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July 18, 2018

35th WGC in OSTROW …..continued story….UK NATIONALS 18 m./20 m….French club class NATIONALS…

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35th FAI WGC for small ships at OSTROW;

Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia

Some news first; The 5th day , with one day scrubbed and one day cancelled, brings us TASK 4.
AAT’s again. Not too big.  I saw on the European weather-news , that a small low still was annoying soaring in Poland.
After visiting castles and “therme ” , out landing fields and not to forget looking at the WORLD SOCCER games the show starts again with the 3d flyable day!!!! Though looking at the meteo I doubted it.
Team USA mentioned;”Looks like an iffy day here in Poland. T-Storms with hail are predicted this afternoon.”
After postponing and change of task to B task, the day had to be cancelled after trying hard, it’s a WGC you know!!!


Castles …………and BBQ with team UK and Germany looking at the soccer game UK-Croatia.
As shared by Liisa from Finland and team Germany.

Standard…2.15 AAT; partly scrubbed in the air
15 m…2 hour AAT; cancelled
club….2.30 AAT; first to be launched and that happened after 12. But the skies were dark!!! Some gliders returned to the field , others were low over the field.
Then St. Class was launched , but,……only half of the class, they must have seen ,it was ALL IN VAIN.
The organizers cancelled during launch/ in the air!
ANOTHER DAY, CANCELLED for all 3 classes.
3 Pictures shared by my Belgian mates, so you see the situation.


Ready to go,….or….maybe better not?


Friday ….July 13;
Some news first: Friday the thirteens!!!!!! For those who are superstitious ,not a good day, but the weather god’s might not believe in that and create finally some soaring weather.They did not, as I could see on the meteo.
So,…no briefing, no task so NO flying. Such a pity.

The Dutch team shared this picture with the “low” circling around Ostrow and Poland.


SATURDAY JULY 14 ….3d flying day on day 7:
Some news first; Yes the 14th of July so a very busy day in France where they remember the beginning of the French Revolution. I remember traffic jam from hours!!!BLACK SATURDAY !!!
BUT , that’s not interesting for Poland, interesting there is, that the day started with some careful sun shine ,a pretty tough wind and off course a lot of humidity after all the rain.
In the past the organizers always said; ” no long tasks after a lot of rain”. But maybe it is different in Poland. Though,….?
After postponing a few times the B task was handed out at the field for FLYING DAY 3!!!
For the first time ,they had designated start times to avoid gaggles , but looking at the finishes,  they just increased by it.
The S A team had a correct and easy to follow interpretation about the new 10min start interval rule ;
This means there is a start interval every 10min and your start time is recorded as the start time of the interval, regardless of when you actually started within the 10min window (e.g. if your actual start time is 14h09min and the interval gate opened at 14h00 then your start time is recorded as 14h00 and you lose 9min).”
Adam worded it well;”An exciting end to the day after an exciting start, I think 37 racing gliders went through the start line together! I started 300′ below & a 1km behind the winning front runners & just couldn’t pick it back up with all the others around me. I used all my skills & abilities to keep things moving as best I could.
In the end after most pilots had finished, and after drizzle, there was a thunderstorm OVER the field with wind blowing up tents.
Quite some chances in the overall scores !!!
International Evening as well!!!

What happened?
standard…..345 km. changed in to B task 317 km;
Outlandings ; 36 from 47 finished. Winners too; young Romanian Norbert Alin Scarlat in the Discus 2A; speed 108.35 km./h. Dutch pilot Sjaak was 12th but keeps his overall -number- one-spot. Norbert is number 3 and in between Polish pilot Mateusz Siodłoczek, who was runner up for the day.

Saturdays TOPPER as shared by the organizers.


Matthew’s glider in a good field:
And just like that the dream dies again. Very high winds made for strong streeting and the low nearby made it so unstable they slowly all cooked to storms.My new FLARM inexplicably stopped getting GPS signal and unsuccessfully trying to debug it saw me fall off the gaggle. Now just a bit behind the gaggle, the street we were on started to go from sucking to dumping and I didn’t make it cleanly around the turn before the heavy rain started. Managed to soar the rain front for a little bit but the cool outflow cut off the low level convection and I never got out of it. Found a very nice field (most crops still in and has been raining for 3 days), now awaiting retrieve for another try tomorrow
Matthew Scutter’s Gliding

15 m…383 km; changed into B task 324 km;
Polish pilots Sebastian and Lucasz knew how to deal with the circumstances and raced over the 324 km with a speed of 133 km./h.!!!
But many more did as the first 32 flew over 100 km./h.
The first 20 flew between 120 and 132 km./h so with the equal starts, a big bunch of finishers.
32 Started AT THE SAME time;14.35!!!!!
36 Started 35 finished!!!
German Jan still leads overall, before 2 French and 2 Polish pilots and the scores are VERY close!!!!
2.550 for Jan and 2.532 for Sebastian on spot 4.

club…306 km; changed in to B task 268 km.;
2 Polish pilots both in SZD 55 Tomasz and Jakub won in this class and only 2 out-landers!!!!Less good day for the 2 Czech pilots loosing their overall spot 1 and 2 to Thomasz and Jakub. Good 3d overall Danish Rasmus.But only with 2 points difference with number 4 Lithuanian Andrej.


SATURDAY JULY 15 ;4th flying day on day 8 with an early start after the INTERNATIONAL Night.

