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October 14, 2015

A picture-story about the festivities in Holland around the FAI AWARD WINNERS and to celebrate a 2d and 3d EGC place.

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It was a lovely evening.
Venue; the bar in THE THERMIEKBEL at TERLET.
Thank you to the Sport department of the KNVvL ,with Frouwke as the “engine” behind it all.
The staff served delicious tomato soup and hot dogs for the people coming in straight from work and all kind of nibbles and bites were available during the drinks.Great effort.
Thank you to all people, young and old visiting us, on a Monday at 6 PM, not the easiest time!!

First of all I want to share with you pictures from my TC time;  “my”  GOLD medal winner during the WGC in Uvalde in 1991; Baer Selen.

2015-10-12 18.21.42

“my ” bronze medal winner in Rieti during the EGC; Ronald Termaat.

2015-10-12 19.10.20

Silver medal winner during the WGC in Borlange Erik Borgmann could not be there and what’s worse I do not have a picture from him in my file.Sorry about that.


Guests…. very young, young and old.

2015-10-12 19.08.18

The lovely Caroline and the adorable Elin.

2015-10-12 18.06.30   2015-10-12 18.07.15

Of course dr. Loek Boerman, who got the FAI LILIENTHAL GLIDING MEDAL. Here with WWGC pilot  and partner from Jacques Selen;Lilian de Bruijn , who won a day in Arnborg in Denmark. And Jeroen and his wife . Jeroen won the 3d prize during the last EGC in Ocseny in Hungary.

2015-10-12 19.05.04   2015-10-12 19.48.52

Jacques who won the silver medal in the Rieti-EGC  in Italy here with Lilian. Frouwke the organizer/engine  from this event with my daughter Inge.

2015-10-12 19.07.37   2015-10-12 19.07.59

2015-10-12 19.07.47   2015-10-12 19.57.31

Young guests as Tim Kuijpers [former JWGC champion] and Rene de Dreu [former European champion] Frank Hiemstra and Bart Berendsen both National Champions and JWGC , EGC and WGC participants when I am correct and Dillen and Meinte great crew-member and help at Nationals and crew and TC in Rieti. Peter Millenaar former youngest National Champion and JWGC champion in Leszno in 2013.

A bit older guests but still very active;

  2015-10-12 18.07.42   2015-10-12 19.07.06

The Millenaars and Hans Disma.

and an overview of guests.

2015-10-12 18.08.41   2015-10-12 19.56.18

2015-10-12 19.56.30

More friends and family.

2015-10-12 19.52.08

My daughter Inge with Ferdie Kuijpers.

2015-10-12 18.28.56   2015-10-12 19.06.40

Lily de Rooy [Highschool friend, I know her from when we were 4[we lived in the same neighbourhood and went to the same schools]  and Chris, Gretha Musters [Kees wife and longtime friend]  en Ans Moonen[Highschool friend, since my highschool -time]

2015-10-12 18.05.49   2015-10-12 19.05.35

Diana en Ans and my youngest brother Piet with his wife Servatia. My other 2 brothers were in Spain and France.

Before we left we all 4 got a great screen print.

2015-10-12 20.00.59  2015-10-12 19.59.31

2015-10-12 20.05.58

A last word to say thank you to Frouwke and the guests,

2015-10-12 20.06.48

More professional pictures to come from top photographer Frans.

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