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September 13, 2017

Newsy news!And,…looking back at some interesting pictures from Tocumwal 1994.

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I updated Tony Condon’s flight later in my last blog, just to let you know!! It’s quite an adventure….going far away and then having , at least, the luck you are picked up in a Mooney,…but still have to go the long road to pick up the glider by car and trailer.
No worries when you love it. Nearly 7 hours of flying , no idea how long in the car….



As promised I will share pictures from the past, when occasions occur to do so. I looked back in my “old” 1994- book about Tocumwal ,to find some nice pictures from Eddie, who turned 70 last week.
Happy 70 thiest birthday Eddie.

We look at the year 1994 with in the middle my daughter Inge who was a tuggie in that season, Eddie, 47 years young and his sons Lachlan and Damon and Mr.Massa from Japan and me, ” not always on my best”.

in the same book my 48 th birthday on December 16 1994

With the Snow family and Kimi from Japan.
Ingo and Judies Wedding a few days later.

With the lady who married them in their own garden.
a visit to Yulupna Island where the koala’s live in the “wild”, was a “must ”  for all guests on a non-flying-day.

Christmas 1994 when Don [and Joan]and Jeff [and Margie] were running the show.
Drinks in the bar first , then dinner.

George , June and Don’s wife Joan and Judy and Ingo[l.] and Harold and Ann Kathrin.[r.]


The Japanese table and the German table with the Wiesenthals and Kellers and many more guests that season in the fully-filled diningroom.

So far some interesting pictures from 1994. More in another blog.

Australia slowly wakes up after winter. At some places it was a “cold”  winter. Now some pilots fly nice 300 k’s already. One of them “kilometer-eater”  Allan Barnes:”First flight back in Australia. Lovely spring day, 8000ft cloudbase and 4-8kt climbs. Down to Quirindi, up to Narrabri and then out to Manilla for 300km triangle.”
Of course flown from Lake Keepit in the LS 8!

I read that the Chinese ARCUS M has made it’s last flight for the season in China now and will travel to Australia again.Andrew Peng Du mentioned; “VH-CHA last landing NingXia of western of China before back Australia.”

Narromine , a great place to fly and full of activities nowadays, starts the new season with Ge Dale;
“The G Dale Cross Country Soaring coaching courses at Narromine have almost sold out for this year but we have just two spots left.
• 13 to 17 November – Available (week before Narromine Cup)
• 11 to 15 December – 1 spot available to share with two others already booked.

For details on the course click on the link below, to make a booking just email me directly offline.
Better move quickly though.


The 59th CHAMPIONSHIPS from Brasil were flown from Formoza, between September 2 and 9. They had some good flying with 7 out of 8 days and in the 3 classes they flew, also good winners!!!
Enrique Navarro, in the Nimbus 4T,  had 4 daily wins and turned out to be the CHAMPION in open class with 6.470 points. Runner up was Egon Rehn in the ARCUS M with 6165 points.
In the racing class Fabian Weber won in a St. Jantar with 6.290 points. Runner up with 6199 points Claudio Schmidt also in St. Jantar. [8 of them in this class] Fabian won 3 days .
5 Pilots in club /KW1-class in gliders as PW 5, KW 1 and Elfe S4. Sergio Bassi was the best with 2.881 points. The runner up “only”  had 2.218 points.

Enrique with the Nimbus 4 with call sign N1, before start.
As shared by him.


Long long time to go , but the 2018 MASTERS at Rayskala will be ,as all comps over there….exciting!!
Interested??? For sure these pictures  by Pekka Ylipaavalniemithey will help;


Have seen this many times and it remains spectacular.
MASTERS  9th – 16th of June -2018


The Perlan 2 reached 52,172 feet on Sept. 3.  On September 9 they flew again and you could follow them on
Maybe in the future as well …….Keep an eye on it.


Message from Schempp-Hirth;
“Some of you may have heard that there have been two incidents of inflaming batteries in gliders equipped with the Front Electric Sustainer (FES) system that is also available for a variety of our gliders. Even though no Schempp-Hirth glider was involved in these incidents, we still take this very seriously. While the investigations are on-going, we cannot provide you with any more detailed information at this moment as we are still awaiting the results.

Rest assured, however, that we are in permanent contact with the authorities and LZ Design, the inventor and manufacturer of the FES system, to assess what may have caused these incidents and what we can do to prevent any similar incidents from happening to owners of our gliders. In the next days, we will reach out to all owners of Schempp-Hirth gliders equipped with FES to provide them with instructions for immediate measures of caution.


And to finish another great picture/advertisement shared by Howard Jones and pictures courtesy to Rob Millenaar [ finishing gliders] and Max Kirschner.

CU next week
cheers Ritz

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