Attention competitors! Grid order: <-Club, Std, 15m, RWY 29, Grid time 10:30, Briefing 9:30, expected launches 10:45

Some news first; The International event was “loved” by all as far as I can read. After a hectic day of flying and storms at arrival, mainly the ground crew must have worked hard, to organize all. GOOD on them!!!
A blue day and weak thermals. Again the 10 minute interval, to the dismay of nearly all pilots!!!
Around 2PM faces cleared, as clouds popped up in the East ,where they were from the direction West first, with the B task..

Standard….373 kmchanged in 296 km.
A great day for my Finnish mates; Juha Sorri [Discus 2b] won the 1000 points for this Sunday.
Sjaak was 17th and missed out on the lead by 5 points , as Mateusz Siodłoczek from Poland is at this stage number 1 overall.
44 started and 41 finished. A bad day for Louis Bouderlique  and Vitorio Pinni ; only 30 points, after 23 km!!!Louis dropped over the last day’s overall from 3 to 23 to 41!!! Such a pity for the current world champion!
Norbert just made it back but lost 400 points.

Outlandings in Poland can be fun. Love the pictures shared by the organizers.


Great fun with an uninvited but welcome guest.

15 m…384 km; Changed in 311 km.
Sebastian and Lucasz did it again!!!Starting together and finishing together for 920/922 points.
All 36 starters finished as well.

As shared by the organizers.

Club….338 km; changed in  231 km.
A 775- points -day won by German Wolli Beyer, [Libelle H301]  nowadays also NATIONAL coach of the German teams taking over from Uli Gmelin!!
Good day for the Dutch as well on spot 2 Tim in H304CZ and 4 Frank in St Cirrus .
On 3 Andrej in the ASW 20.
Ge Dale [UK] was 5th and on this day , New Zealand announced that Ge will be back in winter at Omarama.

With task 4 in each class the WGC is VALID NOW!!!!


MONDAY JULY 16; 5th flying day on day 9;Ready for the last week!!!!

as shared by the oganizers

Some news first:
The “bloody through is coming back“!!!!! was what I read first. Not good!!!
So I hoped for the last week, that the BEST Polish weather would be back, but it is not there but, it is here [32 dgr. C and great clouds], and  in France where they flew 7 out of 7 days during the club class nationals [see below] and in the Scandinavian countries, as well as in the UK [great 18m and 20 m NATIONALS flying every day 9 out of 9 day’s] .
Weather not too bad according to the official meteo as the forecast was for a base of 1000 m up to 2000 later. For 1.5 m to 3 m. lift , but also thunderstorms in the East and they might reach Ostrow!!!!
Safety ABOVE all, so B tasks. Still it was difficult to come back, after they first had better circumstances than predicted.
The SA team mentioned ;”Launching on championship day 5 has started. BIG storm approaching the airfield from the north-east. Its predicted to hit us at about 4pm. Guess where the last turnpoint is located for the day.
Clearly,…..the difficulty was to come back home. Lot’s had to fly far out from track , some just returned home abandoning the task.

An unbelievable picture shared by the organizers from Anna Klopocka.
Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia

standard….397 km; changed in B task from 305 km; they were the lucky ones with the weather and lot’s came back in time!!!Even a 1000 points-day in this class with as winner AGAIN….Norbert Alin Scarlat. See picture above on July 14!!A pity he lost the 400 points yesterday!!
The Pommies did well as runner up [David Bromley] and number 3!![Howard Jones] and 2 Aussies Ray Stewart and Matthew Scutter as well. As you can read further they helped Adam to his first win in 15 m.
Sjaak was in and back on spot 1 overall.
Overall scores after 5 day’s are VERY close;
1.Sjaak with 4.464 points 2. Poul Kim Larsen from Denmark with 4.437 and 3 . Dmitriy Timoshenko from Russia with 4.413 points .

15 m…418 km; changed in B task from 318 km; It seems they had the toughest flight back home. But Aussie-Adam was first on the scores list.
About an hour later Radek Krejcirik was in as well. The ONLY 2 FINISHERS !!!!Both good juniors as well in the not so far away past.
Uys ,Attie, Sebastian  and UK pilot Tim Scott were close very close;missing out on less than 10 km.
As the SA team wrote; “Sadly for most it was just too far to get home. The jet engines roared to life 9km before the finish line, so a technical outlanding for Attie & Uys. ”
AND, pretty unusual,…..but very human,… Sebastian was out,…only 10 k. He can laugh about it; he only lost 51 points on the number 1.

“Guessing this storm will be here soon, another exciting end do the day coming up I suppose.”.! By Adam


Radek and Adam with a well deserved BEER and … a Sebastian-selfie, with a big smile, out but only 10 k [as shared by Sebastian]

ADAM;”The smiles say it all, unbelievable! Will remember this for many many moons. This day couldn’t have happened without Scutter & Rays help, truly instrumental in my 1st day win at a WGC – so thank you! Congratulations to Radek too on his shear determination in getting home, brilliant. Won’t be off cloud 9 for some time 
By Adam  Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures 

Overall scores after 5 day’s are VERY close
1. “Sebastian [Poland] with 4.095 points , 2. Jan from Germany 4.074 and 3. Lucasz from Poland 4.037.!!!!!
Hopefully still a few days to go.


club…360 km; changed in B task from 280 km.; When I looked at 5.30 …..already 7 out-landings in this class. They had to fly far from track and lift became weaker and weaker.
At 5.36 PM 4 pilots were IN.
2 Former juniors ….Tim Kuijpers from Holland at 1 [moving up from 7 to 4 and 5 points behind Rasmus] and Rasmus Ørskov from Denmark on 4.
Tim was on the list of out landings as well, but that was not totally correct or wrong. He flew through the finish circle first and landed then about 3 k out, I guess in the or just out of the circle.
In between Tamas Ferenc in an LS 3 and Tomasz Rubaj [ASW 20] from Poland.
Only 4 finishers!!!!!
Quite a few were less than 10 km.out.
Overall scores after 5 day’s;
1. Tomasz Rubaj with 3931 points.2. Jakub Barszcz with 3867 and 3. Jaroslav Tomaňa with 3815 points.

