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December 17, 2015

Part 17 of the diary; Racing-day and student -day here over the last 3 days. Heat wave!

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On December the 14th at least 2 Dutch junior-pilots , Robin and Nick, easily flew back from Narromine to Corowa.
Robin even flew up N first and then raced back to “paradise” with 842 km. in total in the LS 8.
Corowa and Tocumwal both had great weather that day , so had Narromine.
Pepe proofed so by flying his 23 d 1000 km. flight .
Some of the juniors and or helpers of the JWGC pilots flew nice distances after the comps.
Max, flew with “junior engine” Nico ,[ just back from Narromine by car] , in the Arcus M ;960 km. from Corowa.
And Evelien and William , finally got to rig their ARCUS again , after the juniors “used”  their hangar in Narromine and flew straight away a nice 700 FAI triangle.
Anton flew in the LS 4 from Tocumwal 746 k. [727 FAI triangle] and just missed out on the 750. A pity but in an LS 4 that’s JUST GOOD!!!!!
Benalla had a great day as well and Bob Nicholls flew in the Ventus 2CT/18m. an 800 km. FAI triangle.
Temora had about the same weather and Brian Du Rieu flew 820 [750 FAI triangle] in the LS 10/18m.

2015-12-15 07.23.33

With 3 new young students .

On Tuesday the 15th it was only student-flying-time here. Around 2 it started to rain, just a light shower. At 3 PM.  the students from Ingo, commenced their training again.
In the morning I bought some bottles of bubbles to celebrate my birthday, organized by my friends and … they have been ALL involved in my world here at Sportavia in the past , a bottle as well to celebrate with them the Pelagia Majewska Medal.
Dundee mentioned that the car had really driven economical up and down to Narromine ;under 10 l.  over 100 km.

At 4 however the weather improved very much, great for student Lulu who flew for more than a hour with Bill in the IS 28. Ingo was teaching some last lessons to Geoffrey in the kookaburra and being the son of Jeff , who is passionate aviation person from Darwin, he was already solo in the evening.
Visited the old WW 2 hangar on the North site and made some pictures specially for the “old” Sportavia guests. Will publish them soon.

2015-12-15 08.01.04    12391782_974805492613716_5793145471540527725_n  2015-12-15 08.08.48

Before solo and after solo with congratulations from dad. And Lulu with dad and instructor Bill.

December 16, last birthday in the 60 -area,… up to 70 next year. We started the day with a breakfast at the Paviljon, overlooking the Murray River. Then some work and bubbles from Colin. Thanks.
So a great  soaring day and several went out to fly this morning.
Benalla, Tocumwal and Corowa had flights around 750 up to 922 and a lot of FAI triangles!!!
The next couple of days will be hot, a real heat wave it looks!!!! After that….some rain.

Sydney was hit by a tornado with wind up to 216 km./h. Lot’s of damage and some houses beyond repair.
Even Sydney Airport was shortly closed.The bad weather even hit Dubbo which is very close to Narromine!

Yesterday evening a select group of friends celebrated my birthday [69] and I felt JUST GOOD!!!

2015-12-16 09.54.02

2015-12-16 09.56.29  2015-12-16 10.49.40  2015-12-16 12.38.18

2015-12-16 10.59.38  2015-12-16 11.01.29  2015-12-16 12.39.29

Delicious food by Deslee  and great company.

Thank you for the SO MANY birthday wishes!!!!!It took me quite some time to answer them.

Today December 17 is HOT. I hear the tuggies so action enough.
Today another friend has her birthday and we are celebrating again; Happy birthday Judy H.
And in Holland Henri, and Hannah.

More tomorrow with pictures from the old hangar.
Cheers Ritz

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