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December 14, 2015

Part 16; Back in Toc.! The prize-giving ! Nostalgic pictures in Narromine !

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12 AM;
Dundee and I had a good trip back. We left at 9 AM, so I missed the prize giving,but we had to be back before it started to be darker because of Dundee’s eyes.
All went well,….till we were at familiar territory , were we missed the Newel Highway  to Finly and ” happily ” drove 70 km.further to Deniliquin.No worries from there , there was a road to Finley and with ONE hour extra we arrived home in Tocumwal.
Indeed it is true you should not get lost on the roads in Australia, turning is quite difficult and without knowing you loose an hour.
It could be worse this should not happen in the heart of the continent, it might be your “end” .
Before we left a lot of people were still in bed, so GOOD BYE to all I missed.
The party was HOT and “WILD”,  as I heard . I noticed the aboriginal flag and Australian flag were gone in the morning, the FAI flag was already “stolen”  before but brought back and saved on a secure spot.

2015-12-12 08.33.26   2015-12-12 11.08.33

Beryl preparing and sharing the fabulous HAM at the BBQ-JWGC – final get-to-gether.

Before we left a nice gentleman came in, walked straight to me, kissed me and said Attila,YES I remembered straight away and told him I had written about his ZR , winning one day with Boyd as sole finisher. He was very proud on that.
Awfully kind of him as well,to drive so  far  to pick up his glider!
Unfortunately my camera was already packed.
Told you yesterday Robert was in Narromine to pick up his LS 4 and today he is already in Broken Hill 750 km. further on his way to Alice. A day later PORT AUGUSTA ….1200 km. done! A 3 day drive!!!!

I shared with you already a few times part’s of Matthew Scutters Gliding blog.
Today he shares his great moment of glory and is grateful to ALL helping him on this road to success. as JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPION 2015.

—“Whew! It’s finally over, and after a couple of very nerve-wracking days, team Australia was victorious!!! (in standard class)
How did we do it?

We had a GREAT team, lead by our team captain Mandy Temple who kept us all under control and kept the outside world away from us.
I had Todd Sandercock and my sister Claire as a great crew who could handle anything with or without me and meant I could focus on just the gliding when I really needed to.
Bryan and Buch were our coaches who analysed the competitors flights every day which let us adapt to our weaknesses throughout the competition and avoid repeating mistakes.
Alex Wallis was our wonder-weatherman who kept us up to date with the forecasts throughout our flights – talking with other teams at the afterparty, inaccurate weather forecasts were a big problem for them and we had a real edge with Alex on our team.
Andy Maddocks wasn’t officially part of our team, but he was inadvertently responsible for the maintenance on our fleet and kept quite busy with last minute repairs (Looking at you Joe!)
Mak Ichikawa was invaluable providing the tactics for me to execute my catchup and then retain the lead nearer the end.
Shinzo Takizawa generously loaned us a clubhouse and hangar which kept us out of the sun and well rested for the back to back 7 hour days we’d have to endure.

We also had many, many additional helpers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the pilots focused on the job.
And of course, the pilots themselves – we had a dynamic team of three, Dylan Lampard and I mostly pair flying and collaborating with Ailsa McMillan and our club class boys, James, Joe and Eric who kept us up to date with conditions ahead or behind on task.
I myself couldn’t have done it without the coaching by my many mentors through the years – Peter Temple, Terry Cubley, Mak Ichikawa and Graham Parker. Not to mention the support from Michael in getting me started in gliding.
It was a well executed competition by the organizers, lead by the inimitable Adam Webb and Terry Cubley who kept us honest, and of course Beryl!
We had great financial support from many generous donors as well as the Gliding Federation of Australia.
Lastly I would like to thank our great competitors who made for excellent racing – the Poles, the Germans and the Dutch in particular giving us a real competition. I hope they enjoyed our excellent weather as much as we do and that they’ll come back to visit someday.

So far the words from Matthew.

The prize giving was at 11 AM yesterday and I share some pictures I found.



As shared by the DUTCH JUNIORS.
And the full HAPPY Dutch team.


Ronald, who won one day and was JUST 2d on the last day [ 3.28,19 for Joris from Lithuania and 3.28,33 for Ronald] finished on 23 after a bad first day [outlanding and also on day 3] BUT he kept the spirit and then decided to help/support the team specially Robin by flying STRONGLY together,
Robin with SILVER,
Nick who finished on a great 7th spot and
Annemiek a talented young lady on spot 20.






And some words from Matt Davis.
—-“ What an incredible ending to an absolute roller-coaster three weeks flying here in gliding paradise. We’ve come away with another British World Champion so we couldn’t ask for much more than that really. Individually we’ve done about 80 hours and 6500km flying so we’re pretty tired right now!

Yesterday we spent the day in the container, aka ‘the sauna’, and the gliders are now safely tucked away for two months on the sea to arrive back in the UK in February.

We’ll obviously do some proper write ups of the competition and share all of the photos over the coming weeks. We’re all now off to relax for a week or so in and around Sydney before flying back to the UK just in time for Christmas, so please bear with us.

Thanks for sticking with us through the time differences and supporting us along the way. None of this would have been possible without our incredible sponsors – the British Gliding Association, British Airways, Sydney Charles, Lasham Gliding Society, Apogee, Land Rover, Naviter, Navboys – a huge thank you to all of you and we’re delighted to be able to bring some medals home.

Matt ––”

The TEAM CUP was for
Germany [970.80 points]
Poland [902.81 points]
Great Britain [901.points]
They just beat the Aussies on the last day and Holland was 5th.