Tim with his mates!
as shared by Wereld Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen

The official news at 5.30 PM;“We are reporting outlandings. Many outlandings
At 7 PM there were 50!!!
The organizers shared these pictures!!

Interesting landing between the hardworking farmers.


one of all daily winners, all of them very good juniors in the not too long past!!!! Excellent!!!!!



I share the SA news;
“The rain is back, so no flying today. This afternoon Uys will give a presentation on how they do flight testing at JS and then it is the Polish evening with local food and drink prepared by the organisation. With a good chance of more rain tomorrow there may be a bit of Polish vodka consumed tonight to lift the spirits.”
Official news;”There will be a rest day for all competitors . No task. No briefing. No live transmission.



What happened more last week;
—-Adrian Henry became the new French champion in club class after flying 7 day’s out of 7 , with 2.142 km in total and 6.127 points. Best however with 6263 points was UK pilot Tim Arscott, but he could only be WINNER.
Benjamin Neglais, after a 10 years break in competition soaring,  did well as runner up with 6.098. Both flew St Cirrus with Maughmer winglets!!!
47 Participants , 4 were HC coming from the UK; Brian and Gill Spreckley, Tim Milner and the winning Tim.

As shared by AEROCLUB Issoudun….no wheel??????


Great picture!!!
Shared by Aeroclub Issoudun



—–54 pilots participated in Husbos in the 18 m and 2 seater class NATIONALS with excellent weather and great tasks !!!
36 Pilots in 18 m.and 17 teams in the 20 m. class.!!!!!
Gary Coppin in an ARCUS, was the CLEAR winner and National CHAMPION; 7.075 points.He won 4 from 9 tasks.
Runner up JG Arnold did well in a Duo Discus with 6.456 points.
On soaringspot the scores for 18 m were very unclear, so I checked with Roy what exactly was going on.
I straight away got an answer, which I will share as those results are important for many and now you can see them too.
Lots of issues with scoring. In brief the latest version of SeeYou in conjunction with LX logger files was picking up lots of false engine runs from the jet equipped gliders (JS1, JS3, Ventus 2j), so lots of ‘land-outs’ scored. The only resolution was to shift scores back to an old version of See You, not compatible with Soaring Spot. Here are the full results:

So Pete Harvey the winner after great team flying practice with Andy Davis ready for the forthcoming Worlds.
Nine out of nine contest days and good days too. The last day 2000+m cloudbase and 3-5m climbs so very high speeds.”
Thanks Roy for the correct scores.He is travelling now to Czech Rep. “to crew for Steve Jones and Garry Coppin in 20m class. Garry with Andy Aveling easily won the 20m Class ,so Garry has proved he is far more than a ‘passenger’ when flying with Steve.”
Good luck for all of them!!!
Final scores in short;
1. Pete Harvey in JS 1 with  7.523 points.
2. Phil Jones in Ventus 3 with 7.470 points.
3. Andy Davis in JS 1 with 7.399 points.


—–Soccer world championship in Russia; Final between Croatia and France, but personally I liked the games played by Belgium and the UK for bronze better with exciting soccer  won by Belgium.
France won the tournament. Sometimes a bit defensive /boring soccer, but you can win with it and that’s what it is all about.

—–Wimbledon; What games!!!!! Excellent was the word for the half final Nadal/ Djocovic and quarter final; Federer/Anderson .Less brilliant but still interesting the 2 great ” serve bombers” Anderson/Isner against each other .
In the end Novak , who played in total 15 hours ,won as Kevin Anderson [ he played 20 hours!!!]was “not home” in game 1 and 2 . In Game 3 he was his good self again, but 332 games over the tournament has NEVER been done before and in the 2 first sets that was visible.

—-Tour de France, first week; Cycling on high level with lot’s of possibilities for who will win in the end , less dominant cyclists, though Dumoulin and Froome will always be favorites. Another 2 weeks to go.This week MOUNTAINS!!!!


ENOUGH,…….next week or maybe SUNDAY more!!!
Cheers Ritz

To finish this great picture by Arne Martin Güettler from Norway;

Passing by the peak. There were several mountain climbers making their way to the top this day too.”

July 11, 2018

35th WGC in Ostrow!!!!!! EUROGLIDE as always,.. a great success! Centenary R.A.F….AMAZING !!!

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THEY HAVE STARTED!!!!As I told you already a while ago, I am not writing daily bulletins anymore ,too complicated ,that’s for those who are THERE, but of course I try to keep and eye on everything.
Here is the official site and the result site;


As shared by TEAM USA.
The pilots meeting was held in an old Soviet-era hangar on the field. Scrutineering has started and the first official practice day had EXCELLENT weather up to 3000 m.”
First out-landings as well, BUT on the day before…


Practice day 1; 404 with 126 km./h. km in standard class ,in mostly blue conditions. Great day!!
Official news;” We’ve got more than 100 pilots at the airfield. During the briefing they had an opportunity to taste delicious coffee by Woseba. Today’s grid was sponsored by Ignaszak – Autoryzowany Dealer VW Audi Skoda, who lent us a car for event needs. Thank you!”
Andy Lutz from Austria won in 15 m. by flying 363 km from the set 430.90. No finishers in 15 m. class
The Dutchies, Tim and Frank  in Club had a great result , both 1000 points for a speed of 109 km./h. over 358 km.Both  are strong pilots …Tim was already European Champion, Frank Dutch National Champion, so pilots to keep an eye on!!!
Practice day 2;around 300 km. again. 317 for standard and a good practice day for the Swedes, Richard Swanstrom and Jan-Ola Nordh, as they won! In 15 m class it was Max Seiss from France who won the day with 332 km and in Club Rasmus Ørskov from Denmark in ASW 20w.

