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January 21, 2017

Good evening, Benalla and friends down under, good morning Europe! LAST DAY!!!Updated all the time!!

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Shared by the organizers.

Had a long conversation yesterday evening with Bruce, who was on his way to Benalla. He will hand over the Bruce Brockhoff Trophy to the pilot with the fastest speed during this WGC during the prize giving ceremony.
We are both sad about this weather.

January 21 2017 last flying day in Benalla ;
Point was ,…would they fly?
It was all not so good with this weather this season  , UNFORTUNATELY, but NO WORRIES they did!!
But,…it was not an easy day not at all. After launching some pilots re-landed and some thought seeing those big gaggles again, this is it, it was OK not more for me!!
Tasks were set and changed again for 18 m. and open to B. They even had to re-grid.
A day on which you can loose a lot or gain a lot. Water was dumped at departure so empty or nearly empty gliders but against the blue skies this looks great as you can see on the picture shared by the Dutch team.

As shared by the Dutch team.


15m. 3.30 AAT  on day 11 with task 6;
Well it looks pretty clear now that Sebastian Kawa is the new WORLD CHAMPION. He won the last day as a good champion should , with 311 km. in time 3.49 with a relative late start at 3.06. Stefano in the VERSUS started 10 minutes earlier but still was runner up for the day with 288 km. in 3.36. At this stage Belgium pilot Emmanuel Litt was 3d for the Day.
Where is Mac the number 1 overall??? He flew 300 km. in 4.13 and was one of the early starters at 2.58. His day showed a 19th spot and that means that Sebastian has passed him and moved from 2 to 1 overall.
Mac at this stage is on a silver spot and I think this will stay like that, as Louis finished as number 6 for the day. He will be 3d overall. .
Still all very preliminary!!!

Sebastian by FABIO. From my archive.

18m .Racing task 281 km. on day 11 with task 7;
The scores for 18 m. were in first and it looks like French pilot Killian won the WGC  and he won the last day as well. Good on him.All results of course preliminary at this stage.
German pilot Mario was runner up today and though he started about the same time as his mate Matthias [3.11 for 3. 14 PM]  he was faster ,must have had a better run and Matthias lost some time/ points.[About 100 on the number 1 and as scores were SO close in this class it costs!!!
Result Mario will get the silver jumping up from spot 4 overall and Matthias drops from 2 to 4 just behind Mike Young from the UK who looks as number 3 for the bronze at this stage. Mike was 4th today just behind Wolfgang, who will be 6th overall after a good 2d week.

A very moving moment for Killian and his TC Eric [Napoleon] Both a class apart!!!


Open Racing task 302 km. on day 11 with task 8;
Interesting last day!!!! Ricardo flew himself and his glider to a 2d daily win, [103.8 km./h.] but not enough to make a difference in the overall scores.
More interesting was also the daily spot for Michael Sommer  on 16 and Tassilo Bode 26 after an out landing after 294 km. So close by!!!
Russell was only 19th for the day and Andy 21st. When they started this day it was Russell, Andy and Michael, it looks now Russell as WORLD CHAMPION, Michael good for silver and Andy for bronze. Great results for the UK.
Several out landings in this class, Laurens and Tassilo ,Antti and Bill. Not nice on a last day!!

Russell and Lisa who did a great job as reporter.
As shared by team UK.

Definitive results later!
BUT it looks like we have 3 new GREAT WORLD CHAMPIONS.
Killian from France in 18 m. , Sebastian from Poland in 15 m. his so maniest WORLD TITLE and Russell from the UK in open class.

A thank you from team UK on this last day:
“A number of local shops and businesses are supporting individual countries taking part in the World Championships. The British Gliding Team would particularly like to thank #Specsavers #Benalla for their support in providing two of the Trackers.

More later, In the end the early starters had a better day ,as in the end the day collapsed totally.


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