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March 21, 2018

Vaga Wave Camp 2018 !Seminole….reunion for 60 “over 50-pilots” !!

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After a few spring days , we were unfortunately back in “Siberian-winter-cold” again with minus 7 AND,… with wind- chill minus 17!! But,…that’s spring here!! Now it feels better with 6 plus.
By the way in the first very cold week, we had in the end of February nearly 4000 people who died in that ONE week.
A crazy amount. Most over 80 and main reasons flu and pneumonia.


——Talking about “the cold”,  this is truly cold,but they love it at the airport, where several pilots fly at the annual  VAGA wave camp in Norway. Arne Martin and Robert are 2 of them and they shared some great pictures.

minus 20 as shared by Robert


not the best visibility on March 11.
As shared by Robert.


As shared by Arne Martin

Throwing up snow from the runway” by Arne Martin Guettler.
of course the wave as seen and shared by Arne Martin.

First thermal of the year as I worked myself up into the wave. Shows a respectable 2.7 m/s average here.


“Getting into the wave. Better lift here.”                   ” Climbing above the clouds.”

cruising in the wave” with Arne Martin.


——The Seminole Senior Competition finished and as always this competition is a REAL one , but also a reunion for old and less old ,….but not for young ones!!!
AND,…it was cold there as well !!!Still 5 day’s of flying as during the day the sun was OK.
The limit of 60 participants is always early reached so sometimes you can not even enter , as much as you would love that. Booking early is a MUST.
The weather was,  and as said COLD but pretty good during the day!!!
And the “very ” old ones did well. Look at former WGC champion Doug Jacobs [1985 in Rieti ] ,who after been REAL sick, performs still on the highest level.
He won day 2 in a Duo Discus X. Also Karl Striedeck flies a Duo Discus and Dave Nadler the ARCUS M. They fly with passengers to support the US soaring teams.
These experienced competition pilots are offering their back seat during 2018 contests in support of our US Teams with a minimum $300 donation.
After 3 flying days John Seymour in the 15 m. ASG 29 was on top, with Doug on 4 and Karl on 11 and Dave on 12.

This is a reaction on flying dual with Doug from a few years ago;
Regarding Doug Jacobs, I also had the privilege to fly in the back seat with Doug last week during the Senior National at Seminole-LakeGliderport in Clermont, Fl.
This is one extremely talented glider pilot with a great knowledge of all elements of the sport. An inspiration and asset to SSA, the racing community, U.S. Soaring Team and “Joe Average” pilots like me.
Doug’s wife Martha also really knows the competitive side of the sport creating a very dynamic duo. They
say soaring is not much of a spectator sport, not the case when riding back seat with Jacobs in competition.
If anyone out there has the opportunity to fly with the pro’s like Doug, its a true lesson in soaring. This opportunity was made possible by giving a donation to the U.S. Soaring Team which I will now make every year, flight or no
flight. Thanks Doug & Martha Jacobs for sharing your talents and kindness.
Tommy Johnson

The crew from Bill Elliott during the 2012 WGC in Uvalde, Gary Carter is flying as well.
Gary mentioned ;”It’s been very cold in the mornings as in ice on our wings, but the soaring is turning out to be very good as it warms during the day. ”

Gary and his wife Chris[tine], lovely people.
As always a great picture by Bozena Michalowski.

After 5 days the final scores were as follows;
1.Rich Owen in the LS 8/15 m. who won the last day ;4746 points
2. Fernando Silva in the ASW 27, who was the winner last year and still in good form;4659.
3. Doug Jacobs in the Duo Discus; 4603, as mentioned former WGC Champion.


——In Chilhowee the weather was different and scary. Chilhowee is the home base from Sarah [Arnold] and Jason.

A normal day
A scary day ; “We had some interesting weather near the Gliderport this evening! Everything is safe.”

As shared by the Chilhowee Soaring Association.


Chilhowee {USA} March 18………And a stubble fire twister in Temora {Australia} yesterday.


—–Sad news from Justin Crouch from the Southern Cross Gliding Club in Australia.

“It is my sad duty to announce the passing of Richard Pincus this afternoon.Richard, as he usually did, had flown down from Sommersby in his RV6 to tow for us on Sunday. As the winds picked up, the club flying day was cancelled. Richard waited around for several hours and then headed off. Upon landing, he overshot the end of the runway and into the ditch at the end.
R.I.P. Richard.


——-La Cerdanya in Spain, was the place to be yesterday for nice long wave flights. The pilots from the AKAFlieg Frankfurt Wave Research Camp were the lucky ones !!!
963 km in a Duo Discus in wave between 4000 and 5000 m. even up to 5749 MSL  [ 4356 AGL]
Also 944 km in the ARCUS T. and another Duo Discus with 876 km.
Even with the “cruel” cold wind [40-60 km./h.]  here yesterday ,some Dutch pilots saw the great skies as well. Those heroes flew up to 173 km. They even saw it before , I just read, as plans were made in the bar at Terlet the evening before.
One out-landed, on his first flight for the year, not too far from the airfield, which was picked up by the media, an exciting story about just a normal out-landing. Ha ha,…out-landings and media ……

CU next week

cheers Ritz

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