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October 21, 2015

Nostalgia….Lufthansa 1926 …..RAF flag lowered in Tocumwal in 1960 on October 14!NZD 2015!

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Always something happening in our world,…but this is the more quiet period. Time to get my visa for Australia , the winter clothes out of the cupboard and the summer clothes in , though,…part of it went straight in the suitcase for Tocumwal.
Also windows 10 was installed by my grandson Dexter, but later un-installed as I had no idea, what to do,or where to go.Back to 8 and that suits me!!!

We got indeed snow, on the coldest EVER October 14, wet snow ….but SNOW in the South of Holland, last Wednesday. VERY early in the season.Time to go down under soon!!
Germany had at places 5 to 15 cm. with traffic jams and accidents and incidents, as most of the car drivers were still on summer tires.
Here in Holland they all raced to the garage to change to their winter-tires .

zzzzzSnow in France

Snow in France as well as shared by Les 100 Ciels.


News about records!

FAI has ratified the following Class D (Gliders) European record :
Claim number : 17624
Sub-class :DO (Open Class Gliders)
Category: General
Type of record : Speed over a triangular course of 1 000 km
Course/location : Buno Bonnevaux – Neufchateau – vallon en Sully – Alençon – Buno Bonnevaux (France)
Performance : 119,55 km/h
Pilot : Alain Mazalerat (France)
Glider : ASG 29 18m / Schleicher
Date :30.07.2015
Previous record : no record set yet

Congratulations to Alain.



Tocumwal by Ronald

Courtesy Ronald Hermans.

14th of October 1960

On this day in Air Force history: 19601014 14/10/1960 Tocumwal base closed

Caption: Tocumwal, 1944″ On this day, the Air Force flag was lowered for the last time at the RAAF base outside the southern NSW border town of Tocumwal, as it was formally closed by Group Captain George Pither, the Commanding Officer of No 1 Aircraft Depot at Laverton. The 12 men normally stationed there were transferred immediately after the ceremony. About 50 aircraft of various types remained, awaiting disposal by the Department of Supply. When built in 1942, the base (then known as McIntyre Field) was the largest in Australia, covering 20 square kilometres and with 100 kilometres of roads. Originally intended to take heavy bombers of the USAAF, the strategic need for the base had already passed by the time it was completed and it became a Repair and Supply Depot instead. Placed on a care and maintenance basis in 1946, it had operated as Detachment B of No 1 Aircraft Depot since 1950” 
Interesting for all, who flew in Tocumwal at and over the field with the WW2 hangars. This picture is North of the field and the ‘paddocks’  are full of LIBERATORS and smaller planes, most chopped up after the war to make saucepans and billies from them, as they were needed THEN!!!!!
A lot of history over there.
Very proud to have lived there AT this airfield.
zzzzzzToc 1944
Shared by the Tocumwal Residential Airport.
Tocumwal hangaar2zuidkant   Tocumwal hangaar1
The South side of the hangar, rebuild later to SPORTAVIA , with office and sun room …..and inside, with the by the Dutch artist Gerry Jillessen painted Blanik.This was during our time between 1996 and 2006. Before we spend 12 seasons there as guests.
SO sad it’s ALL falling more or less in a heap now, due to lack of attention,neglected  by the sole new owner.

More nostalgia.

A while ago again , I wrote about that intriguing foehn- flight in an LS 1 by Peter Asam.
I promised you more about him and his family.
Now is the time.
The crew and plane.
In 1926 my dad Dr. Max Asam founded with friends the Suddeutsche Lufthansa AG in Munich. Only a short time later they merged with another company into the German Lufthansa .
That was the birth of  LUFTHANSA, as we know it now. [It even stand WW2.]
How come??
In those year farmers high on the mountains in the German/Bayerische  and Austrian Alps, living in hut’s , needed food and sometimes medical help. That was brought up by PORTERS [some kind of sherpa’s ] with the help of donkeys.
So they started to do this more fast and more economical with …….planes.
It took up to 24 hours for the porters,….. WITH A PLANE ONLY ABOUT one HOUR.
They dropped the parcels with parachutes.
They transported bags with coal for the winters, under the plane , beds or barrels of wine; no parachute here but….a free fall!!!
Between 6-11 -1926 and 24-02- 1928 they made 101 flights and part of them have been documented by pictures.
A total of 90 flights in about 60 flying-hours successfully were logged in the books.More than 13.000 kg. was brought to the hut’s .
Of course the weather was n’t always good and 8 flights had to be aborted by deteriorating weather.
On the 14th of March 1927 my dad crashed at a height of 2000 m. due to unexpected upcoming snow and fog.
Luckily he survived.”
The crash from Peter’s dad. He was unconscious for more than 16 hours, but ALIVE.
You can see those pictures[39]  and this very interesting story [in German]  at ;


NZD 2015.


