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January 10, 2016

Part 32!! Day 4 wrap-up Benalla, day 5 with good distances !

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Sunday January 10;
great blue skies with a few cirrus-firmaments here in Toc. in the morning, but those will burn out very quickly; it looks like another great and hot day.[predicted temperature at 5 PM is 37 dgr. C.]
Gliders are lined up and ready to go,in the East clouds already pop up.

It was really nice to be in Benalla yesterday and I look forward to my visit on Friday.
Here is the wrap up from yesterday ,….the 4th flying day.

Open class;
3 JS 1 C -gliders in the top and indeed Ian got the highest scores ;950 for a speed of 133.79 km./h..
Not far after Bruce , Andrew and Scott with Ingo followed.
All 15 pilots in this class finished. The nimbus 2 pilots had a long day flying 4.14 and 4.29 hours BUT,….they finished!!!!![89 and 84 km./h]

TODAY; 600 km. was “served for breakfast ” for the open class pilots.

18 m. Class;
3 From 28 out-landed and there was one pilot faster than Peter, who leaded when I left you yesterday on the preliminary list. It was BB, John “Butch ” Buchanan. Earlier one of the JWGC Aussie team coaches , Brian Hayhow won , very special, his FIRST NATIONAL WIN, now it was Butch. Good on both of them.
Butch flew with a speed of 115.58 km./h., Peter “did it ”  with 110.68 km./h.
ASG 29-time here !!!! The best 3 are from this type;  16 from 28 are ASG-29 gliders.
The best 4 in this class overall, are all very experienced WGC pilots; Peter, Butch, Tom and David!!!

Here is Bruce and today with a picture as well:
—“Much better day today. Even early in the morning it was heating up much faster, and generally the lift was easier to find and use, and it went higher. Nothing startling, but speeds were up over 130 kph. We went south-west down near Euroa, which was very quiet, then north to Finley. Once we got north of the Murray River it started going well, and after thinking that I had been left behind by the crowd, they all flew into my thermal mostly below me, and I started smiling again. Wolfgang Janowitsch said I should always smile, even when things are totally crappy, so I flew along with him for quite a long while, and had the pleasure of watching Wolfgang in Brad Edward’s ASH25, which he is flying with his friend Ande Lutz. There they are in the photo… What a beautiful glider it is.
I did manage to finish ahead of my pack, but was pipped at the post by Ian Craigie. Nice flight today, I really enjoyed it.—“



Wolfgang and Andreas.
Picture by Bruce Taylor.

Taylor’s Gliding Page

TODAY: 455.80 km.

15 m. class;
All 32 pilots finished one a bit faster than the other.
Indeed Adam had a BIG day and won in the Ventus A; 1000 points for him , for sure a happy boy; 124 km./h over the 411 km.
Greg and Lisa shared the number 2 spot whilst Norm did well again on spot 4!!


A happy smiling Adam.
Shared by Bruce Taylor.

TODAY; 445 km.

I do understand that they fly East ,….it’s getting better there all the time.


Tocumwal from the air

Tocumwal from the air!!!

I presume the pilots at the airport will fly into that direction as well.
Here they started this morning at 27, moved to 36 and later back to 27.
3 tuggies ; one from Sportaviation , Bill for the SRGC  and the Scout from Outback Soaring flown by Bruce. Mr. Du is going to make another check-flight and flight in his ARCUS.
As far as I heard this operation will continue for another month or so. They plan to be in” full swing”  during the next season.

At the moment, pretty special,  there are 3 ARCUS gliders here at the aerodrome. One with Chinese owners, one with Danish and one , from Roger Druce , a real Aussie owner.

2016-01-10 05.06.52

Roger and Neil busy to have the glider ready for a flight.

Jeroen is flying the SRGC Caproni with a guest for a bigger local flight and Judy and Dieter are on duty as CFI and duty officer for SRGC. Eddie and his tuggy keep Sportaviation going with a few flights in the afternoon in the Twin Astir , as the private pilots have gone long ago for a flight. Huge willi-willie’s like in Uvalde are popping up , meaning it is a real good but blue day.

2016-01-10 05.24.22     DSCN1905

Moving first from 36 to 27 and then a flight in the Calif-Caproni.
Though in the end they did not fly and Jeroen and Bruce went for a “ride”  in the good old Blanik!

2016-01-10 05.16.02 2016-01-10 05.30.41

Judy and Dundee and Bill and Dundee, an active busy Sunday afternoon.

2016-01-10 06.22.36

In between ” visual progress”  on the Piper Apache 23; THE WINGS ARE ON.
Good on Jamie and Diana

2016-01-10 06.22.58


Cheers Ritz,
no news tomorrow I will be gone for the day.

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