Compliments to the Polish team. Great pilots , nice guy’s but one bad day,  more or less scattered their dreams.
They WON SEVERAL days, 3 to be precisely, had 2d places, have a look at SOARING SPOT for their results.
I wrote you about the CZECH team “doing it tough” with 5 gliders ,6 trailers and 2 crew.
The Polish team had worse conditions .
ONE crew ;female and GOOD LOOKING, 5 gliders/pilots ,ONE trailer and a TC.His logistic job must have been “scary” sometimes, specially on days they a lot out-landed.


The 9th JWGC was officially closed by the President of the jury, Max Stevens. The FAI flag handed over to Karolios Mikalauskas the captain of the Lithuanian team where the 10th JWGC will be held in 2010 in Pocuinai.

And that’s a wrap!!!!!

2015-12-12 11.07.48


From the OLD box!!!!
Great memories from the late eighties.

Thanks for the lovely reactions on my diary-blogs.
Peter During, we know him as Brutus, who worked for us several years here in Tocumwal, has been with us in Narromine at a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in  the end 80thies maybe beginning 90thies.Look at the pictures he scanned for me.

With Brutus,  me, Nico Koster who is the ENGINE behind the Dutch Junior World team and who I just met in Narromine as well as he spend the last 3 days  with the team , Jeroen and George.

Brutus 1

Brutus 2

Rob, Harold, George, maybe Gerrit and Jeroen the Dutch pilots at the Australian Nationals with a TV hostess from PRIME TV.
So many Dutch at Australian Nationals was unusual/unique.

Brutus 3

With Brutus in the middle my daughter Inge in front of him and to the right Tony and Kurd [tuggie in Narromine and later Tocumwal]
With the sun hat; Ann Kathrin Kehn who did the radio at the finish line. According to Brutus this is 1992/93.

It is a good day here in Tocumwal, Mac is ready to fly , I heard and I guess so is Anton from Austria  and Hannu from Finland and the other  guests.
Ingo has some students. I hear the 2 tow planes going up and down.
Beuatiful HIGH clouds .

The Dutch juniors are flying their gliders “home”  from Narromine to Corowa.
Francesco and Grietje , from THE AUSTRALIAN SOARING CENTER in COROWA , have been extremely  kind to them by taking the gliders in their containers, giving the young ones the opportunity to fly with them and to acclimatize to the Aussie conditions and make them feel welcome in “their paradise”,  as the Juniors call their place.
I am sure they will be welcomed with bubbles!!!!
Not long and I will visit Corowa as well.

We were talking about Anton and Andrea yesterday evening in the car , long time guests in Tocumwal and we met them on their way to dinner. Great to see them after so many years.

—–the new WORLD record from Belgium pilot Johan Luyckx from Pokweni on December 5 in a 15 m. Ventus 2CM with a speed of 149.06 km./h over a 1000 km. FAI triangle , of course a Belgium record as well
and on
—-the 1.637 km. wave flight in a 15 m. DG 808 from Jean Marc Perrin from Esquel in Argentina on December 12 with 174 km./h..

Look more into detail at some OLC FLIGHTS NEXT TIME!

That’s it for now, busy the next 2 days, so CU later.
Cheers Ritz

December 12, 2015

Part 15,goodbye to Narromine.

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9.45 PM.
Just back from the BBQ, before the party from the juniors started. Some had celebrated already and the atmosphere was just good!
So was the food, great ham, chicken sate ,  hamburgers , ice cream; for each liking something.
And a nice low flight from a HERCULES as a cherry on the cake.
Booze enough as well.I am sure it will continue till the morning.” Hundred years ago ” , I would have been the last to leave , now the first to go.
No worries!!!
It’s pretty demanding to write from hour to hour, so I am pleased to finish this Narromine blog in my room.

The UK team had the best fun driving around over the field toot  and waving with UK flags. So deserved,as it is not often that on the last day a German pilot drops from 1 to 2 . UK pilots have been TOP already in the past so they added a bit of history with a first and third spot in club class .
Polish pilot Marek won the last day but UK pilot Tom was runner up with 948 points , his mate Sam with 9 points less. This way Tom climbed from 2 to 1 , and is the Club class JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPION .Philipp from Germany won the silver and Sam moved up from 7 to 3!!!
The German team occupied also spot 4 and 6. Spot 5 was for 17 year old James from Australia and we will surely hear more from him in the future!!!
A great spot 7 for Dutch pilot Nick and also certificates for the Polish pilots Jan [8] and Marek [10] and USA pilot Boyd for his 9 th place.
All others deserve a “feather in the cap” for flying safe and disciplined.


The happy UK boys !! As shared by the UK team with the text; JOB DONE!!!.

In Standard Class it was already pretty sure that Matthew was going to win, he is the new Standard class  JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPION. He won with a difference of over 200 points to Dutch pilot Robin, who was very satisfied with his silver. The 3d spot was for German pilot Sebastian.
3 Polish pilots finished on a great 4th, 5th and 6th spot and get certificates as well as the number 7  and 8 from Czech Rep and on number 9 Thilo from Germany.


Congratulations Matthew!!!!
As shared by the organizers.

The TEAM CUP is for Germany, followed by Poland and the UK.

I loved being here, it was so much fun to catch up with so many and to be at a JUNIOR WORLD COMPS. This competition is friendly ,funny,easy going , but very disciplined and with very competent pilots between 17 and 25 years old.

Leaving tomorrow early as said already,… back to Tocumwal and more diary news from the rest of my holiday.
When I have not said GOODBYE to you, I do it NOW!!! Till we meet again.
Cheers Ritz

Part 14. Cat and mouse games are played , high up!!!! 1 hour difference in start times in St class.

