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December 27, 2017

Australian Diary; part 12.

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First things first, we should nor forget the world champion of Hobbs in New Mexico and a long time family friend.

—–Yesterday we visited Ulupna Island, after Ingo had made the check flight with the Blanik. So today both “kid’s ” started with Simon Holding, their 10 flights each in this Blanik. Granddad gave them another Christmas gift as well; each a one hour flight in a Cessna 150 with Bruce Wilson.

Picture courtesy Rodger. I never saw so many koala’s over there.


George and Bruce did the towing and all had a great time. Even Inge went up with Simon. Temperature 33 dgr. C…… feel temperature 36 !!!
Great clouds again . Though yesterday the clouds “only”  reached to 7600 ft. as I heard from one of the pilots, the other ones might have been higher.
The B C T triangle looks to have had the best weather yesterday in Australia with flight’s up to 808 [750 triangle] from Corowa [8 flights] in a ASH 31/21 m. 657 in an LS 4 from Benalla [ 13 flights] and 562 in an LS 4 as well from Tocumwal. [7 flights and one check flight from Ingo] No flights anywhere else down under.
Today Swiss Chris flew over 500 k in his ASW 27 and I heard the cloud base was over 8000 ft.
Except for Rodger and me all family members flew today.Pictures tomorrow.
One of our friends flew with Ingo in the Caproni.
The family is at the beach now and the kid’s will do one more flight tonight. Nice long and hot day!!

CFI Simon brought some great Brown Brothers bubbles which we really enjoyed !!


—–the 10th WWGC will be held in Lake Keepit.  The dates have now been changed from November/December 2019, to January 2020 ,to fit in with European holiday time.

Natasa shared this picture in Female Glider Pilots , great PR !

—–; Here you can find Jamies business,….. light aircraft maintenance and Restoration. He worked on the from Holland imported Piper Apache and is waiting for the paper work to come, as it is ready to go.

Here in George’s office but his own business is a bit more up road.

Off for dinner now CU tomorrow.


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