Uppsala Masters 2019 ! Danish Nationals 2019 ! Kiewit Cup !

Uppsala Masters 2019.
6 June 2019 – 16 June 2019

No flying at Pentecost, but on Monday there were tasks again; day 3 with task 2 and very good looking weather.

open 3 hour AAT; Flown by 11 out of 14 pilots. And they did pretty well. Specially team Acketoft & Wendt in the  EB 29 DR, being more than 10 k. faster than the runner up Peter Cutting in ASG 29 E; 1000 and 848 points for 375 km in time 2.59 and 336 km. in time 3.09.

Racing 302 km; Swedish pilot David Gustavsson won the day with a speed of 90 km./h in the LS 8. Runner up Tapio Tourula from Finland was faster 93 km./h but he flew a Ventus 2 BX. [handicap 114]
12 From 18 finished and some of my Finnish mates had a “bad”  day. Visa- Mattiwas out after 45 km and Martti after 29k. , this time by violating the airspace.

Day 4 and task 3,.. only for open class and a small one 197 km. But in the end the day was scrubbed.

With the message!
“Tuesday canceled. 
Waiting for greek buffet with live music tonight at 7pm! (Not greek music, though...)”

Still a few day’s to go , so more in my next blog.


Danish Nationals 2019 from ARNBORG.


As shared by Aarhus Svæveflyveklub

Know quite a few Danish pilots and then it is nice to look back at their comps between May 30 and June 9.
They had 5 classes and in each class a good number of pilots and 4 out of 11 days.
In standard class flew 13 pilots and the 4 days showed tasks from 209 km., 3.30 AAT and a 1000 points day , 372 set task and a 2 hour AAT , on which only 2 pilots finished.
Jan  Jørgensen [LS 8 neo] was one of the 2 and though it only gave him  338 points ,…. in the end he was the CHAMPION with 25 points more than the runner up Filip Bojanowski.[LS 8]

15 m had 9 pilots and 6 of them flew VENTUS. Tasks from 209, 3.30 AAT , set 360 km and a 2 hour AAT flown in this class by more than 2 pilots; 6.
Morten Bennick is the new CHAMPION, flying a VENTUS 2CT. Morten topped this overall score-list 3 day’s so very consistent. He won the 1000 points on the 3.30 AAT with 355 km. in time 3.45.

18 m. had 18 pilots from whom I met or know 4. AND,…one of  the pilots  I follow already for a long long time, won the 18m. class!!! Henrik Breidahl, he is and was an interesting pilot when he was very young and now. He  has a new JS 3 and he must be pleased with it as , as said,… he won.
A good mate Arne flew a JS 3 as well but he was some what unlucky.
On task 1 he and Peter Eriksen were 1 and 2 flying with a speed of 84 km./h over 257 km.
The next task was a 4 hour AAT won by Henrik with 467 km in time  4.58, so another pretty tough day. Stig Oye still going strong was 3d and flew 5 hours. Only 3 “in” and 11 “out”.
The next task was 408 km. and won by Chris Møller with Peter and Henrik following. Arne lost 500 points that day . 8 From 13 were out.
On the last day a 2 hour AAT with 8 finishers. Henrik won,Arne was out loosing another 300 points -plus.
Henrik had a total score of 2.912 points . Peter 2.760 as runner up . Stig was on spot 8 and Arne on 9.

This picture was shared by  Jonker Sailplanes with the text:
Congratulations to Henrik Breidahl who wins the Danish 18m Nationals with his brand new JS3, “14”. In average to very weak and low weather conditions that called for changing gears constantly Henrik managed to be the only one who didn’t land out on any of the days. Henrik took delivery of his JS3 earlier this year never having flown a JS3 glider before. On his first flights Henrik expressed being pleasantly surprised with the JS3’s light and responsive handling and overall performance. Henrik is one of the danish top pilots who is often found in the top 10 at the Europeans and World Championships. Keep it up Henrik!”

Club class had 13 pilots among them Jan Andersen. I am used to see him in open class but now he flew an ASW 20 WL. AND,…He is the new CHAMPION, which I like, also a pilot I follow for a long, long time.
They had 4 tasks from 180 km., 3.30 AAT, set 311 km. and a 2 hour AAT on which he was 1 of the 3 finishers. The 3.30 AAT was won by Jan as well with 323 km. in time 3.35. On the first task he was runner up and on the set 311 km. he won again with a speed of 90 km./h.
He won club class [ 3.243 ]with more than 500 points on his runner up Morten Hoeck Pedersen.[2.712]

2 seater class had 10 teams and the winners were Hoelgaard/Andersen with 3.344 points. They flew an ARCUS and there were 6 of them in this class. T and M. Also 3 x a Duo Discus [T and XLT ]and a DG 1000 T.

I missed a few pilots mostly flying these comps, as Ib and Ole and his brother.



42th  KIEWIT CUP in Belgium.

Is one of 3 comps flown from 3 airfields in Weelde [early in the season] Hasselt and Keiheuvel [ in August] .
The winner over 3 comps wins the Cup of Flanders.
Hasselt was host for 31 competitors in 3 classes last weekend.BUT,…the weather allowed only for one [out of 3] day of  valid flying on Sunday. They tried hard on Monday as well but the best pilots only reached 51 and 40 km.

Jeroen shared this picture from the weather on Monday.

In the open XPDR class  a 2 hour AAT was set and sharing-the -LS8-pilots from  Keiheuvel  Jeroen/Wim won the day  with Pieter Daems as runner up in Discus 2T. Jeroen flew on Sunday and covered 219 km. in time 2.07 and Pieter 191 km. in 2 hour at the dot!!!
In the Sport XPDR class  they had a 2 hour AAT and Frederic de Groote in St Libelle and Eddy de Coninck in Pegase were the best; 190 km in time 2.09 and 182 km. in time 2.10.

As far as I read the task setting for the one-day-of-flying was perfect.

In the weekend from August 24/25 I hope to be at the Keiheuvel for the next comps.



A short blog today as for sure you noticed that I published one last Sunday , about the last day’s of the world final of the FAI SGP and the Dutch OMK.

To finish this great picture from some morning glory clouds rolling over Australia between Adelaide and Cairns.
Matthew from SkySight was interested to see how their forecast was for this area.
After he got some more info he mentioned ;” Found it – within 500m of when and where forecast.”
Matthew and Adam are both young guy’s I met when they were even younger. Great to see how their lives have been influenced by soaring at young age. Adam is an airline pilot now and flies from Japan, Matthew has his own SkySight- business.

Picture courtesy Rosy Helbig from an airliner on June 10 and shared in
Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures


And,….when we are talking about weather this is a good clear picture as well

shared by many but courtesy  commons.wikimedia.org

Cheers Ritz


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    1. AH…. Good Ole. Thought you all had given up soaring.
      It was a nice competition to follow with bad, marginal and very good weather.
      Nice people as well.
      Thanks for your response.
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