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December 21, 2015

Part 21 !! Danish records .

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December 21;
Forgot to tell you, that when we went for a nice strawberry-pancake-lunch at Saturday at the BIG STRAWBERRY, the Newel Highway from Toc. to Koonoomoo had on several parts melted!!!!We drove over shiny, soft , black pitch and the stones flew around the car. Can’t remember to have seen this SO bad before , proofing it was really HOT and for a few days.

2015-12-19 07.57.22

Whilst sitting there, we recognized “our” sun-room- tables  from the Sportavia breakfast room and the Skyheaven- restaurant- dinner-room -tables,…. all with a new top. George remembered they had bought them on the auction. So good to see they have a new purpose. I made a picture for the “connoisseurs”.

2015-12-19 07.56.46    2015-12-19 07.19.52

Nice fresh strawberries from the area and well known tables.


A bit like this.
As shared by friends on FB from TAKE 5 MAGAZINE.


The “change” yesterday arrived first at 4 with rain, wind and a thunderstorm , but it was still rather warm. At 5 a real storm passed by and then finally the temperatures dropped.We heard a lot of sirens and were worried,… to only find out that the SAR and FIREBRIGADE were on a ” Christmas mission” .

2015-12-20 08.24.21     2015-12-20 08.27.07

It’s difficult to “catch” the wind and storm, it definitely was “interesting”.


Danish records.
Joergen was so kind to offer me a flight in the ARCUS M for my birthday but nowadays with my neck problems,I stay with 2 feet on the ground. My head spins already without thermalling. [To my chiropractor  tomorrow.]
Joergen and Birgitte flew last Friday to Narromine to visit Evelien and William ” and return Saturday back to Toc. Our aim was to use the tailwind to fly a straight line declared and free Danish record.
They knew that there was  a strong headwind toward Narromine, that the time was already past 11 and that the forecast of a trough passing Toc earlier than previous was expected for the next day.
” Anyway we went for it, started 12:45 and went on the headwind task toward our first turnpoint some 50 km past Narromine.
We reached workable Cu clouds 300 km north of Toc, and we passed nice terrain we had not flown over before.
We reached our turnpoint and could proceed further 50 km to the North to take the 2.nd Danish record this day, before returning to Narromine.”
Birgitte and Joergen decided to make a tourist flight back to Toc on Saturday, and landed early, based on the forecast. There glider is back, right on the spot not far from where I sit.


Congratulations….arriving in Narromine with 2 new Danish records.

Not a “fab”  flying-day here today but they are still flying, I see and hear the EuroFox and Cessna with gliders on tow.
Had  nice morning tea with my Japanese friends.


Welkom had a rest/ cancelled day and what nice speed they flew till now over the several tasks during the South African Nationals.Time to do other things for a change.

1934172_10207036892514621_5381526854038710579_n   12369183_10207036893154637_29961061131290297_n

12373442_10207036891514596_71230563375426934_n   12369047_10207036892274615_8024468112375952604_n

As shared by Rowan Hill.

Not much more to say, will be back on the latest from WELKOM .
Cheers Ritz

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