Back on track with just a short blog.

—-Back on track, but not yet totally recovered, as it takes between 3 and 6 weeks to be able to do everything again.
Very painful such a torn muscle in the lower back!!!!!!

—-Short blog as sitting too long is not good for a quick recovery. Moving is the word.
Writing goes quick, but good research takes time.

Soaring at Terlet in Holland last weekend as seen by top-photographer Arjan Vrieze.

—-Last weekend the skies here in the S. E. of Holland looked great. I heard Malden had 1600 m. so a day to even fly cross country. I had to check. Of course!!
The 24th of March, 2 weeks ago , it really started in Holland with flights up to 346 km. in a Duo Discus WL by Alexander and Martin flying from Veendam. That day specially the N. was blessed with great soaring conditions and for that reason, happy pilots.
Last weekend started slowly on Friday with flights from just under 100 km.
Saturday however was the day, not too cold, sunny and great “cauliflowers” moving on the blue skies.
406 km. in an ASW 19 from Venlo in the S. by Andy and 429 by Steven [Raimond] flying from Terlet in his ASW 29 E.
33 Dutch pilots added their flights on the OLC list.
Sunday was even better, 41 pilots flew cc that day; Jelmer [Vis] flew in a St. Cirrus 481 km. from Hoogeveen. Good on him, one of our junior- squad.
Many junior’s flew on this great spring weekend in which the time changed to 1 hour later.

—-France and Germany had last weekend great weather too with flights up to 606 from Aubenasson in an ASH 31MI/21m. and 900k. from Winzeln in a Ventus 2CT/18m. Also 894 from the Hahnweide is worth mentioning. Flight in a Discus 2 A. As well as 719 in an LS 4 WL from Ludwigshafen.
1149 Flights were added that Sunday to the OLC. Looking at 2018 ; “only” 595 and also the best first spring-day!!!!
SO,…a very good last day of March 2019, a great start of the season.

—-Klaus Ohlmann saw the great soaring conditions as well . He left for Aosta where “our” men flew their height in the past and we went skiing in Pila. He plans to fly over the arch of the Alps, what he tried already before. He says it’s possible to fly 2000 kms in one day over the Alps.

Yes Italy has good spring weather too and flights before last weekend reached already 714 km. in the ARCUS M from Alzate. Last Sunday Giorgio flew in his VENTUS 3 606 km. from Thiene.

—-April 1 was a good day as well with 20 flights OVER 500 Europe,  from Italy, Austria , Switzerland and Slovenia.
The Dolomite’s were booming!!
Even 631 k. in a St. Cirrus from Lesce Bled to Lienz Nikolsdorf and back, ridge soaring at it’s best.

—-As I shared with you a while ago, Terry Cubley got a very high and very deserved award; the Australia Medal AM. At the Victorian  Government House, they had this week, a nice ceremony.

Terry with his wife Vicky and their 2 daughters Tegan and Erin. I always forget from which one Vicky was pregnant when we met in Rieti in 1984 for the first time. As I wanted to give her a glass of Dutch Jenever , celebrating the friendship between Australian and Dutch glider pilotsat the Pre Worlds, practicing for the WGC 1 year later, she refused and confessed she was pregnant, so no strong booze for her.
This time there are bubbles. Good on them and not only deserved for Terry but for the entire very lovely family!!! I like Terry’s tie.
Picture shared by Terry.

—-The Dutch juniors are preparing for their JWGC in Hungary at Szeged and as they say themselves they form a dream squad.
Milan Kmetovics is the competition director for the #jwgc2019
He is , as I read, a glide instructor in Omarama as well.Nice life style!!

The “dream team” , with Sjors van Loon, current JWGC Champion Sjoerd van Engelen, Lars Groot , Jelmer Vis and laying Robin Smit, JWGC runner up in Benalla at the JWGC.
Shared by Dutch Junior Gliding Team

—–Next weekend is the AERO in Friedrichshafen ; April 10 to 13 2019.Enjoy.

Cheers Ritz hopefully more news next Wednesday.

To finish this great picture shared by Justin de Reuck

Every now and then a unique opportunity comes along. We were out in Potchefstroom yesterday shooting an amazing stunt with the Puma Flying Lions for Smoke on Go when we and the guys from Jonker Sailplanes decided to put together something unique. 
Jonker Sailplanes have just recently celebrated their 50th JS3 Rapture glider off the production line, so JS test pilot, AP Kotze put one of their Raptures up in formation with The Flying Lions Harvards as we departed for Rand yesterday afternoon… Not an easy formo at all, but so well flown by the guys.

Bose Aviation
Jonker Sailplanes
Creative Space Media

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