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October 7, 2015

Colorful bird of paradise!! Sporting code ! Queensland comps….” saved by a peanut field!”!!!

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The loss of ” padre-familias ” Maurice Huybreckx [1928] was maybe expected after his short illness, but it still HURTS!!! What an outstanding person he was!!!!
Through ALL the years our family always welcomed us WARM ,when we arrived at KEIHEUVEL.
I have told you several times, how Maurice always had a place to sleep for us,[a small caravan a bigger one a Wohnmobil,]  when Ans and I went to the field in Belgium.With a big smile he waited for us, a better welcome at an airfield, was impossible. Though to be honest the children AND grand children, are brought up in the same spirit as mum and dad/grand pa and grand ma.
Till mum got less mobile, she was there always with Maurice.This is a huge loss for her.
I know the Huybreckx family for 40 years, have gone with them through sad [they lost a son Gert, like we did our Dennis] and happy times. Shared precious moments with their children Chrisje , Eddy and Mark, later with their grand children ,  Gitte and Tim, Sofie and Dennis [named after our Dennis] and Jeroen and his sister who is not into gliders but horses and now we ALL treasure the grand-grand children.All these little ones adored bonpa and bonma, so did we!!!!!
The KEIHEUVEL will be still a great place to go to, but it will be different,….Maurice will be sadly missed!!!!
RIP Maurice and ALL the best for the family.


32-Mi-rot-14-250x140  32-Mi-rot-04-250x140

As shared on their site .
Pictures ;Manfred Muench.

Great and hopefully effective news from Schleicher to improve the visibility in the air!!!
” Currently, the ASG 32 is the only series-built sailplane which can be painted completely in various colors. This provides for the possibility of applying large areas of color on fuselage, tail and wings. Now, the first color ASG 32 Mi had it’s maiden flight.”

32-Mi-rot-25-250x140   32-Mi-rot-20-250x140


On October 1 the new sporting code was effective. Here in short what is “up” now.

Dear Friends,
The Sporting Code Committee has created a one page summary intended to highlight the changes concerning Badges that are effective from 1st October 2015 in the Sporting Code Section 3 (Gliding) together with Annex C’s interpretation.

It is not intended to be a word-by-word comparison, rather an overview how the changes affects pilots, analysts and Approvals for FRs & PRs.

This summary is available on the FAI/IGC website :

In the Sporting Code itself, with the deletion of the requirement for turn points to be a minimum of 10 km apart, it came to the committee’s attention that the need to declare each turn point for a task, even if it was to be revisited, could now be misinterpreted. Therefore, a new para SC3-1.4.3 has been added to the text.

1.4.3   Multiple use of way points        A TURN POINT can have the same coordinates as the START or FINISH POINT, and if a TURN POINT is to be used twice it must be listed twice in the task declaration.

Ross Macintyre

Chairman IGC SC3 Committee.


Bahia gliding was in the OLC list with some great flights from Jeroen Verkuijl in the Nimbus 3T /25.5 m. Now flown by Branco Stojkovic with a 650 task and with  impressive pictures  by Robinson Rosa.
On final glide they caught up with a good fire. And my friend Art [Grant] commented; ” Pyro-cu! A prairie favorite.

zzzzFinal glide in smoke  ZZZZZZ Vuurwolk

and this one made by Branco during his flight in a KW 1.

zzzzBahia Branco

On Friday 806 km. was flown by Branco, as practice for a 1000 km. flight, but that flight on Sunday was just a tad too short; 982 km. [735 FAI triangle]. I believe he was most sorry for missing out on a 1000 km.-CIGAR!!!!!
Guilherme  “Gugui” Purnhagen is working hard to make the combination Bahia airfield -Brazil weather ,…a TOP WORLD SPOT.


October has started.Over 500 km. already down under [Geoff Pratt ] and in South Africa by Sven [524 km.] and Oscar [588 km.] By the way on October 4 he flew 400 km. with a speed of 154 km./h. Total flight; 440 km. with 120 km./h.
Our September month was in general too cold and too wet. The normal average of rain here, is 78 mm. now it was 110 mm, according to
Normally we have in September 10 days with temperatures of 20 dgr. or more , this year only 2!!!
But the last couple of days were nice and they still were in the beginning of October.