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2015-12-12 06.07.27

3 PM. On the tracking system it looks like the first have started so with a delay of 15 minutes some must be on track now.
You can follow the gliders at home as well: Livetrack24
As I heard trackers will be in several gliders in both classes today.
The crews and TC’s are sitting at the field in front of the club house or in the shade at the club house.

2015-12-12 06.05.39    2015-12-12 06.06.17

Some teams use a tent , some a tree.

3.15 PM; back later with the start times.
3.45 PM; ALL club class gliders have left for their 3 hour AAT. Early start by Dutch pilot Annemiek at 2.35 and 3 minutes later by the 2 Czech pilots. Last to leave were the Hungarian pilots at 2.55. The German team, with among them the overall number 1,3 and 4, left ONE minute earlier.
The difference between the numbers 1 and 8 is only 276 points!!!!

In St. Class they all left between 1.49  very early starts for the Polish pilots, with  the Swiss boys at 2.04 PM. and the last ones at 2.49 so an HOUR DIFFERENCE!!! Those pilots who late started were from Germany, Poland, New Zealand and the UK.
Overall number 1 Matthew left 1 minute after number 2 Robin.
The difference in points between the number 1 and 5 is 443 points.
Between the number 2 and 5 only 163 points!!!
Interesting , VERY INTERESTING!!!!
Now we have to wait!!!!!!

5 PM: We don’t hear much ,but we see the club class gliders on the tracking system in sector 2 and already out of it.
They fly at a height of between 600 and 1700 m.
Skies are VERY blue , not ONE cloud. It’s a bit of cool breeze, very nice.The sun is HOT , just hot and will be at it hottest at 5.
we wait and wait,…you know how it feels certainly on the last day.

The organization works VERY hard to get the closing-ceremony- evening ready.What a job !!!

5.10 PM; The finish- line -team just walks out of the door. “About 15 minutes ” I hear them say.
The first club class pilot could be back at 5.35 .
Don’t know how fast the St pilots are flying. Not long and we know the new JWGC champions!!!!

5.30 PM; still no news other then that TC’s working here this afternoon, have disappeared now, to their radio’s or team spots.
Club class is flying to sector 3 . James {Nugent} looks to do well with 239.2 km. at this stage and a speed of 99.9 km./h.
Nothing from St. Class, sorry……

5.45 PM; the first St class glider and Club class glider have announced their arrival; JB started at 2.19 and C2,Italian pilot Giacome in Club class. Heard F1 as well.
Keep an eye now on the scores. I will do too, it’s difficult to follow and they are very QUICK here with the scores.
More pilots are coming now!!!!!

5.55 PM. 8 ARE IN ! A little pause!!
Glider A  is loud and clear and his gear is down and locked good on him.Coming now.
XOW 5 miles.

6 PM;A1 is in MATTHEW,…he  is the NEW WORLD CHAMPION …That’s what they cry out loud over the radio!!!!
He did a great job and worked to this moment over the last couple of years.It’s all preliminary, so the official scores will follow soon. Many coming in , sorry I go out and look at them now.

6.10 PM; Sitting out side I tell Dundee that it looks preliminary that Matthew is the new WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPION.
A gentle man turns his head and says:” Is that true?? I am his dad”
So I congratulated him and he will send me pictures from his way to this title and a story.
He told me already that Matthew flew his first junior nationals in December 2010 with only 50 km. During the comps on the 3d day he flew his first 5 hours.
The only nav he had was a colibri logger giving him heading and the map.
Matthew started on the 19th of November with his gliding so he achieved a lot in a very  short time.

Yes he is a great talent and to be honest I EXPECTED HIM TO WIN HERE !!!!!!!
Today he flew together with Ailsa.

2015-12-12 09.17.23

A very proud daddy with a friend.

 6.30 PM;With Robin at this stage on a preliminary 4th daily spot, he must be the runner up SILVER …..GOOD ON HIM!!!!!!
The team is not yet here.
Will look at the final preliminary scores from club class later.
It looks at this stage that UK pilot Tom Arscott won this class ahead of Philipp with around 23 points.
And the UK has on the last day a number 3 on the podium as well;Sam Roddie.
All preliminary at this stage.

Silver-medal junior CHAMPION ; Robin Smit

Here checking his mail and with crew uncle Robbie.

2015-12-12 09.56.47

2015-12-12 09.56.59

I leave tomorrow early maybe some more news tonight ,maybe not. It is pretty intensive to write here, but it was an absolute pleasure!!!!!!!
Special THANKS to Beryl Arnie and Sean.
Cheers Ritz

Part 13; ready for the last day.Updated during the day!

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This great picture is shared by the organizers.

12.00 PM;

There will be a group photo at the grid at 12.15.

For those who are not on FB here is the day yesterday, as seen by Matt, one of the finishing pilots. Those UK pilots really have a fun-way of writing with such a lot of humor and self -mockery. Enjoy!

” The crazy comp just got crazier. What a strange day! With an approaching front we had some more overset tasks bringing us back into the 30kt headwind. With the Club Class struggling to soar the organisation made the odd decision to give us a C task in exactly the same area as the B task but just 6km shorter. We already had a short window to complete it and this cut our time down by another 15 minutes while we rebriefed.

Anyway, we scrabbled around a bit off tow until the temperature picked up and we climbed up to 7000ft. Suddenly I found myself in a silky smooth climb and realised we were in shear wave. This took us up to 10000ft before the start and meant myself and a couple of Poles could glide out and round the first turn to sprint onto the downwind leg.

From there it was pretty epic with climbs at 10kt+ to 12000ft eventually. We could see the front moving in so we were just racing time, pushing hard so we didn’t have to stop much into the punishing headwind. Coming round the final turn 135km from home I pushed into wind down a big line of energy and climbed to cloudbase 105km out. From there I had a skinny margin and glid home at 75knots!

