Warm Easter with some good soaring! PRIBINA cup started with nice weather.

26 dgr.C over Easter,..nobody complaining,here in Holland.
67 Pilots here,  took their glider for a ride on EASTER Sunday, but it was a blue day, nicer with those high temperatures was a drink in the club house overlooking the field.
Other parts of Europe were better as you can read below.
Busy enough with soaring as well.Great conditions , as expected, this season for the


Before start day 2 by ELFO.

They fly in 4 classes;
Club with 44 participants,
TASK 1 with  301 km. Best pilot in a Pegase C101A1,  Pawel Glowacki from Poland with a speed of 80.81 km./h.
Runner up was Miroslaw Izydorczak in an ASW 20 also from Poland [83.29 km./h]and to make the top 3 complete, ALSO from Poland Konrad Partyka in SZD-48-3 Brawo.[79.71 km./h]
22 Finishers so half out.
Reason…. It was not an easy day as it did not turn out exactly as expected and hoped for , with wind and the promised CU’s did not show up, but still cloud bases up to 2300 m.and blue thermals. AND…..Valid in all classes.
TASK 2 with 317 km. was flown in better conditions and the first final glides were announced around 4.20.
Their line opened at 12.39.
3 German Pilots started together at 13.18 and had a perfect day. Uwe ,Markus and Florian were the best 3 for the day in LS 3, and 2 St. Jantars. Speed 105 and 100 km./h.
34 from the 40 who started finished.
TASK 3 with 274 km. with only one pilot who flew over 100 km./h.; 48 year old Polish pilot Miroslaw Izydorczak in ASW 20, who got the 882 points for the best result. Then 3 German pilots in LS 4 with 796/7 points. Also “out-landers” 10 this time, among them Markus who had such a good day , the day before.
TASK 4 with 177 km.with the message “Today the weather in the mountains area does not look as good as yesterday, therefore we will fly to the south directions mostly.”
”  we decided to interrupt the towing and due to the cloud layer, making the thermals from too weak to none, the tasks were finally cancelled for all of the classes. ”
So task 4 was cancelled.
The day after was , due to rain, cancelled as well.


15 m. with 37 participants,
TASK 1 with 342.59 km. and 4 strong ladies for Czech Rep. in this class. They did not win as the 1000 points were again for Poland with Tomasz Hornik in a Discus 2a /15m. with 96.22 km./h .
BUT the girls were on spot 2 [Jana Vepřeková in LS 8 ] and 6 Dana Nováková in LS 8,  on 7 with Jana Trešlová in Discus 2 and on spot 8 Hana Trešlová in LS 8.
Only 14 finishers.
TASK 2 with 368 km. they were the first to start at 12.23. Not a German but a Czechia- day in this class with Petr’s son Radek Krejčiřík as daily winner in the Ventus 2A with a nice speed of 116.88 km./h. Quite a bit more than the runners up Jan Pavlik and Dana Nováková both in LS 8 and both with 105 km./h on the clock.
34 Finished!!
TASK 3 with 274 km.and again 3 Polish pilots in the daily top. Tomasz again, but now with Jedrzej Sklodowski in an LS 6 A and one of the well known Lucaszes, this time Lucasz Grabowski. Radek was 4th.
29 From 36 finished!!!
TASK 4 with 236 km. was cancelled.
April 23 was cancelled.


Amazing cu’s as seen and shared by Jeppe.


DOUBLE SEATERS with 13 teams,
TASK 1 with 344.49 km. and nobody finished but 2 German toppers Briel/Levin fles in their DUO DISCUS X a distance of 290 km. The Dutch team Corporaal was runner up also in Duo Discus.[254 km.] Number 3 was a Duo Discus too, from Poland.
TASK 2 363 km. At 12.35 the line opened for them and this day was an ARCUS-day and a German day as the 4 best were from Germany and flew ARCUS. They went on track at 12.50 and 13.09.
With 109 km./h the winner was slower than the 15 m. class.
TASK 3 with 330 km. with 5 German teams in the top and the Duo Discus X with 2 young toppers Simon Briel only 22 years old flying with  Enrique Levin , was on handicap 1 above the Arcus.
ALL 13 teams finished!!!!
TASK 4 with 234 km. was scrubbed.
No Flying on April 23.


