We had last Sunday absolutely fabulous weather, the hottest EVER 2d of June. It was not only a tropical day, the first of this season with 30.1 dgr. at the official point and up to  33 elsewhere, but it also looked like a great soaring day with very high clouds. Bit windy though, but no…… not the long flights here, I expected.
In between the pilots from the Nationals left and the pilots for the Open Military Championship arrived at Terlet. The opening was on Sunday evening by General Major Theo Ten Haaf  and  61 competitors in 4 classes with their crew and some other guests listened to the opening briefing.


54 th OMK.
June 3-7.

Open Militaire Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen

With adjutant Theo Janssen again as CD the comps unfortunately started with a scrubbed day  1, due to the weather.
Day 2 had tasks just under 200 for club and the other 3 classes just over, but how hard they tried it did n’t work out. Whilst the “clubbies “were up  they had to cancel all classes, as it did n’t look good. The club pilots who were airborne landed again.

Happy to go for the first flying day. But it was difficult to stay up as people at the ground could see.


and then they returned.


Open Militaire Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen

For parts of Holland code yellow was out as warning for heavy thunderstorms, gusty wind up to 100 km./h.  and rain even hail. For this part of the country even code orange.That bad weather arrived here at 10 PM and it was wild!!!! Rain passed by horizontal with lot’s of leaves as due to drought trees drop their leaves as if it is autumn instead of spring/summer.
Huge damage bill again, but as far as I know no injured people.Lot’s of houses ,car’s and specially trees got the full load.

Day 3; the storm reached Terlet as well. Also a heavy one!!! No tasks yet and it does n’t look there will be, but there is always hope.



9th WORLD FINAL of FAI SGP in La Cerdanya.

After a good practice day the pilots were ready to go for it. When I was in a car in Uvalde going together with Ralf and Tilo Holighaus to a nice party Tilo told us he loved GRAND PRIX Soaring.
It showed on day 1 , as he was the winner of the day and got himself 10 points.
Of course he flew their ” masterpiece”  the VENTUS 3T with a speed of 137.3 km./h..
Gintas Zube was runner up.
2 did not start [Gilles Navas and Jon Gatfield ] and 2 did not finish one of them Sebastian Kawa in a JS3. The other one Evgeny Zlobin from Russia flying a JS 1B. Both were close about 30 km.

FAI Sailplane Grand Prix

Race 2 had a late start. Brian the CD mentioned ” “if sun is shining we will try to make a race“. They had rain over night and the ground was very wet and in the morning there were a lot of upper clouds. The sky however looked beautiful in the afternoon and off they went into a challenging day.
They had enough sunny spots and a race was on. 188 km. was set and after an off-day Sebastian won the day so 10 points for him, after he went far N. and got a climb Didier missed and he was high enough to race ” home ” with lot’s of energy on final glide .
Didier from France had 8 , he reached 3200 m far N. and was way ahead in the beginning but in the end Sebastian “got him”!!
Polish pilot  Łukasz Wójcik had 7 points.

FAI Sailplane Grand Prix

Race 3 was 244 km. long and won by …..Tilo!!! Good on him. Runner up was Louis from France and Pete Temple from Australia was 3d.
It seems to be a nice day here, only few high clouds in the sky, so it will not be the “best day ever” but still, after yesterday’s 188km race, everybody now understand more km does not mean more exciting race. Pilots are preparing their sailplanes to be ready on runway 25 and we expect to make first take off around 1:00pm local time (11:00am GMT]”



As shared by the organizers.

Day 4; official news
Perfect timing! After 3 great races we have a day canceled due to expected strong thunderstoms on the race area. Pilots need also to rest as we are just in the mid-time of the championship with still some tricky weather with showers expected for the next day. If you missed the first races, glide direct to…/9th-finals-sgp-la-cerdanya-video-playlist…and enjoy this resting day!”

So after 3 races Tilo leads with 23 points, followed by Didier with 16 and and Sebastian with 15 points.


German pilot Lisa Scheller flew already 1000 km. flights from Bitterwasser in EB 28 and 29 , last December and January, NOW she flew her first European one in an LS 8 from Ohlstadt-Pömetsried last Monday. Just in time home before the thunderstorms.
Good on her.


More next week.
Short blog but you surely found out that I published one last Sunday. If not,…just continue reading. Enjoy.


Cheers Ritz

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