Annoyingly the Poles found another climb behind me so they came in a bit faster. We’ve just been debating the fact that if we’d slowed down a bit we’d have got loads more points and way more than the other finishes. Annoying scoring system!

Another story to tell from the competition that keeps on giving!


NOT all retrieves were early, I found out during the day.Some only arrived back at 5 in the morning. AND,…are fresh and ready to go for it.

The weather as shared on the site says:
No impending weather events today! No high winds, no high cloud, no cloud at all! Today is cool, 10-15 knot SSW winds, and dry convection to 6500 to 7500 ft. The weather is better to the north west corner of the task area, but otherwise very same-same.”

12.30 PM. Will they start at 12.30 ????? Will keep you informed! Hear the tuggies start their planes.
And yes for the last time during this JWGC the tuggies are doing their tough but exciting job in the heat and bring all pilots up in the sky. At 12.35 sharp the first tuggies with gliders on tow were on their way.
THE LAST DAY of this competition is a FACT!!!
And what days they had, extremely good weather, good weather and not so good weather, but all in all Narromine has showed it’s quality-weather over 10 glorious days and as we all know the weather is not in the hands of the organizers, so they were lucky as well.

1 PM. Still busy with the launches.
In my earlier blog I wrote that Petri nicely landed close to the gate. Should have told you with it that there was a total fire ban yesterday, so cars and planes were not allowed on the grass. Only from private air strips and aerodromes pilots could be retrieved.
This morning there was no fire ban, so Arnie got 3 pilots in ONE go. Picking one up, dropping him off and a height he can come home, picking up the other one etc.
If you were not close to a gate you had to push the glider to it. For some, a 10 km.out-outlanding, still took a couple of hours due to the pushing or carrying to the trailer and the car.
With borrowed gliders and trailers there were some problems with “fitting gliders in” as well.But no worries ,as far as I heard.

Yesterday was also a day on which gold altitudes and diamonds were flown by several pilots. Among them some Danish pilots.

The start line for St. class opens at 1.31 PM.

The start line for club class opens at 2.04 PM .

1.45 PM.
In between, whilst waiting,  more time for stories and pictures.

Robert Smits, originally from Roosendaal in Holland ,  arrived here from Alice Springs ,a 3 day drive. He borrowed /leased his glider, an LS 4 to the French team [Lucas Delobel] , who won a day in it, so a good glider / pilot combination.
Tomorrow he drives back with this glider for another 3 days drive.
A lot of pilots ,one way or another are involved in this JWGC .I guess there will be many sincerely THANK YOU’S tomorrow. Aussies ,both clubs and private owners have been great to provide the juniors here with a good glider , trailer or car !!

2015-12-12 04.59.29  2015-12-12 05.00.00

2 Guests for the weekend.Robert and Bruce who finds it weird and a bit ” uncomfortable” to look and not glide himself.

2015-12-12 04.59.47   2015-12-12 03.25.53

Patrick from team USA who provides me with wonderful pictures and Dundee, my,  as he calls himself, personal chauffeur.

2.15 PM; Most gliders are on track and big gaggles have formed, the departure-game has been played or is still played and we here are waiting now.
As you know a bit later you can find the start times , so you can see, who left early ,who left together and who maybe ” plays all or nothing.”

The teams photos are here as shared by Patrick.


IMG_1235 (1)

and some funny/interesting pictures telling a story

IMG_1243  IMG_1249

” Right into it” AND
ZR winning the last but one day with Boyd.
This glider belonged to the “Sportavia-period  from Bill Riley”  and Ingo flew it during the WGC in Waikirie to be beaten on the last day by Helmut Reichman, who flew the task twice and won with the 2d speed the WGC.
The very much sold video “ZR good start” is legendary.
Later it was on line with Don and Jeff and with us.
Grant Heany bought it and flew quite a lot with it, later he sold it to a hang glider mate Attila Bertok. He converted with us from hang glider pilot to glider pilot as well and a very GOOD one too.
He “gave”  it to Boyd to fly this competition and I think Adam Woolley organized that.

Later more in the last part for the day!!!

Part 12 from the AUSSIE diary. The regular blog will start again end of January.

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LAST FLYING DAY !!!!!!! Number 10 out of 12!!!! GOOD !!!!!! Updated during the day !!!

9 AM. Blue skies a pretty warm sun and a very nice cool breeze, as far as cool is cool here.
Good morning!!!!!
Hope it is a good morning for all as some I guess will be worn out after a late retrieve.
I hear some are retrieved NOW as I write. Arnie is already doing 3 !!!!!
Stories about the retrieves later, as everybody is very busy except for those who cam back home yesterday.
The BBQ party still had some people when I left the field yesterday evening and I am sure even more when I was in bed sound a sleep.

What a day yesterday!!!!!!
Going on track 10 minutes later then the very first pilots did in St class, resulted in a finish about 2 hours later for those who made it home.
A great day for the Polish pilots and UK pilots. Mateusz ,Jacek both 932 points and Matt with 930 flew with a speed of 138 km./h.over the 392 km.
The other 5 finishers ended all on spot 4 with 860 daily points.
The rest unfortunately was OUT but some pretty close; between 334 km. and what a pity for the young Danish pilot Simon just 5 k out, but still good in the points with 848 .
The overall scores on the last day look like this at THIS stage with the last day about to begin;
Aussie Matthew with 8.172 points, runner up Dutch Robin with 7.892 and German Sebastian with 7.750.
AND,…it’s only OVER when everybody has finished on this day and is accounted for.

