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May 23, 2011

Sorry, It IS very busy here at Terlet!with updates!

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Terlet    may 23 2011

Sorry I neglected this site a bit. Doing live updates all day is pretty tiring and costs a lot of time. We only have had 2 competition soaring days so far . Good days however.
The first one had some problems with cirrus , but under that cirrus pilots still got up. Unfortunately outlandings as well but that is part of our sport.
Day 2 had only 3 outlandings. Nice blue skies and also nice blue thermals. A bit more wind then expected so we saw interesting  straight-in  landings from most pilots .
Today is day 3 and we still need 2 days to make it a competition ;4 days is the limit. But the forecast is good so it SURELY will be a valid Dutch National Championship.

We get a lot of disposure in papers and on TV. May I recommend you to look at our site  as the videos are just so good. We start every other day with a video from the comps  made by Jens. Also the TV SBS 6 station has been here twice to talk and make shots from the ground and air from this comps. You find them in the middle of the home page.

Some impressions in pictures: By Hans Spekkers, our meteo guy!



And some pictures from our Tuggie Sjoerd.



Hopefully more later!

16.00; The wind is terrible here today. Pilots are on their way for 327  km , 391 and 410 km. Skies look great but  it turns out to be a tough day.Some have outlanded at paddocks a few have started their engine and come back home to Terlet. But quite a lot are still flying at 16.20. It will be difficult as cirrus is coming in and the tough wind gusting up to 25 knots is stil roaring. Let’s wait and see.

Only 2 open class gliders Nimbus 4T and Nimbus 4 M arrived home. All the rest was out or came back with the engine!That’s it for today.

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