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December 24, 2015

Part 22. MERRY CHRISTMAS from Tocumwal to ALL of you wherever in the world!!!

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December 23;
Yesterday I had a busy day. Caught up with some elderly ladies I know already for 25 years and this time the whole “bunch”  was there where they always were; at the ANTIQUE SHOP outside at the veranda. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me.All looked well, though one lost half her leg due to amputation, but she has a very nice artificial one , is more than happy with it and you nearly don’t see it.
Strong lady, she is!!
Lovely ladies all of them but , yes we are getting older.
This town very much is a “grey” town.

In the afternoon “Simon”  the chiropractor really found all the soar spots, so AMAZING, but I was a bit “off” after and still am.

In the evening there was an invitation for Christmas drinks at Tocumwal’s own winery. They don’t produce wine,  but sell 100 thousands of grapes .

2015-12-22 08.53.40

2015-12-22 08.52.27  2015-12-22 08.51.34

As far as you can see grapes and don’t forget to look at the sky!!!

Had a nice talk during the drinks, with our former Sportavia-bar-tender Ted, who run’s the family farm nowadays and told me he had an innovative season trying ” dry rice”.
Pilots flying here, recognize the very green irrigated area were they grow rice ,straight away. NOT their favorite spot to fly over  and when possible they avoid those wet areas. Nice green but for sure NO place to land, as they all know as well!!!!!
Ted tried this year to grow rice without irrigation , natural ,…..just with  rain. Not a lot fell here unfortunately, much more just a few km. from here. So he is not sure yet if it will be a success.

2015-12-22 09.29.24   2015-12-22 09.18.42

Ted and Lach, Jill and I.

At 7 yesterday during those drinks , I looked up and  got all attention when I showed all of them a very high glider, for a moment I thought it was an airliner, but no IT WAS A GLIDER  and another glider happily came back home  from a flight. Great clouds here all day and nice flights.
725 km. Was the best flight from Tocumwal by Terry in the ASH 26 E. Akemi flew 604 in the LS 8 and Anton over 500 in the LS 4.
888 km. was flown from Benalla in an ASW 28 and from Corowa pilots flew up to 922 km. in a Ventus 2CM/18m.[750 FAI triangle]


Is over!
I bet with Mac during breakfast last week, that Oscar would win,[sorry Laurens!!!] but as they did n’t fly it stayed as it was.
The last 2 days were cancelled so, no more points and Laurens won with a total of 5976, Oscar was 2d with 5947 and Attie with 5690.
In 15 m. Nico le Roux won with 6344 points nearly 2000 more than the runner up and Konrad Stark was “Strong on his own” in club class with 6818 points.


Laurens with the CUP and plate!!
as shared by Arne!



2015-12-24 05.52.36

Today at 3 PM. looking at the East.

December 24;
Still a bit crook, stiff and worn out from my treatment.
Had a lovely Christmas drink with the Menhennit’s yesterday,with Mary Anne and Peter, Libby and mum Mary 88 years old now.
Got back into the good old history/times  of our long ,longtime relation. VERY pleasant.
Great meal in the evening with Margie and Bracey and an early night for the “cracked ” body.

More and more clouds are popping up now at 12 and it looks like another good soaring day here in Tocumwal.
See the ARCUS drive out behind the car to the strip, ready for another Danish record??
1.10 PM; they launch their selves now! Others are already long on track.
Hear the tow planes,… see the gliders, so it’s all happening and it will be busier during the holidays now.
Fabulous skies before I left.

I could write a book about all politics here at the Aerodrome, but I have decided to stay out of it.

2015-12-24 05.52.50

Today at 3 PM looking at the North.
the South and West looked exactly the same.


With their latest ” toy” !!!



Greetings from Tocumwal……the original name is TUCUMIVAL; meaning deep hole [pit].
Merry Christmas dear friends all over the world.

Back in a few days, depending on how my “cracked” body goes. Better not to sit too long behind my laptop now my neck is straight again.
Cheers Ritz

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