In club class only USA pilot Boyd finished and got and most truly deserved the 1000 points.The runner up Simon [SM] from Germany just missed out on 5 km. but still got  955 points.
Boyd moved from 9 to 5 overall  and there are still possibilities for a few in this class as some might go for the ALL OR NOTHING.

IMG_1197   IMG_1199

IMG_1200   IMG_1201

Boyd explaining with hands and feet HOW he did it, looking with Tony and Adam with some kind of disbelieve at what just happened, congratulations from TC John and a special happy-chappie-dance by Boyd and Matt.
Got these pictures from Patrick from TEAM USA. Thanks Patrick.

Off to briefing now MORE later.

10.30 PM.
Briefing is over, tasks have been delivered and though some looked tired , they seem all ready for the last day of this outstanding JWGC.
I was pleased to be part of the best day, last Thursday and the worst one, yesterday.
I’ll take you trough the briefing:
—first of all there was a raffle with names  from the pilots in a hat . One would win an OUDI IGC system from over 1000 dollar  a t- shirt and cap. A loud YES, a visibly  and” hearable ” very happy Jakub from Poland nearly danced up front to get his prize.
AL SIM  from GO SOARING was the sponsor. They are also the dealers for NAVITER here in Australia. They sponsor junior gliding already for a long long time, which is appreciated by ALL. Also by me!!!


Picture from Jakub and Al  shared on FB by the organizers.

—the honorable mention was ALL pilots who finished yesterday.
—the daily winners were cheered on ,specially Boyd who got a long applause.
—the best height of the day yesterday was ;over 13.000 ft by LG/the biggest lift by SO 7.4 kts.
—the Safety Minute by Lisa was used by saying THANK YOU for the VERY high standard of flying by the young ones. She had seen worse at other comps. She reminded the pilots to drink enough and to maintain this level today.A day on which some might be more tired than other days.
Jenny with the weather, mentioned that the cold front had moved to the NW and that it was pouring rain in Queensland.
Very blue conditions today with a light Southerly, expected climbs from 6-8 kts. , so a a pretty predictable day.
TASKS; St class—-366.40 km, fixed task.
Club; ——3 hour AAT, B task 2.30 AAT, when launching should start later.
— first expected launch at 12.30 and gridding between 9.30 and 11.30.



It was not too bad with late retrieves yesterday,those who had to drive to the last TP from club class about 170 km to and 170 km. back were back before 11 PM. It was a good road and pilot Petri from Finland landed his glider just at the gate so at 10.30 they were finished with the job.
Several aero-tow-retrieves were still done this morning.
The Czech team has 6 pilots , 6 trailers and 2 crew members, so the logistic yesterday was extra, but it all worked out well. “luckily” 2 out landed very early and not too far about 45 k out, so it was clear they were picked up straight away. While waiting for news from the others they rigged the gliders and later with help of friends they managed to take care of the rest.
Luckily Radek and Martin belonged to the 12 finishers in St. Class. Good on them!!!!


IMG_0546   IMG_0548

Petri landed close to the gate but had some “friends” who were interested in him.
They look well on the pictures though Petri was a bit scared, the cows only curious.
retrieve pictures shared by the Sucksdorff-family.

 11.30 AM; before flying team USA had their team briefing.


As shared by Patrick from team USA.

More later in a new part of this Aussie diary.Lot’s of “kids” here as it is a rather late start.


December 11, 2015

Part 11; Friday afternoon, with a cold front , lenties and still concerned looking parents.Updated!

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And with
3 finishers in St Class around 4.38 PM
a few….. 2 hours later
at 5.45 PM first club class glider in AND the only one!!!!
USA pilot Boyd Willat

3 PM; I had a look at the back of this club house and the front is about here , the wind is tough as you can see on the pictures.
the French definitely did start but are still not on the list. No worries it will be fine.

2015-12-11 06.25.56

Looking South with the flags “rattling”

2015-12-11 06.26.11    2015-12-11 06.26.47

Looking over the club house to the East and looking North

3.30 PM; Well known faces arrived; Bruce Taylor , all the way on his motor bike, driving 5 hours through the wind and telling us there is dust everywhere and Lisa Trotter who arrived here by car.Lovely to see both.

In between the pilots are still going. Club class has the trackers and we can see a gaggle flying together and a few individualists.They are between 2000 and 3700 m. except for the last starter Karel Novak, who is at 249 m. ????at this stage.
Found out, when it stayed like that , that he must have out landed and that’s just confirmed after 45 km.!!
2 Czech pilots are “aux vaches” at this stage.
What will this weather do???

4 PM update;it seems 2 Swiss pilots have out landed as well,a total of 4 now, but not yet confirmed.
Some club class  pilots fly up to their last TP Quambone with one long leg of 144 km. to go to finish.We can see some lenties up North as well, but the “blue”  is nearly gone!!!The wind at the ground does n’t feel so strong anymore 10/11 kts gusting to 17.

Mark Rowe has arrived as well and I just found out HE built the hangar I visited this morning ,hosting the Dutch pilots , there you are.

USA pilot Boyd Willat seems “on the go”  leading the club-pact but still 90 km. to “home” at 2267 .

16.38; Glider M 9, very English voice , Matt Davis,  is finishing now. So STANDARD CLASS is FINISHING !!With him Y has arrived as well!!!And I is in too.
Both started at 1.50 PM.
Gliders come in nice high and still  water dumping.Wind is 10 to 15 kts on the ground and the pilots can nicely land in the wind, no severe cross wind or so at this stage.
Club class still working hard to make it home!!!

4.45 PM;At this stage serious- cirrus- overcast is “racing” over the field here, BUT, connoisseurs say there is still some activity under it. Pilots have been high , so high, more pilots must be able to come home.Energy planning, …not only for the finish and circuit but today also for a good final glide!!!
And indeed the 2 Swiss pilots out-landed in St. class, after 45 km.this is an estimated distance.

