One day to go during the Dutch Nationals!

Terlet       Thursday     May 26 2011

 Rob Looisen and a collegue

We did not fly today! The wind was up to 25 knots gusting to 30 and more. It really was TOUGH. We even had problems walking in town today. A pity as we have had only 5 days and one to go and it does n’t look TOO good. They hope for a window to fly in and if that happens, they go.

Got a lot of info and pictures from Ian Baker from JS1 Revelation and I come back on that when I am back home. Also some news from the Shark, the HPH.

Have lot’s of great pictures and you can see them under; media, pictures from Ritz. The video’s made by Jens are top and surely you like them as well. Also under media and ….video’s have an international “language”.

On soaringspot you surely saw the results and they are very interesting!We do have great pilots and a the future looks bright with 2 young daily winners yesterday; one in club , the youngest from the 49 and one in open class the second youngest.Both are flying in the JWGC in Musbach.


Great to hear the Australian language on the roof of the building where I work at Terlet. It was Ron Sanders passing by. He will be soon retired and is going to spend lot’s of time again on soaring, he told me.

  Ron Sanders

Also Valentine Avanzine arrived yesterday to cheer on her partner Jelmer Wassenaar and great to see Brutus who is crewing for Rob Looisen and Tjeerd flying the duo discus.See picture above.

  Peter During[Brutus]

The number 1 at this stage in combi class is Steven Raimond, former European Champion and on the picture you see him with his partner Marion, his crew for 21 years!!!!

 Marion and Steven

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