Something different, a GREY glider,  though not TOO different as Blanik’s are grey as well. But looking good , have a look. Sebastian arrived with this Polish GP 15 JET at the WGC spot. On FB I read a comment by Swiss Chris;“15m but the aspect ratio is 29! Wing area only 7.7m2 (ASW27 9m2) but its empty weight is 60kg less.”


Gracious “toy”.  As shared by one of the Lucasses; this time Grabowski.
The glider however won’t be competing in the event itself, at this early stage in development and testing process. It will perform demo self-launches and flights between competitions” – says GP Gliders representative.

Practice day 3; Great day for the UK in St class Howard Jones was the winner just ahead of Louis from France [116.20 for 116,18 km./h.]  CLOSE!!!!!. In 15 m. it was Polish pilot Lucasz [Diana 2w] and his mate Sebastian [ASG 29w]and in club AGAIN Rasmus from Denmark. Good on them!!!
Saturday opening and then the real thing started!!!!

Opening on Saturday with in the morning a safety briefing for all competitors at 10.00AM. Then before the briefing  “Professor Krzysztof Kubryński will present the new polish glider Diana-3. The glider will be delivered by Avionic company

PR picture as shared by the organizers on the official site.


Before briefing enough interest in the new polish Diana 3 !!
As shared by the organizers.

WGC2018 are officialy open



Team Belgium and team France .
As shared by Belgian Gliding Team  and   Pôle France Planeur


team South Africa  and Team The Netherlands
As shared by South African Gliding Team
and Wereld Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen


team USA as shared by  US Soaring Teams

Enough PRE-NEWS, we start now with
Day 1 ….daily news first
; Tasks 3 x AAT. and a new airspace file !!!And ….a first and exact- on -time -first- launch at 11.20 LT!!!The weather was fore-casted to be less good than the day’s before with possibility of over-development maybe even in to CB’s , slightly lower temperatures and lift deteriorating  after 5 PM. It ended up an EXCELLENT day with huge speed and lift between 2.5 and later in the day 4 m./s
Before start the South African team shared their opinion.
Interesting observation on the grid today showing the evolution of glider design through the years. The very first glider on the grid today is a Glasflugel Libelle and the very last glider on the grid a Jonker Sailplanes JS3.”

Not too bad skies by the way!!

The little but oh so good Libelle.
As shared by Team SA.

Day 1…standard; 2.30 AAT… ALL 47 pilots finished and ALL flew with a speed of over 100km./h!!!!!!!
There is always one the best,even with the smallest margin,  this time “good old ” Russian mate Dmitriy Timoshenko in a Discus A ;355 km in time 2.39 so 133.85 km./h. ,…..and very good as well, Dutch pilot Sjaak Selen ….yes younger brother from….as runner up.; 345 km. in 2.35 so 133.31 km./h. That’s close!!!
Number 3 was young, Norbert Scarlet from Romania. He works for Glide Omarama, where he flew the last 2 seasons. Good on him.
9 Times Discus in the top 10.
Day 1…15 m ; 2.30 AAT..One outlanding and also here HUGE SPEED.
Winner from day 1 Uys Jonker [S.A] in the JS 3; 358 km. in time 2.35 so a speed from 138,39 km./h!!!
Runner up Sebastian in ASG 29 [136 km./h] and the VENTUS 3 with Andy Lutz from Austria was 3.[135 km./h]
4 From the  6 top-spots are for JS 3’s.
Day 1…club ; 2.30 AAT..The first 6 places were for East European pilots; Jaroslav Tomaňa from Czech Rep in St Cirrus, won with 286 km. in time 2. so a speed of 107 km./h.39.
Runner up from Poland Tomasz Rubaj.[SZD 55]
On 7 spot Rasmus from Denmark who won 2 day’s in the official practice week.

Jonker Sailplanes was OF COURSE happy with the day-1-result , shared a great video,…but was also very honest;
The JS3 SA team, Uys and Attie, was fortunate to be in a small fast gaggle, towed by multiple world champion Sebastian Kawa. According to Uys, Sebastian gave the rest a lesson in flying. “It was awesome to watch such talent.”
Is he in his way to the next title?? Got lost how many he has.

Day 1 is over, disappointment for some, happiness for others , lot’s of day’s to go;no worries !!!
Maybe a bit too short tasks today?


Day 2…Daily News first; first start at 11.15 sharp…CU’s in the air…club, standard and 15 m….AAT’s again , but longer!Some mentioned 3/4 m.s. Another pretty conservative weather forecast.Scattered rain and a chance of thunderstorms BUT, stronger thermals and a higher cloud base!!
The weather turned out MUCH better again.

Glider 74 , a St. Cirrus, from Frank is ready to go …….AND ………look at the skies as seen by
as shared by the Dutch team.                                  Kristian Roine from Finland.


