9th WORLD FINAL from FAI SGP ! OMK !Uppsala Masters.

9th WORLD FINAL from FAI SGP from La Cerdanya.

As shared by the organizers.

After a rest day and 3 good race-day’s the show had to go on.?????
Race 4 was “marked” by many different penalty points from 8 to 266 seconds. Sebastian had none , was the fastest and won the day.
For the first time the  initial turn point after the start was direction West instead of East. It was all about Tilo and Sebastian, Tilo who pushed and pushed and Sebastian always higher than Tilo, who is quite experienced in this area.
From the organizers:”As the leaders came onto the control point, Sebastian kept his 100 to 200m attitude advantage, making it almost possible for Tilo to catch him as Sebastian used his energy advantage to pull further ahead.

As they reached the finish line, both pilots were only just above the minimum required altitude of 1,300m. They had to slow right down and squeeze over the line to avoid incurring any penalty points.”

With Tilo,[2]  Sebastian [1]  and Gintas.[3]

Race 5  was according to the organizers a challenging one ” Definitely windy and cold today with not such high ceiling currently, so we can notice a bit of tension among the pilots as it will be certainly bumpy in the cockpits and any mistake can make huge difference in the air as sink air areas could be powerful, as lifting air areas.”
In the end the day was a prey again for Tilo, it’s nearly the Tilo/Sebastian show. With 126.5 km./h. Tilo was the fastest with Sebastian close with 124.1 km./h.

With Tilo, Sebastian and Didier
as shared by the organizers.

Race 6 and the very last one!!!!
Who is going to win this final? Who keeps the nerves and jitters?
Looking at the scores till now it’s Tilo with 41, Sebastian with 33 and Didier with 23. The rest has NO chance. Sorry. 11 Points is the best you can get on the last day!!!
261 km. to go and Tilo was in the end, with 4  others, among them Gilles Navas, in the lead so a great position to win this 9th world final ,as they had the height and speed to come home.
Gilles came in  first as Tilo more or less stayed with Sebastian,as for him winning the race was unimportant, he wanted to win the world final and as Brian commented maybe showing how good his Ventus 3 is.
And ,…WHY NOT!? A total of 4 fly in this world final.
Sebastian reacted ;”Uuuhhhh. What a race. After tight finish second on the line. The winner today is AX Giles Navas. The rest was far behind. Congratulations Giles. Congratulation Tilo for the gold medal.”
It was waiting for penalties first  AND ouch Sebastian got a few….300 sec., for “Use of unauthorized radio frequency”  and then the scores were definite.
Gilles wins the day and get’s 11 points!![124.6 km./h]  Tilo was runner up with 8 [124.05 km./h] and Max Seis in JS 3 got 7 points.[123.9 km./h.]

1. Tilo Holighaus in Ventus 3 T with 49 points, gold medal and WORLD CHAMPION.
2. Sebastian Kawa in JS 3 with 35 points and I read this his 31st medal!!!!!
3. Louis Bouderlique in JS 3 with 28 points.
All 3 TOPPERS!!!

As shared by the organizers.



OMK at Terlet in Holland.

Courtesy Rens van Broekhuizen.

Such a pity. They tried hard!!! They were fully organized but,….as we know ,if the weather does n’t co-operate you can ‘t fly. From 5 day’s they flew 1 and it was a very short task as well, but they had a day!!!
combi class; 140 km. and 3 finished from 9. Enough km’s so a valid day with 378 points for winner Tim Kuijpers in ASW 20 , with this flight also the winner of the Open Military Championship.
The other 2 finishers Daan and Sylvain were automatically 2 and 3 with 368 and 322 points.

Finish Tim Kuijpers.
Courtesy Willemijn de Lange , as I told you already earlier she makes brilliant pictures.

2-seaters with 141 km. and a bit of a weird day for them. Most started at 4.30 PM. One team ,our friends Bas and Reitze choose to start at 5.30 PM. In the end they made the correct choice. They won the day and the comps with 180 points [62.69 km./h in Duo Discus XL] ] together with team Robert Jungblut, they started however at 4.52. [61.60 km./h] in Duo Discus T.
4 From 19 teams finished.

Finish Bas and Reitze
Courtesy Willemijn.

open class with 150 km.; in this class 10 from 14 finished. Best speed by Rick Boerma in Ventus 3 with 99.87 km./h. for 395 points. Rick was the winner of the comps with Menno Sappe [EB 28] and Bas Seijffert [Nimbus 4DT] as runner up and number 3.

Finish Rick Boerma in the “gorgeous” Ventus 3 T.
Courtesy Willemijn.

Club class with 104 km; Former owner from the Termiekbel and member of the successful club of Friesland , Sander Terpstra, won the day and the comps in LS 4. 2 More LS 4 ‘s followed;with Simon and Tudor. 8 From 17 finished.

Fish Sander.
Courtesy Willemijn.

A tough competition but I am sure they had fun. Maybe not when the severe storms with thunder and lightning and gusting winds up to 110 km.h. passed by.
The damage bill after 2 such storms this last week only here in Holland,  is tens of millions!!!

Caroline Douwes Termaat shared this picture and I totally agree with her words.
Terlet, probably the most beautiful gliding place in the world ❤️”.


Uppsala Masters in Sweden
6 June 2019 – 16 June 2019

46 Competitors in 2 classes and after 2 practice days the race to be the Uppsala Master started with a
2.30 AAT for open; First for the day was Jim Acketoft in an EB 29 DR., with 268 km. in time 2.30 and a speed of 106 km. /h. The only one over the 100 km./h mark.
Antti was runner up [ Ventus 2cxaFES] and Boerje 3d.[Ventus 3T.]
10 From 15 finished.

2 hours in racing; Finnish pilot Aku Jaakkola in a Discus 2A flew 232 km. in time 2.28. Ronny Lindell was in a Discus 2T a tad slower.
14 From 17 finished.

More next Wednesday.
To avoid TOO long blogs and to remain actual this extra Sunday-blog!

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