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December 25, 2017

Australian Diary;part 10.

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December 25


Christmas quilt from oma and native flowers.

——-Sorry about the mistake about the engine from LP. For sure and you knew already not electric but a jet!!!!  Clearly!!

—–Japanese Record on that fabulous day in Narromine.
Sub-class Open
Category General
Types of record and performance:
1000km Out and Return Speed 124kph
Free Out and return Distance 1005.2km
Glider Ventus 2cxa 18m (no engine)
Date: Dec23, 2017
Location: Narromine, Australia
Pilot: Makoto Ichikawa
Mac’s OLC-comment;
” 1000km OR speed Japanese record. One of the best days I have flown in terms of big area of Cumulus.”
After arrival, just a few minutes ,Dexie straight away rushed to the Scout and tried a few things out with mum looking if all was OK.
After we enjoyed Margies yummie rhubarb cake.
On Christmas morning George took Dex out for a ride in the Scout. All family was excited for him.He got the first instructions as well.
Mum and “opa ” strapped him in, headset on and off the went for an half hour flight.
family waving him out . Dexie’s first flight in the Scout and 3d generation “flying” this tug.
His sister Indya went up as well, of course and she liked it as much.
And to finish a fabulous picture in Christmas style from Bitterwasser by Hubi. MAGIC PICTURE, thanks for sharing Hubi.
“The stars in Bitterwasser are so amazing! It is so dark you can easily see the milkyway touching the horizon. And you can see lots of shooting stars! So beautiful!”
Off to the beach. Enjoy your Christmas.
CU Ritz

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