Day 2..standard; 3.30 AAT… great day for the French…great speed 133 km./h…lot’s of kilometers 467 ..and flying together brought them, Louis Bouderlique and  Guillaume Girard, to 1000 and 994 points.
Matthew Scutter …Aussie Aussi Ausie ,oi oi oi.. was on spot 3 with 470 km in 3.33.
And on 4 ,Sjaak from Holland , who likes this type of weather and is on spot 1 overall now. But he knows there are many more day’s  to come.
The first 20 daily pilots are all within 100 points; between 901 and 1000. The first 10 spot’s are for the Discus and LS 8.
Day 2…15 m. ; 3.30 AAT…Also in this class the French , both in JS 3, did well on spot 2 and 3 with Christophe Ruch and Maximilian Seis. They flew 504 km. in time 3.42/43. so a speed of 135 km./h.
Good , better but BEST was Jan Omsels [Ventus 2ax] from Germany . He got the 1000 points 496 km. in time 3.36 so 137 km./h.
On spot 4 Sebastian and Lucasz from Poland.
On the last spot 37, Andy Lutz from Austria, a place he does n’t belong.
Day 2…Club ; 3.30 AAT… A Pegase 101A won the day with in it Darius Liaugaudas from Lithuania; 405 km in time 3.34 ;speed 113 km./h!!.
Frederic Hoyeau and Eric Bernard both from FRANCE [extra good day for the French in all classes!!!]and both in LS 4 were equally on spot 2  .The UK pilot Ge Dale had a great first leg with 135 km./h and for 80 km.  no turning .
Another day done!!!
Darius “moves” in a wheel chair so his first spot is EXTRA SPECIAL.

Winner in club class Darius with a bag full of coffee.
As shared by the organizers.


Day 3 …Daily news first: The weather is less good, so a tougher day. A small front is passing by with local rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Another type of flying, WHEN they fly!! 2.30 AAT’s for all.
The USA team is still optimistic.
A change of pace as we grid on Runway 11 today. It is noticeably cooler this morning with high cirrus moving in but still some low cu forming near the airfield.”
Ready for launch at the grid  meant waiting… feeling tail- wind….postponing …waiting…. AND …in the rain!!!
As Adam mentioned : “Weather for ducks, still forever hopeful though.”
EVERYBODY stayed optimistic and hoping.


As shared by the Dutch team

Dutch team captain Ben with his son Frank, club class pilot and Sjaak , standard class, having a “meeting” in the car.

Day 3 …standard; 2.30 AAT.… Cancelled !
Day 3…15 m; 2.30 AAT… Scrubbed !
Day 3…club; 2.30 AAT… Neutralisiert!

As shared by the organizers.

After 2 day’s the overall scores are :
1.Sjaak Selen [Holland ] 1.828…..2. Dmitriy Timoshenko [Russia] 1.787…3. Louis Bouderlique France] 1.744. All 3 fly DISCUS 2A.
15 m.:
1. Jan Omsels ,Ventus 2ax  [Germany] 1.795…2. Christophe Ruche,  JS 3 [France] 1.779….3. Max Seiss ,JS 3 [France] 1.771.
1. Jaroslav Tomaňa, St Cirrus [Czech Rep] 1.827….2. Ivan Novak , St Cirrus [Czech Rep] 1.773….3. Andrej Lebedev,  ASW 20 [Lithuania] 1.772. !!
More next week.

TODAY, Wednesday July 11, IS CANCELLED!!!!



After the first 2 good to very good day’s the weather changed ; some had RAIN [wish we had some here for my VERY dry garden!!] so the speed was a bit “on hold” on day 3 and 4. Some were still in the Czech Rep. some nearly on the 3d TP in the far South of Germany above Zurich.But the fun is as BIG everywhere and for some the “bad luck” as well.
Pictures say it all.


As shared by Annemarie ,from  Krnov, Czech Republic    and     Volker……. he will be back in 2020.

On day 4 last Thursday, the ” Early birds ” were on the last leg number 4. As said huge differences between the different gliders  .
But thunderstorms were annoying though the place to wait it out, Stillberghof was for team TP one of the early birds ,not annoying at all. But you always want to continue!!!!

The Magistic EB 28  in the rain.
As shared by one of the pilots,Dirk

FRIDAY AFTERNOON; the “early” birds are home !!!! 88 km to go……, waiting 22 km to go…. it will happen today ….YES it happened; Glider  UFO with Max/Wolfert and Marc is HOME after 2350 km in 5 day’s!!!!!!
They are the first finishers.
They left with pretty good weather on Monday at noon, had a ball on Tuesday thunderstorms and heavy rain on Thursday and Friday afternoon they were home. Good on them.
Picture from the last kilometers…final glide to Terlet after “seeing” Venlo.
And,…LZ is in as well !!!!Luka Znidarsic from Slovenia,in a Ventus 2cxa FES  ,…..he will be back next year!!!

As shared by Frans Guise

the first finishers.


Volkert, Max and Marc with bubbles from Sander at Terlet. And Luca at Venlo with nice cold beer.
In a few weeks when everybody is back and the handicaps are applied, there will be a special evening some kind of reunion, to hand over the prizes.BUT the first prize is there for all…the fun they have had. It turns out for many a real addiction.
Picture courtesy Sander Terpstra from the THERMIEKBEL and picture from Venlo shared by Luka Artelj.

Last Saturday another 6 teams arrived home.Others still en route, a few “landed” at a field were they could follow the opening-briefing from the German Aerobatic Glider Nationals .
Some make it a real holiday and stay longer than necessary,why not???
AND,…don’t forget the drivers, racing behind the gliders. They drove between 2500 and over 3000 km.!!!
Now it’s 2 years waiting again!!!!! Be strong boy’s and girls,……. time flies!!!!!


