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December 30, 2017

Australian diary ;part 14. FAMILY -DAY !!!

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December 28.

Inge and Rodger left early for Shepparton [about an hour driving] to pick up Diana who arrived this morning at 6 in Melbourne and travels by train to Seymour and bus to Shepparton. After arrival she was straight ready for a check flight in the Blanik as Simon left again . The weather was poor with wind and lot’s of rain, so he traveled home.
GREAT THANK YOU to Simon as my grand kid’s loved his lessons!!!!
Each had 10 lessons and they know now what gliding is. They also already know now,….they want to visit next year again!!!

Thank you Simon and Thank you opa George, who organized this all.

In the storm and rain you can still do shopping, so that’s what we did bringing a visit to Cobram.

At 10 George and Simon, as well as Raf, brought glider and tug to 09 for the last day of training.
Dexie already was excited about doing everything by himself during the last flight to show what he had learned. OF COURSE with the instructor in the back to see his progress.

We had quite some rain yesterday evening as well, but the BBQ could continue outside ,though dinner was inside.


Even with the rain and some cool air, we had a lovely time with Margie and Bracey, Raf and his lady friend  and Simon, the instructor both children like a lot..

——The opening in Leeton from the FORMULA 1.0 2017,  was done by Ingo. I was invited to come as well, but with the family here that was not a real option.

“The great Ingo Renner. An incredible pilot and a gentleman.”
shared by the Leeton friends.

If they have the same weather as we have here, they won’t fly. Just noticed day 2 is cancelled. A pity!!!!

December 29;
Today the Tocumwal Market was on and you “could walk over the heads of the many people”. Unbelievable, never saw it SOOOO busy here.

With 200 stands this is the biggest market in the area. With all the Melbourne guests at the river it is crowdy as hell.
Indya and Dex wonder all the time, where all these people come from.


Busy market and town, busy river and busy ice cream shop with my favorite ice cream which they had to fill up as it seems I am not the only one loving it.

Yesterday evening we went to several pub’s, but NO place available….. ALL tables booked. We started at Kelley’s where we caught up with some Toc. friends and via the Palms we ended up in the Terminus , close to the railway station. We found a table but had to wait, as they announced at ordering, for over an hour.
We did.
For tonight and tomorrow , we learnt,…we made reservations for Kelley’s and for the Golf Club.

In the afternoon Diana went for the first time in her Discus 2 cT, up in the Toc skies. Dexie wanted to be there!!!
pictures tomorrow.

In the afternoon Kait arrived for a couple of day’s to see Inge.Her doggy ,…dog, Cricket…arrived with her.


—–203.69 km. is on the menue for the 27 Leeton Pilots,  their first flying day!

Enjoy the last day’s of December/2017.

Cheers Ritz

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