On the 7th of November I will visit the National Dutch Gliding day at Terlet. The organisation is by; de Gelderse Aero Club in co-operation with the airfield of Terlet, with the Thermiekbel [you know the restaurant we had the last AWARD party]  the SERVICE CENTER TERLET  and the GLIDER PILOT SHOP.
An interesting program has been prepared by Maurits Dortu and Rene de Dreu from the GLIDER PILOT SHOP.
How do you plan a 1000 from Holland? The 3 pilots , Mark, Alfred Paul and Sikko, who flew a 1000 from Holland will talk about their flight.
Shaun Lapworth will be there to talk about the FAI GRAND PRIX final in Varese.
Several sessions;
Uys Jonker, from Jonker Sailplanes,  will talk about EASA glider certification, Andrej Koller , from NAVITER, about meteo in systems/instruments on board and Airspace Avoid is interesting as well by Marcel Knol. These are the 3 sessions I will visit.
They are not the only ones,…on their site you can see who is also there for a presentation .
A nice line-up from gliders/static display [ASG 29 Es, ASG 32 E, JS 1 c-21 m, ANTARES 23 E, ANTARES 18 T and the DG 1001 CLUB] and a market with instruments is of course available as well.
Which ones you can find on the site :

You can go to this site as well when you want to enter.Mind you ,…it could be very busy, so don’t wait too long!!!!


Whilst we had rain , wet snow and temperatures about 7 dgr TOO low for the season Narromine had early spring time at it’s best. Look at the pictures they shared.

zzzzNarromine 1

zzzzNarromine 2  zzzzNarromine 3

With the messages :
Narromine from 10,000ft [pic 1], Easy final glide home from the west [pic 2] ,Trangie at 8,500ft.

For local updates leading into ‪#‎jwgc15‬ please like and share their public page

Young German pilot Simon Briel was the first to arrive at Narromine 43 days before it ALL happens and did already a familiarization flight in the Stemme.


Also Tocumwal, place I will be visiting in December and 2 weeks in January shared some pictures from great early spring times as well.As said before I will spend a few days in Narromine and Benalla as well.
Swiss Chris shared the pictures.

zzzzSpring in Toc.

ASW-27 check flight after airworthiness check:
Cloudbase 2000 msl… 480km ….105km/h….. 18% circling,….. average glide ration 66 !!!

Great flights last week from Bahia Gliding Paradise [Brazil] by Egon Otto Rehn in the Quintus M.; 932 km. and 876 km.
From another field but also in Brazil [Formosa Aerodrome flying for the Panzer Cup on October 17 an  “ultime good day”] , Egon Otto Rehn flew 739 in the ARCUS M.
412 from Bebedouro, again in Brazil as daily best on October in the ASH 30[412 km].

Also at other places in Australia they were active ; Lake Keepit beautiful soaring place on a lake ; Justin Smith flew 667 km. [500 FAI triangle]  in an LS 6/17.5 m. and topped the world wide OLC list on October 16.
Allan Barnes flew one day later in his LS 1f also from Lake Keepit 600 km .
In Lake Keepit the women gathered together for  their ” WOMEN IN GLIDING WEEK”.

Uys flew from Potchefstroom in South Africa 490 as daily best on October 18 .

Talking about the OLC ….this is the new “one-year-owner-of -the-OLC-DISCUS” .Every year a new young German pilot who flew himself in the top 10 of the Junior Challenge, can be selected to fly this 2CT.
This year it is Matthias Arnold, good luck and safe flights Matthias !!!

zzzzDiscus OLC


That’ s it, till next week.
Cheers Ritz

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