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May 17, 2011

Competition day 1 Today!

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Terlet        May 17 2011

The weather is not brilliant but they try to let pilots fly today. Yesterday the practise day was cancelled. The opening briefing was at 8 PM. Guests , pilots and crew made the briefing hangar full.
Tasks for today are ; club class; 122 km. combi class 145 km and open  has an  AAT with 2 hours [129/172 km]

At 12.44 a few bleu holes  are visible! Tracking systems are in club class . Today 5 of time and there is another tracking system as well; ADSB  more info to be found on

Estimated first start at 13.30. It is 12.49 now. More news later about this day 1.

Yesterday we had great PR as the top meteo from TV was our guest and a team of 7 was busy around him for 3.5 MINUTES TV.

Here are some pictures.

And the famous meteo guy Piet Paulusma;

More news later!

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