——RAF; I looked at the BBC yesterday, for more than 2 hours to see the celebrations of ONE HUNDRED YEAR RAF Amazing, lot’s of tradition, history and emotions. A new RAF flag was presented and I never saw the UK queen so “smiley”, she really enjoyed herself specially with the extraordinary FLY PAST from over 100 aero-planes.
Starting with Chinooks  and finishing with the AMAZING Red Arrows. In between 7 “oldies”  like the Dakota, Hurricanes, Lancaster, Spitfires,  but also the brand-new F 35 , only arriving in the UK this June and now for the very first time presented in the air to the queen and the UK people.
Several Chinook’s wrote 100 in the air.
Of course the Dutch are still grateful to the allies ,who freed us in 1945 ,among them UK pilots as well.


——-Thailand; The world held their breath when 12 young soccer players were missing with their trainer in caves in Thailand. The news captivated the entire world. Yesterday they were freed and scuba divers and other helpers from all over the world contributed to this fabulous rescue.
Heroes,..that’s what they are!!!!!


Enough cheers Ritz


July 4, 2018

French and Spanish Nationals…2018……. USA-Sports -Class in Nephi [Utah] ….35th FAI WGC in Poland about to begin…

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——-Final day’s from the French Nationals in open class;

Ready for day 5. VERY BLUE!!!
As shared by Arne.

Montluçon-Guéret in  France were they flew these open class Nationals, had another 312 km. day last Wednesday and the same winner as the day before; Laurens [Goudriaan] . It looks he has found his “French rhythm” .
As Laurens is not French ,the daily prize was for French female pilot Anne Ducarouge  [JS 1 C 18m Evo ]  just ahead of  Stéphane Aboulin in an ASH 25, both 88 km./h.


Anne as daily winner after task 4.
as shared by Pôle France Planeur

Task 5 on Thursday was a bit bigger; 422 km. Another HC pilot, this time Peter [Eriksen}  from Denmark, won the 1000 points. French pilots Francis Svobodny and Laurent Aboulin were runners up but remarkable slower [96,55 km./h for 89 and 86 km./h] . In points a bigger difference; 888 and 881. Reason. Peter “found the convergence”!!!!
Laurens was the first on the list of out-landers in his 18m. JS 3.[481points for the day] .So his “found rytm” was uset again.

day 5 winner, Francis as shared by Pôle France Planeur


Task 6 and the last but one day, with a 3 hour AAT and the French showed they know the circumstances in their own country pretty well.Philippe [  de Péchy ] won the 1000 points; 346 km. in exact 3 hours, Denis [Guerin] the 924 and Sylvain [Gerbaud] the 891,… equal points with Arne.
The scores were very close.By winning this day Philippe passed Denis, who was first every day till now. And by …..exactly 50 points.On spot 3 Francis Svobodny, but in between 2 HC Danish pilots Arne and Peter.
BUT ,…still ONE day to go, so a lot was still possible!!!. They all would go for “the win!!!”


Happie chappies Arne and day 6 winner Philippe!!
as shared by Arne.

Task 7 was the cherry on the cake with a set 445.96 km. task.
What happened? Laurent Aboulin WON!!!  Speed ; 105 km./h in the ARCUS T. Overall he was 7th.
Stephane Aboulin was runner up [ 5th overall] and Philippe was 3d that says it all, he is the NEW FRENCH OPEN CLASS CHAMPION in a  21 m. JS 1 C. [6.534]
Denis [6.443]  in the same glider was 5th for the day but remains vice champion!!!
And Francis stayed on 3 for the French Nationals[5.934] !!! In between HC pilot Peter [6.116]Good on him.
A last word from Arne;
A great competition ended with old and new friends. I spoiled my overall 3rd place and place in the 18 class by pushing too hard on a otherwise strong day as we pushed over the forests to the north where it suddenly got very weak. The jet worked just fine and took me to the nearest 2m/s to 2.300m…. My mistake and nothing else. But what great training for the Worlds in 3 weeks.”

Well done, great comps, congrat’s to ALL.

The champion ,vice champion and number 3 and HC pilot Peter Eriksen .
As shared by Philippe .


——Final day’s from the Spanish Nationals;
Another small task in La Cerdanya on Wednesday. 2 hour AAT for open, 1.45 AAT for 15 m. and a set task from 122 km. for club. At least they flew!!!
Robert Pratt won in open class 256 km in time 2.02. Lukasz Wojcik in the Diana 3 was runner up. Total points in this class after 4 tasks 2693  for Robert,… that say’s enough about the weather.
They did not fly on the next 2 day’s , a pity as Spain normally ALWAYS has good weather.
In 15 m there are 4 pilots with over 2000 points after 5 tasks and in club the overall score after 5 day’s was 1.236 points.
Open had one reasonable good last day with 302 km. won by Serge Leclercq in the Nimbus 4DM. This made him the new Spanish champion in Open Class with 3.402 points.
Robert who is French had 3.555 points so he was the winner.
In the end 5 out of 8 day’s as the last day [Saturday] had better weather and showed a 1.45 AAT for club, 280 km for 15 m and 335 for open.
4 From 12 finished in open, some pretty close after 287 km .

In Club Frederic Crespo Nomen won in an ASK 21; 1,236 points.
In 15 m. Jorge Arias Riera is the new champion with 2.914 points. Italian pilot Aldo Cernezzi [DG 600] was runner up with 2.856 just a tad better , 10 points, as the vice champion Aldo Rodriguez [ASW 20]


43 from the 50 flights on page 1 from the world wide OLC on June 26, were for pilots flying in the USA.
From Parowan 5 over 1000 km flights one in an LS 6!!! One in an ASH 26 E from 942 km. The pilot , Russ Owens,  attempted and set a 1.040 km flight but, “it was getting too late to attempt final turnpoint.”
Best speed by Keith Essex with 150 km./h  over 1.183,71

Paul Remde who flew at that moment in Nephi in Utah ,where the 2018 Sports Class Nationals took place shared the next news:
We flew further East into the “Martian landscape” than I’ve ever been before. it was spectacularly beautiful, but we were glad to be at between 15,000 and 17,000 feet for most of that long leg of the flight. The cumulus clouds looked great and were reliable indicators of where to find thermals. We flew about 392 miles (630 km) and our contest task speed was 85 mph (my best). The fastest pilot and glider flew 105 mph! We continue to have a blast in one of the world’s best soaring locations. 2 more flying days to go.”