The Queensland comps are in progress in Kingaroy with 29 participants in 3 classes. Kingaroy is in  the East of Australia where the 2016- competition -season starts ,[ same day by the way as in Potchefstroom in South Africa] and  they have had 4 days till now .
Mak from Japan arrived back in Australia ,where he spends nearly all down -under-summer.
Adam , who just finished his 767 type rating in Japan and will start his line training from Narita soon, was a happy chappie: “Last to leave, first home. 1st time I’ve ever done that – great feeling!
Both fly in st./15 m. class . Day 1 was cancelled.
So a new day 1 on October 4, with 234 km. won by Peter Trotter in his ASW 20 A. 6 From 11 finished the task  among them Mac and Adam.
The next day had better weather , a task from 317 km. and 1 out-landing with an LS 3.
After 2 days of flying Mak ,[1449] Adam [1423] and Peter [1253] top the overall list.

Flying day 3 had 287 km. for the pilots.A tough day, not for Peter who won again 1000 points , not so much for Mak either, he lost “only” 67 points on Peter,…. but for Adam, as he was “aux vaches” after 178 km.Last daily spot, ….364 points,…that hurts.
So the overall scores changed a bit; Mak still leads [2382] ,Peter is runner up and Adam dropped to spot 6.
Today they had 286 km.

zzzzzAdam K.  zzzzMac

Adam in Kingaroy as shared by him. And Mac “famous in Australia”, you must love news about soaring;
Saved by a peanut field;glider makes a last-minute landing after bad weather”.
shared by Adam.

In 18m. /open class 248 km. was set for the 12 pilots on their day 1.Greg Colb won before Butch [John Buchanan] and Tom [Claffey] A bad day for David Jansen and Andrew Georgeson as they both just missed out on finishing.
BUT…. on day 2 David set this straight with 1000 points for a 422 km. task racing with 133 km./h over the track. Tom was just a tad slower!
After 2 days Tom leads the pact[1570]  before Greg [1557] and David climbed from 10 to 7.[1267]

Flying day 3 had 302 km. and once David has had his “off-day”  he “FLIES”!!!! He won the day again now with a speed of 111 km./h. Only 6 in this class seem to have finished and it was an expensive day for  Greg and Butch.I thought for Tom as well, though he was not scored in the daily points they added points to the overall scores were he is on spot 1.[2419]

More news, they had 289 km. today  and final scores next Wednesday.




Picture shared by AKAFLIEG -Potch Gliding.
Courtesy ;Zayne Wouda

Both overseas continents start in the beginning of October with the first comps and with Kingaroy down under , Potchefstroom was the place to be this week in South Africa.[3-10/10-10 2015]
It’s a bit difficult to follow as they can’t cope with the new Soaringspot system, but created their own with pictures on their FB.
They started after 1 practice day with day 1 on Sunday; 410 km.
In 18 m. class, the 13 pilots got last Monday, on day 2,  a 550 task won by Uys and Attie with a speed of 130 km./h.Oscar and Laurens followed with Danish pilot Anders Anderson with 129 km./h.
After 2 days Oscar leads [1853] for Uys [1757] and Laurens [1748] and Attie.[1693] Anders has a total of 1628 points.

Yesterday  a 3 hour AAT was  set in 18m/open for day 3.
Pieter Nouwens won the day with 148 km./h.over 440 km !!! ahead of Laurens and Oscar.
Oscar still leads with about 100 points on brother Laurens.[2746 for 2655] followed by Uys , Attie and Anders.

There were some complaints about the weather forecast ” interesting weather. Topmeteo has been wrong for 4 days in a row now.” 

More news and final scores next Wednesday.


And to finish; The 109th Annual meeting of the FAI in Rotterdam, turned out to be a great success. Compliments to the KNVvL , who organised the congress at an unforgettable  venue; the SS Rotterdam.
201 Participants from 46 different countries visited, among them a big delegation from Dubai [ United Arab Emirates] , where they organize the next  FAI World AIR GAMES 2015.



CU next Wednesday
cheers Ritz

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