the Grid prior to launching. “

20 m; 2.00 AAT from 215 to 389 km. [A task] changed in B task 2 hour AAT 143/270  km. CANCELLED
Stendal looked back at the day :
“A short drizzle opened the second day of the German Gliding Championships and the International Stendal Glide.
No reason for doing nothing: starting as usual 8:00 – 9:50. Briefing 10:00. The thermals still took a while to come and brought three times a delay for launching time.
The doubleseaters were allowed to dare first and started towing or starting at 2:30 local time.
However, with a cloud base at about 1000m and low thermals, the class was neutralized along with the 18m class that had lined up at the back of the airfield.
For the open class, however, there was no escape. Starting 2:45 clock local time, after the landed DoSi’s rolled off track.”

More on Sunday!!!


44th International at ISSOUDUN  and the BGA championships.

As shared by Benedict Smith

Combi class;
Task 3 on July 7; 3 hour AAT.
He was 11th on task 1, 1 on task 2 and now he was number 1 again. Gabriel Rossier from Switzerland with that great glider ASH 31 MI, with a pretty tough handicap but he still wins ;122. He flew 385 km. in time 2.59,so a speed of 128 km./h.
Nick Hanenburg from Holland was runner up again in his Discus 2A.His speed was 113 km./h.
Task 4 on July 8; 323 km.
It is nearly the Gabriel Rossier -show. In his fancy ASH 31MI he wins EVERY day.Another 1000 points for him. His speed ;105 km./h ,He was the only one over 100 km./h.
The other pilots really do their best too; 7 French pilots were on his heels but 98 km./h was their best.
Our Nick had a a bit of an off day being 16th. From 21 who started 19 finished.
Task 5 on July 9; 2.30 AAT; AND,…a Duo Discus XLT was the winner for the day. Ludovic Hirtz in it. He flew 238 km in time 2.32.
21 Started 19 finished. AND,…..Gabriel who won every day till now was 9th. A pity I am not there otherwise I knew what happened. But no worries he is still 245 points ahead overall.
Task 6; today…307 km.

task 3 on July 7; 262 km.
Jelmer Vis from Holland was 10th on day 1 and 1 on day 2 and 1 again on day 3. Well done in his St Cirrus ;speed of 116 km./h. Mark van den Ham another Dutch junior was 3d. In between a French DG 300 with Yacine Vigourel.
Task 4 on July 8; 3.30 AAT;
A UK day with Brian as one of the oldest and for sure mentoring the young ones. Brian was 1, Jake 2 and Finn 3 and our Mark 4th.Then 4 UK pilots and 5 French followed by Dutchie Jelmer and Belgium pilot Manuel Severin.
23 Started and 19 finished. One of the Dutch juniors , Nick Faber who was 15th overall, did not start.
Task 5 on July 9; 251 km. The first 8 pilots for the day were a mix from “pommies” and “cloggies”.
The UK pilots were on 1-2-3-4-6 and 7 , Dutch pilots on 5 and 8. Best speed 86 km./h.
Task 6 day…3 hour AAT.



With Brian and Finn and Jake and glider 540 from Olly [UK] in St class.


Jelmer Vis from Holland in St Cirrus and Roger Partinton in Pegase.
Courtesy Benedict Smith


French Nationals in Issoudun for open and 18 m. class.

All Issoudun pilots from both comps, in one big hangar.
Aeroclub Issoudun

They started on Sunday with a 303 km. task for open class and Christophe Delort d’Exéa was the daily best in his ASH 25/26 m. Speed 132 km./h.

18 m. started with a 309 km. task, with a win by 2 Italian pilots who fly this competition HC. Margot Acquaderni flew the 309 km with a speed of 121.60 km./h. so did Ricky Brigliadori 121.40 km./h.

Day 2 in open class showed a set task of 404 km. won by another HC pilot this time Serge Leclercq from Spain who flew his NIMBUS 4 D around with 107 km./h.
In 18 m. new Italian HC success by Margot and Ricky in the Ventus 3FES and the JS 1 C. They flew in 4.00 hour AAT a distance of 396 km. in time 4.02.
They started and finished nearly together so a great comparison of gliders is possible.
Best French pilot was Eric Garnier in ASG 29ES. speed 90 km./h over 362 km.

Day 3 ,the first HC pilot was on spot 11 in open class so the French went for it with Eric Bernard as daily winner.
Their task was small 1.45 AAT but they flew and All but one finished.Eric flew 201 km. in time 1.54 and started after 4 PM.
Runners up  Philippe de Péchy AND  Yann Forestier both on 2. All 3 flew JS 1C/21 m.
In 18 m. who started first ,Marilyne Abadie-Bérard was the best. Girl power!!! 241 km. in time 2.25 so a speed of 96 km./h. More girl power as Anne Ducarouge was 4th and Margot from Italy 5th.
18 From 20 were “in”.

Marilyne on the highest spot, as shared by
Aeroclub Issoudun

Day 4, today; 390 km. for open and 391 for 18 m. More on Sunday.


all pictures courtesy Aeroclub Issoudun



Day 1 was difficult for some , 3 from 9 in club class did not finish. Winner was Thies Bruins in the ASW 20 ,who flew already very well at the last Dutch Nationals winning several day’s.
Task was 136 km and speed from Thies was 99 km./h.
In the combi/open class Niels van Nieuwland won in the Discus 2CT/18 m.
The task a set 262 km was flown with 83 km./h.
Diana was 3d.

Day 2 was cancelled so day 3 was on with good weather. …really nice weather!!
Club;336 km. Thies was the best pilot again; 1000 points. I guess his wife is with him as he flies better when she is there as we saw at Terlet during the Nationals. Thies flew around with a speed of 93 km./h.
Local youngster “with a future” Wout Sliedrecht in LS 4 flew in as runner up with 87 km./h.
7 From 8 finished!!

combi/open ;390 km. With 99 km./h Niels won again in his Discus. The DUO DISCUS XLT from Soesterberg was runner up with 94 km./h!!


Looking at the finishes from the balcony from the 2 storey hangar. Great place to see them. And the skies at 5.30 PM.
As shared by Zomerwedstrijden

Today; 138 km. for Club and 144 for open/combi.
Showers are expected for today I heard on the news.

More news about these interesting comps next Sunday!!!
Cheers Ritz

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