Great picture shared by Paul Remde.

24 Pilots participated in Nephi , a desert area, with mostly great conditions and they started their day 1 on June 19 with Gary Ittner [ Discus 2A] as winner; 415 km. with a speed of 93,88 km./h.
Day 2 was BLUE with light wind and Bill Gawthrop in the JS 1 C/18 m. dealt best with the circumstances; 428,78 km. with a speed of 91,38 km./h.
Day 3 was for David Leonard in the 15m ASG 29; 599 km. with a speed of 136,92 km./h.
Day 4 was described by Bruno from glider B4, in his daily bulletin , as ;”Today proved that Nephi is a pure mountain site when the lift doesn’t go up very high and its blue.  We had moderate winds from the northwest so we knew we would be able to use the western faces of the mountains to get around course.”
Another winner on day 4…… Bruno Vassel in the ASW 27 with call sign B4. Not only a good writer but a good pilot too.
Day 5 according to Bruno was “ windy, blue, clouds, fun, scary, low and high all in ONE flight.” AND ,…again another daily winner , this time young  Daniel Sazhin with an LS 3/ 15m !!!! He flew 563 km. with a speed of 102 km./h.
After 5 days there was a difference from TWO points between Gary and Daniel; 4636 and 4634 !!!
Sunday was a restday!!
Day 6;Monday June 25 started with another good day as Bruno mentioned;”with booming thermals going well up into the flight levels. ” The new week started also with another winner; Michael Marshall. Not a very good day for Gary as being 4th for the day moved him from 1 to 2, whilst Daniel with his daily runner-up-spot, was now ONE overall.
Daniel flew 428 km. with a speed of 121,83 km./h. In that LS 3!!
Day 7; Tuesday , June 26…you guessed it already another winner this time John Cochrane, in the ASH 31 MI. Gary dropped from 2 to 4 by being 19th for the day. Daniel was again runner up and still 1 overall.  He flew with a speed of 144 km./h over 645 km.
David had a good run and moved up from 4 to 2 !! Bill Gawthrop flew 809 km. that day with a speed of 145 km./h ”
His OLC comment for the day; “fast day over the desert. Good strong cu”
Day 8; With only 2 day’s to go !!!!
Bruno mentioned;”The day was predicted to have clouds and good lift in the northeast quadrant of our tasking area of the high Uinta Mountains.  The winds would be higher but manageable out of the south.  Many pilots were concerned about the aggressive task call, but our weather man stood by the models and said there would be good lift up high, a convergence line on our third leg going down south over mars landscape, and a good tailwind headed home.

It worked just as predicted.  Climbs up to 17,500 were strong and plentiful and many pilots talked about needing to do whatever it took to not bust 17.5k’ while cruising at over 100 knots on the convergence cloud street.  Pilots landed with big smiles.  An event organizer’s nirvana.”
Gary won the day but Daniel was runner up , he found it a tricky day, but flew 587 km [500 FAI triangle] with a speed of 119 km./h.,so no changes for the top 1 position, though Gary [634 with speed 127 km./h.] , moved back up to 2!!!
By the way, Daniel participated in the  US Team in 2015 as part of the Junior Worlds in Narromine, Australia.
It looks there is a bright soaring future for him. This is already his 2d National Championship win!!!!
Daniel’s OLC comment;
“Tricky day! Had a hard time getting into start position. Then my Kobo died, so whipped out my trusty Garmin and programmed it. Gaggle left and I couldn’t climb up and catch up in time. Tricky transition in the blue to the east and kept going out of the sector to get into the convergence. The convergence worked well, but was always a bit unsettling; I couldn’t maintain altitude and the band in which it was comfortable was very thin. The run up North worked out well, but dodging the TFR was stressful. Getting over the Wasatch Plateau was a challenge. The 70 mile final glide was spectacular! Thanks Aero Club Albatross for letting me take the club’s LS3 to the Sports Class Nationals.”
Daniel;One day daily winner but further on very consistent.As shared by the SSA
Not a very warm welcoming area for an out landing.
Courtesy Paul Remde, who flew over this area on Tuesday.
His comment;”We flew further East into the “Martian landscape” than I’ve ever been before. it was spectacularly beautiful, but we were glad to be at between 15,000 and 17,000 feet for most of that long leg of the flight. The cumulus clouds looked great and were reliable indicators of where to find thermals.

Day 9; Thursday LAST day of the USA Sports Class Nationals!!!BUT NO CONTEST DAY cancelled on the grid.
So Daniel won in his [borrowed… from the Aero Club Albatross] LS 3, Gary was runner up and though David had a less good last day , being 15th he was 3d, so congratulations to them and THANK you to Bruno who finished overall as number 5 , for his fabulous wrap up’s from the day’s. Loved them!!!!!! I noticed more about Bruno. “Mr. Organization Extraordinaire…. Bruno Vassel” is what they mention him. Busy guy!!!

Daniel surrounded by Gary and David. “Youth ” in the middle”
As shared by the SSA.


Bruno Vassel who really has a nice style of writing and “the party is over  ” but the dinner party is on.
As shared by the SSA
all pictures courtesy Leigh [Zimmermann].