5 PM;the Czech pilots are already back from the retrieve and rigging the gliders at this moment.
Not a lot happening with incoming gliders, one has called for the weather.

5.15 PM; NO club class in yet , 3 St class gliders finished 2 Polish pilots Mateusz and Jacek with UK pilot Matt all were the FIRST starters. All those who started 10 minutes later are already half an hour LATE.

5.30 PM;NOTHING happened!!!! Still only 3 st class-gliders back.BUT,…it seems some club class gliders will arrive soon. The French and Danish TC’s were active!!! We ‘ll see.
According to the tracking Boyd Willat is only 37 km. out. Coach John walks back and forth.
Another st .class glider just landed long , so 4 in and 2 tuggies departed for a retrieve.

2015-12-11 08.46.19    2015-12-11 08.46.33

Beryl helping with the out landings and John waiting for the guests, it might be a long night!!!

5.45 PM; ZR, with Boyd Willat announced his arrival.Good on him. CLUB CLASS in as WELL. He landed here at 5.50. GOOD ON HIM!!!!
Several trailers are hooked on.
The 4th St class glider turns out to be PT; Thilo Scheffler from Germany, BUT,…he came back on a retrieve he flew 374 km. so JUST did not make it.
What a battlefield today.

6 PM; Arnie just went out for a retrieve by plane. Still cars hooked on trailers,…. ready to go.The French team with TC Benjamin are still at the field waiting, it might still happen for them.It’s getting more and more dark here.
7 Definite out-landings at this stage in St class and 8 in Club class.

6.30 PM; Just as we thought NOBODY would make it back anymore, there is on the radio L 9 [ st class ]who arrives and UK pilot Mike Gatfield is HOME.Good on him.Though he has not landed here yet.
Adam ,the CD mentions that a gaggle is coming and some sheer-wave turned up under the overcast.

6.45 PM;You would not believe this , we are surrounded by “shit” and through it , 8 gliders nicely behind each other came in. Some high and still with water!!! Some lower but IN. Most looked like LS 8 gliders, but you can find it soon on
What a huge difference in time! First landing at 4.38 and now 2 hours later a second group arrives.
What a weird day and so different to yesterday.
2 Pilots are “hanging ” over the field after their aero-tow -retrieve, it looks they enjoy after such a long day the sheer wave.

Boyd got an applause and I just made a picture of the happy boy, but dinner first.Though……
Here are the pictures before dinner!!!!

2015-12-11 10.00.52

A real happy chappie!!!!!

2015-12-11 10.01.11

With Beryl and Tony looking at the result.

7.15 PM;

All pilots are accounted for Dutch pilot Robin was with the late finishers.
And here are the 2 HAPPY CHAPPIES , Matt and Mike, from the UK plus crew.

2015-12-11 10.32.52

Too much adrenaline now, slowing down with a glass of white wine. Need that.
CU later or tomorrow  with more pictures and stories!!!!


Part 10;C task for Standard juniors . Club class has left with A task. Updated during the day.

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12.30 PM;

Club class just was allowed to left on track  at 12. 38 with their A task ;390.97 km.. Some are high very high,in a gaggle,  but Cirrus-firmaments are coming in,  the wind has picked up and 3 gliders returned to the field as they missed the connection.
Two are returning now as I write, also  for a relight.
I hear that the clubbies have problems to reach the start line due to the strong wind.

The St class got a new task;task C 391 km 

Several relights at the moment. St. class is up as well waiting for the line to open.
Skies over Narromine aerodrome are full of Cirrus now, the wind at this stage at the ground is still OK.
One tug stays at the field for relights if necessary.

Just arrived back at the field after visiting the Dutch couple  Evelien and William,who live here partly and built a house and a hangar in the new aviation development  about 8 years ago.They  have been so terribly kind to “offer space in their hangar ” for the Dutch juniors.Great gesture!!!!!
Lovely people as well, living the dream here in beautiful Narromine far away from the cold in Holland. I am a tiny little bit jealous!!!

2015-12-11 03.21.35

 A Tribute to them ,to their life style and their generosity to the Dutch team.

2015-12-11 03.33.30   2015-12-11 03.32.02

Evelien and I and THE ULTIMATE spot to see the airfield!!!

Have to share with you the funny comment from Matt from TEAM UK from yesterday;
“Another fun day out in the Standard Class. 630km at 140kph. Unfortunately some rude people went and did it at 158kph so we got a bit stuffed…

With 20knot winds and 12k cloudbase we tried to stay high, as on previous days we have been punished by getting low. Looking at the traces the faster guys went lower and got better climbs. Annoying but there you go. Weather this good is completely new to us so it’s not that surprising that we’re a bit off the pace.”—-

1.30 PM;St class line will open at 1.33 PM.
Just heard that Club Class pilots fight against a 61 km./h. wind at 1700 m.
“MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” is what a concerned daddy told me.

And here a picture from Katja, from Finland, as shared by her. Guess  you have not seen her before like this.


With the message:”  Wallaby liked the taste of my hand cream.”

While waiting, I got a message from Rick Sheppe who is in Dubai.
Here is our Dubai News:
All of our news, photos, videos are there.
thanks Rick!!!

2.15 PM. Some concerned TC’s and parents today. Club has reached according to the tracking system TP 1 and their “lift” goes up and down.
Pilots have been send N., to avoid the cold front coming in from the W. Looking North there are good looking clouds and high, so they should be OK. BUT,…..the first trailer just drove out!