Picture courtesy Jeppe de Boer who flies in the 20 m. class.


OPEN CLASS with 35 pilots.
TASK 1 with 369 km. and also in this Class Polish success as Karol Staryszak [ASG 29/18m] was the first daily winner for the 1000 points with 113 km./h. Runner up in Diana 3 FES , Sebastian Kawa, with 111 km./h.
22 Finishers and many penalty points in this class.
TASK 2 with 386 km. and pilots could go straight away over the line which opened just after 1 PM.[13.04] But they did n’t. Wolfgang left at 13.28 and Sebastian at 13.30.
The 4 Austrians started about the same time and Sebastian started and finished with his Polish mate Karol Staryszak in ASG 29/18m. They were the best for the day. Wolfgang was 4th behind the EB 28/28.3m. from Pristavec & Avsenek. His mates Heimo [Demmerer] ,Andreas Sandhöfner and Andreas Lutz were 6.7 and 9.
31 Finishers a few out due to altitude infringements.
TASK 3 with 362 km. and 132.53 km./h for Karol with Petr [Czech Rep] in JS 1 /18m.EVO just a tad slower 132.06 km./h a difference of 9 points in the day scores.Sebastian was 3d with 129.80 km./h.
Only 3 from 36 out.
TASK 4 with 261 km. was scrubbed.
No flying due to rain on April 23.


The mountain area as see by Jeppe.

TODAY; no grid, no briefing , no flying, but there is hope !!!
Total scores after 3 flying-day’s out of 6.
1. Tobias Pachowsky  Germany in LS 4 with 2.870.
2. Hauke Schmoranzer Germany in LS 4 with 2.861.
3. Gerrit Feige Germany in LS 4 with 2.861.

15 m.;
1.  Tomasz Hornik Poland in Discus 2A with 2.760.
2.  Radek Krejcirik Czech Rep in Ventus 2A with 2.717.
3. Jan Pavlik Czech Rep. in LS 8A with 2.597.

1. Buhlmann & Schlautmann Germany in Arcus with 2.288.
2. Briel & Levin Germany in Duo Discus X with 2.229.
3. Weidlich & Moeller Germany in Arcus with 2.184.

1. Karol Staryszak Poland in ASG 29 with 2.879.
2. Sebastian Kawa Poland in Diana 3 FES with 2.869.
3. Petr Krejčiřík Czech Rep. in JS 1 C EVO with 2.573.

Top in all classes is pretty close except in open class. Just a few day’s to go, as the prize-giving is on the 27th at 8 PM.



—–On GOOD Friday the 19th it was great soaring weather in the Alps and 4 x a 1000 k was flown in Nimbus 4DM, EB 29 , Nimbus 3DM and an 18 m. DG 808 C. All flights were from Lienz in Austria.
Last Saturday was a top-soaring-day in Italy. Alberto Sironi declared and flew a 1000 FAI triangle from Calcinate in his Quintus and flew it with a speed of 106 km./h.
His very happy comment;”1000 km FAI triangle declared Task….3 Italian record open class.”
Good on him.Congratulations Alberto.
From Thiene 3x just over or under 900 km.
On Easter Monday an “Interesting low-windspeed-wave-day (10-15kph in 4500m).”, by Bert Schmelzer jr, from Hausen am Albis . He flew 1.020 km. in an ASG 29/18m. and topped the OLC list that day. Another interesting flight was from Aigen Mil in Austria, to be honest never heard about the field, but 685 was flown in a St.Libelle.
Yesterday another 1000 k from Switzerland , this time Yves Gerster in a DG 400/17m. [1.082 km.]



10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

Over the Easter weekend a lot of pilots visited the Mini Easter Grand-Prix in Lake Keepit, as you know the venue for the 2020 WWGC.
The weather was perfect as you can see and the atmosphere as well.


Busy enough!!!



And only a few more days  and… the EGC starts on Mai 11.

20th FAI European Gliding Championships
(Open,18m and 20m Multi-Seat Class)
11th – 25th May 2019
Stalowa Wola (Poland)

Aeroklub Stalowowolski, ul. Lotników 15, 37-415 Zaleszany
Tel :+48600335850

And to finish …the BAHIA PARADISE under construction.

As shared by Guilherme Purnhagen

CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

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