——-Not far from where live, is the popular and lovely place Balen in Belgium. The Keiheuvel is the well known flying spot for power planes and gliders.

SUPERB weather! The Keiheuvel in Belgium as seen by Eddy.

On Thursday they had superb weather and Tijl [yes Schmelzer] and Wim Akkermans flew a 1000 from there in the Ventus 2ct/18m  and ASG 29 E/18 m. GREAT JOB guy’s!!! Also over 600 and 700 flights. St Hubert , more the Frecnh airfield in Belgium had great weather too with flights over 600 km .In Belgium it is even more difficult to fly a 1000 due to complicated for bidden zones, even more difficult than from Holland. So compliments!!!!
They flew partly, “on steam” to Germany and raced there over a 358 km.leg  and some shorter ones, over 1000 km!!!
From Terlet in Holland Jeroen [Koole] flew in a Nimbus 4DT 853 km.
Jeppe mentioned;”600km flight from the southwest to the northeast of Holland. 
Best cumulus day of 2018 by far!”
We had a great summer week with up and just over 30 dgr. C. Not bad!!!


——–EUROGLIDE 2018;
started with a briefing for all on Sunday evening. On Monday they could leave “like tigers out of a cage”  where they had to stay for 2 years!!!MORE than ready they all were!!!

Venlo…briefing room…
As shared by Max,Leo and Bart.

AND THEN,….it was Monday morning, after 2 years of waiting they left around noon, [ between 12.41 and 13 .50, with blue skies around 29 dgr. C and a tough N Easterly wind, for 2,354.46 km . But fabulous weather for some as they reached TP 1, South  of Rostock in the NE of Germany..


Ready to go as seen by Patrick Hoeve, who is part of TEAM DL.

There are 13 teams in pure gliders from 4 different countries. Each team has between 1 to 8 people.
Another group are the gliders with low turbo’s. There are 18 mostly Duo Discus’.
Another group with high turbo’s, as Nimbus 3/4 and ASH 25 and Ventus. Baer Selen, double world champion flies in this class with an  ASW-28/18E.
The last group are  the selflauncher-teams;29 In this group.
All gliders have their own  handicap.
GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!! I know they are going to have a ball!!!!!
Day 1 was for the best pilot’s a visit to TP 1 so around 500 k. Day 2 was longer and qua weather even better. Some were at 2500 m with up to 6 m. p.s. lift in the Southern part of Germany on the way to Ostrava in the Czech Rep!!Over 750 for some even more .
The OLC say’s; Max  and Bart from the Amsterdamse in the ARCUS  909 KM !!!! Thom from Venlo/Eindhoven;894 km. in the ANTARES, Vincent from my club de ZES flew 765 in the DG 800S/18 m. and the Duo Discus from the Gelderse with Maurice and Mark;745 km.
Could they be back today?????? After they left on Monday at noon for 2.354 km.???????!!!!!!!

You can read the daily reports on


Friends from Eindhoven “en route” and what do you want more “accommodation and glider on ONE spot.
as shared by Frouwke and Huib Zwart.


———The 35th FAI WGC in Ostrow in Poland starts with unofficial practice days today!! The USA was early and made their camp ready for the pilots who arrived over the weekend. A lot of pilot’s drove through Europe either with their own glider from their own country or with a borrowed car and trailer with “glider inside”.
It’s all happening soon. It’s too complicated to write from home , so “only” updates from important things.
More teams were early as the Argentinian, USA and Danish pilots  flew already before the weekend.

As shared by the WGC organizers.


——- WGC’s;
Whilst Laurens flies here and there in Europe,as good practice, [ he was 7th in France ] , Oscar has arrived in Hosin, their 35 th WGC for the flapped gliders is in about 3 weeks.
Jonker Sailplanes mentioned:
The European chapter of WGC2018 started. Attie and Bossie arrived first at Hosin, and started offloading the JS3s going to Poland. Tomorrow the Hosin-Ostrow leg starts.”

Aussie team Adam and Dylan have arrived in Germany and got the Ventus 3 for Adam, which he flies at both comps so in Ostrow and in Hosin. Adam was very grateful to Benjamin [Negalis] working for Schempp-Hirth who prepared the glider!!!!


‘The journey is still continuing, effectively without rest. Dylan & I found ourselves picking up the company Ventus & are now enroute to Ostrow! 

This trip & timing couldn’t have happened without a huge thanks to Jitka & Petr of CZE, who drove to MUC last night to deliver the car after I missed my connections. Forever grateful, how good is the gliding community?!


And to finish… I could finally read my digital GLIDING INTERNATIONAL again. All kinds of good news as always.
Bruce Taylor shares his Cross country techniques with the readers. ” Gliding efficiently is as much an art form as it is a science”!very interesting.
–“Sebastian Kawa explores the Pyrenees”…..The next G.P. final , organised for June 2019 from the Aeroclub
La Cerdanya is in the Eastern Pyrenees. Good reading.
Sebastian starts with :”Gliding Grand Prix have become the most sophisticated form of any gliding competition.”
–the 40thiest GPS anniversary , but the under tone …..unit’s and software program’s are becoming too expensive.
–explaining how winglet’s really work..”They are not as new as you might think”.
–lot’s of other news we all should know….enjoy the JULY-AUGUST ISSUE of Gliding International!

More next week, hot here, feels as if I am in Australia, which is GOOD.
Unofficial training , with fabulous weather, is over now in Ostrow…. it’s about to begin……. the 35th WGC.
HUGE EVENT for our Glider World.


As shared by the organizers.
cheers Ritz


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