2.30 PM;The cold front is coming and as it looks that it will be quicker than expected.
In St. class the pilots departed between 1.53 PM and 2.18 PM.
In club class the pilots started between 1.05 PM and 1.45 PM. The last pilot starting was Karel Novak from Czech Rep.
At this stage the 2 French pilots show up on the start line time list as DNS, not started.
Will keep an eye on that.
More trailers are going on track, but the tracking system shows pilots are higher and higher.

More later in another blog.

Part 9;What will happen today????? One but last day !!!

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9 AM;
With two more competition days to come and good weather, the final results remain up for grabs;“is what Sean wrote in his daily blog on
SO TRUE!!!!!!

Here is a quote from what he wrote about the Dutch pilots and there is much more on the mentioned site;
—“Robin Smit and Ronald Deerenberg from the Netherlands are the Standard Class joint winners of Day 9 with a lightning speed of 158kph over the point to point task distance of 631.46km. The two team members displayed incredible focus and discipline to muscle leader Matthew Scutter into third place on a classic Narromine day.” —

Ronald was very happy with the speed;”158 km/h over a 630km FAI-triangle
Several people asked me :” how are those Dutch boys doing that?”
I don’t know , but I know they are both TALENTS!!!!!
They have impressed many yesterday with that glorious flight.

With very blue skies, a nice temperature in the early morning and young pilots ready to go it will be an interesting day again.
Gliders are moved to the grid at this moment and then we will find out during briefing, what’s happening today.

Yesterday evening the last gliders came in before sunset which is at 8.31 PM. 2 Juniors were picked up by a tug and flew in at 8.13 and 8.18 PM .Pepe arrived as well at 8.15 PM. He flew 899 km.

So the best pilots yesterday were;
St .class; Equal Robin and Ronald with 1000 points, Matthew with 999 points .
Club; French pilot Lucas,who had 2 great last days with 1000 points and USA pilot Daniel at 2 with Polish pilot Jan on 3.

More later.

10.30;Briefing is over.
The boys got their prizes. This was , as I heard from Beryl, the fastest- but- one -ever Standard class task in Australian history.Best speed ever was by Michael Sommer during the Gulgong Nationals ;159 km./h.
According to people who studied it ,the Dutch boys made their faster speed maybe better said” THE DIFFERENCE”,  on final glide with they seem to have flown with more than 200 km. on the clock.
But according to others they found the best lift , at the best time, as well.What ever,….they did a fabulous job!!!!!!

2015-12-11 01.10.28

Matthew, Ronald and Robin, 3 HUGE talents!!!!

2015-12-11 01.09.47    2015-12-11 01.10.06

The boys waiting for their prizes and CD Adam saying nice things about them.

The best height was mentioned from yesterday; 12.892 W1
The longest final glide was 125.32 km.

The SAFETY MINUTE was short as Lisa found that pilots were flying safely.She reminded them again on being fatigue so on the end of the comps and on energy management for both the finish and the circuit planning.

The weather; STRONG winds today;270/15 g20 at the surface coming from the W. From the hangar we could see the cold front coming already. There will be a change of wind as well at around 5 PM.Temperature 34 dgr.C.
The official report:

—“After an honest racing day under Cus yesterday we have a complex day today. There is a front approaching with Cirrus, strong winds (20kts at 2000′, 30kts at 7000′ and 45kts at 10000′)
An early finish is also predicted. They have set racing tasks for both classes to the North. 391km for Club Class and at the front and 482km for Standard. Temperatures are forecast to drop after 2.30pm. So it will be a difficult day for all.—”

For tomorrow the last day they fore cast blue conditions with a Southerly tendency.

Tasks today;
St. class; set task from 482.44 km
Club class; 390.97 km.
First launch expected at 11.30 !!!

Some apologies as I spelled names wrong and made a few mistakes.
First of all Sean[not Shaun], Young is indeed the editor of the Gliding Australia AND the daily bulletin/news writer. A good one I might say!!!
Another John [Styles] is head of the media team.
Katja , very experienced by now, is in charge of the social media updates on FB and is the web master.
Thanks Katja!!!!
All the news is shared in the very best way and ENOUGH news as well. GREAT!!!!!!!

Some pictures from the room here;

2015-12-11 02.03.31

Ole with his Danish team.

2015-12-11 02.12.49   2015-12-11 02.12.28

Jill from New Zealand, here as mother of pilot Alex and as editor of SOARING NEW ZEALAND.
Angus Stewart technical IT expert with Hans [Raschke from Germany]  just behind him

BBQ evening tonight.Bring your own BYO

More in part number 10 later.

December 10, 2015

Part 8;VERY , very strong thermals.Updated during the day.Fast finishers.

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2015-12-10 05.55.29

As I said this morning, my blog is just a private addition for my readers to the news from here , shared by Shaun and Katja on
Katja is the webmaster AND the editor for the FB news on the official site.Shaun is the editor from  Gliding Australia and the head of the media here at this competition.

Before the juniors went up ,about 15 minutes earlier, 2 self launchers found their way to the skies. A 1000 for them maybe???

2 PM;the base is over 3000 and close to 4000 m. and some of the club class pilots are close to the first TP. The thermals are SO strong that we, here  at the ground, have to keep the umbrella, the laptops and magazines, otherwise they would follow the gliders. Today’s legs are pretty long and it would n’t be too good if the wind would change too much and they would have it straight “on the nose.”

Looking at the tracking system the St Class flies around with 140 the moment.

4 PM;The wind has eased, so might have the thermals here, but the “young ones ” are still very high I just heard. About to fly to the last TP in St class with 200 km. to go and some still at 3000 m.. You know of course that you can follow them via the tracking system.

The self launchers this morning were Pepe and an ARCUS. The ARCUS just landed back here, Pepe is still flying.

