Easter…start of European competition season and final soaring-day’s down under.

PRIBINA CUP in Nitra Slovakia
April 19-April 27 2019.

One of those great pictures by ELFO this one from 2018.

Vladimir Voltin has ,as always,  invited pilots to visit one of the early European comps, during the Easter holiday. And the Nitra competition is a great concept with a max of 150 pilots , 50 in each class or 150 in total.
At this stage there are 153 entrees. So a very popular competition.
Club has 54, 15 m. 39, 20 m. 16 and open 44.
They start with the [unofficial] practice on the 13th and “for real” on the 19th till the 27th., with the prize giving and closing ceremony.  Hopefully the weather will be good as it is still early spring.
I like the rewards; “The winners of the Pribina Cup 2019 will be awarded free entry (no entry, aerotow and camping fees) to the next Pribina Cup 2020 event. The daily winners will be awarded small prizes at the briefings. The best junior pilots/crew in each class will be also awarded.”


More Easter soaring.This time in Lake Keepit in Australia for some practice for the WWGC.
From Aussie Team Captain Terry Cubley: ” The Aussie team is running a training week at Lake Keepit starting on the 14th April, a great chance to better understand the area and develop the team relationships. Useful in case the world comps produces a weak day in January – say only 4 knots to 6000 feet. We will be ready. Other competitors are welcome to join us. 😃.Actually, Japanese pilot Akemi plans to attend.”



—more news for ladies;
Dear Ladies, as already written, also in 2019 the Fly-Pink Cup competition is organized, I await your registration before April 30th. The dates are 24-25-26-31 May and 1-2 June. All documents are in AVF site and SoaringSpot Best regards COMPETITION DIRECTOR Giampietro

The competition is in Ferrara and all the news is on;http://www.voloavelaferrara.com/index.php


—Also news ,this time about the EGC and the Dutch team shared this picture with their pilots.

Both Bas and Peter are pilots to keep an eye on and very experienced.

Michael Sommer, Wolfgang Janowitsch are there to defend their title in open , 18 m and in the 2-seater class the winners were Sebastian Kawa /Christoph Matkowski.
BUT,…Sebastian is there, but flies now in 18 m. in a Diana 3 ,so a concurrent for Wolfgang in his Ventus 3T.
Lot’s of JS 3’s in this class as well.
Later more about this EGC.

Already in Mai this EGC ,so also an early spring event in Poland too.
Luckily the gliders from Australia arrived yesterday in good order in Venlo. One of the gliders in the container is  the one in which Diana Schuit will fly this EGC for Luxembourg.


Pictures courtesy George.


Don’t forget the AERO in FRIEDRICHSHAFEN when you have time.
APRIL 10-13.
Lot’s to see there including the VENTUS 3 and the ARCUS ,loved by many!!!

 Hall A1 Stand A1-103 – and checkout the new, enhanced Arcus
As shared by Schempp-Hirth




The JS3 Rapture was born on the 12th of December 2016, exactly ten years after the maiden flight of the JS1 Revelation.

We are extremely excited to share more about the development journey of the JS3 Rapture with you at the #AEROFriedrichshafen!


See you tomorrow in Hall A1, stand 207!


—-As we get older we loose more and more[ soaring] friends. We were young , in the seventies, when we entered the international gliding-scene and caught up with friends from all over the world, who were sometimes 20 years older than we were.
Many from my age will remember the call sign RR. It was from Dick Reparon ,who flew many nationals and represented Holland also at WGC’s. He also was TC at many comps.
In 1970 he was a member of the team flying in Marfa in Texas in an ASW 15, then with call sign 47!
We spend many years at the same competition in Angers , the unofficial EGC.
Dick died last week , age 86 and I was very happy that I still saw him a few months ago, when I visited him , rather unexpectedly , with Chris and Baer Selen.
R.I.P. Dick, finally reunited with Jo; Jopie as he called her tenderly, who died a few years ago. [2007]LOVELY lady!!!

During the 1978 competition, the 21 Coupe d’Europe,  Dick was runner up behind Marc Schroeder from France. George was 3d in this open class.
A year in which we met, Herbert Frehner and Monsieur Bohli, Basil Obrist and his family ,the Stouffs family and our Belgium friends the Huybreckx family.

  1. With Mr Bohli , yes from the compass, and his crew,2.  with Basil Obrist and Patrick Stouffs and3. Herbert Frehner.

Looking at the book it’s maybe nice to share the other winners in racing and standard class as well.

picture 1; Class course…Francois Hersen. from France 2, Walter Speychiger and 3 .Urs Baumgartner, both from Switzerland

Picture 2;  Classe Standard. …1.Eddy Huybreckx 2. Bruno Pieraerts , both from Belgium 3. Basil Obrist from Switzerland


And to finish ….. love this picture shared by John Welsh.

No not at home but it is the VSA Simulator at the Australian Gliding Museum, Bacchus Marsh.

Cheers Ritz

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