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December 26, 2017

Australian diary;part 11.

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December 26 ;BOXING DAY.

It’s noon now and the sky explodes, great clouds EVERYWHERE. Pilots went up early and the Geelong -mates are here for their annual soaring-Christmas- holiday ; arriving with gliders and a tug.On the right time at the right spot.


Looking West, Looking East.


Looking North,looking South.

Yesterday we had a great Christmas day with the family. NO flying at the airport , very different to years ago, so all very quiet; we had pre- drinks and nibbles in front of the hangar.
Dexie helped George with the cleaning of the tarmac in front of the hangar  and Indya got the high pressure system out to clean a lounge chair, all things they never did before.




We had a great swim in the river too, of course I only wet my feet, BUT for the first time in all those years I saw very close by a Murray -cod ,which disappeared leaving a trace of sand when it heard me.

After the Christmas dinner, in summer clothes, with good food and drinks, we all were satisfied with a Christmas day together. Now we wait for Diana who will be here soon too.

This morning Bill [Harvey] and Harry dropped in before flight. Good to see them.

Good old Bill and Harry who flies a lot in the season here. He is an hang glider pilot in China as well. We shared the last pieces of the yummie cake with them.

Ingo will be here for the check of the Blanik and Simon will be here tonight for 3 days of trial-lessons for the kid’s.Off to the koala’s at Ulupna Island , Target and Woolworth and not to forget pancakes at the BIG STRAWBERRY.

Cheers Ritz

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