2015-12-10 05.46.32   2015-12-10 05.55.12

Look at the skies.

Some lift , I heard was as strong as 7.2 m./s. Unbelievable. 170 to 180km./h  on the clock with a St. Cirrus sounds like magic. It is according to a few I spoke too,  the best day till now!!!

They expect them back between 5.30 and 6 let’s wait and see.
Great to catch up again with the deputy CD John [Good] from the last WGC in Uvalde.He is the USA TC now here in Narromine. I recognized the face  and not till we were introduced again, I knew who he was. He sometimes juggled with 3 or 4 balls before the briefing started. A great way of relaxing.

2015-12-10 07.12.22

With Tony [USA] myself, Dundee [Germany] John [USA] and Robbie [uncle and crew from 21 year old Robin]  from Holland.

Adam [Woolley] who has done a lot for several teams as in finding, car’s gliders and /or trailers was picked up from Dubbo by Garret [Willat] this afternoon.He was involved as one of the first organizers of JOEY GLIDE , the Aussie junior competition. I was very much impressed , a long time ago with junior pilots organizing their own competition under supervision of some who did it many times before.
Great concept.

Not long anymore and they will be back. Stay tuned!!!! Some blue “holes”  but still great looking skies. Anxious to hear the stories.

Just heard that some in St Class are 97 km. out and on final glide!!!!!!!!

By the way the first pilots to start in the club class started at 13.02 PM. the last at 13.31.
In St class ; between 13.12 and 13.37!!!

2015-12-10 09.46.32

Petri with Liisa and Martti.

5.15 PM;
WELL……Aussie pilots Erik Stauss and young 17 year old  James Nugent in club class are back home . They were early starters at 13.05. James flies Terry Cubley’s LS 3, which after so many years nearly flies by itself.
So this glider and a young ACE are a very fine combination.

Annemiek just arrived she started at 13.02.So did Petri fom Finland.

5.30 PM; First st. class glider in as well, still dumping water. It looks like A 1, Matthew is back. He flew with a speed of 150 km./h. He started at 13.15, so one of the early starters in this class.

The 2 classes come in now more or less together.

“ZR good start” the video from Ingo flying the St Cirrus in Waikirie ,this glider ZR flies here and is in as well. ZR was on line with us for many years at Sportavia in Tocumwal.

For all scores you can go to 

Those 2 Dutch boys in S.t class did a fabulous job today. 158 km./h ….. both Robin and Ronald got 1000 points for the day and I presume nobody will equal that.
In club class French pilot Lucas flew his LS 4 with a speed of 126 km./h. and to a preliminary 1000 points.

Happy Dutch pilots with friends!!!

2015-12-10 09.50.05

Robin and Ronald today’s  1000 point-boys!!!

2015-12-10 09.47.13   2015-12-10 09.47.32

Tim, Robin and Andrew.

Sorry I just heard that I called Simone from Italy  a while ago, a girl. He definitely is a boy I heard so SORRY Simone.

Dinner tonight;

2015-12-10 09.41.48   2015-12-10 09.43.28

Salads prepared by the girls and BBQ by Arney.

CU  tomorrow!
Cheers Ritz

Part 7 got lost!!!!!!It just disappeared!!!!Start it again!!! Updated during the day.

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12.00 AM;
All morning news has disappeared, though it was saved and published!!!! Weird, very weird.
Some people have read it straight after I published it, but whilst checking their lap top, they showed me, it was gone there as well.
SORRY ABOUT THAT, will sort it out!!!
I just checked and the only “thing” what might have happened could be a technical failure!
Luckily the pictures are in this system ,so the story will be different but at least you can read what’s going on on the 8th day of the JWGC.

They are in the process of launching with 8 tow planes. The first launch was delayed with 10 minutes and was at 11.40.
Club class is up front for a 501 km. task and St class behind it for a nice long 613 km. distance.

2015-12-10 01.07.26

Adam in front of the pilots.

2015-12-10 00.52.49   2015-12-10 01.27.54

Nick and Annemiek from Holland during briefing
Max Stevens from New Zealand as president of the jury and Rob Moore as chief steward.

I went to briefing at 10 and Adam Webb the CD welcomed all with a good morning and “You asked for clouds , you got them”, about yesterday.

The daily winners and numbers 2 and 3 in each class were asked to come up front to be cheered on and each could pick a prize from the table.

The SAFETY MINUTE by Lisa Turner , well known pilot in Australia, was mainly about ” managing the energy” and about some ground loops which were seen by the organizers.

The weather was done by another lady also well known here in Australia, Jenny Thomson.
She said that it would be a nice day with cu’s and Westerly winds. The trough is still hanging around and moving up and down a bit , it might even come back.Closer to the through it will be moist.
The day might finish with some spread out.
Temperature will  be 36 dgr. C.

The CD send them all off with the message that those who wanted to fly the diamond 500 task, they could do so and they should declare the task first and after passing the start line fly OVER the airfield.
And with the words “It looks like a proper Narromine CU day today.”

I had some news from Dubai as well;


The winner from the MATCH was Sebastian Kawa, runner up was Werner Amann and the bronze was for Tilo Holighaus.
The Discus gliders were shipped by St Auban to this event.


Pictures shared by Giorgio Galetto.


More after the pilots are back or when there are updates.

1 PM; The wind picked up very strongly. For a moment we thought that it was a thermal, but it stayed and got even stronger. One glider came back and landed at the ” bicherman” in front of us at 12.37. Don’t know who it was.
All other gliders are high up , it should be a good day.
They mention 3.5 m. lift up to nearly 3000 m. AGL. The base will even get higher.

Back with part 8 later. I keep them short now!

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